Saturday, May 6, 2017

How The Two Parties Worked Together In 1996 – History Video!

How The Two Parties Worked Together In 1996 – History Video!


The two parties have to work together if they want to be re-elected, says Morris.  They have to think of their political self interests before their party interests.

Partisanship won't work, says Morris.

Catechism revisited

In an earlier post, there was a comparison between the fictional world depicted in the flick based upon the novel Brave New World, and the modern day liberals.  In short, the idea was to reduce it down to three words, just as it was done in the flick.  Those three words of the liberal catechism, as a manner of speaking are to wit:  Equality, Untruth, and Peace.  It is now necessary to revise these a bit, as it is necessary for one's understanding to get at truth.

What is the truth?  It is puzzling, that is for sure.  One has to be always in search of it, as it is elusive.  If you think you've got it, chances are you don't.  Hence, the need for a revision.

Therefore, it is necessary to put it into terms that the Liberals will accept for themselves.  They will accept the first as truth, even though it isn't.  Someone observing outside their liberal paradigm, will see the errors in their belief system.  You have to be within the belief system in order to accept them.  So, what is the liberal catechism, as a liberal would accept?  The first of the three was Equality.  Yes, the liberals are likely to accept that.  However, the second one is the problem word.  Liberals probably regard themselves as the exemplars of truth.  Therefore, the second one was the opposite.  That won't do.  It has to be changed to Truth, as the liberals are likely to believe that they are in possession of it.  Then the last of the three finishes it off as a liberal would like it.  In summary, those three words of their catechism would be Equality, Truth, and Peace.

But modern day liberals really do not believe what they say they believe.  They  are the supreme hypocrites.  For those who see them as they really are, you will certainly see them as not believing in Equality, because they do not practice it themselves.  Nor do they tell the truth.  Indeed, the truth is their enemy.  To have enemies, one has to understand that this is not about Peace, but War.  For the adversaries of the liberals, their true catechism should be known as:  Dominance, Lies, and War.  For the liberals engage in these constantly.  The liberals want their own dominant liberal world, which means they cannot live in the world as it is.  They must make war upon it, and so they do.  Warfare is all about deception, as Sun Tsu, the master of warfare taught.  Therefore, in order to dominate, the liberals must wage war, and everything that that means.

It is all for your own good, don't you know.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Bang a Gong ( two weeks away )

There's this gong sitting in the waiting room at the cancer treatment center.  Once you complete your treatments, you get to bang the gong.  Seems like this is a tradition that I didn't know about.

Can't wait to bang that gong, yeah.

That reminds me of the seventies hit song, Bang a Gong.  Here's a video of somebody playing the guitar to that music.

Cannon to the planets revisited

Dr. John Hunter was on the Space Show recently, which brought back some memories of an early time on this blog.  His idea is to get to space with a hydrogen gas gun, that can send cargoes in low earth orbit for an affordable price.  The gas gun is a variant of a Super Gun, which Saddam Hussein experimented with a long time ago.  A Super Gun or gas gun uses heated gas to launch bombs to a destination miles away, or a cargo all the way to outer space.

The idea seems far-fetched, I suppose.  But this guy is trying to find a way to make these ideas work in a commercial sense.  That's the trick.  Nothing works without money.  Even though you may want to curse that fact, it is a fact.  Love may make the world go round, but money makes the world work.

If his ideas are ever successful, he will be able to put cargoes into space for a competitive price.  This will form the basis of a business that could support missions to faraway places in the solar system.  This type of business will be like a service station in space.

People talk about these things, but progress is very slow.


Dr Hunter's kickstarter fundraiser was not successful.  He didn't even get close.  It's the way of the world.  ( Probably not due to lack of merit, but for some other reason )

Darkness is preferred as opposed to the light

A little bitch session may be in order.  It just seems to me that there are way too many people who would rather curse the darkness as opposed to turning on the light.

The complaints are without merit, in my opinion.  If these people really wanted to do something, it is easy enough.  Instead, they prefer to do the cursing, as opposed to actually doing anything constructive.

It reminds me of the Gospel of John, where it was said that people prefer the darkness rather than the light.  The cursing isn't for real.  The cursing might as well be a celebration for the darkness, because the cursing achieves nothing.  It would be easier to turn on the light, but no, you cannot do that.

If you point this out to people, they will only get mad, and only increase the noise level.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Obligatory, 5.4.17

Not much to write about today. 

As for yesterday's last post about the airships, it would seem that an electrodynamic tether could be used for some purpose.  Either in orbit, or to get to orbit, or both.  However, JP may have already thought about that.  He may not like the idea.

It's a really large airship, so a long tether could be incorporated into the structure.  Once it is orbit, the ship could be positioned so that the tether could be energized.   Once energized, it would impart thrust to the airship.  In this way, it could achieve a higher orbit without expending fuel.  Reversing the power direction would create drag so as to return to lower orbit.  From the higher orbit, it could deploy consumables that could be used on more ambitious missions.  Maybe to the moon, or beyond.

But speculating on this kind of thing is not the best use of my time.  It so happens that I may make an early trip home.  I should make preparations for that trip.  Actually, I have already done all that.  If I wish to, I could make the trip after the treatment tomorrow.  I will decide on what to do then.

My own "moonshot" has not been receiving the attention it should.  Not likely that I will take off for points further west anytime soon.  I need to check in with the doctors from time to time in order to make sure this tumor is under control.  Not only that, I have to be sure that I am strong enough to do some work out there.

Actually, this challenge is getting tougher all the time.  Not ready to give up on it yet.  Still awaiting news on my disability claim, and on the basis of that, many decisions could be made.

In the meantime, I am watching Teevee.  It is mildly entertaining.  Now playing is Escape From Alcatraz.


For people unfamiliar with how a tether could work, just think of an electric motor.  You have a magnet and a set of windings.  The windings receive a current, and this current will act against the magnetism to produce motion.  The tether operates the same way:  it receives a current, and it acts against the Earth's magnetic field in order to do work.  Also, by moving the tether within the magnetic field, current can be produced in the tether.  This can be used to produce drag, and thus slow down the spacecraft.   It operates like a generator would.

Hopefully, that makes sense.  After reading through the above, it seems to assume that readers would know how this works.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Can Giant Airships Slowly Accelerate To Orbit?

Lengthy post about JP Aerospace's Airship To Orbit concept.

Somebody has the idea to use this concept on Titan.  Why not Mars?

Comey: Huma sent classified emails to Weiner, but no prosecution because lacking criminal intent

Comey: Huma sent classified emails to Weiner, but no prosecution because lacking criminal intent


Did Huma and Weenie have clearance?  Isn't that why Hillary was not supposed to use classified material that way?

What about the bleached out deleted files?  That's not criminal intent?

You really have to strain yourself not to see the intention here was to violate the law.

Hillary blames Wikileaks, Comey for loss

The Daily Beast


Assuming that what she says is true, then why should this have caused her to lose?  Is it not the truth, or was it all a lie?

Seems to me that WikiLeaks showed that the primaries were rigged in her favor.

In other words, she's sorry she got caught, not sorry otherwise.

She scrubbed her email server.  She destroyed evidence, which is a crime in and of itself.  But she still blames others because they found out the truth about her.

She still thinks it is important that she got more votes than Trump.  All the more reason why she should not have become president.  And it is a warning about what's wrong in the USA that she came as close as she did.

Peanuts Gang Singing "Living in the U.S.A."

Cute little mashup of the Steve Miller Band song Living in the USA.

Kinda fit the theme, so I put it in today.

Repost: Smiling Faces

Note :  Originally posted 4.17.12

Uploaded by dustyboxof45s on Jan 8, 2009


That video was taken down by YouTube, so I replaced it with this. The thing that made me think of this video was that RNC video of Biden v. Ryan debate.   Watch that video, and this watch this one.  Biden seems to be wearing a wolfish grin.

Update for the repost:

Let's see how long this one lasts before YouTube takes it down.  Been around for a long time!

Sardonic smiles

There was this part in a book about the Kennedys, which was written by a famous author, whose name I have forgotten ( Ben Bradlee just remembered). 

Anyway, Jack Kennedy was said to have said that his younger brother had not learned how to smile sardonically. 

People tend to notice that I don't smile enough to suit them, so they come at me with that criticism.  I resent it, you know.  But you have to learn how to deal with criticism.  One way could be to learn how to smile sardonically.  Which means a fake smile, which I hate.  But I don't like the criticism too, so I won't feel that I am violating that rule.  I can smile sardonically.  Like Teddy, I just don't know how to do it yet. 

Then I thought of this deleted scene from the Terminator flick with Arnold Schartzenegger.  The Terminator doesn't smile enough, so John tells him to smile more.  Now, this is a sardonic smile.


They play this song at the cancer treatment place I go to.  I thought about it, and decided to post something on it.

Smiling isn't my way.  Nothing wrong with it, mind you.  It's like this: everybody has to find their own way.  My way isn't just to grin like a possum.  The truth is that doing that can be faked.  Anything can be faked, and so can a smile.  I always hated fakery.

So, what to do?  I had to develop a sense of humor.  I don't have much of one, even now, after all these years.  But I think I do have one, at least.

One thing that this old world can use, and that is something like this: a joke, a smile, or anything that counters the evil in the this world in a way that is hard to beat.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watch Trump

If the left can't get rid of him, and if he can't change Washington, they'll end up changing him.

So that's what to look for.

It's beginning to look like he isn't the guy I was hoping he would be.

If he was, he'd be forcing them to either get rid of him, or work with him.  Obviously, they are refusing to work with him.

It's called the "Trump Trance"

A post in Insty should be required reading, but indications are that people aren't interested.  It is a phenomenon worthy of study because it is at the heart of the trouble today, in my opinion.

The point is this:  what is the truth?  There are people out there who don't seem very interested in it.  They have already decided what it is, and everything they see is slanted in that direction even though that direction doesn't necessarily make any sense because it just isn't so.

Some see it as madness.   As for me, I don't know what else to call it, but evil.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Thorcon continues work on Molten Salt Reactor

In Indonesia, of course.  ( "of course " meaning not here, where it was invented )

We just can't put America First, you see.  That would be gauche.

How can it be the money?

Something Rush said doesn't add up.  He said that "K Street" wrote this budget, and that is why the Democrats won so many battles.  But how does this make sense?  If the GOP got elected with DEMOCRAT money, it would make more sense.  But how did DEMOCRAT money end up electing REPUBLICANS?

That dog won't hunt.  It seems more like it to me that they would rather lose than to hand Trump a victory.  I recall how they were opposed to Trump in the first place.  They were trying to take it away from him all the way to the convention.

No, the more likely thing is that the leadership doesn't want to accommodate Trump at all because they are GLOBALISTS.  Until these are defeated, nothing will happen.

Trump proved that you can win without the money, so money ain't the reason.  Not even close.

JP Aerospace blog

Not that many posts recently.  I wondered about that, and checked around a bit to see what the scoop was.  They are still in business, as I feared that they may not be.  Not only are they in business, but they seem to be doing quite well.

Posting on blogs like this may not be the best way to publicize yourself.  That may be why that JP is not posting as much on his blog as he did in the past.

You can follow him on Facebook!  Yup.  Facebook.

Debbie Schlussel: Facebook equals "The Circle"

The Circle is a flick, in case you didn't know.  Actually, I wouldn't have known if I wasn't in a motel room and having seen the commercials.  The commercials weren't very good at telling what the movie is really about.  If it was better at promoting the flick, it might have done better.  It is really how Facebook is like Big Brother, says Schlussel.  Check out this trailer.

The problem is bigger than Facebook.  The world wide web is able to watch every thing you do.  Privacy is a thing of the past.

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web

Betsy's Page: Cruising the Web: Aww, perhaps to get ready to celebrate May Day or to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the New York Times runs...


Very long post.  I scanned over it until I found something of interest.  There was something that should wake up some people who are asleep still.  I've been trying to tell people that the GOP needed Trump because he could make the party bigger, and win blue states.  He won blue states, but there's a problem.

The Dems have exploited identity politics to a degree that it will become impossible for a GOP candidate to win the presidency in the future unless something happens.

It is rapidly becoming a non-white country.  Nothing can change that.  Unless the GOP can find a way to expand its appeal outside of the white areas, it is not likely to win very much in the future.

Trump didn't do this, according to some.  He did the opposite.   His was the white reaction to left wing identity politics, but it isn't a reaction that we should be hopeful about.

Not saying we should have nominated Bush, who wanted to accept left wing premises.  But we had better overcome the left wing identity politics, or this respite won't last long.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A misogynist moment

Hillary blamed her loss in the 2016 election on misogyny.  Can you begin to understand the mentality it took to make a statement like that?

She is claiming that nearly half the voters in the election hate women so much that they'd never consider voting for a woman.  If that is true, where did we all come from?  Seems like we wouldn't be here if half of the population hated the other half.

But perhaps she has a point.  Maybe women shouldn't be in positions of authority.  Consider this:  only 6% of STEM degrees are awarded to women.  Since technology is such a vital part of our modern society, it would behoove us to have more STEM graduates, don't you think?  But women are not attracted to such fields.  Furthermore, there is a real lack of understanding about science from amongst those who would lead us.  It certainly follows that you don't understand what you don't understand, and if you don't study it, how do you understand it?  Could it be that so many women are attracted to such non scientific ideas such as AGW, that we are in danger of losing the scientific basis of our civilization?  If women are not going to try to understand science, should they be trusted with making important decisions about it?

Whether she understood the implications of what she said or not, Hillary is basically saying that men and women are not equal after all.  All the more reason why it is a good thing that she didn't become president.