Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wassup with The Donald?

Conflicting reports about an amnesty deal.  No guarantees on the wall?  Is Trump selling out?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Geez.

Liberty Daily is having a cow.  Yeah, I can see that happening in a lot of places.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What happened to the E-cat?

The cold fusion device that was supposed to revolutionary?

I retained some skepticism about this thing, but at the same, I understood that there is a bias against anything new.

You may question that last sentence.  However, I have seen this pattern over and over again.

Evidently, the E-Cat story has found its way to court.  Rossi sold the rights to a company, and this company would develop the technology.  Rossi claimed that they didn't pay him, and the matter ended up in court.  An agreement to settle the case was reached, and details were said to be unavailable.

So, was it all a scam?  On the one hand, it wouldn't surprise me.  On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if Rossi was scammed.  Like Kevin Dorsey said, "I just don't know anymore".

One of my old websites that I visited form time to time has shut down, it seems.  Too bad.  On the other hand, maybe it wasn't anything to it anyway.  Like I said, I just don't know anymore.

Article V convention in the works?

Looks like a tame, or lame if you will, effort to me.

They are going to try to assure people that it will not be a runaway convention.  Also, they are trying to limit what may be considered during the convention.

None of this is binding.  A convention can do what it wants.  There is nothing to stop it.

However, if the existing law is followed, getting it ratified is where it can be brought under control.

That may be a big "if".

Sharyl Attkisson deconstructs a misleading poll


All things considered, I came up with my own headline that’s more transparent than many of the ones I saw: “In polls with Democrat-heavy sampling, there’s overwhelming opposition to building a wall along the ‘entire’ border; a concept that nobody is, in fact, proposing.


All things considered, the media is full of crap.

But I repeat myself.


Originally posted 8.25.17, updated on,
9.13.17 :

Now there are six bottles that are collecting water while disposing of waste water.  This may seem to be a lot, but even with the improvements, it is only a few ounces per day.

So, let's not get carried away.  I felt rather pleased to have it work this well.  Lots of times, an idea just doesn't work at all.  This one doesn't work as well as I would like, but it at least it accomplishes something.


19:12 :

Good news to report.  The experiment seems to be working.  The evaporation rate did go up, and there is more water collecting in the bottles.

The bottle I prepared does seem to trap more water.  I will make the bottles like this for now on.  If I have enough of these bottles, a significant amount of water ( by my standards ) will be within reach.

I am hoping to use no more than five gallons daily, and be able to reclaim half of that.  That will make a net use of 2.5 gallons per day.

00:30 :

One more experiment on tap for tomorrow.   Took a plastic lid, as mentioned, and put it in as a separator inside the bigger soda bottle.  The idea is to trap the water vapor in the upper chamber, and still allow water to drip into the lower chamber.  Hopefully, this will improve efficiency, and more water can be cleaned up.

Secondly, I added aluminum foil inside the washtub, which is where the soda bottles were placed.  The idea is to trap more of the sun's rays, which hopefully will increase the evaporation rate.

Despite the attempts at improvements, the results are still disappointing.  The water isn't collecting very fast at all.

Two of the bottles are doing better than the others.  It gave me the ideas that I have mentioned in this post.  The best results have come from the bottles with the least amount of volume in which the water vapor comes out of the waste water.  The theory is that it saturates the space better than the lower chamber and will condense, drip into the lower chamber, thus separating out by gravity.


Continuing my experiments with the soda bottles and cans of waste water.  It may be better to use some type of lid over the waste water so that the evaporated and condensed water will not go back into the waste water, nor will the recently condensed water.  If the condensed water goes back into the waste water, it will defeat the whole purpose.

So far this experiment is not going like I wanted it to.  It is not producing much water.

the original post follows:

This won't go into the off-grid series of posts.  Too repetitive.

after trying the first method in videos below:


I put something together this morning which looks a lot like the first video below.  However, for most of the day now, nothing is condensing in the bottle.  I don't know what's wrong.  Maybe the conditions are wrong, or something else I cannot put my finger on.

resume post...

Two videos I want to post.

This first one is a repost of something that I may want to consider as an experiment.  Mostly because of its simplicity and low cost.

You would use the smaller container inside of the larger plastic container.  The reason this works is that the evaporated water condenses inside the big bottle, but collects at the bottom, which has been folded up.  The folds will collect small amounts of water.  A device like this would be useful to clean up small amounts of water.  It so happens that I may be able to use such a device.

The second idea may be usable as well.  You can distill small amounts of water with a device such as this.

I have already made such a device, but as of the present, it cannot be matched up with a combustion stove.  I need to make some sort of alteration in order to make that work.  Also, my device does not use a bucket of water to cool the copper tubing.   Something to consider.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Don Surber: 3% growth is back

Don Surber: 3% growth is back: The Washington Establishment said it could not be done. America achieving 3% growth in the economy again? The Congressional Budget Offic...


It is great to have good growth again, but it won't matter if it collapses like it did during the latter part of the Bush presidency.

During the Dubya years, the economy was pretty good most of the time.  The collapse in 2008 messed up what was otherwise a good record.

Let's not get too hasty.  Wait and see.  It is not how you start that matters, it is how you finish.

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump


When I first saw that headline, I was a bit amused.  Once I read it though, I see that she still has an acidic tongue.

There are some reports that Trump won't require a wall in order to approve DACA legislation.  You have to remember the sources of this news.  As for me, I am waiting to see what develops.  If Trump fails, he won't get my vote in 2020.

Hillary should have lost, and she did.  The electorate held her accountable.   It should work both ways.  Thus, it doesn't mean that Trump should receive a pass for his failures to live up to his rhetoric, just because he is a Republican.   He won't receive a pass here.  There has to be accountability in our system, or it will cease to mean anything.