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Deadlocked Conventions Always Nominate Losers

Dick Morris TV: History Video!


Somebody posted in the comments section of Morris' post that his assertion for "always" was not always correct.  For the last 50 years, yes, but prior to that - no.

I won't be herded into a direction in which I haven't got confidence.  I don't trust Romney, period.

America’s Selective Compassion with North Korea, Iran, Religion, and the Environment

A Voice of Sanity -

By Robert Ringer - Monday, March 5, 2012

One of the current questions in an endless barrage of moral dilemmas that politicians are constantly debating is whether we should send food to North Korea in exchange for its promise to shut down its nuclear program. And it’s not particularly comforting to know that a twenty-eight-year-old kid, Kim Jung-un (affectionately referred to by his barber as “Chublet II”), is now ostensibly running things.

The Korean War was the first in what has become a long string of losing U.S. wars. Harry Truman’s decision to stop General Douglas MacArthur from finishing the job in Korea has resulted in nearly six decades of slavery for North Koreans.

It is believed that as many as a quarter of a million people, most found guilty of “political crimes,” are housed in concentration camps that make the Soviet gulag look like an Arnold Palmer retirement community.

Of course, the oppression of the North Koreans is really much longer than sixty years, because the Japanese ruled all of the Korean peninsula from 1910 through the end of World War II. But when the war ended, the United States went into a fast and furious mode in divvying up the spoils with the Evil Empire.

That resulted not only in the U.S. turning over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union, but also subjecting all Koreans living above the 38th parallel to a lifetime of brutal slavery that has since cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars and decades of heartburn.

For the far left, however, capitulation to the Russkies was a victory for progressives. They cheered our display of compassion toward Uncle Joe and his murderous henchmen in the Soviet Union. After all, progressives believe that if we give our enemies what they want, they will like us more.

But for North Koreans, who today still live in stark poverty and for whom starvation, disease, and fear of torture and death is a way of life, American compassion seems to be in short supply. Strange concept, this thing we call compassion. It seems to lend itself to selectivity quite well.

The Soviet Union, for whom we showed a great deal of compassion, is long gone, but we didn’t have the compassion to free the North Korean people when we had the chance to do so in 1953. And we still don’t have the compassion to free them today (which we could do, if we really wanted to, in about an hour and seventeen minutes).

Our dear leader in the White House is quite selective about employing compassion even when dealing with his favorite world citizens, Mid-East Muslims. He cheered the protestors in Egypt, yet ignored pro-Western protestors in Iran who were hoping to at least receive his moral support.

Most recently, he’s been showing a lot of compassion for those emotionally injured souls in Afghanistan who believe that the Koran is such a holy book that anyone who desecrates it must be put to death (except for prisoners who use it to pass notes to each other). They feel so strongly about the issue that they’ve taken matters into their own hands and are randomly killing Americans.

Of course, the Old and New Testaments, which are the foundations for Judaism and Christianity, are no big deal. Muslims are allowed to destroy them at will, burn the American flag, shout “Death to America,” and generally insult everything about our way of life without fear of retribution. Yet, not a peep from Der Fuhrbama about compassion toward Jews, Christians, or Americans.

Speaking of American haters, wasn’t it a heart-wrenching display of compassion when the powers that be decided to put you in hock for another $750,000 to build a soccer field for GITMO’s celebrity guests? You may have lost your job … your house may be under water … you may be on the verge of bankruptcy … but you’ll have to look for compassion elsewhere. The government has its hands full showing compassion toward those who have sworn to destroy America.

Then there’s compassion for the environment, even though the environment has no human traits. But, hey, doesn’t the Constitution say something about “environmental rights?”

That’s why, when oil spills occur, we are obliged to display our compassion for the environment by immediately shutting down as much oil exploration as possible. Thousands may be put out of work and millions of people may have to pay higher prices to gas their cars and heat their houses, but, by golly, it’s the environmentally compassionate thing to do.

And what about the enormous compassion the omnibenevolent folks in Washington showed when they took your money and bailed out General Motors and Chrysler? Where was the compassion for the bondholders and shareholders who were stripped of their legal rights?

But BHO has outdone himself with his latest compassion crusade, insisting that religious institutions must provide free contraception to women even if it violates an institution’s religious teachings. The capper to this anti-constitutional mandate came when that classy little Georgetown University lass, Sandra Fluke, complained about the university’s refusal to provide her with free contraception.

What’s this world coming to, anyway? Doesn’t compassion call for us to pay for college co-eds to have sex? Barack Obama, who is too busy to get a budget passed, found the time to telephone the sex-focused young student from Georgetown, who said that he told her to “tell my parents that they should be proud.” Wouldn’t you be proud of your daughter if she complained that her college wasn’t paying for her sex life?

But, remember, government compassion is selective. We are admonished to have compassion for a woman’s “right to choose,” but no compassion is warranted when it comes to killing unborn babies who have no way of defending themselves from being Tillerized.

I think we can all agree that compassion is a good thing. But when it’s employed selectively by politicians, it has a tendency to play havoc with liberty. True compassion comes voluntarily from individuals, not from political mandates.

The Constitution does not assign politicians the task of being compassionate with your money. To the extent the role of politicians can be justified at all, their function is limited to protecting your life and liberty.

It’s true that some politicians may have good intentions. But history has shown that the best intentions all too often result in the most reprehensible human atrocities imaginable — especially when they are used as an excuse for violating the rights of those who are not violating anyone else’s rights.

The reality is that in the world of politics, compassion is a propaganda tool used to press for “social justice,” and social justice is a euphemism for taking control of people’s lives. Personally, if given a choice, my position vis a vis the government would be: You keep your compassion and I’ll keep my freedom.

You have permission to reprint this article so long as you place the following wording at the end of the article:

Copyright © 2012 Robert Ringer
ROBERT RINGER is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times.

Oikophobia by another name

Ann Barnhardt has a post up called "Explaining the Marxist-Islamic Axis & Tactics".  It doesn't reference the term in the title at all, but instead, describes it as a type of self loathing.

In response to this, I wonder if Hitler was actually a self loather?  Or the other dictators, such as Stalin, and Mao?  Also, don't be put off by putting Hitler in this group.  The term "Nazi" means National Socialist.  It wasn't about free enterprise at all.

But even Hitler didn't think it was possible to force a religious reformation by the power of the state.  Obama and his ilk seem to be even more ambitious than the Nazis, in that regard.

It is rather extraordinary to see what the left is doing, without even considering what Barnhardt has to say about it.  Even more extraordinary to see so many falling for it.

Romney's Pending Sellout on Global Warming  h/t Free Republic


But those conservatives and Tea Party patriots overlooking Romney's Romneycare apostasy to still vote for him in the primaries are setting themselves up to be gravely disappointed again on this issue. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney appointed to state office Obama science czar John Holdren, a wacky far out leftist, and Obama EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy, who is writing and implementing all of the Obama restrictions on power plants.

The criticism against Newt is well taken ( in the comments section), but- there are mitigating factors, in my opinion.  The ones against Romney are not so easily dismissed.  For example, Newt was in response to a leftist initiative with one that was more consistent with defending capitalism than the what the left wanted.   On the other hand, Romney is just plain dishonest.  You just don't know what you are getting with this guy.

I strongly suspect Romney will betray.  In contrast, I strongly believe that Gingrich will defend.  It is evident in everything that each has said and done throughout the years.  That is the difference that makes the difference.  Look at the records, not the respective rhetoric, and especially the propaganda.

Shut up

Uploaded by Pajamasmedia on Apr 1, 2009  h/t Watts Up With That? (commenter "George")

With respect to the latest effort to shut Rush up, and to shut the Catholics up, the following video seemed as appropriate now as when it was first released.  You really have to hand it to the leftists, they really have become quite inventive in ways to shut you up.

Crazy day yesterday

It was raining hard during rush hour, and I'm out there in it.  There was still work to do, but it was too late to get it done because of the traffic delays.  I get home late and the only thing I want to do is to get some rest.  Lights out until the morning.

The good thing about it is that nothing serious happened, like a wreck or a traffic ticket.

Houston streets can flood, especially in a hard rain.  Things can go bad really fast, like traffic delays and getting stranded due to high water.  So, for nothing bad to happen was a type of good fortune, but at the time, it did not seem so.  It was rather stressful is what I mean.

Now I can do things with my free time as it is a weekend.  That's the reward for a job well done.

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Bill O'Reilly: Bill Maher Insults Sarah Palin......AGAIN!

Uploaded by iwanttomarrycarrie on Mar 24, 2011

While watching this, I noticed that the audience laughed when Bill Maher made the same type of insult that has gotten Rush into so much trouble.  The derogatory word was censored out, by the way.

Where was the outrage on the left back then?  It wasn't there, but the audience sure was laughing it up, now weren't they?

Rush: Boycott failing

That puts the death threats into perspective.  The agitators should admit defeat and move on.

The whale got away!  Ha, ha, ha.

Newt Visits an Alabama Gas Station

Uploaded by ngingrich on Mar 7, 2012


I am in the transportation business.  Lower prices for gas helps me.  That's where I'm coming from.  Now, if you increase the price for gas to $9.99 a gallon, how can I do business?  The only way is to increase delivery prices.  Otherwise, I can't do business.

Why should anybody want higher prices?   It's a loser on many levels.  And it's nuts.

Exclusive: Dems Incite Death Threats Against Limbaugh

by Dan Riehl

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is being targeted by multiple death threats after President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party ignored his apology for controversial remarks and continued to single him out for rebuke.

Bill Whittle has a new video out on his series called "Firewall".  What you may be observing with this latest Limbaugh business is an example of the conflict between two different visions of humanity.   It is worth a watch, if you have the time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The left's Moby Dick moment: Limbaugh?

This notion tickled my funny bone.  Rush Limbaugh is Moby Dick, and the left is hunting their "great white whale".


By the way, Rush sometimes referred to himself like the Borg-  "Resistance is Futile".  Bwah, ha, ha, ha!

Doctor Teller’s Strange Loves, from the Hydrogen Bomb to Thorium Energy

Not a laughing matter. Unfortunately, in one sense, the ideas of Teller got lampooned, but the ideas could save us all. With the ridicule, the one way that may lead to a safer, more secure world could be disregarded and disparaged. I hope that this doesn't happen.

Here's a video obtained which shows the history of the connection of the thorium fuel cycle to the H Bomb, and that the father of the H bomb- Teller- favored it. The same Teller who was ridiculed for his promotion of the H Bomb and lampooned in the movie "Dr. Strangelove". Before watching the video, let's look at this quote:
In his 90s, Teller worked with his former student, the engineer Ralph Moir, on one last project: designing a “safe” underground nuclear reactor that would run not on uranium but thorium, an element that can produce a nuclear reaction but which is all but unusable for making nuclear weapons.

I learned of the paper — published in 2005 in the journal Nuclear Technology — during an interview with Moir for the Motherboard documentary The Thorium Dream, about the growing movement of engineers and amateur scientists pushing for a thorium-based nuclear fuel cycle.

Making fun of a serious idea that will work is not a laughing matter. You may want to consider that the next time you hear someone making fun of another who is making a serious proposition. The failure to see a solution for the serious problems facing us all could have very damaging consequences for us all.

Gingrich to Santorum: 'We're staying in the race' (1:57) (Video)

The splitting of the not Romney vote will almost guarantee a Romney nomination.  It may even be too late to stop that now.   Romney probably gets the nomination, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday winners and losers


Detailed analysis. I won't go into it here, my own thoughts below:

Somehow, Romney has to put away Santorum, and generate some enthusiasm. Romney does well in big cities, even in the South. That may help him there, as well as in the blue states ( maybe ).

Gingrich is depending upon big states like California and Texas. He is now a long shot. If he got out, Santorum might defeat Romney, but how does Santorum do nationally? Santorum can hold the South, but where else can he make inroads? His failure in Ohio cannot be good. But he was close enough, that a Gingrich withdrawal could have been decisive there.

Overall, if you've got to defend your base, which for the Republicans is the South, you're in trouble. If the base is solid, a guy that does well outside the South can be a big plus.

The path to 270 electoral votes is not clear with this outcome. That's because Romney does not own the South. He doesn't generate enthusiasm and he probably won't turn blue states red. Newt won't get out and he hobbles Santorum. Santorum doesn't do as well with the demographics that Barone mentions. It is a muddled mess.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Case for Space

The Case for Space

Romney wins Ohio but fails to shake off rivals

Mitt Romney eked out a close victory in Ohio but failed to land a knockout blow against rival Rick Santorum


Gingrich didn't do very well, except in Georgia.

The significance is that Romney does not do well in the South.

Aside from mostly blue states, Romney doesn't win.  The claim that Santorum would have won more if Gingrich drop out works in Ohio and Alaska.  Those two could have made it a Santorum night.

Newt may be finished.  He claims he can go on, but that may be a hard sell.

The party is fractured and that doesn't good look for November.

Nothing much appears to have changed, even with a president as woeful as this one is.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do Democrats Want the Fluke Uproar to Continue?

As President Bush said-- Bring it on.
As Dirty Harry said-- Go ahead, make my day.

Look at what the Democrats are trying to do: 1) they are attempting to infringe on religious liberty and 2) they are attempting to shut down the opposition. With everything else this administration is doing, that is a campaign issue in itself. Use it.

Omission Watch: Feminist Fluke Insists Insurers Must Fund Transgender Surgeries

The Drudge Report has linked to MRC TV's Stephen Gutowski, who dug up that the Radical Feminist Heroine of the Week Sandra Fluke thinks insurance policies shouldn't just pay for contraceptives, but for "transgender" amputations and implants.

Taxpayers paying for someone else's jollies and sex change operations.  As "Yakov Smirnoff" famously said: "What a country!"

Netanyahu Controls Obama’s Fate


Can a calculation like this be wrong?
If Israel attacks Iran, she will achieve three things:

a. Israel will buy time by delaying the Iranian nuclear program by one to three years.
b. Those extra years will give the effective sanctions, only now being imposed, time to work.
c. The resulting increase in the price of oil – and its impact on the American economy – will doom Obama’s re-election chances, assuring that a pro-Israeli Republican Administration takes power.
Do people react in predictable ways?  If it happens this way, Morris will smarter than I thought possible for a human being to be.  He will be able to predict mass behavior in a God like manner, particularly "c".  On the other hand, if he's wrong ( about the results of an attack) , Iran will have the bomb anyway, sanctions will be irrelevant, and Obama could easily win- because that will be seen as a failed Republican idea.

He's probably right that Obama will do nothing.  But pushing Obama into acting may also carry risks.

There's no guarantee in any of this.  There's not much at all that can be done.  For better or worse, it's pretty much in Obama's hands.

Into the BlackBxx: Chasing Andrew

Into the BlackBxx: Chasing Andrew: In 2000, something astonishing happened to me. I was running an insurance brokerage by day, setting up and servicing health, dental a...


A story of courage.  That is what you will need for now on.

On double standards and the like

Just read this Ace of Spades HQ post.

It's all about double standards and the like, a common complaint of conservatives.  It all reminds me of the wolf and lamb parable.  It doesn't matter how well you argue, if you lack power, as in the case of the wolf v the lamb, you are going to lose.

Liberals are demonstrating their power in this way, and conservatives complaining about it won't change it one bit.  Not unless the response changes and the power imbalance is leveled out.

Not to say that I know how to do this.  Just saying if you want to change things, you will have to do things differently than in the past.

Kardashevian Aspirations: Nuclear Thermal Rockets

Kardashevian Aspirations: Nuclear Thermal Rockets: As alluded to in a previous post, I spent some time listening to Steven Howe yesterday on the Space Show's mp3 archived file. Based upon w...

Romney and the Mandate

Romney and the Mandate

If Romney wins, what does it mean? Does it mean ObamaCare continues regardless of the election, or, if elected, will Romney keep his promise?

I don't trust him.

How Romney Advocated Obamacare and Lied About It

How Romney Advocated Obamacare and Lied About It


I suspect all of us sheep should just get into line and vote for the money grubbers.  It is all about money and power, not who will help the people.

In case you are wondering, this is not an opinion of a Democrat- it is mine.  Principle doesn't matter anymore.  That's what I mean.  Money trumps all, even principle and truth.

How the Super Tuesday States Shape Up

I'm rooting for Romney not to lock it up. Anybody but Romney.  I refuse to fall into line.  As it has been said before: "it ain't over till it's over".

Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome to total political war

I’m talking about the second-tier of the warfare, the attempt to intimidate those removed by one or more degrees of separation from the dispute, and to use them as tools against the target.  ....This total war, in which no one is allowed to be non-political and neighbors and clients become mere pressure points, is a dangerous development.

It is even worse than I thought, and I thought it was pretty bad.

This is a black day for American Journalism

Ace of Spades HQ

My gripe is not that Tapper didn't ask questions - but that he said it wasn't his job to ask questions. My conclusion is... He CAN'T question her. Otherwise he'd get the Limbaugh treatment!


I've long noted the total failure of the media to be about journalism anymore.  This really is getting out of hand.

What the author is saying is that Tapper is being intimidated in truthfully reporting the facts.  He is being intimidated into following the party line.

Video: Demonstrators interrupt Rick Santorum speech in Oklahoma City h/t Free Republic


This stuff reminds me of what I read about in the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I'm not referring to Santorum, here. This is in reference to the attempt to silence the opposition. It is anti-American.

I don't recognize this country anymore.

WaPo again attacks free speech donsurber

The purpose of this editorial is to divide and mute the Republican Party. The editorial deliberately attacks a party for something it had nothing to do with. I want to see the Washington Post hold the Democratic Party to the same silly standard.


There's no difference between the Democrat Party and the media.  It's merely the propaganda department of the party.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kardashevian Aspirations: China Takes Lead in Race for Clean Nuclear Power

Kardashevian Aspirations: China Takes Lead in Race for Clean Nuclear Power: quote: “President Obama talked about a Sputnik-type call to action in his SOTU address,” wrote Charles Hart, a a retired semico...

SlutWalk Marched Through D.C.

By Shannon McGovern | August 15th, 2011 The Georgetowner

This August post is appropriate to mention now that Limbaugh has used that word. Here, they used the word on themselves, so now the word can't be used, or you're in trouble?


...several painted “Slut” across their chests
Limbaugh should apologize?  Well, he apologized to the woman in question.  But how does that apply to these women?

1940: When Britain, Liberals, & Democrats Took Over The GOP

Dick Morris TV: History Video!


Think how history might have been changed if an isolationalist had been elected President in 1940.  History turns on such events.

If Nazi Germany had won that war, it is needless to say that the world would be different today.

Newt Gingrich: Obama’s Goal Is ‘$8 or $9 a Gallon’ Gas h/t Free Republic

“This president and his secretary of anti-energy, Dr. Chu, have as a goal getting us to pay European-level prices of $8 or $9. Dr. Chu was clear about that before he became secretary. He wants us to get to be a European-level price structure of $8 or $9 a gallon,” said Gingrich. “He said this week, in testifying in the House, he has ‘no intention of trying to lower the price of oil or the price of gasoline.’ The American people on the other hand would much rather pay $2.50 and be independent of Saudi Arabia than be where we are today. ”

The article goes on to defend Obama, but it should be clear that Gingrich is right.  Obama doesn't want lower gasoline prices, judging by his actions.  Judging by his words, he may fool enough people to get reelected, but not if you watch his actions.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Gingrich: "Dishonesty" marks Romney campaign

MTP Political Minute: Romney and Super Tuesday


Great video below

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: My Friend Andrew

Uploaded by Pajamasmedia on Mar 2, 2012

There's a lesson for us all in this video. I could have ended up like Breitbart in an untimely grave. For me to back that up would require a bit of a story to be told, which I have only alluded to in a most indirect sort of way on this here blog.

Sunday Reflection: The future will be better than we think if politicians don’t ruin it  h/t Instapundit


Ironically, this point is made by the authors’ opening anecdote. As recounted by Pliny the Elder, a goldsmith proudly displayed to the Roman Emperor Tiberius a shiny plate he’d made from a new metal extracted from clay (aluminum) using a secret method only he understood.

The emperor was indeed impressed: He saw this new shiny metal as a possible threat to the value of his large gold and silver stockpiles, so instead of rewarding the goldsmith, he had him beheaded.


My sentiments exactly.

It looks as if the politicians have already screwed up the thorium fuel cycle molten salt reactor.  This would have improved life immensely, but it isn't available now, nor will it be unless something changes soon.

They may well have screwed up the space program and cold fusion.   But that may seem to be a bit over the top, thus the use of the word "may".  If only the thorium reactors were the only way the politicians screw things up.

For example, we get further restrictions on the ability to use energy.  Prices go up, and the standard of living will go down.  This doesn't have to happen, but it will if things continue in the direction that it is going.

The Coming Persecution h/t Behind the Black

So much talk amongst right wing Catholics of the erosion of religious liberty, the collapse of all things and the coming persecution. Talk of government detention centers and priests being shot like Bl. Miguel Pro.

I don't think they get it. That's not what it will be like.


There needs to be some spirited  ( no pun intended ) opposition to the contraception mandate.  Something like Gandhi's nonviolent, passive resistance.  One way or another, this has to be overturned.

Even from the secular point of view, making everybody else pay for your jollies is a bit unreasonable.  Pay for your own, dammit.