Monday, December 31, 2018

Turley fears what Democrats are becoming

In their visceral opposition to Trump, Turley believes the Democrats are abandoning their core principles.

Okay, if that is so, then why not join the Trump train?

Oh no, they cannot do that.  Nosirree.   It would make too much sense.

Do the Democrats even have any principles?  Have they ever had any principles?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Even Howard Dean would like to know.

Border Wall Pontifications


Does Pelosi have the votes to become speaker?  If she doesn't, then the GOP should let the Dems fight it out amongst themselves.

The article says Pelosi wants to have her cake and eat it too, with respect to Trump's Wall.

The best way to oppose the Democrats is to ignore their moral preening, and do what you said what you would do.  Balls to Wall, and get 'er up.

Something is definitely wrong with Chief Justice Roberts



As an illustration of how absurd Roberts' behavior is, just about any lower court decision could usurp previous Supreme Court decisions.  Since Roberts won't even defend a previous ruling that he made himself, then the latest lower court ruling against Obamacare should be allowed to stand without Supreme Court review.  That's right.  It was Roberts who decided in favor of Obamacare before.  If he is consistent, he won't vote to review the lower courts recent ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional. 

If you think that is all that could happen, consider this:  what is to prevent a lower court to rule that all of the New Deal programs, including Social Security, is unconstitutional?  That is how nutty Roberts' ruling really was.


Based upon this article in Conservative Review, Roberts is definitely out of line.

Why do you suppose he is doing this?  Is he really being blackmailed?  There was some talk about that.

How a New York governor once plotted to assassinate George Washington

But Washington was really a bad guy because he had slaves.  /sarc

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The truth is a slippery thing indeed

Is it possible that our whole lives are built around lies?   Is it possible that we lie almost reflexively? Can you even get around lying?  Lying is a problem.  Even when you don't want to.  You really have to be insistent upon avoiding it, and even then, you may slip up.  Do you lie?  Scene from the film "Departed":

How to spot a liar:

The biggest problem of all, I would think, is to lie to yourself.  This is hard to do, because the truth may too difficult to face.

Hopefully, I am avoiding this problem here.

Do I have any doubts of that?  Yes, I do.  It has happened before.

Civil War Is An Internal Cold War

Actually, a Civil War is the government at war with itself.  That is precisely what
is going on now in Washington D.C.

People may think of the Civil War as a violent clash of armies.  But this Civil War is
going on inside the government itself.  Will the public support it with an army in order
to actually fight it?  There is no sign that this is about to happen.

Since the election of 2016, we have had an ongoing attempt to sabotage the person of
Donald Trump.  Now that he has been elected, and sworn into office, and acting in his
capacities as President of the United States, there is an illegal attempt to thwart his
authority and remove him from office.  This is the very definition of a coup.

Of course, I refer to the Mueller investigation, which by the way, is illegal.  It is becoming more and more clear that it is illegal, and those who run it know full well that it is illegal, but don't care. They wish to impose their will even if it means the ruin of the nation.

There is a lot more to this than Mueller. With the Federal Reserve kicking interest rates higher, despite the fact that inflation is not accelerating, there are other fronts in the war.

Why would a Fed Chairman do that?  He was recommended by Trump's own cabinent official.  Why would he commit sabotage?  It is becoming quite clear that a lot of Trump's people are not really his people.  These people are serving the existing power scheme, and they do not wish for Trump to succeed.  What better way to make Trump fail than to induce a recession with excessively high interest rates, which sole purpose is not to stop inflation, but to sabotage the economy so that the blame goes to Trump, and the public stops supporting him.

Yes, it is suspicious for the Fed Chairman to raise rates, and also Mnuchin, for recommending him to Trump.  First, Sessions recuses himself, which brought in Mueller.  Now, Mnuchin brings in a Fed Chair who is hellbent on monkey-wrenching the economy.  A pattern emerges.

But this is not all.  With the recent news that Chief Justice Roberts will overturn 200 years of legal precedent, and give standing to foreigners that are not even on American soil, the question is repeated once again----Why?  Could it not be the same phenomenon?

Roberts also appoints the judges to the FISA court.  It is suspicious that this court would approve a spying operation on then candidate Trump, when the evidence was not verified, and was salacious. That according to FBI Director Comey, who didn't bother to assure the court that the evidence was verified, and didn't care in any case.  This was Comey's own words.

The practical effect of Roberts' decision to overturn 200 years of precedents is to encourage the continuing effort to swamp the country with illegal immigrants, so that they will vote against any effort to defend the border.

Is it not to sabotage the foreign policy of Trump so that he cannot be allowed to succeed at what he does in office?  The ruling by Roberts almost guarantees chaos in the court system.  The Supreme Court has to have the final say, but Roberts refuses to allow this.

Why would the Supreme Court fail in its duties if it is not to destabilize the country?

What ever happened to stare decisis?  They sure seem to care about that when it comes to abortion, but now it is nowhere to be seen.

In so doing, he opens up the court system to enormous mischief.  The Court is the ultimate guardian of stability.  With this leg knocked off from under our government, the meaning is clear.  The chaos will be blamed once again on Trump, who has nothing to do with this.

Clearly, the Establishment wishes to overturn the Trump Presidency, and they want to appear within the law while they do it.  They are not within the law anymore if they are going to overturn 200 years worth of precedents just because Trump is in the White House.

However, if sanity is to prevail, and chaos is to be avoided, it must be made as clear as possible that this is a coup attempt.  They are quite determined, and they will have to matched in determination if this coup attempt is to be stopped.

A coup attempt is unlawful by definition.   The problem here is that the plotters are attempting to make this appear to be in support of the rule of law.  They are doing this in direct opposition to the rule of law.

How can this coup be stopped? It is not clear that it can without violence, or the threat of violence.

It is getting that bad, and that urgent.   Somebody or something has to make these people reconsider what they are doing.

But there will be no violent Civil War.  The public is unlikely to support a shooting war.

Instead, there is this coup.  The real Civil War is the coup attempt going on in Washington DC at this very time.

The reaction afterward will just be a mopping up operation.

If those who think they can fight the government when it holds all the power, they are kidding themselves.  If the rule of law is to prevail, the plotters must be stopped, and it looks like it is not succeeding because the normal channels are breaking down.

That is to say that the coup attempt will succeed, and it will be mostly, if not totally bloodless. That makes it a Cold Civil War. Or a soft coup.  In any case, unless the public gets inflamed with passion, there will no shooting war.

Not that that cannot happen. It just isn't happening at the moment.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Is there a government shutdown?


Is there a government shut down at all?  The author of the post linked below says not.

Don Surber: Trump vindicated, media is silent

Don Surber: Trump vindicated, media is silent: Two months ago, Jamal Khashoggi was a thing. He died in Saudi Arabia's embassy in Istanbul apparently painfully and slowly. The Washingt...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Walls don't work?

They seem to work in Israel.

Maybe because they are serious about it.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

M ma my Khasshogi

Liberals cannot get enough of Khashoggi.

So here's a song like My Sharona that fits their taste.  Just imagine the words Khasshoogi  in place of Sharona and it works.

Watch the video and get the lyrics. Available via

Fake news

This is about as fake as I have ever seen.  I'd say that be forewarned that you should be on the lookout for stories like this, and be suspicious of publications that print them.

Unfortunately, I got this link from Whatfinger.  This is a disappointment that they should be printing up such junk.

The link was from Business Insider via Whatfinger.  The origin of the story is from a Chinese publication.

The claim sounds like the claims of alchemists who supposedly changed lead into gold, but these are claiming to change copper into gold.  Very deceptive article.

At the very best, they may have created something of real value, but it isn't gold.  It is simply a catalyst that may work as well as gold, if the claims hold up.  The way this is written up, it makes it sound like they are transmuting copper into gold, which is ridiculous.

Data spike type of post 12.27.18

The title is kind of a joke.  It is something like an Uncle Waldo type skit that one of the
radio stations in Houston used to do on their morning show.  Uncle Waldo would be a certain type of person, you see.  So, I am adapting the type of person characterization to the type of post as a kind of a joke.

But it is no laughing matter.

There was another one yesterday, but it wasn't alarming because I deliberately had the guards down for awhile.  Sure enough, it appeared again.  This time, I was not on Google.  At least, I don't think I was on Google.  I have been picking on Google, but I don't know if it is specifically them.  It seems like it is Google, because I spend a lot of time on the blog when I am editing a post.  Recall that it seems to happen when I am editing a post?  So, what is it about editing posts that makes the computer vulnerable to this type of attack?

I am online when this is happening.  Yesterday, I wasn't on Blogger, which is owned by Google. Therefore, it wasn't Google.  I was doing something.  Yes, I was doing some editing type of work, so I was online.  My computer was exposed while I was doing this, and there was an attack.

Therefore, I cannot pinpoint the source of the attack.  Unless it is Verizon.  They are
providing the internet service.  I have picked on them before, but I thought otherwise.  Now I am picking on them again.  But it may not be Verizon nor Google.  That's something to keep in mind.  Just because you are suspicious of someone or something doesn't mean that they are guilty of anything.  They might be, but you haven't proven it yet.  Therefore, it is merely a suspicion yet unproven.

But there is no doubt that something is happening.  Whoever it is that is behind it wants to accomplish something, but what is it?

If the data is spiking, it means data is crossing the line between this computer and the
outside world.  It means that somebody may be taking data off this machine and putting it
out there, or taking something out there and putting it on this machine.  Either way it is
bad.  I don't know these bad guys, whoever they are.

Like I said, no laughing matter.  What this means is that they could be attempting some type of control over what I do.

It reminded me that once upon a time, I lived in Houston, and there I had unlimited data.  This kind of thing could be happening to EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME.  If you aren't trying to control what goes into and out of your computer, it means that ANYTHING could come into and go out of your computer.  You have no control over it.  That's the point.

You people may think it is only me, and maybe I may be a bit paranoid about it.  Okay, but keep in mind that the only reason I know about this is because I have a limited data plan.

Maybe you people should be a bit more concerned.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Babylon Bee


Benghazi scandal was covered up

But we all knew that already, now didn't we?

The significance of James Comey's bias

Why mention his bias?  Well, I suspect that it is a good idea, since the left has a tendency to deny their biases.  Since Comey is now identifying with the Democrats, it is well to point out his bias.  Not to mention that those who claim to be on the Democrat side like to deny their biases.

Yet, they are in no way denying their bias against Trump.  It is important to point this out,
because they love to embrace the phrase "rule of law".

But bias and the "rule of law" cannot mix.  "Justice is blind", which means it must be
impartial-- without bias.  The significance of his bias then, is that he cannot judge the
matter fairly because of his bias.  Isn't that why the recusal is always being sought?  The
Dems love to force opponents they disagree with to recuse, but they won't do it themselves.

Dems are not impartial.  Therefore, they cannot be allowed to claim that they are for "rule
of law".  Their insistence on protecting Mueller cannot be equated with the protection of the rule of law, but the protection of Democrats.  This is wrong.  If justice is to be blind, and if there is to be a rule of law, then the likes of Comey cannot be tolerated where the
rule of law is king.

He, and the Democrats have a serious credibility issue.  They wish to remove Trump, but they also like to be seen as for the rule of law.  This must not be allowed.  If they are to remove Trump, it must be seen as a partisan move--- not a legal one.

Comey leaked to the media, which he testified that he would never do.  But he did.  The leak came in response to his being fired.  He claims that his firing was obstruction of justice, but he is not seeking justice.  He is seeking partisan revenge.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

What Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown

I thought it was about Santa Claus.  Silly me.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the news as questions mount over her health

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the news as questions mount over her health.: I wish Justice Ginsburg well as she has a multitude of serious medical problems and the odds are stacked against her.


Another circus looms soon, if these reports are accurate.  Ginsberg may be on the way out.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Trish Regan: James Comey admits he didn’t care who paid for Steele Dossier


Yes, at the very least Comey is biased.  This is at the very least.

Growing Problems Dragging Down Fox News


A suggestion here is to require truth in labeling.  The government does this with other products, and news is also a product.  If it is going to be called news, then it cannot be allowed to be opinion.

I know that this is not kosher in so-called conservatives circles, but the fairness doctrine should return to the production of news.  However, opinion can still be free from regulation.

News outlets should be required to air all aspects of a news item, not just a slanted version.  Otherwise, it is propaganda, not news.

Latest on data spikes

Seems to have something to do with editing a post.  Yesterday, when I edited through a share button on another blog, the thing spiked again.  The difference there is that the front page was never loaded.  The front page is the page that is displayed to the public.  My editing screen is not.

Therefore, it has something to do with editing a post.

Right now, I am attempting to zero in on what it is specifically.  If it is only happening on blogger editing, or if it is somehow connected to something else as well.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Selwyn Duke: "Let’s talk about what’s meaningful"

Restoring civilization: They can sense it. They can feel it. Something is seriously wrong in our civilization, and many people know it.


How to combat moral relativism/nihilism?  Why not some "combat"?  If the moral nihilists want to impose their morality, why not say "no, you won't either", "or, I will impose mine on you if you want to play that game".  That could be meaningful.  If you won't "fight fire with fire", you have already lost the "combat".  How is "combat" meaningful without real combat?

Workaround for the data spikes

There may be a way to continue that would not be too difficult to implement.  Here's the

Wait a minute.  Should I divulge my tactics?  It would seem that an adversary may use counter
tactics in response.  This is telegraphing the punch, so to speak.

But this isn't anything fancy.  It is pretty simple, actually.

The phone has a data enabler button.  If you disable it, no data can come across the transom
so to speak.  Therefore, I load a page for reading, and once it is loaded, I turn off the
switch.  Whatever it is that is causing the spike can no longer draw down my data.

I did this yesterday, and I used only 120 megabytes.  This is still more than what it should
have been for what I did, but it was a big improvement.

Anyway, the malware is at bay for the time being.  What to do about that?  Could do a hard
reset of the system, including the computer and the phone.  This may clear the malware,
but I would have reload my software.  A pain in the butt.

As you were, and carry on.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Shutdown ruse? Maybe.


I believe I said the same thing recently.   I theorized that Trump wouldn't shut the government down in order to save embarrassment for the GOP establishment wing.  When Trump got blowback for seeming to back down, he seemed to reverse course.  Now it is McConnell who is protecting the establishment wing, as Trump was doing.  Maybe that is clear.  Anyway, the last refuge blog discusses it per link below:

Dow Jones industrial average is off more than 3k for the past month.

The yield curve will invert unless something changes.  All recessions are preceded by an
inverted yield curve, but not every inverted yield curve results in a recession.  In other
words, there's no guarantee of a recession.  But the risk has gone way up.

When the Fed Funds rate goes up, the prime rate goes up as well.  It tends to follow the
Fed overnight rate by 3 percent.  If the target is for Fed funds overnight rate of 3 percent,
then the prime rate will be at 6.  You can be sure that borrowing will be less at that

There is going to be a slow down in economic growth.  This is inevitable.

A way forward on the wall funding?

It is said that the GOP doesn't need 60 votes in the Senate to pass a bill.

However, the GOP doesn't want to show its divisions, I would suspect.  Therefore, the GOP won't bring up the bill.  However, this article claims that the President can send in Pence to preside over the Senate, and thus have him bring up the bill.

It wouldn't pass anyway, but it would embarrass a lot of GOP'ers.  It would be bad optics for the Dems as well.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Political shell game

This could explain why Trump backed off of the shutdown threat.  It is a political maneuver.  It doesn't cost the GOP anything to back him on this, and but it costs the Democrats.

You have to wonder why they didn't do this sooner, but like I said, politics.

What I will do going forward

The possibility of these data spikes becoming permanent has crossed my mind.  In response to that possibility, a change in approach is going to be needed.  Evidently, the old ways of controlling data spikes have not been working well enough.

Keeping in mind that I think there is too much commercialization out there, and in
keeping with that thought, it may be well to remember that to spend too much time
on the news may be the one thing that could be corrected.  Frankly, the news is crap
these days.  Even on so-called conservative sites, there is just too much crap.

What I mean by crap is the playing upon emotions.  Our society has gone so far downhill
that even so-called conservative sites are out there with emotional button pushing.

I know this, but the habits are strong.  I visit the news sites anyway, although I
have been posting less and less upon what I see there.

It seems that one way forward is to visit fewer sites for the news.  But how to stay
current on the news?  I sure don't trust the conventional means of news delivery any
more.  That has been true for a long, long time.  However, there may not be any other
alternative.  Besides, even the conservative sites are turning into crap.

Allow me to segue into a deeper thought here.  In my opinion, public opinion is being
controlled.  It is a lot like what is happening in China, but perhaps not as extreme.

The powers-that-be control everything that we see and hear.  This includes the news.

It is but a small leap to try to control not only this, but what you think and say
about it.  This gives the powers-that-be full control over the minds of the people.

How to stay independent of these people?  You have to disengage somehow, while at the same time, remain in the mix.  This is going to be hard to do.

If we are truly in a fight over the culture, which I do think is the case, we are going
to have to accept the idea that these people seek to control us, and it is inevitable
that they are going to do whatever it takes to keep control over the informational
sources.  Therefore, in order to keep independent of these people, you are going to
have to develop and maintain your own information networks.

As for me, I am no people person.  I do not have the talent for organization.  Hopefully,
somebody out there could put together something.  There may be alternatives already out there.

Those on the so-called conservative side do not appear to be very good at this.  Once
a thing becomes commercialized, it is prey to these people's machinations.  For example, they will boycott your program.  Take Tucker Carlson, for example.  He is now being boycotted for what he says.

If you are independent of them, then you won't need their money.  Their boycotts can't
work in that case.  Once you start taking their money, then you become dependent upon
them.  This is the means by which you can be controlled.

What about these data spikes, then?

A grandiose thought, but I cannot help but think that my opposition to these people
is going to put me at logger heads with them.  The obscurity of this blog is no
defense.  They will brook no dissent.  I will assume that these spikes are part of the
controlling process.  Yet, the powers-that-be don't have to be involved with me.  They have the rank and file so indoctrinated that they don't need marching orders.  The plebes
fall right into line, and do the will of the controllers without having the need to be
told to.  It is probably some hacker that doesn't like my politics nor viewpoints.

So, in any case, I need to change my approach to how I do this blog.  Even deeper
than this, I may need to consider a completely new way of doing things.  If we
want to succeed in defending our culture, we had better think of something fast,
because time is running out.  We are losing it right now.

Incidentally, I really don't know if Trump is making enough of a difference.  Shoot, it
shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that he is just one of them, and all of
this is just another circus.  Perish the thought, at least for now.

Trump is hurting his own credibility.  But then again, he only has credibility as long
as people believe him.  If he goes back on what he claims to be for, which is this
wall, then that is undeniable evidence that he won't follow through.  It is part of the
same pattern.  Failure theater.  A big show that makes it look like you are really
trying, but those other guys are the blame.  Then comes the excuses.

There is no excuse for lying.  If he really doesn't intend to build the wall, then
he is lying.  If that happens with him, then he is done.  But maybe he knew that all
along, and knew that it would be just a matter of time when people stop believing in

If he really wants to help, then he'd better be more careful about what he says going
forward.  You cannot say things and then flip around 180 degrees just a few days

But if Trump fails, then what?  We may be fast approaching that point.  He has
suffered a "yuge" credibility issue, and it is largely his own fault.  There is no
one else to blame for this one.

If you say you will shut down the government, then you had better not be kidding.

Ted Cruz did that crap, and that's when he lost me.  If you are going to go that route,
then you had better do it and stick with it.

The last post before this one, I mentioned the data spikes.  Okay, this post is how
to deal with those spikes going forward.  Now that I have covered that, and then
some, I started discussing the political scene a bit.

Let me segue further into what I think is happening.  I think the yield curve is
definitely going to invert.  This will have political consequences if it results in
a recession.

An inverted yield curve does not have to cause a recession, but every recession has
been preceded by one.  Therefore, the risk of a recession has just gone way the hell
up.  I was going to discuss that a bit when I saw the latest data spike.

Here's the link.

There's going to be more rate hikes, and the yield curve is on the verge of inverting
already.  These new hikes may well invert the yield curve.  The recession could happen
just in time for the next election.  What better way than to refute Trump than to have a
serious recession just in time for the election?

Note:  Maybe it is google.  I had the last spike as I was composing this post.  The spike
occurred as I was proof reading the post, and correcting typos.  Most of this post was
written yesterday.   No way that this used over 200 megabytes.

I leave with that thought until the next post.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Data spikes

It's going to be hard to continue blogging with all these data spikes.

I was just on this morning for less than an hour, and boom--- I am
nearly maxxed out for the day.  There doesn't seem to be any way to
control it.

I also find it hard to believe that I could use this much data for
what I did this morning.

Nevertheless, I haven't any choice.  This company controls the data
bandwidth out here, and there is no other alternative than to use

I am going to guess that it might have something to do with malware,
and will take some actions to do something about that.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Huawei: China’s Bid For Global Domination – Lunch Alert!


This is a bid for total social control through the use of the internet.

Think of it as political correctness gone wild and gone global, with the Chinese at the head of it controlling everything.

They intend to keep track of people using a social credit scheme.

This is Big Brother on the rise.  Red Alert!

"Hand me a piece a cheese for that whine"

Don Surber: The rule of lawlessness: Chris Matthews of MSNBC predicted Donald John Trump will resign as president within weeks to protect his children from the persecution of Bu...


Boy, are people ready to go belly up so easily!

But it doesn't surprise me.  They have been talking "civil war" for the longest time.  Given this response to "Tingles", I can see that I was right.  These guys would never fight a war.  They are so worried about getting hurt that they would never shoulder a weapon.

Yet, this is the most heavily armed populace in the world.  Or maybe save Switzerland.

Civil war my ass.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Michael Flynn conviction probably won't stand



The sentence will be delayed yet again.  This time, it was Flynn who asked for the delay.  Judge Sullivan gave Flynn an opportunity to withdraw his plea, but Flynn refused.

Does this mean that Sullivan won't toss the case?  Or won't toss the case unless Flynn withdraws his plea? 

The case seemed to come down to having nothing to do with Trump.  Flynn was being threatened with prosecution over not registering as a foreign agent.

So, Flynn took a lesser charge in exchange for a guilty plea.  This allows Mueller and Co. to claim that it was about Russia, when it clearly wasn't.  The case of lying to the FBI would get tossed if it went to court.  The real leverage against Flynn was the foreign agent for Turkey issue.

If Sullivan tosses the case now, I'd be surprised.  He clearly doesn't want to, but he also doesn't want to sentence Flynn for something he didn't do.


Judge Emmet Sullivan is asking for additional information from the FBI, in its 2017 interrogation of Flynn, which is what got Flynn into trouble.

If Sullivan deems that an abuse has taken place, he could conceivably throw out the conviction.

Of course, this comes too late to affect the control of the House.  Perhaps that is why Mueller delayed the sentencing.


Rush Limbaugh likes to talk about low-info voters.  This isn't exactly new.  But, better late than never.

BTW, Mueller's team was given another delay for the sentencing fairly recently.  I suspect he knows that the case could be dismissed, and wishes to avoid a meltdown in his authority.

Originally posted 2.14.18, the original post follows:

Note: Exculpatory evidence was hidden from the defense....  "I have been wondering why Special Counsel Robert Mueller postponed the sentencing of Michael Flynn shortly after Judge Rudolph Contreras was (without explanation) recused from hearing the Flynn case and Judge Emmet G. Sullivan took over."


This appears to be a pattern.  It happened in the Cliven Bundy case, which has been dismissed.  The judge now on the case presided over the Senator Ted Stevens trial.  It happened there too.

Corruption, plain and simple.  There is a prosecutorial duty to provide exculpatory evidence to the defense.  Hiding it from the defense is at the very least unethical behavior.  It may even be against the law.

Furthermore, the delay in sentencing may be an effort by Mueller to hide misconduct in his own "investigation".  Mueller should be fired.  This is a political trial, and it probably isn't the first.  Such things should not be happening in America.

Boy Scouts to Declare Bankruptcy

Video is included below:


The culture these days do not question that women should be protected from sexual predators.  Why is that attitude not expressed equally towards young boys?

The decision by the Boy Scouts to allow homosexuals into their midst has caused many parents to pull their sons out of the Scouts.  Now the Boys Scouts are going bankrupt.

But the larger culture will still be negative towards people who want to protect their sons.  It is a shame, and it is one of the things that is killing western civilization.

Monday, December 17, 2018

You may not want to say that to some dudes

"Is it your period?"  It got him hit.  Seems that some college dudes are okay with it, though.

Don Surber: A college where men menstruate: Someone should explain the birds and the bees to the administrators at Washington State University because the college is installing tampon ...

But that doesn't work with some dudes.

POWELL: New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice

Rather strongly worded article.

If the author is correct, Mueller could actually be in trouble.  There are folks who doubt that anything will happen, however. 

Hopefully, this is truly the end for Mueller.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Congressman Issa: Flynn's conviction will be overturned

If this happens, what happens to the Mueller investigation then?  If Mueller is busted for prosecutorial misconduct, then how does he maintain credibility?

Just my opinion here, this thing has always stunk to high heaven.

Paul Craig Roberts: "In the Western World Truth Is on Its Deathbed"


If Roberts is correct, his short essay shows why that is so.

To explain it, you would have to be well-versed in Christianity.  Roberts seems to believe that you should be rewarded for telling the truth.  However, if history is any guide, truth has not been a welcomed thing.

Here's what I think:  the world is governed by vice, not by virtue.  Truth-telling is not going to fare well in such an environment.  You have to be prepared to be punished for telling the truth. 

I like to quote a couple proverbs on the subject:  One of those is Mexican, and it says that only children and fools tell the truth.  The other is Arabic.  It says that he who tells the truth must always have one foot in the stirrup.

If you tell the truth, you will be punished for it.  It takes some guts, and little regard for reward, in order to tell the truth.

Besides, the powerful need a good talking to.  The powerful do not always remain powerful.  The high and mighty can be brought down.  In such a war, be prepared to accept casualties.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Mueller team refuses to hand over documents Judge Sullivan ordered in Flynn case

The ball is in the Judge's court now.  It is possible that he could toss the case.  If that happens, and if it is tossed with extreme prejudice, I will be very gratified.

If it is not, well, it may be par for the course.

Don Surber: Shut the government down

Don Surber: Shut the government down: Face it, we deplorables would love to see the federal government shut down for a month or so. A battle for funding the wall is as good an ex...


I think Trump will do it.  But can the Democrats hold out?  Perhaps they think they can, so we will see.

At any rate, look who loses every day when the government isn't funded.  It is the left wing.  If this was carried all the way through to the next election, the government would be forced to shrink enough that it may even cause there to be a balanced budget.

If that happened, maybe the demonstration that the government could live within its means could be established as fact.

I have supported an aggressive move like this for a long time.  I am hoping that Trump won't let us down and will do it.

Obligatory, 12.13.18



Got slammed again.  I am proceeding much more carefully today, while I try to pinpoint where all the data is going.


An explanation for the lite posting of the last couple days:  it is a data spike for some reason.  I got slammed for about a half gig of data for a reason unknown, and because of that, I had to stand down a bit.

Blogging should be somewhat normal, unless I get slammed again.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Don Surber: Flynn case shows FBI lied

Don Surber: Flynn case shows FBI lied: Bungling Bob Mueller is an epithet well-earned over the decades in a career marked by incompetence wrapped in fealty to the right people. I ...


Did the FBI lie, and the "rule of law" die?

Could resist the turn of phrase.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

At the very least, Comey is biased

Considering what former FBI Director James Comey said recently, he seems
to have taken sides against POTUS Trump.

Does this not seem like bias?  It does to me, and may explain why he
decided to take the Flynn conversation with POTUS, and his firing, as
he did.

Let's take the Flynn first.  Given his own description of events, could
it be said that if it were Hillary saying the exact same thing, would
he have reacted the same way?  Would it not be reasonable to rephrase
what POTUS Trump said about letting Flynn go, as a means of making
sure that is what Trump meant?  If Hillary had said the exact same
thing, and if she were POTUS, would he have done things the same way?

For instance, could he have asked Trump: "Do you mean that I should
let Flynn go?"  If Trump had said "yes", then he could mention that
it could be construed as obstruction of justice, and given that info,
would he like to rephrase what he said?

He certainly gave Hillary the benefit of the doubt when the law didn't
require it.  Even if the law doesn't require it in Trump's case, it
would seem that he would at least show as much courtesy toward Trump
as he did towards Hillary.  Since that appears to be the case here,
does it not seem that he was biased against Trump?

Since he didn't open an obstruction case against Trump, could it be
that he was trying to get back at Trump for firing him, then?

Clearly, Comey wants to interpret Trump's words as obstruction in the
Flynn case, and his firing seems to be motivating him as well.  He
says his firing may have been motivated by obstruction as well.  If
Comey believed that Trump was obstructing justice, why did he not
open an obstruction case as did then Deputy McCabe?

There are other reasons to consider Comey biased.  He seems to have
paid much attention to detail when he signed off on the FISA warrant,
which is supposed to be verified.  In his own words, several months
after fact, he said that the Steele Dossier was "salacious and
unverified".  McCabe said without the Steele Dossier, there would
not have been a FISA warrant.  If no FISA warrant, then there would
be no Mueller.  Therefore, Comey seeks to have a special prosecutor
named after POTUS Trump fires him, but not before.  His lack of
attention to detail was another way in which he shows bias against
Trump, and he might well have known that it could lead to a special
prosecutor being named, and that is what he was after when he leaked
that info to the press just after he was fired.

Why not show more attention to detail?  Would he not have done the
same for Hillary?  He seems to go out of his way to help Hillary,
even if his efforts were not appreciated, he clearly believed that
he was helping her.  Why not show the same courtesy to Trump, unless
he biased against him?

Monday, December 10, 2018

Obligatory, 12.9.18-- James Comey



Sharyl Attkisson has an article worth reading.  It goes into detail, with some analysis and background.  Well done.


Just finished reading this thing, or as much as the thing would let me read.

Some quick observations:

  • Nobody seems to be nailing down the fact that the Wikileaks emails were hacked or leaked.  Rather, it seems to be assumed that they were hacked.  Otherwise, why do all this?  It has long been my contention that the hacking claim has not ever been established.
  • Secondly, the Dems seem to be moving the goal posts.  It was about "collusion".  If that fails, the it will be about obstruction of justice.  I predicted this at the beginning of the Mueller appointment.
  • Thirdly, Comey keeps saying that POTUS Trump asked him to drop investigation of Flynn.  Nobody pressed him on this, but it should have been pressed a bit harder.  Did POTUS actually ASK him that, or was it more of a hint?  The way the story gets told, Comey portrays it as asking, but another interpretation could be made.
  • Comey didn't initiate an obstruction of justice investigation based upon the now alleged Flynn conversation.  If he felt so strongly about it then, why didn't he begin one?
  • Comey is so sure that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election, but he cannot name the predicate event that initiated the investigation.  His testimony is evasive in front of GOP questions, but effusive in the front of the Democrats.
  • I get the impression that Comey is the biggest incompetent I have ever seen, or the biggest liar.  He seems to know little, but acts as if he knows a lot.  Either he is lying about it, or he is a great big doofus.


Most of today has been spent reading the James Comey testimony in Congress last week.

It is over 200 pages, and it is quite time consuming to read it all.

Perhaps I will comment upon it.  Don't know yet.

For now, I will make no comment until I have read it all, and maybe some other stuff besides.

That is all.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Perhaps this is an explanation for wall street selloff

An unwinding of QE.

It seems like a possible explanation, but yours truly still does not get it.  Interest rates should be going up, but instead, seem to be going down on the "long" end.

Anyway, it may explain.  It should be noted that there is no claim in the article for the wall street selloff as a reaction to QE unwinding.

What's the scoop in France?

It's a revolt against globalism, the author of the video says.  The French seem to be able to organize.  France has been the subject of derision before in these parts. Where was all this type of organization before the recent election in this country--- the USA?  The establishment continues to thumb their noses at the people.  The next thing you know they will be saying something like "let them eat cake".

Oh wait, I forgot.   We are supposed to be having a civil war.  My bad.  /sarc

Friday, December 7, 2018

What to write about today?



Well, looky here!  Somebody put their feet on a table in class, the teacher said put your feet down, and they fired her for it.

Maybe if she had a way of dealing with this character the way they did here.  Or maybe the crooks are really running the casino.  Makes you think, doesn't it? 


As I scan the news, I note that many out there haven't given up on the campaign.  Yes, the campaign is over, but for these folks... Never.

Yep, and 2016 isn't over either.  We have to have that election re-litigated forever and ever until we get the right result, I suppose.

Then the guy I was writing about yesterday got his White House pass revoked.  Fine with me.  While they are at it, they may consider taking out a few more of them. You might even consider doing what was in the movie Casino, in which an offender was sent out head first.

One thought about that, while I am here...  These guys are really weenies.  Acosta that is. Not only him, but his supporters.  You know that they are weenies because they wouldn't go after Obama.  Obama abused the press.  Trump just talks tough back at them, but he doesn't really punish them.  Obama did punish them.  But they never went after Obama.  Why?  Too chicken.

So this is just posturing to show how tough and courageous they are for going after Trump.  But they really aren't tough.  If they were really tough, they would go after anybody, including Obama.  But they'll never do that.  Therefore, the posturing means nothing.

What should the GOP do about its "cucks"?  Take a hard line with them.  This gives the best results.  Instead, Trump went easy on them, and tried to get their cooperation.  So now, they probably sat out this election, and they believe that they have license to give him a hard time.  Screw them.  I'd go out of the way just to tick them off and dare them to join the Dems.  The Dems don't want them either.  After all, if the Dems really wanted another pinko, they have got plenty of real ones already.

But I would be electioneering again.  Time for that to stop.  But these people won't leave it alone.

What do you do?  Pretend it isn't there?  Ignore it?  Or go after them full throttle?  If Trump had went after them full throttle, he might have survived and cleaned up this crap that he as to deal with today.

Or they would have taken him out.  One way or another they will try to take him out or nullify him.  If he is going to be a real president, he is going to have to deal with them.  Avoiding the issue, or trying to be nice to them isn't going to do it.

Direction of USA is still going down

Despite of all the good work that Trump has been doing, he is not reversing the main trend. "Making America Great Again" may be too big of a challenge for him.

It seems all rather perverse, to have a majority of the country thinking that decline is better than greatness.  The perversity is real, however.  Nothing is done properly anymore.  Take the Mueller investigation.  If the law were truly followed, the matter would not have gotten any further than an IG report.  The IG report itself would have wrapped up pretty fast.  There was no crime.  If there was no crime, there should be no prosecutor---- period.  That fact that there was one, and a push to keep him on no matter what, is the kind of perversity that is prime evidence of the decline.

Of the things that are still working well, you can be assured that it won't last.  All of it is under unceasing attack from the same forces that are attacking Trump.  For example, the STEM ( Science, Technology, and Mathematics) sector is doing relatively well.  But the SJW crowd is making diversity more important that qualifications for the work.  It is becoming increasingly more important what a person's skin color or gender is, as opposed to their ability to do the work.  Of course, to point this out is "bigoted" in some way, shape, or form.

Our adversaries aren't so wrapped up in so-called social justice.  They will surpass us, while we argue over these irrelevant issues.

AGW is a big test.  The fact that it continues is a bad sign.  AGW is not a science,  It anti-science.  Science encourages dissent, as dissent is what make science go forward.  AGW theorists suppress dissent.  Therefore, they are not interested in the science, but to the contrary.  If they are successful, first rate STEM work will be a thing of the past.  It is the last leg that is holding the country up.

Trump is just a pin prick in this huge balloon--- of the phony baloney existential claptrap of the left.  Yet, they act as if he is far more significant than he really is.  If he was really determined, he wouldn't be putting up with 1 percent of the nonsense that he is putting up with now.  Trump is just like those who preceded him-- a mere speed bump on the way down.  There is no change in the direction, it is still going downhill, but not quite as fast as before.

Once Trump is out of the way, things will begin to accelerate on the downward path.  Obviously, I am not convinced that there will be a happy ending to this.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Last Refuge:Occam's Razor: Michael Flynn

That there is a game here, there can be no doubt.  How many times have I read it stated as a question as to Mueller's "end-game"?

It may not be possible to end all games, but it may be possible to step back from them, and try to detach one's ego from them.

One's ego gets attached when it goes tribal.  You probably have heard that term bandied about.  How our politics have gone tribal.  It's "my" tribe versus "their" tribe.

If one can detach from the tribe for the moment, and ask what is the truth behind what is going on here?  That may be hard to do.

The article is a part of a long running series of articles about the "soft-coup" against Trump.

Does anyone doubt that there is an effort to remove Trump from office?  Why?  Was there ever any real "collusion" with Russia, or is the accusation a part of the dishonesty of this game?  What do the participants seek?


Mueller has asked for a postponement of Flynn's sentencing for quite some time.  Now that the election is over, maybe he got what he wanted!  That is, the control of the House going to the Democrats.  This means that the soft-coup can be covered up.

Mind strike

No doubt that you have heard of a labor strike before.  This concept is a lot like the strike that was written about in Atlas Shrugged.

The thing that is happening these days seems to be that the commentariat likes to push a person's emotional buttons.  So, to combat this, I propose to not participate. I am on strike. I refuse to play along with the games and circuses that are constantly pushed before us all.

It is very seductive, these games.  Therefore, it won't be easy to refuse to partake in the fun and games.

Many years ago, I read this book about games.  It seems that people play these games with each other.  The common thing about games is their dishonesty.

If we could just get some honesty back into our discussions, it may be helpful in solving our problems.  It just doesn't seem to help to get into these games.  The games just makes things worse.

It's probably a lost cause, but what the heck.  There's nothing to lose.  If everybody keeps playing these games, we all lose anyway.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Don Surber: Bungling Bob Mueller exonerates Trump

Don Surber: Mueller inadvertently exonerates Trump: I laughed when Bungling Bob Mueller got his key witness against Donald John Trump to cop a plea for lying. How does that work in a courtroom... 


The globalists may do themselves a favor, and get rid of this clown.

It's the yield curve, ya'll


Just saw headline about the yield curve inversion that happened yesterday.  In my opinion, this is not significant...yet.

If the yield curve inverts all along the yield curve--- which means the 1 month rate is higher than the 30 year bond rate, then you have a real yield curve inversion that means something.

What we have here is a beginning, not the end point.  If the rate hikes don't stop, there could be a problem.


1:00 pm:

Here's more evidence of Fed mismanagement, in my opinion.  The Fed drops interest rates sharply in reaction to credit freeze ( summer 2007 ), but reverses course, and tightens again.  However, they are in loosening mode thereafter.  The Fed is signaling that something is wrong, but doesn't act aggressively enough to forestall the total breakdown that occurs in 2008.  ( Just in time for the election )

8:00 am:

Seems like a "buzz" has been generated with this talk about the Fed and Trump.  Can Trump do anything to the Fed in order to make it do what he wants?

The Fed is supposed to be neutral and independent.  However, given everything else that has been happening, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of monkey wrenching going on.  That is to say, it could be sabotage. Therefore, if the government gives that much power to an independent entity, it could be a mistake.  Don't know if that is the case here, but I would like to see at least some political accountability just in case the Fed gets out of control.

If rates go up too much, it becomes a drag on the economy, and that could mean recession.   Therefore, Trump is doing all he can to try to prevent the Fed from getting too hawkish on inflation, and by doing so, start another recession.  A recession during the Trump administration is exactly what he doesn't need.

Unless there are clear signs of accelerating inflation, raising interest rates much further is not justified.

What I tried to do with this post is to show how much power the Fed has over the economy.  Fed policy mistakes can spill over into the political process.  There is some suspicion by yours truly that this did indeed happen during the last recession.  Obama could have gotten into power partly by the belief that Bush mishandled the economy.


Obama is out there taking credit for the oil boom.  Actually, this credit may belong more to "Dubya", but I may need to research that.  Obama and the lefties have been trying to strangle the fossil fuel industry since he came into office.

Not to mention that Obama tries to take credit for the boom of the last two years.  With that thought in mind, I write once again that the Fed has far more influence over the macro economy than Presidents do.  But Presidents can muck things up, too.

Just look at the yield curve over the Obama years.  It was flatter than a pancake the whole time.  Only now does it begin to normalize.

But there is a danger.  If you look all the way back to 2008, the yield curve was still partially inverted.  This was after the recession was well under way.  There is almost no excuse for that condition being in effect.  The Fed could have done something about that, and should have done something about that.  At this point, in early 2008, the credit freeze had already taken place, and that was the beginning of the recession.  Rates were already coming down.

If you recall, 2009 was when Obama took office.  At the time, everybody was blaming "Dubya" for the economic pain.  If he was to blame, it was because he didn't do more to "jawbone" the Fed into reducing rates much faster.  Bush was a gentleman, alright.  Too much of one.

Note how the 6 month rate is higher than the 5 year rate.  The yield curve is partially inverted.   When short term rates are higher than long term rates, monetary policy is tight.  Why should monetary policy be tight during a deflationary threat?

Trump gets criticized for not being a gentleman, but what good does it do to be a gentleman when the opposition will kick your teeth in?  Bush was a gentleman, but his approval numbers went into the tank because he got all the blame for the poor economy.

Bush was too nice.  Trump gets it.  Nobody in the Establishment wing of the party seems to get it.

Governator wants "Time Masheen"

What a disappointment he is.  If he was on the level with all his rhetoric when he became governor, "Collyfornia" might have turned around. 

You've got to be pretty dumb to fall for the AGW hoax. 

In order to examine what he is talking about, the only alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear.  So, if he just said that much, he might be talking sensibly.  But he wants to "terminate" fossil fuels.  Well, if he did that, he would also "terminate" a lot of human life--- for energy sustains life.  In addition, he would also "terminate" a lot of trees.  Because trees were used for energy before fossil fuels came along.

What a fool.  He is an embarrassment.

The "Time Masheen" reference is to the movie Idiocracy.  He is making about as much sense as those mentally challenged people in that movie.  It is like pouring Gatorade on crops, and wondering why the crops fail.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Biggest fake of the fakes: AGW

Whatever this president does, he should never, ever, sign a bill that increases taxes to "fight climate change".  It is phony as hell.

Any Republican that joins the Dems on this should be run out of the party.

Washington Times: "Deep fakes" are threat to democracy

Don't fake me out, doggone it.

How do we know when the fake is a fake, and a non-fake is a non-fake?

It's enough to give you a headache.

Here's a thought:  politics doesn't solve problems.  It is in the interest of politicians to create problems rather than solving them.  We are getting too wrapped up in the politics.  The politics will take you nowhere.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Beginning to suspect something


Recently, Limbaugh was touting increased life expectancy as a reason for people to be confident.  But that number has been going down lately.

Young men using drugs and suicides were among the reasons given.

But I have been saying for a long time here that this country reached a peak in the late sixties, and it hasn't been improved upon yet.  That was GDP in terms of gold per person.

Even if you dispute the significance of GDP in terms of gold per person, you cannot dispute a falling life expectancy.

Computers may still be getting better, but even that seems to have slowed down.


One of my riders said that the water in Lake Mead is "nasty".  Why would that water be bad?  She then said something I remember hearing about before--- the possibility of dead bodies being in the water.

So, I begin to suspect that this may be happening in many places in this country.  After all, if you want to dispose of a dead body, where could you take it where it couldn't be found?

There was a story I heard about a dead body found in a barrel in one of the lakes around here.  So, it isn't just in the Vegas area, ya know?

Since the recent flood here, the water seems darker.  One can attribute that to the sand and silt that may be mixed in, but this has been awhile now.  It should be clearing out.  I asked my rider if the water out there near Vegas is blue or not, and the answer wasn't in the affirmative.

I begin to suspect that water sources may be polluted by who knows what.  This also leads me to believe that our culture and country may be in a lot worse shape than I thought.  That would be saying something.

If this was accepted and acted upon in an expeditious way, it would be encouraging.  But there seems to be "resistance" to fixing what ails our country and our culture.

Did you ever notice how many people are turning to drugs?  Marijuana is legal, and so will be a lot of other drugs if this continues.  Something is systemically wrong.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Obligatory, 12.1.18

No posts for yesterday, and today was a workday.  Just got back in from Austin, and although I didn't fly, my arms are tired anyway.

Might as well mention that last month set a new record for pageviews.  It broke the old record by a little over a hundred, so it didn't smash it.

What was the number?  Just under 20k for the month.  How many of those pageviews are legit, I couldn't say.  But I would guess that the vast majority of them weren't.

I would thank the "bots", but they wouldn't know the difference anyway.  As for the real live humans who come here, thanks for coming by.  Despite appearances, the blog hasn't died yet.  It will die when I do, unless I change my mind.  That has been known to happen.  After a moment pause, that changing the mind business should be clarified.  There is no intention to come back from the grave and post from the nether regions.  Some people might think I do that anyway.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nobel Laureate says Global Warming is Pseudoscience

He is too kind.  In my opinion, Man-made Global Warming (AGW) a big lie.

But a lot of people believe it.  Okay, so what do you do about that?  Well, one thing I heard is that for a lie to succeed, it requires somebody who is willing to believe the lie.

In other words, if you are open to the truth, a lie cannot succeed.

I dare anyone to watch this video, and not be convinced that he trying to tell the truth.  But I challenge what he says as being too generous.  It isn't even pseudoscience.  I say that AGW is a fraud.  But if you are inclined to be open in your thinking, maybe you would consider watching this video, and let your belief be challenged---either way!

For maybe he can convince you to be more forgiving of these people who believe this fraud ( my word for it).  To him, they are just mistaken.  I am more inclined to believe that these are just evil people who are fooling a lot of gullible people.  I don't know if I can forgive the gullible, either.  They are too lazy to think for themselves.  The fraudsters are doing it for money and power.  They are relying upon the weaknesses of others in order to get their ill-gotten gains.

Gullibility is a variant of the one of the seven deadly sins, which is sloth.  Sloth is the unwillingness to do what is necessary.  It is necessary to think about this, and to do it honestly, and with a great respect for truth.  For a liar can only succeed if somebody is willing to believe the lies.


Why not be more forgiving to the gullible who fall for this stuff?  Because I see that in myself.  I fell for AGW myself, and plus a few other things that the libs peddle to the unsuspecting sheep.

If you get burned for something, you are more likely to remember it.

Caddyshack Gopher Dance

The gopher is fake.  But it's not so bad.  They couldn't find a real gopher, so they had to make a mechanical one to do this dance.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dick Morris: What the GOP Did Wrong in 2018

A better question is what did they do right?

Trump bashes GM decision

Not sure what the plan is for GM.  Is it to drive them into bankruptcy?  If so, what does that accomplish?

I hate the bailouts as much as anyone.  The problem is that they don't solve the underlying problems, and the problems return.

GM was destined to get into trouble again.  I may even have predicted it on this blog.  After doing a search on it, there are many articles here that are critical of what Obama did with respect to General Motors.  Can't say that it was I who predicted it, but somebody did.

Fake news busted

Looks like they are still suckers for this hacked emails phoney baloney story.  These guys want to try to manufacture a crime out of thin air.

The easiest way to establish that the emails were hacked would have been for the DNC to allow access to the FBI.  They refused.  Now, in order to keep this phoney baloney story credible, they have to make up new stories like this one.

It isn't going anywhere.  Also in the news is that the Democrats in the House aren't going to go after Trump so hard after all.  There's a good reason for them not to.  If they keep this alive, they are going to regret it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A pattern emerges: The use of hearsay as evidence

Heck, if you watch Judge Judy, you might hear her disallow "evidence" as hearsay.  Too bad that our own government, which you would suppose would have greater credibility than a TV court, would actually allow hearsay to be used as evidence.

Mueller is using hearsay in his "investigation".  But the investigation itself has hearsay as its basis.  The basis of the investigation is the DNC hacked emails.  But the hacked email claim is just a claim based upon hearsay.  If you cannot see the actual servers, which the DNC denied access, then how can you claim this as evidence?  But they did.  Now we have Mueller investigating a phantom based upon a fabrication.

None of this would hold up in Judge Judy's court.  But I guess the US court system will say otherwise.

Mark Wauk: Is The Deep State Feeling The Heat?

Other posts by Wauk linked on this blog:

This one is about the possible declassification of documents that might link the UK to the Deep State coup attempt against POTUS Trump.  There is a story about how UK intelligence is trying to suppress the release of these documents.

Polls schmolls

Gallup has Trump's approval rating way down, but Rasmussen has it over 50 percent.  Who's right and who's wrong?

You can get a poll to say whatever you want.  Rasmussen polls this all the time, but does Gallup?  Does Gallup poll likely voters like Rasmussen?  Indeed, how can these kind of polls have this big of a variance?  Somebody has to be full of crap.

Chevy Volt will be discontinued

Yep, you can call me an enthusiast for electrical cars even though I don't own one.

Chevrolet is discontinuing six different cars that they make, and the Volt is one of them.

It's too bad, and I'm not so sure that the Chevrolet is all that bad.  The Cruze is being discontinued too, even though it is highly rated.

If GM goes bankrupt, that could be a problem.

Anyway, the Volt uses the same kind of hybrid system that a locomotive uses.  Diesel powered locomotives spin up a generator that runs an electric motor.  This works well for locomotives, but apparently not for cars.  Unless Chevrolet did something wrong with its design.  I am a bit doubtful that they did.

A Stirling powered hybrid would be more efficient than an internal combustion engine, and might be able to run on any kind of fuel.  Ford experimented with Stirlings back in the seventies.  My recollection is that the Stirling took too long to warm up.  This wouldn't matter if it was paired with an electric engine.  The two types of engines could complement each other, just as a gasoline engine does.

Anyway, we may be taking a step backward with this news.  It is too bad.  It is probably a bad sign for electrical cars in general, and American made cars in particular.  Watch out Tesla.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Thomas Paine: American Crisis

Whether you admit it to yourself or not, all of Western Civilization is in crisis.

Perhaps a bit of history to remind those who may want some inspiration to carry on.  There are those who may want to give up.  Did Thomas Paine have this in mind?  It looks like he did.

THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.

Thomas Paine: American Crisis

Shutdown or cave in?

The Democrats are going to try to save Mueller through the budget process.  Trump is saying that he wants to shut down the government if he doesn't get a wall.  So what is likely to happen?

If the Democrats dig in, and if Trump digs in, there won't be a budget.  More than likely, there will be a continuing resolution that freezes spending at current levels.

Nobody gets anything.  However, if there is a shutdown, somebody is going to give in.  Usually, it is the GOP.  I think that is what the Democrats are counting on.

Hey, you can be happy, or you can fight.  Most people will take the easy way out, and quit.  I can give an example, but it probably isn't worth mentioning, so I won't.

If Trump is good as his word, and shuts down the government, there's going to be a lot of unhappy people out there.  But what we might find out is that the world won't come to an end, and the lies about that may finally be put to rest.  If Mueller can finally be shit canned, then all the better.  At least, one can hope so.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Truth and poverty, it is the hard way

Two things about this blog over the years that bear repeating.  Even though in the beginning, the idea was to make money, I decided to forego that even if the possibility existed to make money with this blog.  Why?  Money corrupts.  Money makes you subject to the whims of your benefactors.  In other words, if somebody gives you money, they can influence what you have to say.  If you displease them, they can remove your financial support.  This has a chilling effect on the truth.

The other is truth itself.

No claim on ultimate truth here.  Truth is hard to find because deception is the rule, not the exception.  The world is always trying to fool you, and yes, it more often than not succeeds.  So, perhaps the truth is not the word I should be using, it should be the quest for truth.  For it may not be found.  It is hidden under a mountain of lies.

All of this is hard to do.  Even if you succeed, nobody will care.  So why do it?

Why indeed.  But the truth is better than a lie.  Good things are hard.  At least I'd like to think so.

Maybe I will do it out of plain old stubborness.

Yesterday I saw a story about Jerry Van Dyke.  It was claimed that he raped his daughter, and then pimped her out to other movie stars.  After everything that I just wrote about truth, a story like this may be a vicious lie, or it may be a sad truth.  Which is it?

This much is true:  His daughter committed suicide.  She also was a porn actress.  Since this happened to her, the accusation against her father takes on the possibility of being true.  Why would she do this to herself unless something drove her to it?  She was also said to be a substance abuser.  Others may say that it was this that pushed her over the edge.

Was there a way out for her?  She may not have seen a way out.  Maybe suicide is the easy way out for someone who does not believe in the hereafter.  One moment of pain, and all of that horrible stuff ends.  But what if that is not true?  An eternity in hell that is far worse?  To deal with the pain in your life might be harder, but the result could be a lot better.  Death will come eventually no matter what you do to prevent it.  Better to be alive than dead.  Even if you hurt, you are alive.  If you don't kill yourself, maybe you won't go to hell.  If you believe there is no hell, then at least you lived as best you could while you lived.  That would be better.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The truth really is slower, this took 20 years

Clinton suborned perjury, which is a crime.  The truth is out, but Clinton is safe.

Hillary will say anything

For her to say this is just mind-boggling:

You have to hope that reality catches up with politics and entertainment at some point.

If she was a truthful person herself, this wouldn't be a problem.  But she lies every time she opens her mouth.

She talks out one side of her mouth, and then the other.  For her to be lecturing anybody on truth is just too much to take seriously.

Who said it: "A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes."

Quote is investigated in order to determine if it is from Mark Twain.

Johnathan Swift in 1710 wrote:

Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; …

So the following should not be a surprise.  The truth is the harder way, as the lie is the faster of the two, as it does its damage before the truth can repair it.  It seems that Mark Twain was only repeating an old maxim.

I write this because I want the blog to be about truth, but the problem could be that the truth never wins!!!!

Damn.  I would hate that, if it were really true.  But if it is, then there should not be any surprise at the suffering in the world.  The truth has to win, or we are in heap big doo-doo kemosabe.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Was Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed?

If he was, is he being blackmailed again?

A plausible theory is outlined at the link.

To summarize, the theory goes that Roberts could be impeached for bringing in Irish kids that would be illegal under Irish law.  Also, that Obama blackmailed him in order to uphold Obamacare.  He may have blackmailed him again in order to spy on Trump.  Roberts appointed FISA judges, you see.

Not sure how the Irish kids thing is illegal under US law, though.  But it may not matter, as any kind of scandal might force a resignation.  But is this really a scandal?

Anyway, I wouldn't doubt that that may be possible.  As for the spying thing, will we get to the bottom of that?  Don't bet on it.  I don't trust Lindsey Graham at all.  Graham would have to investigate it, and that guy is as big a squish as there is.  If the House had held up, Obama would have been at risk.


Must have precious.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

An open question

I was shown a video of this guy named Jordan Peterson, and someone asked him about uniting around "climate change"...

He says it cannot be done.  My reaction?  He may be right as far as the politics is concerned, but saying it cannot be done technically is not accurate.

The problem with "climate change" is the same as with everything else.  Solutions aren't wanted.  The politicians want the problem so that they can agitate the public with it.  If they actually solved problems, they wouldn't be politicians, they would be engineers.

We're letting the politicians wrap us around their little fingers.