Saturday, July 19, 2014

Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Me -

Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Me -

Something of a coincidence that I wrote something about Ringer just yesterday, which was the day after he wrote this.  I hadn't read this yet.  One might get too tangled up with the speculation about coincidences.  In other words, not worth mentioning, but I did anyway, didn't I?

Recap of last weeks posts 7/13 to 7/19/14

Not much to recap as I spent a lot of time on my trip early in the week.  My thoughts have been dominated by the new land I've purchased, and what I'll do with it when I have the opportunity.

Finishing up the week with yet more chores and things to do.  Bills have to be paid and work has to be done.  I wanted to post more, yet the words aren't coming when I do have the time.

A few posts about the bigger picture rounded out the week.  Like I said, not much to discuss.


It may only be a coincidence that this incident occurred in 1969, at the height of America's power.  Was it really at the height of America's power?  Okay, let's say the height of its economic power.  The GDP per capita in gold was never higher than what it was then.  That includes today and all the days from this day to sometime in 1968.

Was there anything quite like Chappaquiddick before?  I'm thinking no.  Kennedy's story was repeated on the news as I recall.  Even though I was only a teenager, I sure didn't believe it.  It sounded false, and it must have sounded false to most people.  Unfortunately, not everybody, or not everybody seemed to care.  This man did run for President in 1980.  Fortunately, this man never did become president.  But we've done worse than that, even.  Barack Hussein Obama may not have left a young woman to die, but may be responsible for a lot more deaths than this.  All very predictable, but when it happens, they'll try to escape responsibility just like Kennedy did.

Back from dentist

Hooray.  My troubles are behind me, the bad tooth is gone.  If I hadn't been so neglectful, I wouldn't have lost it.  Anyway, there's no time to grieve the loss, because they put in a bridge immediately.  It looks a lot better than what it replaced, I guarantee.  The anesthetic hasn't worn off yet, so I can't say whether it feels better or not.  But it looks good.

The dentist's bill is what I'm grieving over.  Yep.  I write that we all love our money too much, and I'm no different.  Here I am, a tooth short, and I'm worried more about my bill than what I've just lost forever.

I think I'll just blog for the rest of the day.  Let's see if this thing starts to hurt a lot.

Flowers in space

You don't bring me flowers anymore?  Balderdash.

Actually, my land is not that far away from Jeff Bezo's launch pad in Culberson County, Texas.  I was thinking of JP Aerospace's light plane that might fly over the mountains between the launch pad and my property so I can go get a job over there.  Maybe I can apply for a janitorial position there.  I would like to be a part of such an endeavor even if it only meant as a janitor who scrubbed johns each nite after work hours.


I wonder if I could sell the MABB concept to someone like Bezos?  I don't think his hydrogen powered rockets can make it up to orbit without a boost.  With a MAAB, he could get a boost to say 50k feet, then it would separate and return to base.  Then Bezos' craft can light up its engines and proceed to orbit.

George Carlin "The American Dream" Best 3 Minutes of His Career

A lot of truth here.  You have to have the courage to face the truth.

They don't want smart Americans.  They want obedient workers.  "It's a big club and you aren't in it."

I have to say Carlin probably attracts more lefties than righties.  That's because the lefty rank and file really believe the BS they get from the politicians like Obama who promise but don't deliver.  Things ain't going to get better unless you start thinking for yourself.  That's what it means to have "critical thinking skills".

Do we need a corporate income tax?

Megan McArdle doesn't think so.  Here's something I haven't thought about:

And to be sure, the tax code contains plenty of senseless giveaways to corporations. But these are small beer. Most of the “loopholes” that we argue about are not a result of congressional pandering, or even sharp lawyers who bend sensible rules. They’re an artifact of the fact that calculating corporate income is really hard.---Bloomberg

Still, I think corporations should be taxed.  Individuals could receive a tax cut to make it revenue neutral.  The idea shouldn't be in raising revenue per se, but to make things a bit fairer.  Okay, that sounds kinda lefty, but I'd rather be lefty on this issue than to be righty, if righty means to favor corporations over individuals.  Corporations have an advantage over individuals.  We shouldn't increase that advantage by refusing to tax them and tax individuals even more.  That's crazy.

Niacin and heart health

Perhaps you heard about the study that niacin really doesn't help and may do harm.  After finding a link to the article on Instapundit, I read through it.  Looks like Merck conducted the study.  Merck?  There wouldn't be any conflict of interest here?  Why would Merck criticize the use of niacin?  Could they have an interest in diverting some of those patients to whatever they are selling?  I dunno.  Maybe they own a few statin patents.  Maybe not.  But I am inclined to be suspicious that a drug company knocks another "drug".  Note that the story refers to niacin as a drug.  Since when are vitamins "drugs"?  You don't need a prescription for it.

When I visited Worf, he said he used fish oils.  Perhaps that is an alternative if an alternative is really needed.


Whittle debunks Clinton's notion of "It takes a village" and replaces it with the title.  No, it doesn't take a superman, just somebody willing to work hard and take some risks.  Anybody can be a superhero in that model.  But everybody can also be a part of the mediocrity of the village mode that Hillary espouses.  The choice is up to you.

Friday, July 18, 2014


All along, since the beginning of the blog, I have struggled with the failure of this blog to generate traffic.  After a long time, I finally gave up on it ever achieving anything that could be monetized into an income.  I pondered the question of what makes things popular.

Consider how books are sold.  In order for someone to want to read your book, you have to present yourself as something of an expert at something.  It helps if you have made a lot of money.  An example:  take Robert Ringer's story of how he became a successful author.  He basically wrote about his success, and convinced many people, including myself, to buy his book so as to enjoy the successes that he found as a real estate broker.

Looking over Ringer's techniques, he did the following:

  • came up with a catchy title --- Winning Through Intimidation.
  • had a successful background that gave credibility to his story
  • he may have had to have used unusual or unique approaches to getting his book published
  • got publicity for his book
  • the book itself had to be readable and somewhat entertaining, which it is
Now, looking at the personal results for reading his book.  After all, I bought the book hoping to find some secret to success.  Alas, I found none.  Sure, the book was informative in a way, but it didn't get anything done for me.  The missing ingredient has to be oneself, I suppose.  All Ringer does is to try to get you to think on a higher level of thinking.  I surmise that I don't do that, nor haven't done that, and that could explain the lack of success.  I can correlate that with another book I read, which was about becoming an entrepreneur.  The author suggested thinking in terms of concepts.  That is to say, higher ordered reasoning powers.  Concepts, principles, and so forth.  These are abstractions that are distilled through the concrete nuts and bolts of existence.

How do people succeed at what they do?  It has to be a manipulation of sorts.  You have to get people to do things that you want them to do.  Looking over the broad swath of this society, I see how the string pullers are managing us.

Do I want to become like they are?  No.  I want to resist them better.  That should be the reason for reading this blog.  If you are wondering why things just keep getting worse and worse, just remember that the string pullers are controlling things.  If you want to get control back from the string pullers, you are going to have to find some way to be more independent.  This requires a higher order of thinking.  Don't rely upon popularity in order to find truth!  We are being manipulated by the string pullers through the device of seeking popularity as if popularity had any truth or value.  Well, it does for the person who is popular.  Anybody else is questionable.

Are we being manipulated somehow?

The downing of this passenger jet in Ukraine seems suspicious to me.  No, not the downing itself.   It is obvious that it was probably brought down by hostile action.  Not that.  No, it's the hysterical reaction to it that is suspicious.

What the hell is that jet doing there, anyway?  That's what's suspicious.  Also, this is the second jet that goes down that is connected to Malaysia in some way.  Just keep in mind that the War on Terror began with passenger jets being crashed into buildings.  Somebody may want a war is what I'm saying.

There's some talk of war.  Are you kidding me?  What pretext do we have for a war over something like this?  Some people out there just seem to be itching for an excuse for going to war.  That's what's suspicious to me.

Let's keep the population is in a constant state of agitation.  We are being manipulated, I suspect.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Generally speaking, I hold religion to be a good thing, but...

Those who have read my blog will probably recall that in my early adulthood, I considered myself to be an atheist.

That changed, but some things don't.  I have always been somewhat leery of organized religion.  Still am, as a matter of fact.  It seems that a tiger cannot change his stripes no matter what he does.  He still a tiger all the same.

That last post by Barnhardt, well, I just don't know.  If you have one thing in your character that isn't perfect, you might as well be sewage, I suppose.  This is the kind of thing that sends me off in the opposite direction.

Sorry, but I just disagree with what she wrote.  Those who may read her stuff may like it, and so do I, but this one is just over the top for me.  If that means parting company with that kind of thinking, then so be it. It just ain't going to be my cup of tea ever.

It really isn't any of my business nor Ann Barnhardt's business what somebody's failings are.  Maybe someone's spouse will care, close family member will care, but at some point, there has to be a line drawn.  We have too many people sticking their noses where it don't belong.  Even the government is watching us like it is really any of their business.  Sorry, I don't care what the rationale is, nor the justification, if it is none of your business, then butt out!  If somebody rejects me because of some failing I have, then I say, screw you then!  I don't owe you any special consideration despite your disapproval.  And you can take your disapproval and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Sure, we have to answer someday for our sins.  But not to Ann Barnhardt nor any other asshole who may have an opinion about it.

Feast or famine

Mostly famine when referring to the amount of rain out in Sierra Blanca.  The last three days have yielded 2.8 inches of rain, which puts it ahead of the normal rainfall for the entire month.

This raises some issues:
  • How to collect so much water at one time?  If 1000 sq. ft are used for rainwater collection, this means that up to 1736 gallons could have been collected over the past 3 days!  The math?  6.2 gals for every 100 sq.ft. per tenth of an inch times 10 times 28 equals 1736.  
  • The area is quite dry usually.  What happens when there's so much rain?  I'm concerned about erosion.
  • What about localized flooding?  Surely, some folks could get stranded out there for awhile while the water recedes.
Seventeen hundred gallons means 31 55 gallon drums would have to be deployed and in short order.  You'd be overwhelmed.  Some system would have to be in place that could gather this much water in such a short time.  But most of the time, it wouldn't be used as it doesn't rain very much over there.

A new set of problems to consider.

Either you have no water or you have too much.  How to spread this out evenly over time?


Water problem?  It looks more and more likely that this problem can be solved.  What water problems that I do have will be short term.  For example, water is likely to collect into ponds which can be harvested for water.  There's likely to be hundreds of gallons that can be harvested this way.  It's just a matter of harvesting the water and transporting it to where it is needed.

Update ( 7/18/14):

It is necessary to point out that there was some error or sorts in the webpage that reported the rainfall.  It is about an inch less than reported.  Still a lot by their standards.

Southern California?  How bout Sierra Blanca?  Seems the same.


I'm adding this to my going off the grid series.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stirling Cooler Stirling engine 12v DC power source FPSC Mechanical refrigerant free refrigeration

The idea here is to use the cooler to condense water out of the atmosphere. The water would be used for drinking.

An easier way would be to use a plain old air conditioner.  These things can produce a lot of water.  Why use a Stirling engine, then?  Don't know, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that it isn't hot all year.  That means that you need to figure out a way to produce water 365 days a year.


Another video in the playlist.  This one is interesting because he says it has a lot of power.  Again, not interested in the power, but in the cooling capabilities of the engine.


A little more digging and I found this site, which may be interesting.  This guy wants to build small, practical Stirling engines for sale.

California seeks to send message to water-wasters

ap news

consumption throughout the state actually rose by 1 percent in May, according to a report from the board, while Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking a 20 percent reduction in water use...some farmers could see their wells run dry next year unless the state sees a wet winter.---Don Thompson AP

Worf says that the average American uses 85 gallons of water per day.  Number one said something quite similar.  Yet I think I could use a lot less than that and get away with it.  We'll see.

One thing though, I'll probably smell pretty ripe most of the time.  That's what these people may end up having to do in order not to die of thirst.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Van Halen Running with the devil With Lyrics

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Science experiment

Just dissected the Mesquite bean. It was one of the samples I gathered on my trip out west. Mesquite beans said to be sweet with a very hard seed in the middle. I don't know about the sweetness, but there are very hard seeds in the middle. It was also said that pioneers survived on this stuff. If you don't want to eat them, give them to the chickens and hogs. You can always eat chickens and hogs. Provided that the snakes don't get him first. Or the Coyotes. Right now I'm waiting at the airport with nothing better to do than to dissect mesquite beans. What a Country!

Propulsion of the future
Looks like spacesail.

Checking in 7/15/14: Some RV options

Reading the news is getting tiresome these days.  Not interested in posting on that stuff.  It is the stuff that people seem to live for, all the conflict and so forth.  It reminds me of how I shut off the TV years ago. While shutting off the TV, I kept up with the news on the internet.  Now that is getting the way that TV used to be. Don't care for it myself.  Declaring my independence from it.

After having visiting my property a couple times, some ideas of what to do next include a way to stay there longer.  Can't do much in a such a short time.

The simplest and cheapest solution is to use what you've got.  Other than that, you can start buying stuff.  <gulp>

Here's a few things that I looked at while the news rages on:

Fleetwood 1989 Prowler Lynx 18N:  Trailer
asking 3k

Fleetwood 1996 Elkhorn  asking 4k,cabover for a 8 ft pickup truck

1988 Lance 300---8'6, cabover for 8 ft pickup truck asking $2350

more listings

I've done this research before, but I didn't take proper note of it, drat it.


Some decisions are going to have to be made.  That's the reason for the options mentioned above.  Also, when and how to make the move.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Next Big Future: Vertical and indoor farming works financially for ...

Next Big Future: Vertical and indoor farming works financially for ...: Here is a calculation that hydronponically grown lettuce is cheaper with a cost of about 4 cents per head. Lettuce can sell for about 0.99 t...

Incredible production from a small amount of square footage.

Successful Spacex launch
The reuseability test awaits word on the results.


Looks like at least a partial failure when a hull breach was detected.

BIS chief fears fresh Lehman from worldwide debt surge

telegraph uk


  • Jaime Caruana, head of the Swiss-based financial watchdog, said investors were ignoring the risk of monetary tightening in their voracious hunt for yield.
  • Mr Caruana said the international system is in many ways more fragile than it was in the build-up to the Lehman crisis.
  • The disturbing twist in this cycle is that China, Brazil, Turkey and other emerging economies have succumbed to private credit booms of their own
  • “It may be the case that the debt is better distributed because some highly-indebted countries have deleveraged...But there is also now more sensitivity to interest rate movements."
  • Overall, it is hard to avoid the sense of a puzzling disconnect between the markets’ buoyancy and underlying economic developments globally,”
  • The BIS is the doyen of world’s financial institutions, created in Basel in 1930 to clean up the mess left by German reparations payments under the Versailles Treaty. It has since evolved into the bank of central banks, and lately the bastion of monetary orthodoxy.
  • “There is something strange about fighting debt by incentivizing more debt."


An example of what might work

Off the grid general store:


The location of this place is on Hwy 71 between Columbus and LaGrange, Texas.  Columbus is about 70 miles west of downtown Houston.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Checking in: 7/13/14

I've spent most of the day on the road returning back from Sierra Blanca.  As of the moment, I'm getting everything out of the vehicle and put away and organized.

Got some stuff done, but would have liked to have done a lot more.  Rain cut short the field trip for the second time in a row.  You can't beat mother nature.

Tomorrow, posting should resume on a regular schedule.