Friday, March 17, 2017

Institutionalized Groupthink:  Aka: Ideology can make you stupid

This is one of the themes of this blog.  If there is anything really
wrong in this here country right now, it is political correctness
gone bugf&%k.  ( I have to censor my speech, cuz Google is now
going to have "flagging" of inappropriate material.)

Flagging of inappropriate material is the "shut uppery" that was
blogged here a few times.  The politics of shut up occurs when the
snowflakes say that they are offended, and that is an excuse to tell
you to STFU.

Don't be surprised then, if this blog gets flagged.  Nobody reads it
anyway, but Google is afraid that somebody MIGHT.  Well, we just
cannot have THAT, now can we?

Frickin' groupthink, Mr. Bigglesworth.

Shut uppery doesn't bridge the political divide, it widens it.

You have to listen to what those who disagree with you have to say.  You
have to seriously consider it.

Then if you don't agree, THEN kick their asses. Just kidding.

The toleration squad is into Doublethink here.  Toleration is censorship.

Yeah, right.

When tempers ride high, it may be time for a time out.
Know what I mean, Vern?

Probably not.  Trouble is on the way.  May not be long now.

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