Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don Surber: President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.

Don Surber: President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.: President Trump killed Ryancare and Paul Ryan's career today making the president the de facto Speaker of the House. This is a good mov...

comment:   So, whatever happened to the concern that the presidency is getting too powerful, and Congress is getting too weak?

Evidently, that was only a concern when the dems ran the show.  Something tells me how insincere they were when they were talking that way.

The Healthcare Fiasco

A fiasco it was, and usually is, especially when the nutballs have the center stage.

I call them nutballs because you have to be nuts to think that this had a ghost of a chance of succeeding.  They will continue with their nuttiness and lose again and again and again.

Einstein said that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, while expecting to get a different result.

This insanity will result in possible cascading failures going into the future unless it is reversed and reversed quickly.  But I am not optimistic about that.  If there's one thing you can count on with the nutballs, they don't give it up easily.

The nuttiness just cost them influence.  They have marginalized themselves and now will have much less influence going forward.  Things will get worse and worse until they will be totally isolated and out on the fringe. 

I call conservatives "so-called" conservatives partly for this reason.  They fail over and over again to conserve anything at all.  If you can get half a loaf, it is better than none.  But the so-called conservatives always want it all.  They end up with nothing.  It is happening again.

It should be remembered that the only reason the nutballs didn't nominate Cruz was because they were defeated.  They were defeated by Trump at least partly because Trump was seen as a guy who might be willing to make compromises.  The so-called conservative preen themselves with their moral superiority for not making compromises.  That's how they end up on the fringe without any influence and failing to stop the hemorrhaging of our culture.  Then they wail about having lost the people.

Do these people really want the people?  Then why disregard the people so often if you are supposedly so concerned about that?  I have to call bullshit.  It is almost if they would prefer to lose and preen themselves as being morally superior as opposed to actually getting results in the real world.  Talking about FAKE.

If the so-called conservatives had dumped Trump, they wouldn't be in a position  to do anything at all.  But that is where they find themselves so often.  You would think that with this opportunity that they would recognize that and make the most of it.  But they probably will ensure that they will make the least of it and accomplish nothing much at all.

Star Trek, original series

It is Saturday morning, and I am watching at Star Trek marathon.  Not all night, mind you.  I just woke up.

As Spock was wont to say, "fascinating".  It was said of Star Trek that they tended to cover the social issues of the time they were in.  The episode I am now watching looks to be something akin to the Cultural Marxism you sometimes hear about.  The episode is called "The Enemy Within".  The time was at the height of the Cold War.

It looks like the Enterprise happened upon some entity that grabbed control of the children's minds, who destroyed the adults and took over their civilization.  It seemed to direct adults by some unseen power that got control over their minds, and caused them to destroy themselves.

This unseen power managed to get control over several members of the Enterprise, which was repeating the process that was observed when the Enterprise arrived at their planet.

I stopped watching as it appears that episode is so similar to what is happening today within our own society.  The entity within is trying to take over the minds of the young and have the older generation pushed aside so that the new power can take over.

How did the captain get control of the ship again?  I missed that part.  You know that they had to get control over the Enterprise again, now don't you?

How do we get control over our society again?  Obviously, we have to stop the messaging to these youngsters who don't know any better.

Much easier said than done.  Truth doesn't matter anymore.  Even Time magazine had a cover article showing that what I am saying isn't a unique observation.

When truth doesn't matter anymore, where does that take us?  We had better find out soon and take corrective action, or we are going someplace that we may not really want to go.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Update:  Episode name might be called "Bread and Circuses".  Either one would have worked.

Friday, March 24, 2017

How I got "banned from the Woolsworth"

Chuck Schumer said back in 2006 that he wanted to filibuster all of Bush's nominees to the courts.

I said to the Mahablogger that this looked like the kind of abuse of power that they were accusing Bush of doing.  For that, I was banned from that blog.

Nobody should be surprised at what Schumer is doing.

If you complain, well, it is time to shut up.

Some impressions of this area

The first reaction was negative.  However, the first reaction may have been more of a disorientation from being in a new place.  Now that I have located a lot of places to go, things are not seeming quite so bad.

One impression has nothing to do with DFW.  It is the Microsoft search engine called "bing".  It sucks.  Google is better.  I saw a couple places now on a bing search that weren't there.  Nothing worse than wasting time looking for a place that isn't there.  That doesn't seem to happen with google.  Therefore, I do not recommend using bing, at all.

Today's weather is rather windy.  So was yesterday's.  If you don't like wind, perhaps you would prefer another place.  This is close to Tornado Alley.  The weather forecast today was said to be rough.  It looks more windy right now than anything else.  Little rain.

These streets have a lot of four way stops.  On a busy traffic day, that can be quite annoying as people don't seem to like to wait their turn.

The freeways are quite confusing to a newcomer.  I don't know how people react to Houston's freeway system.  As a comparison, it seems to me that Houston is better than this place.  It is more consistent and logical to me.  This place has the road names changing all the time.  There's a lot of toll roads that you may get trapped into paying.  I can see good reason to avoid the freeways if at all possible.  But then the streets have all these four way stops.  That too, can be annoying.

Not enough signage.  Houston will warn you about tolls better than this place does.

Irving is said to be the most "diverse" city in America.  Whatever.  I do not subscribe to the conventions these people say you must adhere to.  Diversity is just another word for globalism to me.  If you read this blog, you know I don't trust the globalists.  Globalism is like corporatism.  The left likes to rail against the corporations, but they are on the take, as well as the so-called right.

I think it is great to be getting this treatment, but I would rather be somewhere else.  As soon as I can, I will leave this place.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life is strange

Here I am, complaining about how long it has taken to get treatment, and the treatment option I am receiving wouldn't have existed two years ago.

If I had to go the surgery route, it would have been a very difficult road.  But this one is much easier.  It is almost as if there is nothing to it at all.  Contrast radiation treatment with having the trauma of such a large tumor being cut out surgically.

How fortunate for me, yet it seems otherwise. 

I haven't made it through the treatments to be sure.  There is no indication how my body is responding to the treatment.  So, I am not cured by any stretch of the imagination.  But this type of treatment is light years ahead of the alternative.  Yes, that is why I chose it.

If I got my way on everything, though, I would have ended up in surgery with a much more difficult row to hoe.

Life is truly strange.

Obigatory, 3.23.17

Finally.  Treatment is now underway.  After the first day of this, I feel tired.  Probably because my diet has been off, plus maybe a couple other things not related to the treatment itself.

As for the treatment, it seems to be easy enough.  It is radiation treatment, which is non-invasive.  I did not want them cutting me up.  That option seemed way too hard.  This tumor has been around for a long time, and it is rather large.  An operation would have left a "big hole", so I was told.  I don't like "big holes".  Something about that sounds ominous.  This treatment leaves no holes, few signs of anything at all.  Some hair loss in the region is all.  During treatment, there may be something like a sunburn.  Don't feel anything like that, yet.

I get rather bothered watching the news.  It is insane out there.  During this treatment, I may go offline on the political stuff.  I want to be in the right frame of mind.  Yesterday wasn't as good as it should have been.

The people here are great.  Very nice and kind.  I am doing as okay as one could hope for.  Let's hope that it all continues this way.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bitch, bitch, bitch

Yep, pretty good at that.  You will see that a lot around here.  People don't like it.  It might hurt pageviews, but screw it.  Pageviews are overrated like everything damned thing else these days.

People measure things the wrong way.  They think I am stupid because I am not rich.  Or if I am poor, I MUST be stupid.  Wrong!

They are only interested in money, and so money counts for everything.  But that is dumb.

What else is dumb?  That's the only thing to bitch about?  The world is full of idiot savants.  But I covered that one yesterday.

Well, I am watching these teevee shows, since that is part of the bargain at these motels.  There's a scifi channel that I like, with a lot of science stuff.

It seems that we have a REAL problem with space junk.  If this space junk problem is never addressed, we won't be able to launch satellites anymore.  So long space program!  It will get too dangerous up there.

It should be an international issue, but they are all focused in on this FAKE issue like AGW.  Look, AGW is fake and you jackasses know it.  Give it up already, and solve some REAL problems for a change.

Instead of going to Mars or an asteroid, or waste money on AGW, we should address space junk.  If we can clean up the environment on the ground, why not in space?

Third thing I can bitch about!  Our politics.  Our politics is oriented toward conflict, not solutions.  But I have been bitching about this for the last six years.  Keep on bitching.  Somebody might actually wake the fuck up.

We aren't going to Mars if the space junk issue isn't solved.  We aren't going to any asteroid if the space junk issue isn't addressed.  Nothing gets accomplished because our politics is geared towards conflict.

Conflict may be interesting and drive up ratings, but it doesn't accomplish anything.  It invariably leads to FAKE NEWS.  How about doing something REAL for a change?  But it is business as usual in DC.

Can't blame Trump for this one.  The Deep State wants conflict.  They thrive upon it.

Fight the power.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Huckleberry Finn: All Full of Tears and Flapdoodle

That novel was once considered the greatest of all American novels.  It is now politically incorrect because of the use of the word "nigger".

Too bad.  There's a lot of good social commentary in it. 

Huck Finn was said to be honest.  He called them as he saw them.  So, he sees the "King" and the "Duke", who were nothing but crooks, and calls them out on their chicanery.  The two rascals fool the entire town, and rob a family of their inheritance.

Well, I am watching the CSPAN hearings on the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, and I am seeing how this little modern day song and dance is going.  Like Huck Finn, I am having to call bullshit here.

No, I am not in sympathy with the left..  But Gorsuch has to demean himself in front of these people and the media who are nothing but hypocrites themselves.  It's all "tears and flapdoodle", to use Huck Finn's words.

What a crock of shit.  We all know that the left always gets their judges confirmed.  But let a GOP president nominate a judge, and he has to go through hoops and this BS.

Give me a break.  The left gets its way all the time.  For once, the so-called right has the power, but the left is never held to account.  Does Hillary Clinton ring a bell?

It is little wonder why we have to sit here and eat a ton of this crap about Russia, while she sells the Russians the American uranium at sweetheart terms, and nobody says a word.  Nor do they say a word about her emails.  Besides that, they cover up Obama's attempt at a coup, while they continue with it apace.

What a crock.  When will the GOP just tell these guys to go pound sand?

What law is this?

Maxine Waters seems to think Trump should be impeached for "undermining our democracy".

Which law is that?  Can she name what law that is, and what is the punishment for violation?  Can she identify how the law was broken?

This is so vague that it is meaningless.  Basically, she wants to remove Trump from office because he won the election.  Unless she can be much more clear about what Trump was supposed to have done, then what else can you conclude?

The real point of the Russian allegations

There's nothing new about Russia trying to influence the outcome of our elections.  Go read Nikita Khrushev's memoirs, as I did.   When Kennedy met Khrushev in the summit they had back in the sixties, Khrushev told Kennedy how they "voted" for him.  How?  By the way that the Francis "Gary" Powers U2 incident was handled.  The Russians figured that whoever would be perceived as bringing about better relations with Russia would be elected.

Nothing new under the sun, the good book says.  Or communists like to say, history repeats itself.

No, since it isn't new, and the Democrats don't have anything, and know it, then why do it?

Well, there's this Hillary email thing.  If the heat can be kept on Trump, it keeps it off of Hillary.  Trump should open an investigation of Hillary with an intention of prosecuting her for treason.

After all, that is what they are accusing Trump of doing.  Yet , for eight years, we had treason under our very noses, and nobody seemed to care.

Why was Obama's nationality so important?  Because the Constitution was written so that the president wouldn't have dual loyalties.  There is a fair question about where Obama's true loyalties are.  Yet, these people have the chutzpah to claim that Trump is a traitor.

Everybody with any sense, or a sense of honor, should know what a lie that is.  But Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats?  They need to cook this one up in order to divert the attention away from themselves, since they are the real traitors here.

Are "educated" people just idiot savants?

I'm looking at this post on Insty, and I wonder if the process of "education" in this country hasn't produced an entire class of "educated" nincompoops.  They vote for the party of the stupid, who in turn runs against the Stupid Party.

To contrast the Stupid Party with the party of the Stupid, one only has to comtemplate that the so-called right always goes against the people who vote them in, and appearing stupid while doing so.  The party of the Stupid just swallows all the lies of their leaders.  In either case, you get the same thing.  But I digress.

They may well be instructed in all kinds of various things, but as far as solving real world problems, they are totally lost.  Perhaps that is why they find themselves living in Mom and Dad's basement after having spent a ton of money "learning" something at the university.

The university of hard knocks is only one that counts.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The news these days is a joke

Can people really be this simple minded to fall for all this nonsense?

It seems that these people are so arrogant that they can really make you believe anything.

The best way to approach whatever these people in the media say, is with a huge grain of salt. These people couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended upon it.  I wouldn't believe them if they said that grass was green, and the sky was blue.

That's the number one problem in the country today:  way too many people trust what these people say. 

That's how you get somebody completely unfit, like Hillary Clinton, getting the nomination, and getting as many votes as she did.  Too many people just don't have any respect for the truth.

Very troubling.

No wonder Oswald shot JFK

These streets can drive anybody nuts.

Whoever designed this town's streets must have been stoned.


Sunday, March 19, 2017


It has been a long time since I watched the Sunday "news" shows on teevee.  The teevee in this neck of the woods may not have Fox, but even if it did, I would sometimes peruse the other side's viewpoints.  In this case, it was MSNBC. 

Sharpton was on it.  The impression I get from this guy is fanaticism.  This is trouble with a capital T, if you know what I mean.

The talking heads there want an apology from Trump.  I don't know if they'll get one, but I think it would be a mistake to offer one.  They aren't backing off the Russian nonsense.  If they don't back off of that, then why demand an apology?

It may well be that they intend to go on with this stuff for the duration.  That will mean a lot of turbulence is ahead.

What it should not mean is that ground is to be given up.  It is quite important to remain firm.

The left doesn't care so much about truth as it does about power.  As long as they behave that way, it is going to be necessary to remain as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

Peter Principle no longer operative

The first time I saw that term being used was back in my freshman year of college.  There was a certain amount of logic in it back then.  For those not familiar, the Peter Principle postulates that one rises to ones level of incompetence.  But that was over forty years ago.  Does it still apply?

Probably not.  Here's why.  Affirmative action.  Once that got established in this country, merit no longer mattered.  For the Peter Principle to work, merit has to be the gold standard.  Whoops!  The gold standard went away in 1933.  But I digress.

Examples can be seen from my own relations.  Two of my older brothers are pretty good at what they do.  They've been doing it for many, many years.  That's cuz, like me, they are no longer spring chickens.  Unlike me, they are still pretty healthy.  But they both say that they can no longer make money.   Does that mean that they've suddenly become incompetent?  I don't think so.  From what I can see from number one, he's still better than most.   "Worf" made some pretty decent houses from what I could see of his work.

Nope, what's rewarded these days is the opposite.  These days you get a "juice box and participation trophy".  Basically, you get rewarded for being a screw up.  Competency is no longer desired.  It is now who you know, what color or gender you are, and so forth.  Nothing to do with how well  you do your work.  You can be the biggest screw up in the world, and still be a Democrat nominee for President.  Like Hillary Clinton.  Her main qualification was that she was a girl.

'Nuff said.