Saturday, July 18, 2015

John McCain a war hero?

Why?  Because he was captured?  What exactly did he do in order to rate a "war hero" status?

A hero gives himself up for a larger cause than himself.  Did McCain do that?

Trump may be raising an issue that should get some attention.


The powers-that-be are circling their wagons against the Trump threat.

If things are really wrong now, how is Trump worse?  Somebody's out there trying to call him a fascist and an aspiring dictator.  Really?

There's a lot to learn about the guy, but these guys are bent on preventing that from happening.

US and the West are on the wrong side of history

says this article.

They'll never make homosexual marriage work all over the world.  The world just rejected it.

Home again, 7/18/15

Done more work on the plans for the quadrangle.  The north quonset may be expanded to 40 feet!  This may be getting complex again, so look out.  Perhaps the whole project may be getting a bit too complex at this point.  Still on my learning curve.

It is so tempting to keep adding stuff, but at least a little caution is advisable.

Obligatory, 7/18/15

A little more thought about the construction project out West, in particular, the quonsets and quandrangle...

It should be kept in mind that the project needs to be kept simple---- KISS method applies.

It is rather tempting to start adding complications, but that's where the trouble starts.

As a consequence, the tanks under the quonsets must be made with 2x4's.  I wanted to go with deeper tanks, but that starts to complicate matters.  The 2x4's can go lengthwise for 24 feet when lined up 3 deep.  It can be subdivided into 3 sections in such a manner as to give 3 tanks of 24 feet by 2.5 feet by 4 inches deep.  Once set together side by side, the structure should be nearly 8 feet wide, which is about as wide as two cattle panels.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the cattle panels will fit together slightly differently yielding a quonset that will be 23 feet long by 8 feet wide.  It will still be about 6 feet tall, which allows for someone to walk inside of it. The rainwater will drain directly into the tanks below.

Each tank holds 150 gallons, after allowing 3 tanks per quonset, yields a total of 450 gallons per quonset.  This can collect up to 4 inches of rain at one time without overfilling.

It rained nearly two inches in June, so the tanks could have been partially full.  By the end of the "monsoon" season out there, I anticipate that the tanks should be mostly full.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mitchell Fishes for Better Angle on Chattanooga Terrorist

Mitchell Fishes for Better Angle on Chattanooga Terrorist

comment:  She is actually trying the GUN CONTROL angle.  Notice how quiet they all are about GUN CONTROL when there is a terrorist attack.  I suspect there is a reason for all the silence about GUN CONTROL when there is a TERRORIST ATTACK.   It isn't good politics, evidently.  Somehow, if the GOP ever gets its act together, they can put 2 and 2 together and ask why the Democrats are so quiet about GUN CONTROL right now.  Usually, they are all over any gun violence.  Where are they now???  HMMMMMMMMMMM?

If Andrea Mitchell was any dumber, she'd make a rock look like Einstein.

Quick thought before I go, 7/17/15

There's no accountability in our political system.  It was assumed that it would be there when the Constitution was written, but that assumption has broken down completely.  Checks and balances mean nothing when the checks and balances aren't employed.

How do we correct this?  There is only one peaceful way, with ballots.  Possibly civil disobedience as well.  Civil disobedience implies low level conflict, though.  It isn't completely peaceful, but it is short of outright rebellion.  The other way is a war.

It gets corrected and we have our Republic back.  If it doesn't, we will definitely get something else, and chances are, you won't like it.

Democratic fake skepticism, and Republican failure theater

Democratic fake skepticism, and Republican failure theater

These are meant to play to the rubes back home.

These people are treating us like we are idiots.  Unless some accountability is built back into the system, they can get away with crap like this.

This is a primary example of "politics schmolitics".

Obligatory, 7/17/15

Yesterday was quite busy on the road.  Very little time for the blog.

This morning scan of the news is the same dreary stuff.  No comment there.

So, it there was a little time to spend on the move out West.  I revised a quadrangle plan that I wrote about previously.  This new plan incorporates the redesign of the quonsets, so that they will be bigger inside.  The quosets will also feature built in water tanks.  They will be built on top of the tanks, and the rainwater will just drain straight into them.  Calculations show about 400 gallon potential for each quonset.  If I built 3 of them, that's 1200 gallons right there.  More capability could be added within the quadrangle.  I'm thinking up the 3000 gallons, maybe.  Not enough time to cogitate on it further, cuz I gotta go make some legal tender.

Here's the plan as of this writing:

I figure on putting the trailer inside the quadrangle area.  That would be too big to put van in as well, but it can stay outside and serve as a windbreak.  That's the general idea of the quadrangle--- rain collection and wind protection.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

When I think of Trump, I think of this

Matthew 19:24

As with many things, there is far more than meets the eye.

The Donald wants to be President.  Or so he says.

Why does he want it?  For what purpose?  What does he want to do?

If he is serious, then we shall see.

Obligatory, 7/16/15

It seems that everything about this administration is to refute Ronald Reagan.  Once compared to Reagan, this guy is the anti-Reagan.  Do you remember "trust, but verify"?  Seems that this (Iranian) deal won't be able to verify compliance.  Do you recall that Reagan brought down the Iron Curtain?  This president is rebuilding the Russian Empire.  Do you remember "Morning in America"?  Does it seem like morning or evening in America these days?  Like the sun is setting on America as it's future appears dark and foreboding.

Nice to know how much the left loves us so. /sarc

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainwater catchment concept

A followup post on how to collect rainwater for use.  It is a series within a series, within a series, you might say.  Here's the list of posts so far:

The use of concrete cloth has given me an idea to use it for building tanks under the quonsets.  The rainwater would drain directly into them.

Build the tanks around the edges of the quonset.  If it is 24 feet by 16 feet, then it would be maybe 2.5 feet wide, by 6 inches deep, by 16 feet long.  Two of these would hold about 300 gallons.  Not big enough to catch all the water that could be collected, so it may need to get a lot bigger, somehow.

On second thought, I could make the quonset smaller, and then connect four of them into the quadrangle concept.  This quadrangle would be fairly large, as each side would be 23 feet.  Counting the width of 8 feet of each quonset, it could be 39 feet across.  Total area of rain catchment would equal nearly 1600 square feet.  Lots of potential to capture beaucoup water, mon frère.

Now the whole kit and caboodle can go into the water subseries.


Not 1600 square feet.  It took awhile for me to puzzle out why the number doesn't come up to that amount because the square isn't a perfect square, it leaves out sections at each corner.  The actual square footage could be about 1200, but I'm not sure.  Still, it's plenty big.

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Hitler vs Vader 3. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

I'll save you some time, unless you prefer the entertainment.  ( Hitler loses, again )

Here's another whisper ( guess who admires Hitler?)  Wanna guess, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Hate to write this

But I'm going to have to oppose Trump.  Sure, he has money.  But that is what we should be fighting.

I say "should be fighting", but there's something wrong with that.   Nobody will fight.  As Homer Simpson would say "Doh!"

People are getting fed up with the liberal elites, or so it is claimed

Wishful thinking?

If they were really fed up, stuff would start happening.  But nothing is happening, and the liberals march on like Sherman through Georgia.

Hillary leads in the polls.  Does that sound like people are fed up?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trailer concept with Quonset roof, revisited

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This post will be part of the construction subseries of the off-the-grid series of posts.

I remember reading about this material once before, and then the idea for using came to me.  Use it with a quonset to make a solid roof for a 5x8 foot trailer.  It looks like there will be enough material left over from a roll in order to make one wall only.  The other side will be the door.

The material is concrete cloth.  This cloth can be laid over the top of the cattle panel, and then fit into place.  After getting it into place, just water it, and it should set into a tough structure.

Cost is unknown.  Have to call and find out.

Construction details are unspecified here, as a lot of water must be used to set the concrete, it may complicate matters a bit.

What George Washington did for this country

This may have been written before here, but even so, it is well worth repeating.  So, here it goes.

George Washington led the American army to victory during the Revolutionary War.  As a consequence, he was very highly esteemed by his countrymen at that time.

When the new Republic was struggling, it was suggested that he become King, which he refused.  Instead, he and a small number of men gathered at a Constitutional Convention, which gave us what we have today, which is a Constitutional Republic.  This is what Washington did--- instead of a monarchy, which he could have begun with his own reign, he gave us a Constitution instead.

You might think that people would appreciate this, but it can't be appreciated if it is never recognized for what it is.  I doubt that there are very many schools which teach what I've just written.  Hence, George Washington is now being vilified as a slave holder.  Let's change the name of our nation's capital!!!  The name "Washington" is synonymous with slavery, and therefore it is bad, and must be done away with.

Since the Constitution is our King, instead of a living monarch, everybody in service to it must be held to account somehow.  It was probably understood at the time that those who swore to it would have the honor of actually keeping their oaths and supporting the Constitution, which is what the PROMISED to do.  Well, "honor" is a quaint term today.  It is sneered at by leftists.  Indeed, there is no honor left in the ruling class, because they do not honor their oaths.  If they did honor their oaths, they would remove the faithless ones and reestablish the "King's" authority over the realm.

Order has broken down and order must be reestablished somehow.  What that order will be is what is being determined RIGHT NOW.  That's the significance of this time.  If you don't understand this, you are lost.

We will get the return of the King, or we will get something else.  One way or another, we will get something.

These are the good old days

The Last Days Of 'Normal Life' In America

Not to be irreverent, because it's true

Alabama’s chief justice: Satan made Supreme Court ‘destroy the institution of God’ in marriage ruling

Or to put it another way:  The Devil Made Them Do It.

There really is evil in the world, otherwise we don't get liberals.

Monday, July 13, 2015

"There will never be a Pres. Trump"?

Reminds me of when a college professor in one of my classes said that Ronald Reagan could not win.

Wishful thinking?  All depends on the kind of stuff Trump is made of, in my opinion.

Commenting policy, rules addendum

With respect to comments, I repeat that they are welcome.

However, the post about commenting rules needed to be updated, but wasn't.  Awhile back, I discontinued the previous policy of allowing anonymous comments, but didn't add that to the post.  Now, I am.  However, as a reminder, I need to add a link to this post so that this policy is reflected.

One more thing about anonymous commenters.  If you set up an identity just to post here, it will be considered anonymous.  You can't get around that rule.  I will definitely enforce.  You are warned.

Obligatory, 7/13/15

As you may see from some of the most recent posts, I've been checking out some of the news on cold fusion.  This is an old topic on this blog, largely neglected for the last 3 years or so.  Just got through watching this video, which posits yet another theory as to how and why cold fusion occurs.  There's no shortage of theories on the subject, as I've even dabbled a bit into it myself.

Also read up a bit on the Trump phenomenon.  Who's right and who's wrong on Trump?  Nobody seems to be giving him much of a chance.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cold fusion - Fire from water - Documentary - Full length

Work still continues on this phenomenon.   Maybe one of these days...

Thought experiment: heat exchange

This was something I thought up last and had forgotten it until now.  Something I just read prompted this memory, so I thought I'd better write about it before I forget it again.

Okay.  Given a container that would be transparent and allow sunlight to go through it and strike the surface, what would happen under a variety of conditions, such as:
  • a vacuum
  • normal atmosphere at normal pressure
  • pure carbon dioxide atmosphere at normal pressure
  • pure carbon dioxide at high pressure ( Venus type pressure )
What I believe would happen:

In a vacuum, you would expect the sunlight to heat the surface, and then the heat would be exchanged into the container, but not in the space in between the ceiling and walls.  In other words, there's no air inside, so the totality of the heat is exchanged with the container floor, walls and ceiling.  The structure is heated, but there's no air to heat, so the middle area has no means to exchange heat.

As the container heats up, it starts heating from the surface on up.  That's the point.  There's no heat exchange because in a vacuum, there is no matter there.

In a normal atmosphere, the air heats up as well, as heat is exchanged to it.  In this scenario, the heat is exchanged all around inside the container.  Perhaps it is hotter on the surface than in the atmosphere, but cooler than the starting point in a vacuum.  The heat is more effectively exchanged than with a vacuum.

The point here is that the walls and ceiling heat up faster than they would have in a vacuum.  ( my theory at least )

In a pure carbon dioxide atmosphere, you'd expect different behavior, but what would that be?  Shouldn't the atmosphere get hotter than with a normal atmosphere?  Wouldn't that heat up the walls and ceiling faster?

In a high pressure atmosphere ( like Venus), you'd expect even more dramatic differences, wouldn't you?  I'd say it would exchange the heat better.  It would behave a bit more like a solid material or a liquid in conducting heat.

The point of all this is to judge what differences there really are in the various scenarios.  The results may surprise people.  The big claim of the global warmists is that carbon dioxide makes a big difference.  I am inclined to believe that it makes little difference until pressure goes way up.

Waters Turbine -- Blows the Competition Away -- At Least 20x Better

Hey, if I could get this to work at "da Ranch", it would be ga roovy, baby.


Should give hat tip to Pesn.  That platinum invests idea is still cooking.  That's the one that can fly an airplane, provided that they get around to actually building one and demonstrating it.

Anti Trust and such historical references

There was something of a political war back during the robber baron era in the United States.  One of the many things that arose from it was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

I think such an act was in keeping with what the Framers of the Constitution intended.  The Framers were suspicious of MOBS, which is what a combination of the super rich can be as well as an army of plebes.  Either way is bad because it overwhelms the individual.  I think the Framers intended that the individual have the utmost of freedom, while the MOBS were to be constrained.  The government too, is a mob.  The bigger it is, the more evil it is.  Governments should therefore be constrained and SMALL.  If governments are to be constrained and small, so must also be the corporations.

There was an antitrust suit against Microsoft in the nineties.  It wasn't very successful.  Too bad about that.  If there was one organization that should have been broken up, it was Microsoft.


Didn't Microsoft give us this great new computer world that we have now?  No.  All he did was take somebody else's ideas and made them his own.  His claims to innovation were a lot of horse pooh.

The Windows operating system leaves a lot to be desired.  They made it that way on purpose, I suspect.  The reason was to be able to sell a lot more software that was necessary in order to keep it secure.  But it was insecure in the first place BY DESIGN.  That tells you a lot about the kind of thinking that goes on in a place like Microsoft.

We need to be wary of big corporations like Microsoft.  However, the answer is NOT to make the government BIGGER.  It isn't necessary to make the government bigger in order to make it effective.  For it to be effective, you have to make it HONEST.

When you destroy the moral basis of the nation through such things as abortion and homosexuality, which the corporations support for some reason, you inevitably make the entire culture CORRUPT.  That is the problem we are dealing with.  If we can't get a handle on this, we are done.

Trump should be taken seriously

Hey, a guy worth 9 billion is somebody who can take on the big business interests and beat them.

The GOP should think long and hard about not supporting this guy.  But I suspect that these RINOS are capable of anything.  So are their counterparts in the DINO camp.

If Sanders can whip Clinton, that takes care of the DINOS.  It would be up to Trump to take care of the RINOS.  We'd have an honest  choice for once.

A matchup between Trump and Sanders could go either way.  Sanders can run as the underdog with the press support and actually win the general.

Either way, we are better off with either of these than having Jeb or Hillary in the White House.


Been reading up on this.  Everyone seems to be counting Trump out.  However, if he is really serious, he ought to be able to win.  In fact, somebody who seriously challenges the status quo OUGHT to be able to win.  Anybody with even just a slight ability OUGHT to be able to beat these guys.  They are beatable provided that a contender is SERIOUS.  That's what we don't know about Trump.  Is he serious, or not?

At the risk of seeming wishy washy...

Don't take my views to mean that I've moved left.  I've already written against corporations.  This is the big threat we are facing.  It is organized capitalism, as opposed to individual capitalism, that makes it a threat.

Take Donald Trump.  He is a private capitalist, and he is a billionaire.  Being private, he is somewhat limited by that.  If he went public, he could be worth a lot more, and that would make him more dangerous.

As a comparison, take Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.  He is said to be proud to be a homosexual, and considers it one God's gifts to him.  This is dangerous.  It is dangerous to have a man of prominence to make such statements and to act upon them.  If he wasn't as in a prominent position as the CEO of the richest company in the world, he wouldn't have that kind of influence.

It should be noted that the corporations favored the most recent decision by the Supreme Court that make homosexual marriage the law of the land.  This is the kind of thing that can rip apart a nation.

If the Pope would talk like that, I would be much reassured.  But he doesn't.  But that doesn't make him a communist, either.  Not without more evidence to support it.

"Da Pope" is in "da news"

Hey, if you read the news, you are guaranteed but one thing--- that you won't know a damned thing.

The Pope may not be guilty of anything but the use of improperly constructed discourse.  Even a dyed in the wool capitalist, who was a protégé of the robber baron Andrew Carnegie, once said that the "love of money is the root of all evil".  It was offered in order to correct the fuzzy thinking that produced the much similar statement of "money is the root of all evil."  Money isn't evil in itself.  It is in what is in people's hearts that makes something evil or good.

Capitalism is superior to socialism in my book.  But that doesn't put me in the league with the "greed is good" crowd.

Give the Pope a break.  If he is really a communist, then it will show at some point.  But what I've seen so far doesn't convince me of that.