Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Newt on the New NASA administrator

Got the link below via Transterrestrial Musings.  It is rather visionary of Mr. Newt.  Psst!!!  I have been writing this stuff for most of the past 7 years on this here blog.  This is but half of the story.  The other half is in energy.  ( hint:  Thorium! )

Newt says we won't need Chinese rare earths.  But we never did.  That's one of the ways Trump can MAGA.

Concrete footers

Here's a video series on how to pour a concrete footer.  It is not exactly what I have in mind.  Well worth the time to look it over and learn something.

The "footers" that I had in mind were more like piers.  I looked these up, and there are pre molded forms that can be stacked.  But they cost some dough, which I want to economize on.

Otherwise, you have to construct the piers yourself. 

Don Surber: Mueller's harassment of Hannity may be criminal

Don Surber: Mueller's harassment of Hannity may be criminal: Bobby the Mule Mueller used the power of his office to harass Sean Hannity, a critic of Mueller's witch hunt. Using judge shopping to ...


One of the reader's comments said that the Establishment GOP could get run over by a parked car.  Good one.

Yep.  Actually they are taking a dive.  They will sit out the election, and blame Trump for losing Congress.

Worthless as tits on a boar.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Words mean things, it has been said

As I recall back in the days when I listened regularly to the Limbaugh show, some conservatives advocated more precision in the use of language.  So, when I see that there is a rather loose use of the language, the old antenna goes up.

Why use this word "interfere" with respect to Russia, and not precisely define the word?  Seems to me that to interfere with the 2016 election entails a good deal more active work than what is being discussed.  Is CTH dropping the ball?  What do they mean when they use this word "interfere"?

For example, consider this a write-up of yesterday's Sunday shows.  CTH is letting this use of the word go by without giving a clear definition of what it means.  A quote:

That January reference was the infamous 17 agencies report, from CIA (Brennan), DNI (Clapper), FBI (Comey) and NSA (Rogers), all who had confidence -except Rogers-  according to the report, that Russia was attempting to interfere in the 2016 election.
While true that this is only a quote, it is still allowing this word to enter the public domain without challenge.

Okay, so what does the word "interfere" mean?  Hacking the DNC servers?  Then, giving those emails to Wikileaks so that they could be used against the Clinton campaign?  What else are we talking about here, but that?

So, the Mueller investigation is about the alleged hacking of the DNC servers?  Seems to me that this is an awful lot of bother about something that should have been settled a long time ago.  Hacking may be the crime everybody is talking about, but did that actually occur?  This "hacking" has not been established as a crime that was committed.  Indeed, it is challenged elsewhere that no hacking took place at all.  Instead, it was a leak.

It has long been my assertion that this Special Counsel investigation has never been justified by the actual breaking of any law.  Until that is established, there shouldn't be any SC at all.  It means that Mueller should not have been hired, and unless he is actually establishing that the law was violated, it should be demanded that he do so.  If he can't or won't do that, then he should be fired.

If all they are talking about is influence, as opposed to interference, then you have no crime.  There is no anti-collusion statute that I have heard of.

Mueller is chasing shadows, and ignoring the real issue here.  The purpose of his actions may be the result of incompetence or corruption.  Either way, it is not good.  If it is incompetence, then he is looking in the wrong places.  If it is corruption, then it is not truth that he is seeking, but the opposite.


Could this be the root of it all?  An alleged violation of the Logan Act?  Nobody has ever been convicted of violating that law.  Besides, the spying on Trump began before the alleged violation took place.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wishful thinking?

How long will it take to bring the case?  It is already well into the election year.

Nevertheless, it is a good thing, but it may be too little, too late.

Need to pick up the pace.

No More Messing Around - by Robert Ringer

No More Messing Around - by Robert Ringer: Expansion of the phony Russia-collusion investigation to include the Manafortization of Michael Cohen’s home and office is nothing short of a declaration of war.  Given that the DOJ/FBI police state has now become entrenched, it’s time for freedom advocates to be prepared to hang together or hang separately. I’ve always believed that God acts in …


Hmm.  A step in the right direction.  The step needs to be towards a full run, so to speak.

Writing about it may start the ball rolling, but stuff needs to be done, and soon.  Time is running out.


The sentiment for this "no more messing around" seems to be spreading.  Jeanine Pirro asks Devin Nunes why the nice guy routine?  But Nunes agrees, and that's why the pace is picking up a bit.  But it needs to pick up even more.  Here's the video.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Don Surber: The only issue in November

Don Surber: The only issue in November: As West Virginia Republicans grumble over our choices for the Senate this year, we have to look at the big picture. Judges.


The Senate should be a gimme for the GOP.  Hopefully, they won't foul that up.

NASA to Discuss Demonstration of New Space Exploration Power System

NASA to Discuss Demonstration of New Space Exploration Power System: Media are invited to attend a news conference at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland at 9:15 a.m. EDT Wednesday, May 2, to discuss a recent experiment to demonstrate a new nuclear reactor power system designed for space.


No details about the system were provided in the article, so a little digging was required.  It looks to be something called "Krusty"  It may be a concept like the SAFE systems that I have written about before.  I saw some videos listed as well, so here's is a video describing the system:

Friday, April 20, 2018

American politics now in full Kayfabe mode?

Somebody commented in a CTH post that something here ( with respect to the OIG investigations) seems like Kayfabe.  ( I'm not clear what the commenter is referring to, so this is my interpretation)

Rather familiar thing to observe, by the way.

It does appear to be scripted with a predetermined outcome.  How do you know when it gets real?

It gets real when people go to jail, or die.  You cannot fake real stuff, and going to jail is real.  Dying is real.  Can't fake that kind of thing.

If nobody really gets hurt by all this, then it has got to be Kayfabe.  But the symbolism is what would be real.  The symbolism of no justice would demonstrate that the rule of law is only a handful of meaningless words.   The rule of law cannot be faked.  There have to be consequences for breaking the law.

The Hillary email investigation during 2016 looks like Kayfabe.  She didn't get hurt, she didn't go to jail.  She just lost the election.  However, the subsequent investigation of Trump could be Kayfabe.  Also, the OIG investigation of the investigations could be KayfabeUltimately, the final outcome of this could see a Kayfabe result.  But it is hard at this point to know what the Kayfabe actually is.  That is what could make this a perfect Kayfabe script.  You would never know if the whole thing was just a big show.

If Trump is forced out, but never goes to jail, that could be Kayfabe.

Firing Mueller would not be Kayfabe.  That is because these leftists would not accept that outcome, and there would be hell to pay.  That is why you have to do it.  You cannot Kayfabe that.

So, McCabe can now be put on trial.  Or the US Attorney can refuse to try him based upon the criminal referral.  If he is tried, it will be in DC, where a conviction is unlikely.  Unless the US Attorney is willing to take that risk, and try him to the best of his ability, the whole thing could be reduced to a Kayfabe.  He would have to at least get a hung jury.  An acquittal would be too much like a Kayfabe.

This could end up like an OJ Simpson trial, which may well have been a Kayfabe.

Just saying.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

BFR rocket to be built in La-la land



Did SpaceX do an IPO? Or is this privately held, still?  Did I miss something?

Anyway, they want to raise half a billion for their BFR rocket development. 

Originally posted, 4.18.18:

space dot com

Maybe Musk starts building his fancy new rocket about the same time the high speed train gets built in Collyfornia.  At the rate they are going, they will finish the train when Charlie Brown finally gets to kick that football.

Obligatory, 4.19.18

Blogging has been light today.  No special reason.  Mainly just that nothing appeals to me to be worth the effort to write something up about it.

So, this will be something of a general type post without a whole lot of anything in it.

One thing I meant to write about was the off-the-grid project.  Actually, I have been doing little about that recently.  It isn't because I have everything figured out.

One thing that I have been thinking about on that subject is the climate-control aspect.  The main goal all along is to use as few resources as possible.  The a/c I have uses too much electricity.  Even the freezer uses more than I would like.  ( The freezer could be used for the making of about 50 lbs of ice each night for cooling down the joint so I can sleep comfortably. )  Actually, the a/c could be used for short periods.  The way I have things set up, it may only need to run for short periods, anyway.

The key thing I figured out is to keep the sun off your living space.  The sun heats things up, so if you can keep it in the shade, it would help a lot.  Trouble is, out west, there aren't many trees.  In fact, there's nothing out there that will give you any decent shade at all.

This means a roof with an overhang.  How much of an overhang?  Looks like three feet could be enough, but to be sure, maybe a bit more than that.  That would be on the south side.  The north side could get by with three feet.  Maybe the south side could use a screened in porch set up.

Other things that could help a bit would be a good swamp cooler, and a misting system.  Those things I already have, but I don't know how well they will work out there.  Early indications are that there is a lot of room for improvement.   Better equipment may be necessary.

The downside of using those would be the water requirements.  I was planning to recycle my water anyway, so this may be possible within such a system.  Such thoughts have not been tried yet, but I have thought about them before.

The dehumidifier can recover that lost water, but at a high cost for electricity.

There may be other options, like the idea to use an air well.

Another idea I had would be to use a Stirling cooler.  What is that?  It is a Stirling engine run in reverse.  Instead of producing energy, it uses energy, and produces coldness.  This coldness can be used for condensing water vapor, thus allowing water to be recovered.  In order to make the idea work, set up a wind turbine outside, and connect the Stirling engine to it, with the cold side of the Stirling engine on the inside of the building.  The water vapor from the swamp cooler will be re-condensed and could be recycled, you see.

Besides all this, I have been thinking about what I would build out there.  I have been around and around in circles on this thinking.  Lately, I thought I would do my quonset idea again, but cover it up with a flat roof.  The space between the roof and the quonset roof would be used for insulation.  The entire structure would be less than seven feet tall on the outside.  I could make it eight feet in order to make all the pieces ready to nail together without doing a lot of cutting with a saw.

The quonsets could be made in modular eight foot pieces that would connect together for a size of eight, sixteen, or a twenty four foot building, depending on how big I wanted it.

Actually, this post ended up with more stuff in it than I thought. 

Blue wave?

There is only one way that the Democrats can win, and that is if the Republicans let them.

Quite a statement, there.  But from the way things are going, it looks like the GOP is taking a dive.  It is quite puzzling to observe such a thing.  Why should this party exist, when it acts as if its existence is just too inconvenient to defend?  Why would a party run away from what it runs on, and what it got them elected in the first place?

The idea that a GOP led Congress could impeach one of its own for simply defending himself against a nonexistent crime, is just incomprehensible.  Try to imagine the Democrats impeaching Obama or Clinton.  The Democrats put up a good fight just to keep the GOP from running Clinton out of office.  To impeach one of your own makes sense only when you are planning to take a dive.

Yet this GOP isn't like that GOP that impeached Clinton.   This so-called political party has changed.  The current GOP might as well be Democrats.  Their rhetoric may sound like they are opposed to Democrats, but they sure don't ACT like it.  Even Joe Biden once noted that the GOP doesn't act like a party.

If there is a blue wave, it can only be because there is no alternative.  The GOP is too busy emulating the Democrats in order to actually win elections against Democrats.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Warka Water

Interesting video about a device that may make water shortages a thing of the past.


This looks like an air well.  It seems that I have looked at these before, but I cannot find the post on this blog.  Maybe I didn't make a post, or the post is buried somewhere in the blog.

Whatever.  The concept is not explained in this video.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cover of the Rolling Stone

Wading through the crap again.  Need a break.  Here's something...

Foolhardy to fire Mueller?

It has been a long time since I linked to Betsy's Page, so I decided to give her page a look once again.

Her criticism of Trump seems to have simmered down a bit, but it is still there.

However, there is one opinion that a lot of folks seem to have that I do not share--- that Mueller should be allowed to stay on.

The Wall Street Journal's advice ( to Trump I suppose)  was linked on Betsy's Page, as she seems to agree.  But it just seems like another way to be critical of Trump as opposed to actually helping the guy succeed.

After all, Trump is merely doing what the GOP claims that they always have wanted to do.  Now they don't want to do these things?  Is it Trump's fault that they won't act?  No, the idea is to obstruct Trump so that they can blame him for the failure to enact the agenda.

Mueller is part of the plan.  Now you've got Mueller going off the Russian probe by going after Trump's lawyer.  To add to that is the suspicious way in which the raid was conducted.  To top it all off, Rosenstein is not looking like a savory character.  He also has a conflict of interest. 

They just can't get over Trump's victory.  Betsy doesn't appear to be an all out never Trumper, but it is clear she doesn't like him.

Women seem to be willing to believe the worst about some guys.  Until it is a guy like Clinton.  Don't ask me why.  It didn't seem to bother women so much when Clinton's bimbo eruptions took place.

But Clinton is far worse.  Not to mention that Clinton is actually accused of RAPE.

Not to minimize what Trump is alleged to have done, but look who is making the accusations.  I would think that a lot more evidence is required of someone like a porn star, before you start believing them.  But maybe they just would prefer to believe the guy is guilty, and prefer to believe a guy like Clinton is not, or that it doesn't matter.  But it could matter.  It could matter a lot more when it comes to Bill Clinton. 

Even if Trump really did have an affair with Stormy Daniels, so what?  It has already been established that this doesn't matter.  Now all of a sudden, it does.

Just asking, why the difference?

Why tolerate a fishing expedition, anyway?  There was no law violated here--- they are fishing for a violation.  Is it foolhardy then, to challenge people who are shredding the Constitution?  It shreds the Bill of Rights to investigate people without a violation of a law being established first.  If nobody defends the Constitution, then why have investigations at all?  Just to harass people we don't like?  Is that what this is all about?  The abuse of law for political purposes?

They want to accuse Trump of also having a hot temper.  If he wasn't mad at these outrages, I'd say he was a fool.  It has been said that a man who cannot get angry is a fool.  Sometimes, you have to get mad.  I'd also say he has damn good reason to be mad as hell.

It is definitely not unreasonable to be mad at this point.  Trump has put up with a lot.  Probably more than he should have.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Is a Cat 5 Shirtstorm about to make landfall?

Originally posted 4.10.18:



Rosenstink may be even dirtier than I thought.  Check this.  Rosenstink could be covering up something, and it is another Clintonoid scandal.

Judge Kimba Wood, another Clintinoid, denied Trump's lawyer's ( Cohen ) legal motion to protect his client's attorney client privilege.

Gettin' dirtier all the time...

The original post and early updates follow below:

Been checking out the reactions to the raid on Trump's lawyer.

Some folks are predicting Mueller and others will finally be canned.  If that happens, then what comes after that?

The Shirtstorm to beat all shirtstorms, that's what.

As one commenter put it, you don't hire a Special Counsel until you have a crime.  You don't hire a Special Counsel in order to find a suitable crime for your purposes.  These types of "investigations" are called "fishing expeditions".  That fact that this fishing expedition has been allowed renders the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution as a nullity.  Thusly, if the wrong guy wins an election, then he has committed a crime that must be punished.  In other words, single party totalitarianism has arrived.

Heads must roll--one way or the other.  This cannot be allowed.  Surely there are adults left in Washington DC who understand this.  Not sure about that, though.

Update later today, 4.10.18:

Rosenstein signed off on the raid.  There is speculation that he recused the US Attorney that was supposed to ask for the warrant---meaning that the actual US Attorney refused .  Who actually asked for the warrant then?  An Obama appointee?  Who granted the warrant?  Another Obama appointee? Also, the warrant is sealed, so that nobody can see what is going on.  Seems suspicious to me.  But it always has seemed suspicious.

A few answers here.  Rosenstein's flunkies at DOJ recused the US Attorney.  So this is a Rosenstein op.  No word on who the judge was.

late update today, 4.10.18:

Rosenstein definitely looks dirty.  He may be held in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over documents.  Now this...

Morning update next day:

It should also be remembered that Cohen was identified ( incorrectly ) in the infamous Steele Dossier.

Cohen is suing on the basis of that foul up.  Could it be that Cohen has been in the "small group's" cross hairs for a long time?  If Cohen sees it that way, could it also mean that he has been expecting such a raid for quite some time?

It has been said that a word to the wise is sufficient.  Consequently, it's possible that they "telegraphed" this punch.  At any rate, Rosie's boys may not find a doggone thing.

late update next day:

Rosenstink has just released the document under threat of impeachment.  Rosenstinks still looks dirty to me.

Basically the doc says that Pappa dop was the reason they started to investigate Trump.  The bravo sierra meter has gone off the charts.

What does it all mean?  Maybe a lot, maybe nothing.  I just don't know.  But there are those on the Trump side who are cheering this release, so evidently, something good has just happened.  Not sure if I agree.


Here's one of Rosenstink's flunkies.  There were supposed to be two, and these two "recused" the US Attorney.   More here.  Still don't know who the other flunkie was, nor the judge.


Originally posted 4.13.18,


Evidently, much more on the OIG than I thought...  Perhaps I didn't read the footnotes?  Cuz a lot of folks seem to think that there's stuff there I didn't see.  Quite possible so, therefore it must not been what I saw...

If that part is correct, then McCabe may become the John Dean of the Hillary/Deep State Deluxe Scandal of the Century! Comey to a venue near you soon!  Unless McCabe does a Seth Rich and gets killed by a thief who doesn't steal anything.  What the heck is going on with thieves these days?

Anyway, I'll bereave it when I see it.

The original post follows:

Should it be OMG?  As in Oh. My. God!

Nah!  Can't back that up, but they'll get 'em tomorrow!

I probably shouldn't make fun of them, cuz they might actually be doing good work, but still.  You got Gestapo type raids taking place, and they are focusing on little 'ol Andy McCabe?  Not sure why they are clinking glasses in celebration in some spots, but there are some pretty happy peeps over this Horowitz thingie.

Ace has some commentary worth reading here that isn't all fanboy stuff.   Good on him.

Did lil' Andy lie to help get Hillary off the hook?   That would be something, but Hillary's deal was a long time ago, and Trump's Train is in danger of derailment.

Drill Sgt. in Full Metal Jacket flick dies

R. Lee Ermey has passed away.  He was 74.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, watch this:

I think too many people have been eating too many jelly donuts.  Too bad this guy won't be around to straighten them out.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A turn of phrase to express a feeling

So much work, so little time...

Or something like that is a phrase often used to express a positive feeling.

What about a counterpart on the opposite side of the emotion divide?

How about "so much crap, so much time"?  That's because after spending most of the day looking at stuff, the only thing I can say is this:  what a bunch of crap.  Been spending a lot of day on crap, hence the phrase.

Well, maybe there's some good news.  Yeah.  Andy McCabe has been proven to have told a lie!  Wow.  Who would have thunk it?  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  / super sarc

An example of why these people are evil

Ace of Spades has another good write-up worth mentioning.  It is about the Scooter Libby conviction, and why Trump was correct in pardoning him.  Indeed, Bush should have done it, but for whatever reason, decided not to do that.

Anyway, Scooter Libby could not have leaked Valerie Plame's identity, and besides that, they already knew this BEFORE the investigation even started.  Therefore, the prosecution of Libby for a process crime over a matter that was moot to begin with, was a prosecutorial abuse.

But it is not being reported that way.  These people have to know better, and the excuse of laziness is not acceptable.

Evil starts with lies, and is nurtured and protected by the same.  That is why I continue to compare Scooter Libby's case to the current day's bravo sierra about Russian collusion.  There's no crime and these people know it.  Yet, they pursue it.  Eventually, this must run into a dead end, and when it does, they'll need a process crime in order to show anything for their efforts.

These people are the prosecutors, Mueller, and his supporters --- in the media, and in both parties.

Now when you consider this, think back again on the reasons why Bush didn't pardon Libby.  Ought to make a body wonder just whose side Bush is on.  Know what I mean, Vern?

Update later this morning:

Been reading up on this stuff this morn, and it seems like we are on the very edge of becoming a banana republic.  Or we already are one, and maybe we still have an opportunity to climb out of it, and restore the country to some form of decency.

Keep in mind that it would be a banana republic with a lot of weaponry.  Bad news for everybody. 

Walk of Life -- Dire Straits

A video about how to play it.

People make this out to be a lot harder than it really is.   Yeah, I know.  If it was so easy, why don't you do it?

I used to spend hours practicing on a guitar.  Never really learned to play, but what I learned is that the real genius is in the creation.  Not the replication.  Know what I mean?

Learning how to play it may make you seem a lot more than you really are, is what I mean.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Early indications are that the raid is not good

Meaning that they are leaking stuff that they are finding in the files.  Stuff that has nothing to do with Russia.  But the raid itself had nothing to do with Russia.

In other words, this was a political raid to help Democrats in the upcoming election.

What a bunch of creeps.

Another thing that I hoped for was that Trump's lawyer would have anticipated the raid.  If this was the case, the early indications are that this raid was not expected. 

Not good.

Obligatory, 4.13.18

Friday the thirteenth.  Do you have tris a dick a phobia?  Sorry, but I don't know how to spell it, and I won't look it up.  Sue me for a refund of your subscription price.

It's weird today.  I thought I might have something to write about, but it vanished into the nether.

Maybe it is my unlucky day????

Changing the subject a bit...  GOP voters may be turning against Bob Mueller.  Well, duh!  I should hope so.  But who knows.  The school system is so bad in this country, we may need twenty years of remedial reading so that people can learn basic civics that our school system doesn't seem to teach anymore.  If you ask anybody today if civics is taught, you might get the question:  "what's that"?

One last thing... The number one thing that our system of "education" teaches nowadays is how to be a mucking foron.

Now what I mean, Vern?

Who's Vern?  Bwah, hah, hah!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bill of Attainder

Someone asks ( in the comment section of this post ) if the proposed bill to protect Mueller's job is not a Bill of Attainder.   Such a bill would be unconstitutional, which is generally the pattern of the Mueller gambit. 

It is also wrong in a number of other ways, you know.  Like the one in which somebody accused has a right to an attorney (http://time.com/5237454/donald-trump-relied-on-michael-cohen-to-weather-the-storm/  )  Cut and past the link, I won't make it easy for anybody.  The left is bragging now that Trump doesn't have an attorney.  ( woof! )

You have to click the links to understand this post.  Not going to spoon feed anybody anymore.  Either you are motivated enough to understand, or you are not.

The Hero We Don't Deserve

This is a very long video by my standards, so I may not watch it.  As of this writing, I may not post it either.  If I change my mind, then I will post it.

I will wait awhile and think about it.

... a day later...

Okay, I checked it out.  It will be posted.

Anyone who watches this will have to conclude that Trump is not the bad guy here.  The people after him are the bad guys.  There is no other conclusion that can be drawn.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The attempt to save Mueller by Congressional Act is unconstitutional

This refers to the proposed law that aims to prevent Trump from firing the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

If the law passes, it should be overruled as unconstitutional because of the precedent set by the Supreme Court opinion Myers v. United States.  This opinion declared that the Tenure of Office Act, which was used to impeach President Andrew Johnson, was invalid.

The proposed law's passage invites scrutiny that will likely cause it to be voided as well.

Does Lindsey Graham ever bother to read history?

Now, to further comment:  If the law passes the Senate, it may be interesting to see if it can pass with enough votes to override a veto.  Same for the House.  It is hard to imagine that Trump would sign it into law.

Why would they introduce a law that has little chance of success, either on a vote, or a challenge before the courts?  Are they testing their political strength?  My guess is that they will be embarrassed by the outcome.

Erik Erikson: Never Trumper in Trump land

Erikson claims to be a Republican.  He probably claims to be a conservative.  However, how can he say this if he quotes this from a GOP House member, who is blaming his expected defeat upon Trump?

The link is from Gateway pundit, btw.

My recollection is that during 2016, these same bozos were claiming that Hillary would win 40 states, and that they would lose both houses of Congress.  Neither of these outcomes resulted.

Instead, the worse thing happened for these people, who never wanted Trump in the first place.  They are happy to lose if that means they can stay in the minority, kiss up to the left, and pretend they oppose the Dems.   That's why this clown, who pretends to be a Republican, talks like a Democrat, and may as well be one.

He is losing because everybody can see he is lying sack of shit.  Even the liberals hate his sorry ass, because he is a "coward".

Better for us to lose these jerks because we're better off without them.  Fire Mueller's ass!  Do the right thing and face the consequences, dammit.

Incidentally, the best way to keep his seat would be to defend Trump.  They don't want to win.

This is so wrong

Here's someone arguing for the peaceful breakup of the USA.  This is bad, and to show why, you always need to question the basic premises of any argument.  The basic premise here is the one of "peace".  If you break up the country, you will lose a lot of your military power.  With that comes the likelihood of being invaded from countries that will no longer be overawed by the immensity of this country.  Therefore, even if the breakup is peaceful, the long term outlook for peace is much diminished.

That is not all.  If you think you've got border problems now, you haven't seen anything yet.  Just look at the guy's proposed map.  These borders cannot be defended.  A defensible border includes one with natural boundaries which can be defended.  These borders are wide open.  If one country or another get on bad terms, wars will be fought over these territories.

Actually, the current border of the US is quite secure, thank you very much.  With the Rio Grande forming much of the border with Mexico, you stand a much better chance of securing that than with the one he proposes.  What we lack today is the will to enforce ANY border.

What could really happen here is that his breakup wouldn't last.  The real problem is that the left wing is concentrated in the big cities.  These city states would be even more vulnerable than his map implies.  Consequently, the only way they can hold their oppressed conservative minorities into check is to stop being what they are--- which is pacifist.

This may seem to contradict what the left projects, which seems violent.  But the left isn't violent.  They cannot become militarily adventurous unless they change their very natures.  Their hatred of the so-called right is real, but that doesn't translate into military effectiveness.  In other words, if the country splits up, the red zones in the Blue Country will secede, and want to join the Red Country.  How does the new Blue Country enforce its new borders?  It can't without changing its nature.  It would have to change its very reason for existence.  ( Another premise squashed. )

We have problems, no doubt.  But this is a really bad idea.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How did we get to this point?

It almost seems like the Rubicon has been crossed.  But wait, the Rubicon was crossed during the Bush Administration, if not sooner.

That is to say, the appointment of Mueller was illegal, and thus insurrectionary.  It is an abuse of power that disregards the rule of law.  This is in favor of the rule of men--- in particular, leftists.  The supposed opposition party does nothing to stop it, so it becomes the new law, even though that law is not on the books anywhere.

There is supposed to be a crime before a Special Counsel is appointed.  No crime has been named as of yet, but there have been plenty of scalps taken.  How can this be?  If there is no crime, there so be no foul.  But there it is--the scalps have been taken, and there are more to come.  It happened during the Bush 43 administration, when Scooter Libbey was charged with a process crime.  The fact that there was no underlying crime didn't stop the appointment of a Special Counsel.  However, Bush did nothing to stop it.  Was that the crossing of the Rubicon, or was this one?  

The failure to stop it is what allowed it this time.  Now the precedent has been established, and will now become standard practice unless it is stopped.  But nobody is moving, so it appears that there will have to be a reaction elsewhere, because it won't happen in DC.

Trump was supposed to fight this kind of thing, but he is trying to make nice with it.  Either he is getting bad advice, or he never intended to do anything about this at all.

In order to set things right, a confrontation must take place.  Otherwise, the Republic is dead.  Trump promised to restore the rule of law, or so it seemed.

After the Republic is overthrown, everybody will pretend that it still exists.  But if the law exists only for the benefit of one faction, then it doesn't exist for anybody.  How then can there still be a rule of law in a Republic?  It cannot be so, therefore, the Republic no longer exists.

As in Rome, the Republic ended when the Rubicon was crossed.  Will nobody learn from history?

No shur , shirtlock

Powerline attorney says Trump and his administration should assert themselves and their authority.

Uh-huh.  Maybe better late than never, but it really could be too late now.   If the illegal raid on Cohen office and home finds something, it will be political in nature.  That has been the point all along.  Trump should have fired Mueller and Rosenstein immediately after Rosenstein hired Mueller.

The reasons Trump gave for the toleration of this "witch hunt" sounded na├»ve to me.  Unless he is much more wily than that seemed to me, Trump is going to receive the Chicago treatment.  It just may work, and if it does, Trump won't survive.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The children of Satan

Does a wild bear crap in the woods?

The evidence is plain to see.  The left will not allow the truth to be told, nor will they search for truth, nor will they hear it, nor will they ever pursue it.

The left is only interested in self-aggrandizement.

Knife-control?  Are you kidding me?  Raiding the office of Trump's lawyer, when there is no crime?  This is Orwellian.  But to liberals, it is normal.  Crazy is the new normal, sanity is now crazy.  Only in a twisted mind is such a thing possible.

Crazy or evil, neither one is good.  But the crazy ones may be possessed, so what's the diff?

Knife control means white control

Seems like the Muslim mayor of London wants to ban knives.  This is reaction to the latest news that knife attacks are making London more unsafe than New York.

But who does the knife attacks?  The white folks in London, or the Muslims?  Bet you will never get an answer for that, and even asking the question will get you accused of racism.

Just goes to show you that the truth is not respected.  The left wins in darkness.  Let the lights shine brightly, then.

Once everybody is completely disarmed, their conversion to Islam will be forced upon them at the point of a knife.  For they will never go after the real perpetrators, and the knives will still be out there.  If it isn't a knife, it will be something else.  Just like if it isn't a gun, then it will be a knife.  Killers gotta kill.

That is why we keep our weapons, including knives!

Leftism delenda est!

Mining those asteroids

A Mars colony may have a respectable chance at mining asteroids.  One thing going for Mars is its low escape velocity.  A second thing is that you can refill your propellant tanks in orbit, just as you would do on Earth.  A third thing is that Amun 3554, a rock worth up to 20 trillion bucks, is easier to get to from Mars than Earth.  That is to say, the delta-v required to get from Mars orbit to the rock is lower than it is for Earth.  Quite a bit lower, if these numbers are meaningful.  Not to mention that the launch windows should be similar to those to Earth, as this asteroid has an orbit around the sun which is nearly identical in length as the Earth's.

So, if Elon Musk can get his colony established on Mars, then they may have something to shoot for.

Update on same day, 4.8.18:

Looks like it may support about a billion and a half dollars in cargo on each mining trip.  That could support a per capita 50k income, which is equivalent to a Western Civ standard of living for about 16k people.  Far from a million people, though.  Perhaps it could be a start.

Figures based on 1000 per oz selling price for gold or platinum, 100k lbs of cargo capacity, and a 2 year mining trip.  Numbers are mostly guesses.  Actual numbers may vary, of course.

Updated, 4.9.18:

It may be easier to get at this asteroid from Mars than from the Moon.  The delta v for the Moon may be a little lower, but since the orbital periods are so much alike, but not exact, the asteroid could wander off into an unfavorable position for many years before it came back to a favorable position.  There is another asteroid that may be easier to access from the Moon, however.  It is 1986 DA.

The bottom line is that Musk's rockets may well have a real impact over future events.  There is little doubt that people in the know are taking notes of what he is trying to achieve, and may well achieve.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Foreign money, US influence

Just another reason to suspect that the Russian collusion investigation is bogus.  It is actually LEGAL for foreign governments to ...
"hire middlemen–US PR firms, lobbyists and law groups–to write our laws, meet with US government officials, arrange interviews with US media, places op-eds in news publications and generate positive social media."-Sharyl Attkisson
So, where's the beef about Russia?  Even if it is true?  No laws have been broken, and as a matter of fact, it is actually ROUTINE.

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part IV - by Robert Ringer

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part IV - by Robert Ringer: As noted in Part III of this article, the premise of the anything-goes society is that people have a right to have their desires fulfilled, which brings to mind Margaret Thatcher’s simple but profound insight, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” In the early stages of the …


It seems appropriate to point out that the only way to stopping this is to make the argument against it.  Ringer is making an argument against the things that are leading this country downward.  The problem isn't a lack of Ringers, the problem is the lack of people at the top of the ladder who refuse to even make the argument, and then let the people decide.

What the media and the left want to do is to squash any attempt for this to happen.  You can see it with their attempt to silence any opposition to their point of view.  Therefore, you view is not desired, and is suppressed.

Either we make ourselves heard over the attempts to censor us, or we will have to fight.  The left is giving us no other choice.

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part I - by Robert Ringer

The Collapse of Western Civilization, Part I - by Robert Ringer: (The following article is an adaptation based on material from my 1983 book, How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization.) No matter who controls the House, Senate, and executive branch of our government, the drive to disassemble American culture — and, on a broader scale, Western culture — continues almost unabated.  …


Can Western Civilization be saved?  The only way is through the ballot box.  That is, unless you want to wage a war to preserve our culture.  Unfortunately, such a war could be lost, and the results would be even worse.


Part II:

Ringer says that there was a shift from individualism towards collectivism ( not in so many words, but my take )

Part III:

comment:  This was a bit of a surprise, as Ringer seems to believe that the ballot box was the problem, not the solution.  I'd say there is a bit of a disagreement between myself and what he is writing here.

I'd say it is as simple as a total disregard for truth.  The Fake everything school of the Cultural Marxists helped to bring that about, with their postmodernism.

But, I do agree that absolute democracy is a non-starter.  The Framers of the Constitution thought so as well, and produced a Republic, not a democracy.

Without the ballot box, there can be no solution outside of violence, however.

Part IV ( coming)

Obligatory, 4.6.18

Been spending a lot of time reading up on Elon Musk's plans to colonize Mars.  It still seems fanciful to me for the one reason that nobody seems to mention anywhere--- where's the advantage to doing this?  Is this going to expand the economy, or drive it into bankruptcy?

There is no compelling economic advantage to colonizing Mars.  However, it may be useful as a place to launch expeditions to mine asteroids.  These might be sufficient to support a small colony on Mars by the selling of these ores to Earth.  If there is no trade goods being produced on Mars, it becomes something of a dependency of Earth.  It needs some way to establish itself and stand upon its own two feet.  Otherwise, it can only exist as a whim of some folks with very deep pockets.  Once those people die off, then who steps up to fund the colony?

Mars is a much smaller planet, and it would take a lot less energy to escape its gravity well.  It is a natural place to establish a base for space operations.  That could be a rationale for colonizing it.  Otherwise, what are you going to do there?  Admire the scenery?

Update on same day:

Elon Musk's claims that he could rocket somebody to the other side of the world for a competitive price also seems doubtful, according to this article.

Hype won't get you to your goal.  He needs to keep delivering on his tech, then he can start talking about prices.


Here's an economic analysis of Musk's claims.  Nextbigfuture seems a bit optimistic.  A hundred of these rockets in a fleet?  Governments balk at those kind of numbers.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The harder I run, the behinder I get

Well, actually, I cannot run.  All the same, I seem to be falling behind.  Checking out the NextBigFuture site used to be a daily thing for me.  Seems like I haven't been to that site for quite awhile.

Lots of stuff going on that I didn't know about.  Lots of stuff going on that I did know about, but have progressed further.

An intriguing thought was the assertion that a trip to Mars with the BFR would be easy.  This would include refueling, of course.

A capability for refueling could help out a lot, but there's a lot of work to do just the same.

BTW, Spacex is trying to put up an internet broadband service in Earth orbit.  This would make internet access available worldwide.  Not to mention a lot of new customers.

If Elon Musk's plans work out, could he become the first trillionaire?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Pearl Jam -- Better Man

This song's meaning puzzles me.  It seems like it is about a gal who appreciates her man, but then she is said to be lying...

What does that mean?

She can't find a better man?  Of course.  She is looking for a better man, but cannot find one.  She is not with him because she loves him, but because she cannot find a better man.

Pearl Jam has something of a reputation for the dark side.  So, if I am right, then the dark side here is that she will eventually leave the guy for the "better man".

Is Elon Musk a con artist?

There is a negative article out about Tesla.

My opinion of Tesla is that it cannot work from an engineering perspective.

There are those who think otherwise, but the problem is with the batteries.  They weigh too much.

I'd prefer a hydrogen fuel cell approach, but that is not what Musk is doing.  Since he believes in AGW, his entire premise is questionable.  But a fuel cell car can be made to work, provided that the power comes from nuclear energy.  The infrastructure for transport of hydrogen can be solved by using ammonia as the hydrogen carrier.  That infrastructure for ammonia transport already exists.  But Musk's preoccupation with so-called green technology may doom his cars.  Solar power for cars?  Come off it.

One thing I really like is his reusable rockets.  That is first class.  As for that achievement, I was doubtful at first.  So, what the heck do I know?  His idea of transporting 100 people at a time to Mars seems rather fanciful, however.  We'll have to see on that one.

He needs an energy source in order to feed all those people and keep them alive for months at a time.  Then he has to do it on Mars, which has no way of supporting anybody at this time.  Much work has to go into the project before he can even put a handful of people on the surface for any length of time at all.  Solar power on Mars is also doubtful.  You lose a lot from the distance from the Sun.

One last thing:  if his cars are so good, he should be able to make money.  So far, he has not.  Seems to me that he needs subsidies for his cars.  Without subsidies, his car company won't make it.  On the other hand, rockets will always need government assistance.  He will always have a market for cheap rockets.  He can compete with other rocket companies for government money.

Musk can con people into buying his stocks for his car company fantasy.  But it will never work as an economic enterprise.  Neither will his Mars colony.  He needs to solve some ginormous technical problems first.

His ideas appeal to people with expansive imaginations, but we live in a real world, with real limitations.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How Trump’s Presidency Will Be Judged

How Trump’s Presidency Will Be Judged: By Patrick J. Buchanan

On many issues — naming Scalia-like judges and backing Reagan-like tax cuts — President Trump is a conventional Republican.

Where he was exceptional in 2016, where he stood out starkly from his GOP rivals, where he won decisive states like Pennsylvania, was on his uniquely Trumpian agenda to put America and Americans first — from which the Bush Republicans recoiled.

Trump alone pledged to kill amnesty and secure the border with a 30-foot wall to halt the invasion of our country.Read more on Buchanan.Org...[ emphasis added ]


Why should putting America first be controversial?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Why does the US government hate its own people?

Updated 4.2.18:

When you've been at it for seven plus years and over 11k posts, you probably have covered everything at least once.  I was just thinking about this while out doing some chores.  I came back home to look it up, and there's plenty to choose from on this subject of oikophobia.

This business is hard to understand sometimes.  If you vote for somebody who insults you, you must not think much of yourself.  Any self-respecting person may come to despise this leadership class of ours, yet people still fall for their tricks.

Would you marry somebody who made it plain as day that he/she had no respect for you whatever?  Then why vote for these creeps?

Perhaps you people don't get that these people don't respect you.  But why should they respect you when you fall for their bravo sierra time and time again?

Trump should have an 80% approval rate.  If you put this country first, you should be popular as all get out.  Yet people want to believe that we should put anybody and everybody first except our own people.  Go figure.

Originally posted in 2013:

It's called oikophobia.

The political class is always lecturing us about xenophobia and Islamophobia.  But we don't see anything about oikophobia.

We don't have civil defense against a nuclear attack.  We don't have missile defense against a nuclear attack.  Our only defense against such an attack is retaliation, and Obama wants to do away with that too.  Then we'd be wide open.

There's no reason for this but oikophobia.  But nobody seems to be worried about it.

The so-called educational system down rates our own history all the damned time.  Patriotism is a bad word. Even former President Bush said something to the effect that "nationalism" is a threat to America.  It seems there's no relief to this self-hatred.  It is everywhere.  Heck, the liberals hated Bush because he at least tried to defend this country.  If he had defended it better, they would have revolted, most likely.

Our enemies, like Al Qaeda types must see this and see we that we a ripe for the taking.   Meanwhile, Obama and his supporters fail to see the significance of Obama refusing to come to the aid of his own countrymen ( if Obama is even American at heart, legally he is American) on the anniversary of 9-11.

Not only did Obama refuse to aid his countrymen at Benghazi, he went on television and blamed us for our own values, which include FREE SPEECH.  And the people re-elected him.  HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THIS HAPPEN?  It only happens when people are taught to be self-loathing.  The correct response kicked in and the people responded just like they were taught.

In a former time, this wouldn't have happened.  Try to imagine a similar outcome after Pearl Harbor.  Looks to me like the Imperial Japanese attacked us about 60 years too soon.  If we were this way 60 years ago, the US would have surrendered after Pearl Harbor.

Something has snapped and broken in this country.  A good place to start in order to fix this is to do something about this self-hatred.

Power of Corruption

Pray for victory over corruption before it is victorious over us.

Thorcon news

Molten-salt reactor technology is coming.  ( whether you like it or not )

Let us not forget that this technology could have been employed in the seventies.  There was no need for this long delay.  But, better late than never.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Day of contemplation

Today was Easter, which I wanted to observe for a change.  Not normally do I do this, but this year is different.

Rather than do anything like work or chores, I did some reading.  My usual reading, as a matter of fact.  Come to think of it, maybe not so much of a different today after all.

Anyway, the name C.S. Lewis came up in a comment upon one of the Conservative Treehouse's posts.  The term "screwtape letters" was mentioned, so I googled it, and learned a few things that I didn't know.

Was it a day well-spent?  Who knows, but at least I did what I wanted.  I usually do, anyway.

Does the name Chuck Colson ring a bell?  He was one of Nixon's men, who spent some time in jail, as a consequence of the Watergate Scandal.  It says here that he converted to Christianity based upon this book by Lewis.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fulton Sheen on the Anti-Christ

Why bother with this?  In order to answer that, consider where Western Civilization is going.  It is getting more and more secular, is it not?  If so, then what is driving it?  Isn't it some sort of spiritual force that is causing people to fall away from Christianity, and to embrace this secular humanism?

Now consider this-- the denial of hell.  Clearly, this is not Christian.  It appears to come from the Pope himself.  Yet, the Vatican denies it.

Furthermore consider this as well --- the bishop ( later archbishop)  Fulton Sheen prophesies the coming of the Anti-Christ.  The quote therein seems to describe the current Pope, who denies hell, and then, through his spokesmen, denies the denial.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ says that Satan is the Father of all Lies.  Somebody isn't telling the truth with respect to the subject of Hell.

There has been discussion of Revelation on this blog.  Believe what you will, but I believe that something is definitely up in our culture.  But that isn't news, now, is it?

Does the Pope Believe in Hell?

Does the Pope Believe in Hell?: By Patrick J. Buchanan

"Pope Declares No Hell?"

So ran the riveting headline on the Drudge Report of Holy Thursday.

Drudge quoted this exchange, published in La Repubblica, between Pope Francis and his atheist friend, journalist Eugenio Scalfari.

Scalfari: "What about bad souls? Where are they punished?"

Bad souls "are not punished," Pope Francis is quoted, "those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear. There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls."

On the first Holy Thursday, Judas betrayed Christ.Read more on Buchanan.Org...


The article continues with the Vatican statement that claims to deny this as a true quote.  The denial is worse than the quote itself because of an attempt to hide the truth, if the quote is truthful.  The dude said it or he didn't say it.

An "oops" won't do, as Buchanan points out.

Friday, March 30, 2018

On management

The earlier repost dealt with the subject of Anger Management.  It was also a
joke.  Perhaps as a way to return to seriousness, which is always a hazard, because
seriousness leads to somewhere, but that somewhere may be nowhere.  It's nowhere
if you are lost.  Which leads to navigation, another form of management--- or so
I think.

Well, let's try not to get lost.  To stay on course, so to speak, one needs to be
aware of time management.  How to spend one's time will definitely determine how
one's life goes.  You may be what you think, but what you do is the outward
manifestation of your thoughts.

Now what is it that Suze Orman said?  Be careful what you think, because what you think, you may do.  Be careful what you do, because what you do determines your destiny.

Note how it all starts with one's thoughts.  Marcus Aurelius said something like
that:  Our lives are what our thoughts make it.  Thus, it all starts upstairs.

By the way, did you ever read "Four Witnesses"?  It was about the early Christian
church.  One of the witnesses tried to appeal to Marcus Aurelius with respect to
the Christians, who were being persecuted.  History refers to Marcus Aurelius as
one of the "Five Good Emperors" of Rome.  But even during this period, the Christians
were persecuted.  Actually, one of the witnesses was condemned to death in the
arena, as entertainment for the people of Rome--- during this time.  Think of
the Christians being fed to the lions right there.  So, it was still ongoing during
the time of the last good emperor--- Marcus Aurelius.

Today is Good Friday, so I don't want to forget one of the most, if not THE most
important days of the Christian calendar.  It's that time management thing.  One
gets absorbed into other matters, and one forgets.

Why does one believe or not believe, then?

Do you believe that you are nothing more than the molecules that make up your body?

Or do you believe that you are something more than that?

You can certainly divide up your thoughts into the temporal, which is the things
of this life, and the hereafter.  Talking about time management, there you go.

If you believe that there is nothing after life on this Earth, then what are the
consequences of that belief?  Is it not that life on this Earth is all there is,
and death is to be avoided at all costs?  Because once you die, that is it.

Once confronted with death, what do you do about it?  Beg for mercy?  What price
do you pay for continuing this life?  Anything, just so you don't die, because
once you die, and you believe that that is all there is, then it is over?

Or do you believe that death is the end of all things, and nothing happens
afterward?  It may determine what you do about death-- to fear or not fear it.

If fear is so, then how can you have anything that overrides your own life and
its continuance?  Nothing would be worth giving it up because your life is the
highest possible value, is it not?

If there is nothing more, then why would Jesus allow himself to be crucified?  It
seems such a useless gesture.  After all, Jesus could have saved himself by just
denying being the Messiah.  Nobody would have had a reason to want him dead if he
saved his own life.  But Jesus didn't do that.

Whatever you think of that, you have to say it is remarkable.

Who is lost then?  Those who think that this life is all there is, or is it
those who believe that Jesus' sacrifice meant something?

Because that is what determines your destiny-- no matter what you believe.

As for myself, I always believed that there was something more.  Lately, I have
come to believe it a bit stronger because of the sacrifices of others who
believed it so much, that they gave it all up for His sake.  It would have been
easier for the martyrs not to take such a path.  The easier path is not necessarily the
better path, though.  Indeed, it may be the worse.  The better things have to be

It is a better way because if you have to give it up for something, why not let it be
something more than the continuance of this life on Earth.  Could there not be a
better bargain than that?  Especially if you believe that there is "something more".

I Feel Pretty ( repost )

3.30.18 :

Any time things get a bit too serious, it may be time for a joke.  Oh, what the hell.  A joke is good any old time.



I went to the doctor today, and she asked "do you feel angry?"  I said yes, a little.  She asked me what I did about it.  I told her usually I keep it in, but when I really get mad, I start yelling.  So, she said "don't get mad, find a better way to handle it."  So, I've been thinking about that all day today.  Finally, I resolved to laugh it all off.  Humor works.  Here's a video repost of a scene in Anger Management.

I don't think I try to sing this song in a traffic jam, though.  This is Texas, you know.

Uploaded by adamsandlerfan3 on Jul 5, 2008

A funny film, but there were one too many scenes. The last scene in the movie could have been taken out. It wasn't a bad scene, but it may have been slightly better if it wasn't in there. Kinda like overkill.

Note: the clip below ain't that scene. But you probably already knew that.

Mueller's last stand?

Maybe he is like Custer in the movie "Little Big Man".  Surrounded by Injuns, he orders an attack, but an attack is impossible.  His men have been wiped out.

The movie paints Custer as an obsessively vain man, who is also a bit nuts.  Fits Mueller to a tee.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tech Experts Say DNC Emails Were NOT Hacked, But Leaked – Lunch Alert!

Originally posted 8.29.17, updated


Once again, it looks like this discredited story is being recycled.  Mueller wants to use this to press forward with his phony and absurd "investigation".


So, Donna Brazile feared for her life because of the Seth Rich murder.  But we are still talking about "possible" Russian collusion in the 2016 election, and no crime has been identified in connection with that allegation.   Not even after a year out from said election.

Beam me up, Scotty!

the original post follows:

Tech Experts Say DNC Emails Were NOT Hacked, But Leaked – Lunch Alert!


 What did I tell you long ago?  Take this a bit further, and you may get a reason for the murder of Seth Rich.  Will anybody in the government look into this?  I wouldn't hold your breath waiting.

Rusty Staub, dead at 73

This hasn't been a sports blog, but I could write a bit about sports.  When I was a kid, I used to love baseball.  Both to play it, and to watch it on TV.

Of course, I was an Astros fan, being almost a native Houstonian.  ( not native?) The family moved to Houston when I was real little.  I was born "in the valley".  Rio Grande valley, that is.

That was even before Houston had a major league team.  Major league baseball came to Houston in the 1962  season, and they played in a smallish park called "Colt Stadium".  That's because the Astros didn't become the Astros until 1965, the same year the Astrodome opened.  In 1962, they were called the Colt .45s.  Most people just called them the Colts for the first few years.

Dad would take us to games.  We'd sit in the center field bleachers, and I remember the mosquitoes.

We didn't ever go to day games, but there were not many day games after the news that people passed out because of the intense heat of the city.

Now for the Rusty Staub story.  Well, us little kiddies never met Rusty, but we sat in the bleachers cheering for him.  We tried to get his attention by making a lot of noise.  Like yelling"Hey Rusty!".  One time, he turned around.  I don't remember if he waved or not.  Maybe he thought we were all nuts or something.

Rusty went on to have a good career.  May he RIP, doggone it.

BTW, baseball season was set to start today...

BFR rocket

It's filler material, I know.  Not exactly news.  Musk announced it back in the fall.  Now, it is spring.  Nope, not news.

But, I have some thoughts on it.

My understanding of the rocket may be inaccurate, so my apologies in advance.

It looks like a 2 stage rocket, with the first stage returning to base.  The second stage is supposedly reusable as well as the first stage.  Landing the first stage appears to be a proven technology now.

Musk hasn't tried landing the second stage yet, so this is new.  It hasn't been demonstrated, but the Space Shuttle ( and others ) proves that it could be done.  Big difference though is in how he proposes to do it.  He wants to land vertically, as opposed to landing like a plane.  Perhaps this idea from the sixties may be feasible way to do it?

The Russians land their capsules, so they have done something similar, but it is not a powered landing.

Musk wants to do this in the next five years, but his timetables are not always kept.  Plus, he wants to put all his marbles in on the BFR concept.  Seems like a risk to me.

My guess is that his concept could work for large rockets, but sending a hundred people at a time to another planet seems like something far-fetched at this time.  He could build a cargo ship with this technology, and the second stage would not have to be reusable.  He could build a tanker for refueling, and try to reuse it.  He could afford to lose several of these as practice for landings.  But the landing technology would have to be well proven before he could put people on board.

Suborbital flights with passengers might be another way to test the tech before graduating to orbital reentry procedures.

There's an opportunity to do a lot of testing, but a five year window is pretty tight.

Just saying.

AGW discussion 108

Looks like the NOAA is cooking the numbers in order to show global warming.

Stunning, or shocking, the headline says.  ( But it doesn't surprise me. )

Previous discussions on this site should be enough to question the premises that increasing the concentration of any kind of gas is not likely to produce much of a change in the global temperatures.

It's the oceans that store the sun's energy and thus warm the planet.  An atmosphere will enable the oceans to exist, but they cannot store energy for long enough to make a difference.

If you say otherwise, then you have to believe that a few parts per million will have an out of the proportion type effect.  As for me, I find that almost an absurd proposition.

But then again, people will believe what they will believe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Gladiator ( film )

A bit of a surprise here.  The Wikipedia article says that the Gladiator character was actually loosely based upon a real general, who had Emperor Marcus Aurelius' confidence.  He was even offered the job to be his successor by Marcus Aurelius, before that Emperor died from the plague in 180 AD.

Interesting, as it might have altered history if a competent Emperor had been at the helm at that time.  However, this general lived only a short time longer than Commodus, who was Aurelius' son.

But there still was a lot of artistic license in the movie.  It isn't exactly historical, but comes a bit closer than I thought.

Come to think of it, I saw a video on YouTube, which shows yet another angle to this story.  Perhaps this version linked here isn't correct either.


Yes, both stories are correct.  The latter incident is explained here.

Cheap, abundant, clean energy is environmentalists' worst nightmare.

More worried about overpopulation, article says.


It is never about what they say it is about.  It is not about overpopulation, either.  It is about white man's overpopulation.

Nuclear energy is fine, just as long as nobody white does it.

Alice In Chains Rooster (Lyrics) Repost

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Does the Rooster live?  Bwah, hah, hah!

6.29.17, 18:30 :  

Nothing changed!  Still the same around these parts.


As I wrote in the previous post, this blog is unique.  If I am the only one doing something, I am perfectly okay with that.  In other words, I DON'T NEED YOUR APPROVAL.  Yes, that is "flaming".  I did that to emphasize that I DO NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD.  You can follow me if you wish.  But don't expect to be entertained.  If I am the last American standing when this entertainment-obsessed non-serious country implodes, I will be okay with that, too.  I now know what the it was about this song.

The original post follows...

Something about this song.  Don't know what it is, but there's something there.  A feeling, perhaps.

Flaming Chicken

Not exactly the Col. Sanders would have it.

The Last Refuge
This was said to be meant as a compliment to Trump.  But it may not be taken that way.  Doesn't matter.  Peace and prosperity works.  That is, if you can deliver it.

Researching ideas for posts

It has been a long road for this blog.  It began as a full time activity in 2010,
and continues today.  At this time, it is something of a full time "job", in that
I am now too old and decrepit to work for a living.

A problem for yours truly is what to do with all this new spare time that I have.
Since working for a living is no longer feasible, what do I do with myself?  It
seems like blogging is a good thing to spend my time, but on the other hand, it
often leads me to places that do not satisfy me.

Such as current events.  The course of modern civilization seems to be a recurrent
theme of this blog, but to write about it, it often involves my emotions about it.

So, the result is that I lose my peace of mind when I see things that I think are
not so good about current events, and the course that it appears to be taking us.

What I am researching is a way to be constructive about the situation, so at the
very least, I can feel good about what I am doing with this blog.

It is not a good feeling to watch the world going to hell, and feel absolutely
helpless about what to do about it.

People, when confronted with this, may turn to escapism.  But that is not my way.

I'd rather face things as they are, as opposed to running away in some fashion.

Running away, as in escapism.  Escaping into fantasies, or escaping into total
denial of anything being wrong.

But that creates a tension.  If you really cannot stop the world from descending
into a worse condition, then what?

You can try to fight it, but then it could be totally futile, and frustrating.

So, what to do in order to stay involved, while at the same time, maintaining
some sense of balance?

This is what you call a "good question".  A good question is one that isn't answered

And so here we are.

This morning, I picked up on the movie ideas again.  Instead of Raspberries, I
looked up some Academy award winning movies.

What got my attention is some movies based upon books that I have read.  I
determined that at least two of them did not strike me as being as good as these
people said.

Rather than point these out as examples, let me just say that I realize that I
am probably a pain in the ass sometimes.  I can be real critical I suppose.  It
has been said before.

Maybe I will leave it as that for now.  But wait.  Let me mention why I started
writing about movies all of a sudden.

I was watching a movie, which was a Star Wars movie, in which Anakin Skywalker
turns to the dark side.  The movie was not believable to me.  I did not believe
that Skywalker would turn to the dark side so he could save his wife from dying.

Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I don't believe it.  The story should have
been about Skywalker's fall from grace, but it cannot be depicted as an cause
for pity.  A villain has to be a villain, or he isn't a villain.

So much for that.  The movie sucked.  But Lucas made a bunch of money off of it.

Does it matter then that it sucked since it made so much money for Lucas?  Would
a better movie had done better at the box office?  Maybe not.  But then again,
maybe I am just being a pain in the ass again.

Okay, that's enough.

But it isn't, because the blog goes on until it doesn't.

What is the moral here?  Another good question.  Okay, that is definitely enough
for now. 

Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Golden Raspberry Awards

These are like anti-Oscars, as a counterpart to the scientific concept known as anti-matter.  An Oscar is an award for excellence, so a Golden Raspberry is for the opposite.   Question:  If you take an Oscar award and bring it into contact with a Golden Raspberry award, what would happen?  ( imitating Carl Sagan):  Would it buh-low upppp?  Would it spawn billions and billions of new movies?

Anyway, while reading these, I noticed some interesting things.  Some of those interesting things included such items as: who won the award for worst actor, what movie won the award for worst picture in such and such a year and so forth.

For example, the Golden Raspberry for worst picture in 2016 was a picture by Dinesh d'Souza, which was a hit piece against Hillary.  I was somewhat amused by that award, because it seems to reek of anger at Trump's victory.  The lefties just can't get over it.  It makes 'em crazy!  They should send their therapist's bills to the Russians.

If the movie really was that bad, it wouldn't have made a difference in the election because nobody would have watched it.  Or so I think.  There are plenty of bad movies out there.

As for my own nomination, one of the worst pictures ever had to be one of the Batman movies, in which Schwarzenegger played the Ice Man.  I could only watch a few minutes of that one before I had to turn it off, it was so bad.  But I don't recall seeing it on the list.  Now look at the Terminator.  He is going to sue the oil companies for premeditated murder.  Hmmm.  Hasta la vista, baby!

As I wrote before, however, you cannot necessarily go by what the critics say.

As for d'Souza's work, well, he's probably on to something with respect to the Democrats.  They do smell worse than Hemmingway's bit about the smell of death in one of his novels.

Gun control hocus pocus

Former justice of the Supreme Court says to abolish the Second Amendment.  He
says he believes that this will make schools safe.

Always challenge the premises.

Are schools unsafe?  What is a sufficient standard of safety?  If total safety
is required, what price are you willing to pay?

Total safety cannot be achieved.  There is more than one way to kill people.  The
removal of guns may make schools safer than they are now, but that doesn't eliminate
all risk.

That was number one on the list of premises.

Number two is the one that says mere gun possession makes schools unsafe.

But the rhetoric doesn't match the deeds.  If gun- free zones make schools safer,
then why don't the gun-grabbers screen everybody before they are allowed
on school grounds?  It would be the same kind of procedure that is used for airports
and courthouses.  Only when you enforce a gun-free zone do you have a gun-free zone.
If the anti-gun people really believed gun-free zones are safe,then why don't they enforce
their own gun-free zones?

In other words, if it is good enough for airports and courthouses, then why is it
not good enough for schools?

No, the real point is to disarm everybody else.  They won't enforce their own
self-imposed gun free zones.  This they could do by themselves without having to
disarm everybody else in the country.

Then they might say the entire country could be safer without guns.  Unfortunately, you
cannot guarantee that all guns will disappear and that all situations can be controlled over a territory of over three million square miles.  If you won't enforce a schoolyard, then why should anybody believe that you would enforce it over such a vast territory?

At least this judge is honest enough to admit that an amendment to the Constitution
would be necessary first.  Also, that the effort is not to make schools safe, but
to disarm the entire population.  Quite the sleight of hand, that.

Updated later today, 3.27.18 @ 6:17 pm:

Looks like Lindsey Graham wants to strut on the stage as a prominent pro- Second Amendment man's man kind of guy.  Trouble is, I don't believe these guys, especially this one.

But if wants to, he may want to explain some of the anti-gun legislation in the most recent omnibus bill.  Did Graham sign off on that one?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Star Trek episode coming to life?

First of all, let me deny that yours truly is a hopeless "trekkie".   Secondly, the idea here is to get people to think outside the box.  Thirdly, just to add a bit more confusion, the current situation is like the Cheech and Chong comedy in which the teacher repeatedly tells the class to "shut up"!

Yeah, shut up and listen.

Now, the Star Trek reference is about the hostility that is being generated in order to feed upon itself.  An entity lives off the hostile emotions of others, you see.  You can regain control of the situation by refusing to participate in the hostility being thusly generated.

Just sit down, shut up, and ignore the invitation to fight, argue, or just get inordinately pissed off.

Or just pray.

After all, the most likely thing here is that the situation is being manipulated so you can be manipulated as well.  Don't go along with it.

That is all.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Rebel without a cause...

An idea just popped up while I was stewing over the latest "news" on the web.

Earlier today, I googled Grand Funk Railroad.  It seems that there have been some
changes in the group's lineup, which I have known for quite awhile.  But I was
wondering if they produce any new material?

Back in the old days, Grand Funk was quite prolific.  They would put out a new
album about every eight months or so.  This lasted about seven years, if memory

But why discuss Grand Funk?

Well, the concept with Grand Funk was basically this: they were the basic teen
rebellion against the critics.  Critics hated Grand Funk.  It was true, too.  There
was stuff that made me cringe, and I was a fan.  But as I grew older, I came to
see all that differently.  It was a marketing gimmick.  For example, band manager
Terry Knight believed that there was no such thing as bad publicity.  So, if the
critics panned a new album, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  The teens could
buy the albums because the critics hated it, just like the parents hated it.

Now, I am older, I can see that this has wider applications.  The current
conventional wisdom is that Trump is a bad president.  But, this is due to PC.

The point is we can all rebel against the critics and the "parents" who know best
by continuing to support Trump.  We can rebel against the PC.

Is that all there is to it?  Not exactly, but I think the these go together somehow.

Allow me to tie in AGW, for example.  AGW tells us to believe the scientists.  But
why?  Because the scientists know best?  It is almost like your parents again, and
the critics.

What about thinking for yourself as to what you will believe or not believe?  Why
do we need somebody to tell us what to think or believe?

I can do another AGW post, you know.  I can do it based upon experience as a
driver.  I know that because I spent the minimum of ten hours a day inside a
van, which has glass windows.  I know how heat is trapped inside of a vehicle.

I have lived it.  I KNOW IT.  How many of those people who believe in AGW actually
spend much time out in the weather?  How many of these people actually work on
their own cars, and therefore understand air conditioning?  How many of these
people know even a little about science?  Yet, if you hear them, they claim to
be the experts.  They claim to KNOW, but what do they actually KNOW?

Show me that you know something, then we can talk.

I know I started with teenage rebellion, and segued into something that probably
seems unrelated.  But it is related in one sense.  Thinking for yourself.  Don't
let someone else do your thinking for you.  And try to talk about a subject on
the basis of what you understand about it.  Don't tell me Grand Funk is a bad
band, when you don't know music.  Don't tell me that Trump is bad, if you only
listen to what is politically correct.  Don't tell me to believe in AGW when you
don't want to listen to any other point of view.

Try to formulate your own opinions based upon your own knowledge.  Otherwise, why
should I listen to you?