Monday, May 1, 2017

How can it be the money?

Something Rush said doesn't add up.  He said that "K Street" wrote this budget, and that is why the Democrats won so many battles.  But how does this make sense?  If the GOP got elected with DEMOCRAT money, it would make more sense.  But how did DEMOCRAT money end up electing REPUBLICANS?

That dog won't hunt.  It seems more like it to me that they would rather lose than to hand Trump a victory.  I recall how they were opposed to Trump in the first place.  They were trying to take it away from him all the way to the convention.

No, the more likely thing is that the leadership doesn't want to accommodate Trump at all because they are GLOBALISTS.  Until these are defeated, nothing will happen.

Trump proved that you can win without the money, so money ain't the reason.  Not even close.

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