Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bitch, bitch, bitch

Yep, pretty good at that.  You will see that a lot around here.  People don't like it.  It might hurt pageviews, but screw it.  Pageviews are overrated like everything damned thing else these days.

People measure things the wrong way.  They think I am stupid because I am not rich.  Or if I am poor, I MUST be stupid.  Wrong!

They are only interested in money, and so money counts for everything.  But that is dumb.

What else is dumb?  That's the only thing to bitch about?  The world is full of idiot savants.  But I covered that one yesterday.

Well, I am watching these teevee shows, since that is part of the bargain at these motels.  There's a scifi channel that I like, with a lot of science stuff.

It seems that we have a REAL problem with space junk.  If this space junk problem is never addressed, we won't be able to launch satellites anymore.  So long space program!  It will get too dangerous up there.

It should be an international issue, but they are all focused in on this FAKE issue like AGW.  Look, AGW is fake and you jackasses know it.  Give it up already, and solve some REAL problems for a change.

Instead of going to Mars or an asteroid, or waste money on AGW, we should address space junk.  If we can clean up the environment on the ground, why not in space?

Third thing I can bitch about!  Our politics.  Our politics is oriented toward conflict, not solutions.  But I have been bitching about this for the last six years.  Keep on bitching.  Somebody might actually wake the fuck up.

We aren't going to Mars if the space junk issue isn't solved.  We aren't going to any asteroid if the space junk issue isn't addressed.  Nothing gets accomplished because our politics is geared towards conflict.

Conflict may be interesting and drive up ratings, but it doesn't accomplish anything.  It invariably leads to FAKE NEWS.  How about doing something REAL for a change?  But it is business as usual in DC.

Can't blame Trump for this one.  The Deep State wants conflict.  They thrive upon it.

Fight the power.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

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