Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Healthcare Fiasco

A fiasco it was, and usually is, especially when the nutballs have the center stage.

I call them nutballs because you have to be nuts to think that this had a ghost of a chance of succeeding.  They will continue with their nuttiness and lose again and again and again.

Einstein said that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, while expecting to get a different result.

This insanity will result in possible cascading failures going into the future unless it is reversed and reversed quickly.  But I am not optimistic about that.  If there's one thing you can count on with the nutballs, they don't give it up easily.

The nuttiness just cost them influence.  They have marginalized themselves and now will have much less influence going forward.  Things will get worse and worse until they will be totally isolated and out on the fringe. 

I call conservatives "so-called" conservatives partly for this reason.  They fail over and over again to conserve anything at all.  If you can get half a loaf, it is better than none.  But the so-called conservatives always want it all.  They end up with nothing.  It is happening again.

It should be remembered that the only reason the nutballs didn't nominate Cruz was because they were defeated.  They were defeated by Trump at least partly because Trump was seen as a guy who might be willing to make compromises.  The so-called conservative preen themselves with their moral superiority for not making compromises.  That's how they end up on the fringe without any influence and failing to stop the hemorrhaging of our culture.  Then they wail about having lost the people.

Do these people really want the people?  Then why disregard the people so often if you are supposedly so concerned about that?  I have to call bullshit.  It is almost if they would prefer to lose and preen themselves as being morally superior as opposed to actually getting results in the real world.  Talking about FAKE.

If the so-called conservatives had dumped Trump, they wouldn't be in a position  to do anything at all.  But that is where they find themselves so often.  You would think that with this opportunity that they would recognize that and make the most of it.  But they probably will ensure that they will make the least of it and accomplish nothing much at all.

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