Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Obligatory, 7.4.18

It has been somewhat busy around here lately.  The heat makes it necessary to work in the mornings, and so I have.  This morning, I made some room around this trailer.  It is rather crowded in here.

Lots of gadgets.  There's a dehumidifier, a washer, a freezer, two swamp coolers, a box fan, a big recliner, plus the usual stuff like a stove, fridge,  TeeVee.  Don't forget the desktop computer and the netbook computers.  Oh, and a kitchen sink.  That's the living room.  If I am lucky, I can walk sideways in order to get through all the gadgetry.

Got stuff piled on top of the freezer, so I haven't had access to it.  That's what I just did.  I moved some stuff around so that the freezer can be utilized again.  No big plans for it, just want to use it to make some ice.

The gizmo I made last year is not connected, so I won't be using that.  There is a big ice chest in the bedroom, with a bunch of hoses hooked up to a pump, which pushes ice water through a heater core.  That set up actually will work at night, but not in the daytime.  It is rather elaborate to set up and use, and I won't be using it that way.  Maybe to put some ice water in it and run it through the swamp cooler?  Maybe.

An idea to make another awning for the bedroom popped up in my head.  Yes, it is kind of lively around here.  My goal as always is to minimize the use of water and electricity.  Seems like I am making some progress, but not there yet.  Like Lone Watie, I will endeavor to persevere.

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