Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump

Clinton: 'Sometimes I Yell at the TV' Because of Trump


When I first saw that headline, I was a bit amused.  Once I read it though, I see that she still has an acidic tongue.

There are some reports that Trump won't require a wall in order to approve DACA legislation.  You have to remember the sources of this news.  As for me, I am waiting to see what develops.  If Trump fails, he won't get my vote in 2020.

Hillary should have lost, and she did.  The electorate held her accountable.   It should work both ways.  Thus, it doesn't mean that Trump should receive a pass for his failures to live up to his rhetoric, just because he is a Republican.   He won't receive a pass here.  There has to be accountability in our system, or it will cease to mean anything.

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