Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The truth about this blog

... been saying it lately.  There's really not much of an audience here.  The numbers look better than they really are.  Almost certainly computer generated.  Somebody set it up in order to help my numbers, but that doesn't fix the problem of no audience.  It looks like there just isn't going to be one.

Also have made the point lately that you have to wave your arms and act like a fool in order to get attention, and that I won't be doing that.

Performance and quality doesn't matter.  People just want to be confirmed in their own biases, whatever they are.  So, they divide themselves into their groups and go off into groupthink.  There is going to be a certainty amongst the group that there will be groupthink.  In contrast, to be truly independent is to be alone, but being alone doesn't work either.  So, it looks like groupthink is a problem for the group, but you have to be in the group---somehow. 

That's a problem for me because I am not a joiner into a group 'er.   I don't roll that way.  Either I start joining, or I am forever alone out on the point, as a manner of speaking.

I think the group stuff makes them a large, powerful, and unfortunately stupid beast.

To fight them is a waste of time and dangerous.  Being stupid, they will never learn.  Being powerful, you are likely to get hurt, and profit nothing for your efforts.  If the Son of God couldn't move this beast hardly at all, how would a lonely little ol' blogger going to get anywhere with it?

Not quitting, mind you.  Just expressing the frustration of the situation.

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