Sunday, March 12, 2017

There are better things for me to do

..than this here blog.  But I like it a bit too much for my own good.

I was thinking about how many times I heard the saying--- "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  You know what?  I HATE that.  When I heard that same thing from my doctor, I thought, it's time to give it up.  It makes no difference if you are right when you are dead.

You see it is like this:  I don't want to wave my arms around like a damn fool in order to get attention.  I have some pride about me that won't let me do that, or do it easily.  I figured after six years of this blog, if I haven't shown people that it is worthy of their attention, maybe I ought to give it up.  Maybe the same about life, but wait a minute.  Death is forever.  Nobody is ready for the Grim Reaper.  You better believe it, kid.

So, I think I should have better things to do than to try to impress you people with my brains.  Evidently, they don't give a shit, so I am wasting my time.  I may not have that much time left.  There's no 100 percent guarantee of success in this treatment, you know.  There's about a five percent chance of something really bad happening, including death.

I saw a lot of stupid shit in the primaries.  I supported Trump early on.  It was really disappointing to hear negative shit about him from these people I once trusted.  The way it looks to me now is that the same shit is going to happen again.  It is going to happen because the people who get to the top are the damn fools who wave their arms around like a jackass.  THEY get the attention, when someone like me won't ever do shit like that.  And because of that, the blog will get ignored.  That would be a shame because there is good stuff here.

The GOP is acting a lot like the Dems, and because of this, they are screwing up.  They had better listen to people, and that even includes these sorry ass Democrats.  If the Democrats won't be reasonable, then you can say that you tried.   You have to show the people that you tried.   Because not everybody is a true blue believer in your brand of bullshit.  Make no mistake:  politicians on both sides are basically full of shit.  That is a lesson I learned this past primary season. 

I figure if the GOP cannot get their shit together and soon, their power will not last long.  I can warn you, but if you people are going to be idiots, then there's no hope for you.

I'll keep hanging around, I suppose.  At least for the time being.   If you fuck this up, you will deserve it.  I won't be around to help you the next time, you rotten bastards.  So you better shape the fuck up.

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