Saturday, May 6, 2017

Catechism revisited

In an earlier post, there was a comparison between the fictional world depicted in the flick based upon the novel Brave New World, and the modern day liberals.  In short, the idea was to reduce it down to three words, just as it was done in the flick.  Those three words of the liberal catechism, as a manner of speaking are to wit:  Equality, Untruth, and Peace.  It is now necessary to revise these a bit, as it is necessary for one's understanding to get at truth.

What is the truth?  It is puzzling, that is for sure.  One has to be always in search of it, as it is elusive.  If you think you've got it, chances are you don't.  Hence, the need for a revision.

Therefore, it is necessary to put it into terms that the Liberals will accept for themselves.  They will accept the first as truth, even though it isn't.  Someone observing outside their liberal paradigm, will see the errors in their belief system.  You have to be within the belief system in order to accept them.  So, what is the liberal catechism, as a liberal would accept?  The first of the three was Equality.  Yes, the liberals are likely to accept that.  However, the second one is the problem word.  Liberals probably regard themselves as the exemplars of truth.  Therefore, the second one was the opposite.  That won't do.  It has to be changed to Truth, as the liberals are likely to believe that they are in possession of it.  Then the last of the three finishes it off as a liberal would like it.  In summary, those three words of their catechism would be Equality, Truth, and Peace.

But modern day liberals really do not believe what they say they believe.  They  are the supreme hypocrites.  For those who see them as they really are, you will certainly see them as not believing in Equality, because they do not practice it themselves.  Nor do they tell the truth.  Indeed, the truth is their enemy.  To have enemies, one has to understand that this is not about Peace, but War.  For the adversaries of the liberals, their true catechism should be known as:  Dominance, Lies, and War.  For the liberals engage in these constantly.  The liberals want their own dominant liberal world, which means they cannot live in the world as it is.  They must make war upon it, and so they do.  Warfare is all about deception, as Sun Tsu, the master of warfare taught.  Therefore, in order to dominate, the liberals must wage war, and everything that that means.

It is all for your own good, don't you know.

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