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Michael Moore is wrong

Here's why (courtesy Powerline blog)

Hydrolysis (electrolysis) of Ammonia

It's another way of storing hydrogen and producing it on demand, which eliminates the need to store and /or transport hydrogen on its own.  You have to have the stuff first, so can you synthesize it in quantities?   The link in the previous sentence was from a company that has done hydrogen fuel cell research.  What struck me is that it uses so much less energy than the electrolysis of water.  One obvious downside is the toxicity of ammonia.


More discussion here.  And here.


One more link for discussion and I'm finished here.

Another problem is getting the hydrogen for the synthesis of ammonia.  If you get it from fossil fuels, there goes your greenie support.   Not that I care that much, but from a political standpoint, it would be useful to get their support for it.   Lots of hydrogen is made in refineries, but it goes into the production of hydrocarbons.  If you make ammonia with the hydrogen, you don't solve the fossil fuel problem.

You could however, synthesize ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen plus electrolyzed water using "renewable" energy, such as solar or wind.  This would be a way to do it without using carbon at all.  Again, it is the efficiency of the process that you are looking at.  Energy from renewables isn't cheap.  Add the cost of producing hydrogen, which is energy intensive also, and you have an expensive fuel.  But when all is said and done, you could fill up with ammonia and run your car on the electrolyzed ammonia, which yields hydrogen, and then run the hydrogen through the fuel cell to produce electricity to run the motor for the car.

The resources used would require no mining, nor drilling.  It would use freely available materials, such as nitrogen in the air and hydrogen in the water.   The result of the fuel cell operation would be water, which can returned to the environment.  Also, the electrolysis of ammonia would yield nitrogen, which can be released into the environment.

The most costly step would be the production of hydrogen for the ammonia.  Electrolysis of ammonia is cheap.  It would seem to me a good way to use stranded energy sources that are far from populated areas.  The ammonia would be produced and then shipped to where it is needed.

Spellfury, all first season episodes

This needs a closer look, right now

In this post, Eric Lerner discussed how NASA stopped funding fusion research for advanced propulsion.  In view of the urgent need for new energy sources, this should be restarted immediately.  This is one area where NASA spending could definitely yield big benefits in terms of spinoff technologies.  If DPF could be researched as a means of rocket propulsion, the knowledge gained could also lead to a net energy fusion device.  A strong effort here could pay huge dividends.   Does anyone care?

Friday, March 11, 2011

These guys can do whatever they want

Just don't accuse others of what you are thinking of yourself.  Here's this guy advocating political violence, when others like Paul Krugman accuse Sarah Palin of trying to do something like this herself.

Frankly, I am tired of these threats or veiled threats.  If you want to start something, boy, then do it.  Otherwise, just shut the bleep up.

Has the rise of women have turn men into boys?

This meshes pretty well with the Misandry Bubble (see sidebar).

Must do something about Space Junk

Space Junk song outtakes

Economic Headwinds are now are hurricane

According to this.  One way out of this mess is to do something about the liquid fuel problem.  That would help out a lot in terms of the trade deficit, and it may even turn it into a surplus.  Nobody seems interested though.  It is almost as if people want to give in to the problem as opposed to actually doing something meaningful to solve it.


Gee, these guys are real optimists.  A big war in 2012?   Ok, everybody.  Let's all get plastered.  The world is coming to an end and there's nothing anyone can do about it. /sarc

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember Palin being accused of inciting violence?

Take a look at what Michael Moore said yesterday to Rachel Maddow on her show and then read this.

I thought that it was a filthy lie that was being told, but this ought to prove it to anyone with a brain.


This is going to be a long hard fight, so it isn't over yet.  There should be little doubt that the Democrats are going to keep pushing back on this, and it won't be pretty as long as it lasts.  Here's this Trumka guy thanking Walker. Yes, the Democrats should kiss Walker's feet for not backing down and preserving Democracy and the rule of law.  If they got what they wanted, the precedent would be set that any election could overturned by a mob.  Now that crisis has past, it remains to be seen whether or not the Democrats will find another way to pull a rabbit out of their hats and still prevail.  But this mob was the worse threat.

The Democrats have to be saved from themselves.  It really depends on whether or not the Republicans in Wisconsin and elsewhere have the nerve to go toe to toe with them for the distance.  I hope so.  Because the way to prosperity is not through unions, but through free enterprise.  As much as many union sympathizers may sneer at this, no union ever invented the light bulb or anything else like that.  All a union is is what we have seen in Wisconsin.  Just another way of bullying people into giving up what they wouldn't give by choice.

Or earn legitimately.  And this business was not legit.


Now, the fight moves on to the courts.  Here are a couple of observations that may be a bit unsettling to the mob:

 1) There was a court order to stay out of the Capitol Building after hours.  This was violated and it was a willful violation.   It won't do for a petitioner to show no respect to a body, as in this case, the courts, for which they have no respect.   They didn't respect the court, why should they expect sympathy from a judge?
2) Threats against public officials (see above link) in the lawful performance of their duties just might not be overlooked by other public officials, like judges, who are required to make difficult decisions which may be very unpopular with certain people.  This type of behavior by the mob will not keep them in good stead when they plead their case with a judge.  I would really be suspicious if this turns out otherwise.

Right again

James Taranto, in a piece in the Wall Street Journal Online, has confirmed what I wrote previously.

But the threat of disobedience issued by that COP FOR LABOR raises a much more troubling possibility: that the police are aiding a political movement that is breaking the law in order to disrupt the legislative process. If that is the case, then what is going on in Madison is not so much anarchy as an attempted coup d'état--a challenge to Wisconsin's republican form of government by those who have been entrusted to safeguard it.

Wisconsin debate on CSpan

Catching it as Peter Barca is speaking.  The graphic says he is Minority Leader.  He just finished speaking.  Don't know what they are doing now.  Wisconsin State Assembly "Standing Informal", which I don't understand what that means.

Now back in session.  Cory Mason (D) Racine now speaking.  Talks of democracy, (sorry, but that does not compute), Abe Lincoln  ( ??!!), free speech?, MLK reference- this is does not shed light on anything.  Who's blocking the building?  This is Twilight Zone stuff.  The way it looks as if they are the ones closing the building, but accusing their opposition of it?  None of this computes.  The only way this computes is if what I've heard is wrong.  But he is repeating everything that I've heard, so what I've heard isn't wrong.  Invokes free speech, but nobody is preventing that.  Accusing trampling over rights.  Grand obfuscation taking place here.

Accusing Governor of lying, it appears.  Wouldn't know about that.  I guess he's pleading poverty.  From what I heard, this ain't so.  Claim to be taking away rights.  Sorry, but I don't see it.  Invoking Reagan, this is laughable.  Berlin wall?  Walker is Gorbachev?  I thought he was Hitler.  Maybe he's moving up in the world.
Talks about organized money.  Should money or intellect?  Good question!  Promises a fight.  Don't doubt that.  Applause erupts.  Bullcrap.

Speaker talks a bit on points of order.

Now, Jon Richards of Milwaukee is speaking.  There is a vote taking place.  Decision of chair stands.  Minority leader speaking again.  I don't see his complaints.  He has no grounds for complaint about anything as far as I see.  He wants the appearance of impropriety, but I don't see anything but what he's doing.  Claiming "Black Cloud" in process.  Bullcrap.  Another vote on decision of chair.  Decision of chair stands.

Rep Grigsby of Milwaukee.  Talks about tears.  Boo hoo.  Sorry, but I am not moved.  Equating this with Civil Rights Era.  Bullcrap.  Bullcrap is up to the roof.  I just don't sympathize with these people at all.  I am not rich, THEY ARE.  Relatively speaking.  Lost the signal.  Will pause here.

Gold down, markets down

But the trade deficit is up.  Don't know if the trade deficit is causing the sell off today, but 100 dollar a barrel oil doesn't help.

Now, where did I see something like this before

It's good to see someone saying this, but I said it too, ya know.  I think mine was better, though.

Update:  This is a bit late, since the New Year began over two months ago.   Well, it's good for a giggle or two, why not?

An update to the Dead News

Josh has an update on the Zombies who want to eat your brain.  I think he wants to set a toll free number to call in case of a missing brain.  Check back for updates.

A few Palo Duro pics

I took about 80 pics in the canyon.  As is usually the case, the results were somewhat disappointing, but a few were not too bad.  The thing that disappoints is that you can't get the scale of the pics right.  If something is really large, like this, it doesn't really come across in the pic.  Also, small details seem to get lost.  In spite of those factors, sometimes you can get a pretty nice picture.  Here are a few that I like, enjoy:

Road descending down into the canyon
A little more of the road going into the canyon

Work crew on the side of the mountain, can't see it very well here.  You can hear them talking even though they are far away.

Chris Laird has a public article out

Check it out here.  It basically about gold and oil markets and the global economy.

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Posting will still be light today

Making my way back home.  Stopped by Palo Duro Canyon and took about a zillion pictures.  Once I get a chance, I'll post a few.

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Went to meet up in Amarillo

This is the meet up just before, if I am not mistaken. Here's the only picture I got, since I didn't have a moving picture camera.

As you can see, these guys are taller than I am.  These guys are real pros, I have to give it to them.  As for me, I was pretty much tongue tied.  Couldn't say an intelligent word to save my life.


Forgot about these pictures, let's put them up too.

Rhett and Link arrive at Amarillo Rest Stop for meet up.  It was closed, so we went across to the other side of the freeway to the Flying J.

At the Flying J
Everybody got to talk about their "piece of America"  which gets added to the box.  (can barely see it here)
I would estimate about 30 people showed up.


In case you aren't familiar with these guys, here is one of their videos called the Seti Song

Rattlesnake alert

Lite blogging

Neal Boortz admits he did not connect dots with respect recession 2007. But I did. He also talked about welfare and the rise of Islam in America on his show at about 9 am this morning. I am on another roadtrip. Lite blogging.

Rickrolling, Part 2

When I first noticed this, frankly I didn't get it.  Hard to say the intentions behind it.  Is it influence, or what?  Helpful or harmful?  I put a high premium on integrity.  If something I say gets misrepresented, I am not amused.  Nor am I amused if someone attempts to put words in my mouth.

This blog isn't popular enough for someone to be interested enough to be doing something like that.  All I can say at this point is that somebody is up to something and that I have nothing to do with it.

This may be related to the troll comment I had earlier.  I didn't discuss the things the commenter wrote about, but there did appear to be a google search with an entry that made it look like I did That's where the rickrolling came in.  That had nothing to do with me.

Comments will be moderated from now on.  I had technical trouble with trying to moderate comments before, but hopefully that won't happen this time.

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Response to an email

I had a misconception about this company, but it didn't last too long.  I can't recall if I understood what they did before I sent off the email.  Anyway, it is a steam reforming methanol process, which is not what is being looked for, as mentioned.  Here's the response:

Thanks for the notice for the DOE reforming project. We will not be able to submit on the DOE application at this time as E1 makes a reformer that steam cracks the methanol. The Army is looking for a cold method of cracking methanol.


Robert Schluter


Commenting policy, rules

Well, well, well!  My first troll!

Okay, "Montana".  Let me read the rules to you on comments.  I will write this once, since I haven't written it before.  I will also make a copy of it and put this on the sidebar.  Nobody can claim innocence once the rules are up for everyone to see.

Rule 1:  All comments must be germane to the post.  If not, they will be deleted.  Repeated violations of this will result in commenting privileges being revoked.

Rule 2: This is a political blog, but nobody gets to play politics here.  Take it elsewhere.  If you have a reasonable argument based upon evidence, then you may be tolerated.  Political attacks that attempt to demonize particular people- such as this one here does, will be deleted.  A second attempt will get you banned.

Rule 3:  This isn't going to turn into an insult contest from anybody to anybody else.  This blog doesn't do it, and the commenters will not be allowed to do it.

I reserve the right to delete any comment whatever for any reason whatever.  So, at least make an attempt to be on your best behavior.  I have little tolerance for nonsense like this comment.


Space Show liveblogging Monday, Mar 7, 2011 (Eric Lerner)

Today's guest, Dr. Eric Lerner, LPPX president, worked on Focus Fusion for 25 years.  DPF work.

Do you have fusion yet.  Says we don't have net energy.  Says we're close.  Lot of progress.  Net energy this year?  Can't say.

What happened in the last year?  He says made progress in last year.  Moving in right direction.  Highlights:

In fall 2009, one of first goals try and confirm result at Texas Aand M thought had achieved high temperature and density.  Had low efficiency where energy produced ( in Tx experiment) .  Background: core of device is inches across, condensed energy in ball where it reaches high tempature and density.  By April, fist indication, had achieved high energy, but didn't have instruments online.  Half a dozen instruments.  Now is growing by leaps and bounds looking at each shot.  Big accomplishment have best resolution picture- close to what they want.  ICCD camera based on same principles as usual camera, but expensive 65000 bucks.  Pictures is being formed way they thought.  Twists like telephone cord, kinks seen clearly.   Radius of core was bigger than expected, but in ballpark.

Putting it in layman's terms:

Whole idea is concentrating energy to an extreme degree.  Energy stored in a big room and at end of process, most of that energy is temporarily concentrated in a volume less than millimeter long and microns across 1/25 inch by few thousandth inch.  Second thing is the twisting.  Theory of how plasmoid forms.  Like a kink on a telephone line.  All that energy mentions kinks up into a little ball.

Exciting to have pictures that show this, he says.

First question from Todd in San Diego:  Why are you able to come up with these results or clue to achieve fusion when Tokomak don't report such findings?  Says, have to be going in the right direction.  Says he's critical of the direction that Dept. of Energy is going.  Mistake was to narrow range to tokomak at time it was premature to do so.  If they looked at different approaches, it would not be at the low level it is at now.  Their approach attempts to make the process to stay still and he says that is impossible.  Plasma is unstable by nature.

Plasma focus device takes opposite way, use the instabilities of the plasma.  Each instability will concentrate the energy further, just as nature does.  By taking this approach, get away from having to control it.  Plasma is so dense, it only has to exist for short time.  Finally, PDF is a cheap device as opposed to tokomaks which are very expensive.  Can do experiments a thousand times cheaper.  They can't get as far we can because they are heading in the wrong direction.

Calls it institutional inertia.  Hard to change it once it gets going.  Calls it Eater instead of ITER because it eats up money.  Momentum on their side.

Why weren't they won't funding.  One thing they said, we decide to fund things on we think has best chance of success.  How to decide that?  How successful the thing is in getting funding.  Begs the question.  Circular argument.

DPF is private funding.  Takes a long time to raise the money.

Question was asked about Dr. Bussard device, was it the same?  The answer is no.  Actually, the are others besides these two fusion methods too.

Describing some of the process again.  Produces no neutrons and no radiactivity.  Makes it much cheaper.

Kelly Starks: size of device.  How rapid the pulse.  50 kilojoules would power lightbulb for a few minutes.  Want to do it fast pulse.  Can't do too rapidly though, because of heat.  Optimal size is 5 megawatts, or 3 ton device a couple yards across.  Very compact for that size.  Could fit it into anything except a car.  Could power things like a ship.  Would about an airplane?, asks David  A plane would be challenging.  Most radioactivity is not there, but there is some.  But in a plane, may not be safe as we would like.

He suggested maglev trains in an evaculated tunnels.

Charles asks other reactions possible?  One of things not demonstrated amount of compression goes up as atomic charge goes up.  Heavy elements have advantages.  Lithium doesn't burn all that much easier.  More complicated, he says.  Wants to go hydrogen boron.  A third of energy will be released by xrays.  "Braking" radiation occurs when electron encounters protons and causes them to slow down.  Intends to capture that energy efficiently.

(next) Caller was Charles:  asked about other reactions, see above.  With light elements, lose compression.  Also, doesn't like steam.  Gets away from cheap, clean energy.

Have achieved efficiency, getting close to having efficiency needed.


Emphasized that demonstrated that significant amount of energy in plasmoid.  These beams produced are very energetic and delivers in tens of nano seconds.  Produces tremendous power in that short of time.  Much greater energy than in Texas A and M experiment.  If all the energy goes into plasmoid, then what?  Net energy?  Lerner says this is necessary.

He says low efficiency in other ways of generating fusion.  Getting the energy transfer into the device in the tens of percent.  ( a little confusing to follow)

has a forum for this discussion; focus fusion society at focus ( I may have a link to that here)

(next) Caller  Dave in Cleveland:  NASA advanced concepts submission of proposals for that.  Looked at it briefly, not sure fusion being allowed.  Not enough money.  Asked Dave if he could "rig the game".  Dave says "Can't do it". Asked Dave if he read the proposal, he said no.  Don't open space without fusion drive.

(Lerner) Says its easier to get government money once scientific demo of fusion is done.  ( yep)

Problems cited in using this in space with heat.

Trent asks how fusion can be used in space.  (reply) He says that once we develop it energy production on Earth, can use it for space travel.  With fusion can achieve much higher speeds.  Rate of exploration go up an order of magnitude.

Can use energy of the ion beams in space for propulsion.( comment from me: this confirms what I thought)   Fusion generator as source of electricity that get off the Earth.( my comment this last sentence unclear)   {Emphasis added as an update}


Karen in Madison Wis, adm pushing forward to advance sophisticated propulsion like Vasimr.  Is any way that be included in future.  He says he would like to fund fusion ( instead of Tokomak).  Why did NASA move away from fusion, (host) David asks.  (reply) Didn't want competition from oil and gas.  NASA fusion program was important because it funded alternatives.  He had something to say about cutbacks in spending.  He sympathized with protestors.  (sorry to hear him say that, but (for me) this isn't about money, it is about rule of law and democratic process)

Harold asks status of serious fusion research in other countries.  Several groups on same idea as DPF.  All groups are interested in net energy.  The most powerful device in Poland.  Another in Iran.  Quite active DPF research.  A large machine in Las Vegas, he said.  Smaller devices in other countries, too.

Criticism of funding programs.

Caller on bad phone line or cell phone:  Fusion rockets have to have better alpha he said.  He says his generator weighs 3 tons.  If putting large fusion rocket, would probably set up a circuit from a single bunch of capacitors.  A whole cycle is 8 microsends.  For a single electrode, it would melt.  In theory, could put a bunch of electrodes to fire off a single capacitor for a better higher energy to mass ratio.  Need a switching system.  Fire the electrodes in some type of sequence.  Get orders of magnitude more energy. (my comment inserted here: this is what I was thinking about, good to hear that it may be feasible)

Jane asks about He3 on Moon.  Comments.  He says Boron lot easier to get.  If DPF works, the amount of Boron needed would be only 10 percent of what we already using.  Going to the Moon too costly in comparison.

Caller Trent:  Read recent paper, wonder what next thing publish in reference to Journal of Fusion Energy.   He says will submit latest work that proves what he's claiming.  ( Have an interruption, have to stop here)

Update: Did some editing for clarification. Kept it as close to original as possible.

Sunday's Space Show

The Guests were Chris Carberry- executive director and co-founder  of Explore Mars, Inc. and Artemis Westenberg- President and Director for Explore Mars.

First question: what's new.  Giving prizes to winning science teachers.  Lessons of how to do science using Mars as an example.  How to plan for driving a Mars rover, using research materials.  For grades 9-12 for US teachers only for now.  Not a space convention, but a teacher's conference in San Francisco.  Over 10,000 attended.  NSTA conference in San Francisco this week, can google it if interested.  Invitation only though.  But contact by interested parties are welcome.

Listener question: Who does the questions? NSTA arranged for a group of judges. Each entry is judged by at least five judges.  Vetted for scientific accuracy.  One question was what is the nature of the Martian surface? The aim was to make these lessons available for teachers across the country.

A conference is coming up on April 6-7.  Can ISS be utilized for Mars mission?  ISS not always popular in Mars community.  Trying to change this point of view because not politically helpful.  Good discussion seems to have had progress in that regard.  This is in Washington D.C.  Is open to public, can register.  Speakers include Lori Garver at NASA.  Director of human spaceflight in European Space Agency and somebody from the Russian space program will also be there.  Bill Gerstenmeir will be interviewed in a TV talk show format. A two day conference.  Deadline for hotel reservation by March 10 and for conference itself first come first served basis.

Email question: How much longer to human mission to and from Mars?  By 2020-2030 timetable.
Another question: How do you justify costs in this economy?  Ans: can't predict economy.  Feeling is a lack of confidence needs to be countered by something like this.

What about spending the money?  There was a certain amount of angst over the budget.  He thinks most people on the Hill want to do it.

Can we broaden the appeal of Mars exploration?  Public hears negative attitudes, but realize are much closer than is what is assumed.  Public is misinformed, according to Westenberg.  Need to do more to help public understood.

Livingston calls media "puppets of crap".  (I agree)  Westenberg: media doesn't know what's going on. Don't keep abreast of everything.  Space is something to the effect of leaving up to NASA, but NASA buys European space products.  Europe doesn't have to wait for NASA, she says.

Livingston calls politicians "idiotic".  Same true in Europe.  Westenberg agrees.

Human factors taken very seriously in European Space Agency.  Stays on ship for 500 days.  For four weeks, pretend that they on Mars.  Low G and radiation are two of the factors.  If can't handle these, you won't know these things, timetable will slip.  Won't know how to solve these problems until we commit to a program.


Talking about the ISS and Mars conference- will send reports to Washington; and then there will be at least one more lower level conference in Huntsville in May.  Will discuss DC conference and MIT panel.  Not mentioned in detail earlier in this program.  MIT one is on website.  ISSMAR-1 on YouTube?  Five technologies that can be advanced by ISS.  Strong interest in doing Mars agriculture.  Mars airplane concept.

Registration 185 dollar plus the dinner.  (Everything cost money!)

Does this cause of sending human to Mars get more complex or illusive, or is there a way to work around the fact.  Ans:  Everything is still in the air.  Admin shifting to Congress viewpoint.  Not any closer this year than last, though.  { Comment:  It would seem that you need to commercialize space first.  With tight budgets and such, increased spending is not in the cards.  Space will have to start pulling its own weight}

A Zubrin type question arose about Mars Direct.  A lot concepts can have an influence, but not a Mars Direct.  Tethers, in situ resource utilization will have positive impact, though.

Do we need to go to the Moon first?  Don't need to go to Moon first, Carberry says.  Will have value, but isn't necessary.  {Don't agree with this.} {Must  be a commercial mission because the government won't do it.}

Leadership crisis comment came up.  Hurray for that.  Couldn't agree more.  No Kennedy type leadership.

Need a different kind of leadership than we had in Apollo era.

Nuclear propulsion question came up, a caller named John in Atlanta.  {me: Good question}  Carberry says will help, but isn't necessary.   Ad Astra in Washington now, (VASIMR) {me: energy hog, no}.  Advanced propulsion more doable in short term, John says. John brings up NERVA in Apollo Era. {good observation} {Good call}


If we had a National Policy for going to Mars- will be opposed, Dr Livingston observes.  But such a mission would in his opinion would transform the nation.   He can't think of any project that would do more for this country than this.  {I agree, the politicians don't serve us, they serve themselves.}

Westenberg responds  "how can political leaders talk about lack of interest in science on one and and then cut programs on the other."  It is an investment.  It isn't just spending.  It make things better on Earth.  {exactly}

Dr. Livingston mentioned the magazine.  Online magazine, Mars Exploration Magazine.  How to get to it.  Can't google it?  Linked it above, maybe that will work. Quarterly publication.

Barney Frank story:  Not a fan of Mars.  A few digs at Barney.  He isn't easy to convince.  How to spend money, what is his objection? Has different priorities.  He supported commercial space, though.

Would life on Mars change Frank's mind, asked Ron in an email.  Didn't come up, he said.  Didn't discuss that.  Wouldn't it make it easier.  Westenberg said it would be easier and more difficult.  Can get into trouble do we have the right to trample existing life?  A new ballgame.  {me: Environmentalists would stop this too.  Screw them.}

Caller Tim in Huntsville:  Has to be perfect world first before we go, on the other hand he has got to invent problems in order to get elected {yep}  He says invalid argument (Frank's)

Abdication of leadership- Barney get slammed here pretty good.  Yeah, he lived off the housing crisis that he helped create, it was said.

Observation by email:  Bacteria on Mars: we kill bacteria on Earth all the time.  Not intelligent life we are talking about.  {This question bores me.}

Odds on finding life on Mars?  Speculation came up.

Followup:  Pearls of wisdom: Start of a new era.  Anyone interested can help shape it.  Mess in Washington, but opportunities exist.

Glorified Golf Cart?

Maybe.  But I wouldn't mind conducting an experiment with such a vehicle if I had the chance.  More on that later.

An attempted, slow-motion coup d'etat

Some have compared the Wisconsin situation to an insurrection.  Being something of an amateur semanticist, I am a bit dissatisfied with the term insurrection for this.  An insurrection by the foregoing linked definition, would not fit what's happening in Wisconsin.  But look at this definition of coup d'etat.
A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder", thus, armed force (either military or paramilitary) is not a defining feature of a coup d'état.  (emphasis added)

The unions, backed by the Democrats who bolted the Senate in Wisconsin, plus National Democrats from outside the state, are attempting to thwart the duly elected government of that state.  By a successful means of thrwarting their intention in "the sudden, extrajudicial deposition of a government", they hope to regain control of that government.  Therefore, an attempted coup is the correct term for what's happening.

Appearances are everything.  Therefore, it is needful to have the appearance of legitimacy.  Thus, polls are being used to supercede the authority of the actual election returns held just a few months ago.  The use of polls and the Democrat walkout are extrajudicial means to depose the current, lawfully elected authority of that state.  Not to mention the lawful means of peaceful assembly under the first amendment of the constitution.  But to prevent the execution of their duties in any way could be considered unlawful interference in the performance of an official in his / her duties of that office.  This also has the appearance of legitimacy, but is not really, it is extrajudicial.  The only thing lacking here is violence, but that is being threatened, if reports are accurate.  Intimidation may not be illegal, but it starts to get close.

 If violence enters the picture, insurrection by this definition may be a little more apt.  But the Democrats need a fig leaf so as not to alarm the general public.  But it is a coup attempt, in my opinion.  What follows this is greatly important to the future of this country.  If the coup is successful, democracy and the rule of law would be made to appear ridiculous.  What's the point of having the elections if they are not honored?  What is the point of having rule of law, if it is not going to be respected?  There's a lot on the line here.  Do not be deceived by the Democrats and their propaganda machine in the media.


An urban definition for being "punked" is what is also apt here.  The Democrats are trying to punk the Republicans.  There is a much more loaded term, in case anyone's familiar with the concept.  It refers to what happens to certain men in prison.  So, far the outcome is far from certain.  

What is wrong with these people?

I am referring to some of the comments to this article in ThinkProgress.  Chris Wallace, as can be seen, was not endorsing this woman's speech.  He was reporting the way reporters should report, which is not the way the other networks or newspapers report.  If all the networks did the job Chris Wallace did here in this report, there would be a lot for which to be grateful.

In particular, I refer to this comment:

NortCoast Yesterday 10:56 AM

A marriage made in Hell...Fox News & the Phelps family.

Both make a living spewing hate and lies under the protection of our 1st amendment.

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We can't use the word "terrorism" for killing Americans on American soil

But Democrats can call reforming unions "terrorism".  One more reason why I could never be a Democrat.

A response to my query about hydrogen fuel cells

I am going to reprint the letter and the response here.  (actually the order is reversed, with the answer first)
Here goes:

Hello Meadows,

the COM4EV is a concept we have shown during eCarTec fair last year. It is not a product yet, but we are working on such a solution. The idea is to provide electricity and heat for electric cars. Both is available from a DMFC fuel cell. Due to the combined heat and power approach, a very high efficiency from fuel to energy is possible.

When we have products or concept vehicles available, you will find an update on our webpage.

best regards,

Kai Steckmann
Business Development Manager

SFC Energy AG

Eugen-Saenger-Ring 7

85649 Brunnthal


Tel.: +49 89 673 592 – 176
Mobil: +49 160 889 11 63
Fax: +49 89 673 592 – 169

Besuchen Sie uns / Visit us:

Batmässan Göteborg, February 4 – 13, Göteborg/S, Thermoprodukter Booth F04:17

Weitere Messen unter / More fairs at

Vorstand: Dr. Peter Podesser
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Dr. Rolf Bartke
Amtsgericht München: HRB 144296

Diese Nachricht ist ausschließlich für die Personen bestimmt, an die sie adressiert ist. Sie kann vertrauliche und/oder nur für den/die Empfänger bestimmte Informationen enthalten. Sollten Sie nicht der bestimmungsgemäße Empfänger sein, kontaktieren Sie bitte den Absender und löschen Sie die Mitteilung. Jegliche unbefugte Verwendung der Informationen in dieser Nachricht ist untersagt.

Confidentiality Note:
This message is intended only for the use of the named recipient(s) and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete the message. Any unauthorized use of the information contained in this message is prohibited.

Von: Greg Meadows []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. März 2011 14:09
An: Sales
Betreff: information request

I am curious about your product as described on this web page

Could you describe this product in detail? How much power does it produce? Where can someone see it in operation? And so forth. I am not seriously interested in buying it at this time. I am writing about this topic on my blog. However, if it is feasible to try this in an experiment, I may be able to talk a sponsor into trying it in a real world application. So, what information you have would be appreciated. Thanks

Greg Meadows

I am ignoring the warnings about confidentiality. This is a bit overplayed. The source of information is public, the topic is of public interest, and there wasn't anything of substance disclosed here.

Note: This is one of several emails that I've sent out lately.  Still waiting to hear from Phoenix and a couple of others.

Here it is, in bold relief

The phenomenon that I illustrated with the video of Winston Churchill yesterday.  The New York Times, which used to be considered the paper of record, is now nothing but a Democrat Propaganda Organ.  You can't sum it up better than what David Carr did himself with this quote:

The problem with “Glenn Beck” is that it has turned into a serial doomsday machine that’s a bummer to watch.

I don't watch Glenn Beck.  But if anything of what he says is true, what is wrong with pointing that out?  It is not politically convenient, that's what's wrong with it.  David Carr isn't doing his readers any favors.  No, the favors he's doing belong to the Democrats, who he serves.  He isn't informing anybody.  He's giving his readers the mushroom treatment and patting himself on the back for his cleverness.

As for lack of viewership, The New York Times, of all publications, should not be saying anything.  Glenn Beck seems a lonely man these days, according to the Times.  He may well be, if people just won't consider that this apocalyptic vision may be true.

“When I first came here,” he told his audience on Wednesday, “I had this pie-in-the-sky belief that if I told you the truth, if I verified all of my facts and double-checked, and we could make that compelling case with facts to back it up, the journalists in other places would get curious and they’d use their resources and they’d investigate and they’d prove it right and they’d show it too.” Then he shook his head and laughed bitterly. 

If he believed that, part of his problem is being a little naive.  I don't believe the media is capable of being honest, especially the New York Times.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Robert Hirsch on Space Show

This was broadcast last month and it sounds pretty bad.  Particularly in the area of liquid fuels for transportation.  Guess what I've been writing about all this time? While I am listening as I'm typing, still not hearing anything about methanol to hydrogen conversion for hydrogen fuel cells.  Still wondering if something is getting overlooked.  The assumption is if it isn't being done, it must not be good.  But this assumption may be wrong.

No imagination, as I wrote previously.

He had a question about of electric vehicles.  He mentioned that he has a Prius.  He says the problem is takes decades of rapid deployment of these vehicles to make a difference.  It's a time problem, as he repeats over and over again.  By the time it gets developed, things may have gotten a lot worse.  Resources to pay for what is needed to implemented may not be available.

Politics not in touch with reality it seems.  "Green" politics is a problem, not a solution. (my take)  Thinking needs to change.  Their attitudes will change when they have to, or they will die. (this is said seriously, so it is not being hyped)

Boy does this fit into my video I made.  Wishing for something to be true doesn't make it true.

Newsletter - Edition 257 - 06 March 2011 By Christopher Laird

Here's Chris Laird's newletter intro for the week.  As always, this is a subscription based service.  If interested, a link is provided to his site in the Products Page.

* Mid East Oil and gold
* Entire new Middle East chessboard
* Prophetic relations
* This is bigger than 911 historically
* Africa
* Asia to split over resource competition
* US Stocks

It looks like a somber report.  Things may get dicey because of the Middle East.

Total lack of imagination

What's missing here?

How true

The best part of this article is #8.  Yep, I've been building, but they haven't been coming.

Number 2 is good too

Remember, the squeaky wheel always gets paid first.

I'm not "squeaky" enough, I bet.  But that ain't my style.

Always worried about #4.  I like this one:
Will Rogers said that “if you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do, is stop digging.”

Now, if someone would just tell Paul Krugman that.


Visualize Whirled Peas

Truth is truth. It doesn't matter how much you deny it, fight it, run away from it, or obfuscate it. The truth will stand, lies will fall. One way or another, lies will not stand the test of time. It may work in the near term, but eventually, the truth will out.

Which brings me to the subject of my next post. It is an Xtranormal video on the subject of world peace, as viewed from the lens of history. There may not be much agreement on my conclusions here, but there can be no doubt about the facts. Those are a matter of historical record.