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An attempted, slow-motion coup d'etat

Originally posted on 3.7.11:  ( 7 years ago! )


The model for today's "resistance" is what happened in Wisconsin some 7 years ago.  An elected governor was attempting to lawfully execute the duties of his office, and some of these folks attempted to have him removed from said office  on the basis of political disagreement alone.  This was rightfully called a coup on this blog.

The business with Mueller and the so-called "resistance" is quite similar.  Trump was elected according to the laws set forth in the US Constitution.  The Constitution is the sovereign authority, to which all officers must swear an oath to defend.  To overthrow the legal authority by unlawful means is a coup attempt, and is ongoing.  At present, there is no civil war, nor likely to be one.

Mueller's "investigation" is unlawful.  This is a coup attempt.

Civil war?

Well, if there is one, you people will be on the outside, and will be depicted as insurrectionists.  Yes, and they will be correct, because YOU LET THAT HAPPEN.  You failed to defend to sovereign authority when you had the chance.

There is no will to defend the sovereign authority, then there can be no war on such grounds.  If there is to be a war at the time these people say, then it will be fought on unlawful grounds, which are going to be much harder to defend.

Dummies.  Let's see how many people will volunteer to fight your stupid war for you.

The original post follows:

Some have compared the Wisconsin situation to an insurrection.  Being something of an amateur semanticist, I am a bit dissatisfied with the term insurrection for this.  An insurrection by the foregoing linked definition, would not fit what's happening in Wisconsin.  But look at this definition of coup d'etat.
A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder", thus, armed force (either military or paramilitary) is not a defining feature of a coup d'├ętat.  (emphasis added)

The unions, backed by the Democrats who bolted the Senate in Wisconsin, plus National Democrats from outside the state, are attempting to thwart the duly elected government of that state.  By a successful means of thrwarting their intention in "the sudden, extrajudicial deposition of a government", they hope to regain control of that government.  Therefore, an attempted coup is the correct term for what's happening.

Appearances are everything.  Therefore, it is needful to have the appearance of legitimacy.  Thus, polls are being used to supercede the authority of the actual election returns held just a few months ago.  The use of polls and the Democrat walkout are extrajudicial means to depose the current, lawfully elected authority of that state.  Not to mention the lawful means of peaceful assembly under the first amendment of the constitution.  But to prevent the execution of their duties in any way could be considered unlawful interference in the performance of an official in his / her duties of that office.  This also has the appearance of legitimacy, but is not really, it is extrajudicial.  The only thing lacking here is violence, but that is being threatened, if reports are accurate.  Intimidation may not be illegal, but it starts to get close.

 If violence enters the picture, insurrection by this definition may be a little more apt.  But the Democrats need a fig leaf so as not to alarm the general public.  But it is a coup attempt, in my opinion.  What follows this is greatly important to the future of this country.  If the coup is successful, democracy and the rule of law would be made to appear ridiculous.  What's the point of having the elections if they are not honored?  What is the point of having rule of law, if it is not going to be respected?  There's a lot on the line here.  Do not be deceived by the Democrats and their propaganda machine in the media.


An urban definition for being "punked" is what is also apt here.  The Democrats are trying to punk the Republicans.  There is a much more loaded term, in case anyone's familiar with the concept.  It refers to what happens to certain men in prison.  So, far the outcome is far from certain.

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