Friday, May 5, 2017

Darkness is preferred as opposed to the light

A little bitch session may be in order.  It just seems to me that there are way too many people who would rather curse the darkness as opposed to turning on the light.

The complaints are without merit, in my opinion.  If these people really wanted to do something, it is easy enough.  Instead, they prefer to do the cursing, as opposed to actually doing anything constructive.

It reminds me of the Gospel of John, where it was said that people prefer the darkness rather than the light.  The cursing isn't for real.  The cursing might as well be a celebration for the darkness, because the cursing achieves nothing.  It would be easier to turn on the light, but no, you cannot do that.

If you point this out to people, they will only get mad, and only increase the noise level.

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