Sunday, April 30, 2017

A misogynist moment

Hillary blamed her loss in the 2016 election on misogyny.  Can you begin to understand the mentality it took to make a statement like that?

She is claiming that nearly half the voters in the election hate women so much that they'd never consider voting for a woman.  If that is true, where did we all come from?  Seems like we wouldn't be here if half of the population hated the other half.

But perhaps she has a point.  Maybe women shouldn't be in positions of authority.  Consider this:  only 6% of STEM degrees are awarded to women.  Since technology is such a vital part of our modern society, it would behoove us to have more STEM graduates, don't you think?  But women are not attracted to such fields.  Furthermore, there is a real lack of understanding about science from amongst those who would lead us.  It certainly follows that you don't understand what you don't understand, and if you don't study it, how do you understand it?  Could it be that so many women are attracted to such non scientific ideas such as AGW, that we are in danger of losing the scientific basis of our civilization?  If women are not going to try to understand science, should they be trusted with making important decisions about it?

Whether she understood the implications of what she said or not, Hillary is basically saying that men and women are not equal after all.  All the more reason why it is a good thing that she didn't become president.

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