Monday, October 15, 2018

Elizabeth Warren really is Pocahontas

Cuz she says so.  Bwah, hah, hah!

Anyway, there is no native American database of DNA, so she cannot prove a thing with her DNA test.

One thing that this might prove is that she's running for president in 2020.

The land of the Free and the Brave is turning into the Freak and the Fake.


The blind spots

People have their blind spots.  I know I have had mine.  That is why I came up with the phrase "the truth is a slippery thing."  When you are blind to the truth for whatever reason, you can miss it.  It can be in plain sight, and you could still miss it.

When I read some "conservative" sites, I think I see the blind spots.

There are several of those spots here in this post on Betsy's Page.  I stopped reading her blog in the recent past when she got too critical of Trump.  Since I wanted new perspectives lately, I decided to give her blog another read.

Lo and behold, a number of blind spots seem to have been discovered by the lady.  Although, she is not acknowledging the previous error in the way I think she should, she at least seems to be coming around to some slight understanding of the phenomenon.

There are several to mention here in this article.  It is a rather long article.

Let me sum up the problem concisely.  Some folks, like Betsy Newmark, cannot bring themselves to see that the Democrats are inveterate liars.  There is a reason for that, and yet Betsy cannot seem to come to that conclusion that would enable her to understand why things are the way they are.

Perhaps she does understand, but is feigning ignorance.  In that case, she is also a liar.  My blind spot may be to give her the benefit of the doubt.  At this point, at least, I don't think she is lying.  But she had better get a clue soon.  Time may be running out.

The possible reason that Kavanaugh's nomination succeeded is that the GOP's credibility was on the line.  The reason they may be getting a clue is that patience with them may getting rather thin.  They need to get on the ball.  They almost let Kavanaugh's nomination fail just because they cannot stand up to the liberal's gimmickry.

I don't know if it is complicity or not, but if it continues, it cannot be distinguished very easily.

Bigger a-hole rule

Must be bored, because I am reading a lefty site.

It is the Mahablog, the one I have written about before.  This is where I got kicked off from commenting because I must have triggered the liberal lady there.

Maybe I didn't write about the story behind that, or maybe I did.  Anyway, it was pretty tame stuff to be getting kicked off a blog for, but that's liberals for you.  The reason I am bringing it up again is because I think their behavior is self-defeating.  What happened with this incident with the Mahablog's action in my case may have been an excellent example of the bubble they live in.  By insisting upon conformity to their point of view, without exception, they invoke the tendency towards group think.

So, the Mahablog writes up about a rule that she thinks the GOP violated in the Kavanaugh circus show.  It is called the bigger asshole rule.   She seems the GOP was acting like bigger assholes than what they were acting like.  For one thing, she is admitting that the left acted like assholes.  But, she doesn't seem to think that will hurt the Dems in the midterms, but the opposite.  The biggest aholes are supposed to lose elections, the rule says.

For Barbara O'Brien to think that must mean that she is living in her own little bubble.  Hard to say what the public will do, but she only accepts CNN's polling on the question, as opposed to other polls which state otherwise.  In that way, I think she shows that she is in a bubble.  The polls were wrong about Hillary in 2016.  But then again, they don't want to accept that outcome either.

I am looking for other things to read, because this usual stuff is getting tiresome.

Reminds me of a joke.  When someone asks you how you are doing, just say, "same shit, different asshole".  There doesn't seem to be a shortage of assholes.

The Democrats cannot be serious

So much that is happening these days points to anarchy.  Well, if there's one thing that the Democrats cannot have, and that is anarchy.

What the anarchy really means is that they have to be the ones to restore order.  Oh, yeah.  They create anarchy so that they can pose as the ones who have to clean it up.  Yep.  Sounds like a protection racket.

Look.  Even Democrats cannot run a government that won't enforce any laws.  Taxes have to be raised, order has to prevail.  Big government cannot exist at the same time with anarchy.  Anarchy is the opposite of big government.

It's the same with their threats of saying the Supreme Court isn't legitimate, so that they have to pack it with liberals.  The Supreme Court is legit, or it isn't.  Make up your minds, libs.

I think their anarchy routine isn't serious.  You don't promote big government with anarchy, you do the opposite.  If they are about anarchy, then they should rule as anarchists.  But that isn't what you get with liberals.

They are not serious here.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I put a spell on you

Oh no!  The witches are after us.

You know what?  This could be serious.  Barnhardt has some convincing evidence that the "Anti-pope" known as Francis is dabbling in witchcraft.  Yep, he accepted a "Stang", which is a staff that "warlocks" are said to use.  A couple gals gave it to him, and are pictured wearing some red wristband that also has witchcraft connotations.

You can make jokes about this, but it may not be a joke.

But it does put to the lie that Democrats are so level headed, tolerant, and scientific.  But we have always known better.  Or should have.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Obligatory, 10.13.18

Since this Kavanaugh business, posting has been real light.

What gives?  I don't know.  I really don't.  There's really not a whole lot to say when the opposition goes as far as they are going now.

There's not much to say.  You cannot argue with people who don't care anything about the truth.  If the left insists on believing someone when there is no evidence, then that is game, set, and match as far as any discussion is concerned.

Why talk when talk is not going to change anybody's mind?  At this point, it is a matter of who wins the contest.  There's really nothing left to talk about.

Hillary says that the Dems will become more civil when they return to power.  The fact is that they have never been civil, in or out of power.  As long as the GOP was willing to be second bananas, the left is fine with that.  It has the appearance of civility, but it is only because the GOP is submissive.

The Dems have all but admitted that they don't respect a two party system.  For the GOP, the question is do you surrender or fight?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Psst. I got a secret

The BIG SECRET that seems to have escaped everyone's attention is that the Democrats don't give a rat's rear end about rape.

It's not that Kavanaugh is a rapist or not.  No sir.  It is about UNLIMITED ABORTION ON DEMAND.  That's the big secret.

If the Democrats really cared about rape, they would be thrilled with conservatives on the court.  Because a true conservative really does care about preventing rape.  The idea of appointing a rapist to the Supreme Court is offensive to a conservative.

In the old days, rape was a capital offense.  Who was responsible for changing that?  Conservatives?  No, think again.

But liberals are concerned about the chastity of young women?  C'mon.  They didn't have a problem with Clinton.  Also, sexual promiscuity increases the probability of rape.  Don't believe that?  Which is more likely to be a rape scenario-- if Blasey Ford was prevented from going to such parties, or if Blasey Ford was set free to go to any such party as she wished when she was that age.  The fact is, if Blasey Ford was carefully monitored as a child, no rape attempt could have been in the cards.  That is because SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROTECTED FROM THOSE SITUATIONS.

But liberals don't want women to be protected from those situations.  Instead, they want women to seek those situations, and be as sexually free as a man.  With UNLIMITED ABORTION ON DEMAND, a woman can go get laid as often as she likes.  If she gets pregnant, she can get an abortion, and keep right on screwing around.

Liberals would scream bloody murder if you were to restrict the sexual freedom of women.  Therefore, they cannot possibly be against rape.  The only way they care about it is that it gives them an opportunity to bash men.  Men like Kavanaugh.

There, the secret is out.  But it isn't really a secret after all, is it?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

You think, therefore you are

A turn of phrase that is, in Yoda speak.

This means that the manner in which you think determines the way you are.  The way you think is determined by what you believe.  If what you see conflicts with what you believe, it is rather challenging to change what you believe, so you appear to those as being a bit nutty.

An example, is this statement by Juan Williams.   For those of us who think the way I think, for him to say something like that is a head scratcher.  What makes these people think the way they do, so that they can say something like what Williams said?

It's gotta to be the way they believe things that they do.  For Williams and a lot of liberals, they must really believe Blasey Ford, even though nobody corroborated her testimony.  For those of us who do not follow the liberal belief system, Blasey Ford is not credible.  Why do liberals believe Ford even though nobody corroborated her story?  It doesn't seem rational.  For somebody to believe Ford without evidence is a leap of faith.  They must believe somebody is guilty even though there is no objective evidence for that belief.

How liberals arrive at their beliefs is a bit of a mystery.  Is it because of an indoctrination system?  Hillary Clinton wasn't indoctrinated.  Apparently, she rejected what she was raised to believe in.  It seems to be a matter of choice.

Now here is what I think liberals believe--- that they can force you to do things.  Liberals seem to think they can mold people into what they want them to be.  For a liberal then, it is a matter of will.  If they wish a thing to be true, then they can make it be so.  Facts are not as important as beliefs.  Liberals don't adjust to facts, but facts are supposed to adjustable to what a liberal wants to believe.

For liberals, Kavanaugh is guilty because they want it to be so.  It doesn't work that way for conservatives.  Conservatives can believe Kavanaugh is guilty, IF the evidence exists that proves it.  You have to find the evidence, though.  Liberals can believe Kavanaugh is guilty even though no evidence exists.

Even if Blasey Ford was lying, liberals would believe in Kavanaugh's guilt anyway, because that is what they WISH TO BELIEVE.  Therefore, their wishes make their reality.

That is why they seem nuts.  This is a very troubling thing.  For a conservative, how do you deal with this?  You can be angry with liberals, but how do you stay angry when they seem to believe what they say?  If somebody is delusional, you cannot hold them responsible.  But that doesn't mean you excuse them.  It just means that they cannot be trusted.

That is why I said I don't care about Blasey Ford's accusations.  She is either lying outright, or she is delusional.  If she is delusional, she is also invoking a similar delusion amongst the liberals who want to believe these kind of things.

Liberals have a tendency to do things like this on a regular basis.  You cannot track down all their irrational accusations.  Until they have iron clad proof of a thing, they should not be taken seriously.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Don Surber: Happy Columbus Day

Don Surber: Happy Columbus Day: He brought civilization to a new world. That is why they hate him.


Then let every day be Columbus Day.

heh, heh, heh

I think my instincts were correct

The left thinks they weren't tough enough with this Kavanaugh circus they recently created.

But I wasn't having any then, and I am not having any now.  The thing is, the left acts as if they have been wronged; but in fact, they were treated with enormous respect and consideration.

It is now dawning on me that this respect and consideration is being seen as weakness.  They think that if they pushed a little bit harder, that they would have won.  They may be thinking that they still can.

Maybe they are right, who knows?  But if Kavanaugh had won anyway; doing it my way, we wouldn't be hearing this crap now.  That is what I am thinking.

You see, the real reason that the fence-sitters came around wasn't because the GOP was being nice, it was because they were firm.  The fact that gave in as much as they did is encouraging more of this crap.

At least, that is what I think.


Still talking about Kavanaugh.  Here we are, with him sworn in and everything, and these jackasses are still going at it.

Btw, where did this word come from?

Maybe you don't want to hit yourself in the mouth, but try to find a better target.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Heinz 57

A number that is easy to remember.  The point is that they were making fun of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communism.

The anti-communists conspired with the communists in this movie.

I used to like this movie, but I must not have had my thinking cap on.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Wicked Witch Melting

Not a stake to the heart, but just as good I suppose.

Supreme Court Justice Brett M Kavanaugh Sworn In During Private Ceremony

No more messing around.


Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court

Still don't care about the "assault" allegations.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Are we there yet?

There has been light blogging for a reason.  It won't be a policy here to join in the madness.

Hopefully, the madness ends this weekend, as promised.

Of course, there is also the hints of civil unrest.

Cross that bridge when you get to it. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kendra Morris "Banshee"

Very interesting sound to this, but I could not understand the lyrics.

Maybe my hearing is bad, who knows?

You may recognize this tune, or you may not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

From complexity to simplicity, if that is possible

Just listening to Barnhardt podcast, a couple thoughts occurred to me. 

The first one was of something she called the "divine office".  The thing that
caught my attention was that it isn't being taught anymore to Catholics.  Barnhardt
is Catholic, you see.  Now, the point here is that it reminds me of something
that happened to the nuclear industry in the USA.  There was the proven concept
of molten-salt reactor technology that almost died out completely, before it was
given away to the Chinese.  Not bought, but given away to the Chinese.

The only reason the technology survived was because a group of very determined
people didn't want the tech to die out when all the scientists died.  They kept
the tech alive, but the government wanted no part of it, and gave away the tech.

The attempt to explain the superiority of molten-salt tech is not the point here.

Just try to believe for the moment that this technology was and still is superior to what we
had then and now.  Our government, in all its wisdom, has suppressed this knowledge,
and as a consequence, we had the seventies' energy crisis, and the 9-11 attack.

You may doubt the significance of what I just wrote, but the fact remains that
this tech is superior, and it has been suppressed.  Once the suppression failed,
it was given away.  Now, foreign countries will develop the tech that we could
have had forty years ago.  There was no need for what happened.  It was the fault
of the government that these bad things happened.

That was the first thing I correlated Miss Barnhardt's talk to what I have written
about before on this blog.  Culture is dying out.  More properly, it is being
MURDERED in front of our very eyes.  Giving our tech away to the Chinese is like
committing suicide.  Murder or suicide, the results are the same. 

The second thing has to do with language.  She seems to be a big proponent of Latin.

She went over the Latin grammar and said how important it is to the Church.  But
the thing that caught my attention was how the Latin language is very precise
in its use of grammar.  It seems that it is impossible to have ambiguities in the
language, as opposed to English, which seems to permit it.  This, according to

The thing that I learned was that English simplified its grammar over the course
of its development into the language we speak today.  That, according to S.I.
Hayakawa, if memory serves.  What Hayakawa taught was semantics, which is the study
in the use of language.

What I got from Hayakawa was to simplify, simplify, simplify.  When you have a
concept to express, use the least complex words available.  This seems to clash
with what Barnhardt is saying.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding Barnhardt and misremembering Hayakawa.  However it
may be, this blog will simplify as opposed to "complexify", when discussing any
topic.  That will be the case regardless of topic.

Basically, the blog has been about what has gone wrong with our society in recent
history.  But this trend has been going a long time.  It probably won't be
turned around that easily, if at all.

If there is a common vein in these two ideas thus expressed, it is that knowledge can
die out within a few generations.  It is important that knowledge be preserved
from one generation to the next, and in perpetuity.

The Romans failed to do this.  The great library at Alexandria was destroyed, and
it took a millenia to restore the knowledge that was lost.

People seem to take for granted that progress is inevitable.  But that is not the
case in history.  Societies rise and fall.  Nothing is written in stone.  This is
true for us as it was for the Romans.

"Solid" plan for protecting your data

Not sure what the proposition is about from reading this, but it sounds good ( of course ).

The trick is to get it adopted, which may be a lot more complicated than the technology itself.  The tech part is easy, the human part is what's hard.

Monday, October 1, 2018

30k ft. Whatfinger view: 9.26.18


Link included on 10.1.18

( the only link on the page so far )

the original post ( with added link):

Some headlines from Whatfinger that caught my attention:

- Grassley will hold vote for Kavanaugh on Friday ( maybe )
- Gingrich says if Kavanaugh nomination fails, no con court in our lifetime
- Ford lie detector test results, therapist notes not submitted to Senate
- The four witnesses Ford named do not recall the event she claims happened
- Female attorney to question Ford
- Kavanaugh's calendars from 1982 show him out of town
- Judge Jeanine Pirro:  "Ford won't show"
- Judge Pirro on Rosenstein: "don't fire him, let's see the memos"
- Rosenstein to meet with POTUS on Thurs.
- Sarah Huckabee Sanders "dodges" Rosenstein questions
- Rep. Jim Jordan "Rosenstein needs to appear in front of Judiciary Committee"
- Sessions hired Rosenstein, not Trump
- Rosenstein hired Mueller to harass Trump
- Fusion GPS funded by Soros confirmed
- What role did Soros play in Kavanaugh circus?
- Kazakhstan begins chemical castration of pedophiles
- "Comedian" says cut off Kavanaugh's wing-wang

Watch "TRY TO REMEMBER - (Lyrics)" on YouTube

September 2018 is in the history books.

It was a song I heard on the radio yesterday.

Juanita Broaddrick must have a Senate Hearing

Not really.  I can't back that up.  But the Dems aren't really interested in the women's issue, except for its politics with respect to Judge Kavanaugh nomination to Scotus.

Strzok plus Ford equals Kavanaugh Killer

Look at these associations.  One big happy family.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Free Will and Mind Control - by Robert Ringer

Free Will and Mind Control - by Robert Ringer: Few disciplines are more difficult for modern man than silencing his noise machine.  It’s a machine that continuously floods the mind with thoughts of guilt, anger, the latest injustices he has suffered, and endless trivia.  It randomly engages in self-debate and senseless chatter, blocking out all attempts to bring forth a meaningful thought. Many people …


The circus going on in Washington DC at the moment is a good example of the distractions that Ringer is talking about.

Of course, there are endless numbers of things that can distract you.  This article caught my attention because I had the thought that either : events drive you, or you drive events.  If events are driving you, it is because you are probably distracted.  You are always reacting to events, as opposed to shaping them.

Anyway, that is my take.


Of course I understand that this thought can be applied to my off-grid project.  I spend way too much time on this junk.

The circus has sucked all the oxygen out of the room

It's friggin' nuts out there. 

Nothing to say about it until this thing blows over, if it ever does.

Even at 30k ft, it is too nuts for me.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Records Show Dr. Ford is NOT a Licensed Psychologist

Free Republic post, sourced as "Vanity".  The reliability of this, I am not sure.  It does seem like a reason to discredit Ford.  There was plenty already.

It is worth reading.  If truth matters, this "investigation" should wrap up pretty quickly.  But who knows?  It shouldn't be necessary in the first place.  Everybody should already know enough.

Anyway, I'll play this game.  It is aligned with truth.  If truth fails, the country fails.  It is as simple as that.

...while under oath, Ford opened her testimony saying, “My name is Christine Blasey Ford, I am a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine.”


The issue lies with the word “psychologist,” and Ford potentially misrepresenting herself and her credentials, an infraction that is taken very seriously in the psychology field as well as under California law.

In other words, Ford committed perjury.  Now, if that matters, which there is no guarantee that it will, she is completely discredited.  Of course, you should know that already.

This is an extensive essay at the link provided.  As they say... read it all.

More here, from Infowars, obtained from the comments.

There's a lot more on Free Republic that refutes everything Ford said, but I repeat myself.  Everybody knew this.

One more thing....

The GOP types in the Senate allowed this charade.  We now have a week more of this.  There will be a lot more of this type of garbage instead of focusing on what just happened.  They should focus only on what just happenedThey should just focus on the credibility of the testimony during the process itself.

Any investigation that takes place should weigh the credibility of what the testimony was in the circus.  Any new issues should not be taken up.  If new issues are allowed in, there will only be further delay.  That is what the Democrats are hoping for.  If the GOP allows this, the nomination will fail.

Friday, September 28, 2018

An FBI investigation?

Very disappointing.

Two ways that this is disappointing.  One is that Trump ordered it, and two that Trump said something in support of Ford.

Sorry.  I have to say this is a big disappointment for me.  Trump should not have said anything at all in support of Ford, and should have told the Senate to vote the nominee up or down.

The Senate was supposed to vote on it early next week.  He should have kept them to that schedule.

This garbage has gone on too long.  If Flake and Co. don't want to vote for the guy, then let that be so.  No sense playing this game any longer.

However, the more likely outcome now seems to be a failed nomination.  It may have been in the cards anyway, but this isn't likely to produce anything but more of the same that we have witnessed this past week.

Ever heard of "Q"?

Not this guy.

There's this guy ( or gal ) who posts on a forum, and a lot of people talk about it.  Okay, so I started to look up this character. 

It has a lot of really weird stuff that is being threatened if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

I hope they make good on the threats.  It is far better to have power when they pull a stunt like this.  Imagine if they were in power, and did something similar.  If you wanted to rebel, you would have to go against the state.

Better to have the levers of power than not to have it.

That's why they are planning to go apeshit if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Civil War II?  Bring it on.

Rosenstein will flip?

...and become Trump's best friend?: Rosenstein has no choice but to become Trump's best friend if he wants to save even a semblance of his career.

by William L. Gensert on American Thinker.  Gensert also administers a blog called "Conservative Junction."


Knock me over with a feather.

I don't know about guys who play double.  Maybe the next thing you'll hear is that "Rosie" is a cross-dresser.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

It's a big circus

If you read Instapundit, you may have noticed a counter at the end of each post.  This counter seems to indicate how much attention that post is getting, for those of you who may be wondering. 

There are no comments on that blog, so I think this is a count to how many comments there would be if there were comments.  It's a proxy for comments, I would say.

Anyway, I have never seen it so high than for these Kavanaugh hearings.   It tells me that people are paying close attention to it.

I am not.  I am taking a 30k ft. view of it.  This is my view--- it's a circus.  All of this is designed for the drama.  What will the end result be?  Hard to say.  If they think they can fool all of the people, they are quite mistaken.  They may be able to fool most of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.

If the GOP refuses to back this nominee, they will have to fool all the people all of the time for now on.  That's my 30k ft. view.

In other words, nobody is going to believe them anymore.  Why should they?  This circus is supposed to convince us of Kavanaugh's guilt?  Are you kidding me????!!!

They are going to fool some of the people some of the time with this.  But that won't help them in the future.  They ought to play the game honestly, and stop fooling around with this.

We'll see how the drama ends.  Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rosenstein -vs- McCabe

Tweedly dee v. Tweedly dum.  Which is which?  Does it matter?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sitting out the election is self defeating

I saw what Rush has said about the Kavanaugh nomination failing, and so forth.

If the GOP voters did that, and didn't show up on election day, who would that hurt?  It would hurt Trump.

Now, let me ask a question to those who support Trump--- do you want him to stay in office?  Because if he doesn't have enough support in the Congress, he will be impeached.

Evidently, you are growing overconfident over Mueller's failure, and you are getting deceived.  Or you are letting yourself be deceived.  Make no mistake, they will impeach if they get the chance.

As for me, I am ignoring this for a reason.  I do not consider Ford's accusation to matter one way or another.  Kavanaugh did it or he didn't, but for me, I could care less.  This is about the court, and controlling it for conservative purposes.  If you cannot support that, then you have no credibility.

Kavanaugh can be impeached if he really did something provably wrong.  The Democrats are already threatening that anyway.

The thing to do is to support Trump to the hilt, and make sure that the GOP retains the Senate.  For that matter, the entire House.  Those who are trying to blow up this nomination will have succeeded in blowing up everything ---if you give up.  Why give them this victory on a silver platter?

Staying home is not the answer if you care about nominating conservative judges in the future.  If you stay home, Trump won't get to do that.  This is true regardless of what happens with this nomination.

Whatever happens, I am voting.  So should you.

Don Surber: Chaos and incompetence in the White House press co...

Don Surber: Chaos and incompetence in the White House press co...: Jonathan Swan of Axios had another big scoop on Monday morning: Exclusive: Rod Rosenstein is resigning  It was a scoop of something that ...


A bit of a surprise.  I went to bed thinking Rosenstink was out.  Now he is back in.

After reading Surber's article here, it may well be a case of fake news.  Nobody is coming forward as the source of this story, so we don't know what the truth actually is.

Rosenstein may have wanted to get Trump out via the 25th amendment, but as I wrote before, that way is harder than impeachment.

Even Dick Morris was in on all this, so the fake isn't just with the lefties.  We have people "on our side" that fall for this too.  As for me, I don't think I wrote anything about any of this, but I could have.  The power of the lie is very powerful indeed.


It may have been sourced properly and everything.  Not sure what is going on, but The Last Refuge blog has a theory.

It seems that Rosenstein is on the way out, but the timing is what matters now.

Monday, September 24, 2018

(2013) Nancy Pelosi Told House Democrats to "Embrace the Suck." Where Did That Phrase Come From?

Maybe embracing reality is synonymous with embracing the suck?

I don't know unicorns.  Either way, it's bad.

JibJab: This land

Remember this?

They are still around, but they don't seem to make these videos now.

Embracing Reality - by Robert Ringer

Embracing Reality - by Robert Ringer: As the lying, corruption, and craziness continue unabated in Washington, it’s a reminder of just how important it is to one’s sanity to embrace reality.  Reality is synonymous with truth, but, as Baltasar Gracian, the insightful and pragmatic 17th century Jesuit priest, cautioned, “Truth is abhorred by the masses.” Instead of loving truth, most people …


Lying, corruption and craziness...  Boy does that sum things up succinctly.

Perhaps Ringer is simply restating one of Napoleon Hill's success principles of "accurate thinking".

Believing in unicorns might be more pleasant than the reality, though.  So accurate thinking may be the exception, and not the rule. 

Actually, I believe in unicorns with an attitude.  They take their horns and shove it when it needs to go.  If only...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Senator Grassley: "We cannot delay. But we will do it anyway."



4:00 am:

Looks like a "tentative" agreement for her to testify on Thursday.  Maybe by phone?  She is supposedly afraid to travel.  It may be another stalling tactic.  Anyway, there are probably two Senators that Grassley may want to keep on board.  Maybe all this drama is for them and their
constituents.  Supposedly.


Murkowski of Alaska was primaried out of her nomination, and ran as an independent.  This was several years ago.  Maybe she can be swayed out of her vote for Kavanaugh.  Collins of Maine is in the liberal northeast.  Those two female Senators are probably holding out for the testimony.

Otherwise, why bother?

7:42 pm:

Been off the web for most of the day.  It's a data issue again.  I want to stay on track for 10 gig this month, and I used it up really quick this morning.  Anyway, I am somewhat in the dark on the news regarding this.

It appears to me, after reading through a few headlines on Free Republic, that this may get extended into next week.  As of now, I am not sure when the "deadline" is.

I have a hunch that the "three amigos" may be holding up the show.  If the GOP doesn't have them, they can't guarantee a confirmation.  Grassley may be accommodating these three.

But, to keep it in perspective, there's a lot of red state Dems up for reelection.  It may be possible to lose all three and still confirm.

But at any rate, they cannot allow themselves to be played like this.  Vote him up or down, but get it over with.

9:30 am:

I have been saying all along that this is failure theater.  They want to keep caving in to the Dems in order to throw the election to them.

Nobody is going to want to vote for these doormats, but that is the only option.  At least for the time being.

I have also said for the longest time that we need a new party.  This kind of thing has to stop.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Don Surber: Suddenly, burning a flag is a hate crime

Don Surber: Suddenly, burning a flag is a hate crime: Thirty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that burning the American flag was totally protected by the First Amendment. Now liberals want t...


Liberals don't want equality!  They want supremacy.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Morris: "Kavanaugh Nomination: Full Speed Ahead – Lunch Alert!"

"It's a delaying tactic."

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Civil War?


There won't be any civil war.  If there was going to be a civil war, it would have happened already.

These people don't have a clue.

"VDH" has jumped the shark.

Don Surber: Why are Democrats so crazy?

Don Surber: Why are Democrats so crazy?: For months, I have been struck by how abnormal so many of the people tied to the Fake Russian Dossier are. I do not mean just the people on ...


Why, I was just thinking the same thing as I looked at the pictures of these people.  This is one strange group of people.

Maybe they're the hobbits that the late John McCain used to talk about.  Or maybe not, they could be like this guy...

Tricksy hobbiteses.  They got the "precious" from him, you see.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gotta give her credit

Barnhardt is bragging about her traffic.  For a moment, I wondered--- why?  What is so new about priests molesting young boys?  Heck, it was on a TV show that I don't watch, but received as a gift--- Ray Donovan

All of Ray's brothers were Catholic and he was raised Catholic.  And they were all abused.  Even Ray, the consummate bad ass.  It's a TV show, I know.

If it is on TV, it MUST be true, right?

So, why is this news???

But you have to give her credit for breaking this story.  Nobody really gives a damn about the truth, but they love a story like this.  If they gave a damn about the truth, the guy wouldn't be Pope, now would he?  Remember, none of this is news.

Remember that priest in Ireland that "came out"?  He was applauded for that.  News, schmews.  It's not news.

This may seem like jealousy, and maybe it is.  But what is happening in the USA right now is bigger than this story, and the priest sexual abuse story is an old story.  Yet, everybody flocks to Barnhardt like she's telling them something they didn't know already.

Go figure.

Sharyl Attkisson: ""Collusion against Trump" timeline"

Again, collusion is a soft word for "conspiracy".  The Mueller investigation is about an alleged conspiracy which supposedly involved POTUS.  The Democrats want to use this in order to win the midterms and to impeach Trump.

Now this Collusion against Trump is a conspiracy, is it not?  Why use a soft word for that???

If justice is to be served, a much harder line must be taken.  Stop soft-peddling this conspiracy.  It is a major crime against the country.

The Last Refuge : 'Desperation Amid Democrat Members of The Intelligence "Gang of Eight"'

There are eight members of the Gang of Eight.  The Gang of Eight are said to have oversight authority of the type of matter such as this--- a declassification order from the POTUS.

The Gang of Eight has four GOP members and four Democrat members.  The Democrat members wrote a letter requesting that the declassification order from Trump NOT be obeyed.

If the administration officials decide to follow Trump instead of the Democrat members of the Gang of Eight, the only recourse available to the Democrats is impeachment.

If so, then they should be happy to let Trump do this.  It gives them the excuse they need to impeach the POTUS.

If the information release is adverse to the investigation, it could only mean that the information therein must be exculpatory.  Why else oppose it?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Officer has crappy day


Frankly my dear, I don't give a ...

From his lips to God's ear.

The Democrats won't be satisfied until America is "Gone with the wind".

If you can't or won't defend the culture, you entertain the Democrats in their usual blarney.  Why can't the Grand Old Party grow a pair, and tell these liberal broads the same as this famous line...

Personally, I don't give a rat's rear end if Kavanaugh did it or not.  It is beneath the dignity of our country to entertain such nonsense, but there it is...


Sen of Hawaii tell men to shut up.  Nah!  Just the opposite, bitch.

Dennis Prager - The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored

From his lips to God's ears.

What kind of people are we electing to office???

Not talking about Kavanaugh, talking about the asshats that entertain this garbage.

Here we go again...



The Senate Judiciary committee votes on the nominee.  If that vote fails, then the nomination fails.

Jeff Flake, the Senator who cannot be reelected, is holding up that vote.  Also, it is said that a few other Senators are holding up the vote, which implies that the nomination might fail in the floor vote, if it got there.

If it got to a floor vote, a lot of Democrats in red states are going to have to vote.  This may cause them to lose a close reelection bid either way they vote.

All of this comes down to Flake, then.  We have to put up with this because of Flake.  No wonder he couldn't get reelected.

12:15 am:

Well, it certainly appears that my opinion isn't in the majority.

If these guys really think this nomination is important, they wouldn't allow this act of desperation.

The deeds of the so-called conservatives don't match the lofty words they like to use.  Can't imagine why they would let the Democrats pull this stunt.  Weak.  But of course, it makes sense if they really want to lose while looking virtuous.  Hah, hah, hah.

All of their credibility is on the line.  Why would they sacrifice it on the altar of what the Democrats will say about it?  Who cares what they think?  Evidently, the GOP dopes do.

the original post follows:

9.17.18 @ 7:01 pm:

It's failure theater time, boys and girls!

They are going to have Kavanaugh and his accuser in for an appearance before the Senate committee.

The allegation cannot be proven or disproven.

Facts seem to point out that there would have to be witnesses.  If these show up all of a sudden, then I will suspect another setup.

It is 40 years after the allegation.  I do not believe that any case can be tried on the facts after such a long period of time.  This does not deserve the time of day.

In my opinion, this is just an excuse to fail.  As soon as Bill Clinton is tried to raping Juanita Broadrick, then we can consider this.

Of course, the dainty hands, and the impeccable integrity of the likes Jeff Flake must rule the day.  Gag me with a spoon.

Monday, September 17, 2018

CR: "What election? Republicans have already handed Congress to the Democrats"

The author points out all of the GOP betrayals with respect to their alleged principles.  What's a voter to do but vote against them, or stay home?

That's the point.  As I have been saying all along, the GOP is trying to lose this election,

If the Dems win, they'll impeach Trump.  The wobblies that are now caving in on Kavanaugh will cave in on Trump.  Never mind the truth.

You have to vote GOP to keep the Dems out.  The GOP cannot afford to impeach Trump if they want to continue to have a viable political party. 

The big battles will have to wait.  The main thing is to keep the Dems out.

They haven't handed the Congress over YET, unless you play their game.

Dick Morris: "Kavanaugh Accusations Open Big Trap For Democrats"

Lots of Red State Senators running for reelection are going to be put in a trap.  If they side with their party, they antagonize GOP voters.  If they don't side with their party, they will incur the wrath of their voters.  Unwinnable scenario for them.

Morris doesn't put it this way, but he does say that it will backfire on them--- big time.

This isn't good news

Insty posts a poll which says Republican battleground states trust Trump over Mueller.

Actually, it should be close to 100% nationwide, not just battleground states.

If this many GOP people don't trust Trump, then the GOP has a problem.

When you have nearly 1 in 5 who do not trust their president, it could be a problem on election day.

These numbers have to be improved upon, or get the base out big time for this election.  Otherwise, it could be a bad day.

Don't blame it on anybody else if you lose.  It is yours to lose.  This poll is not good.

Plenty wet around here due to rain

There was a shortage of water, now there is more water than I know what to do with.

I found another thing I could do with all this rainwater that I have been collecting lately.  There was another 10 gallons that I needed to find a use for.  All of my containers are full of water, so that was not an option.

The solution was to flush my tanks of my trailer.  Besides that, after muddying up the floors, I needed to mop up afterwards.

While I was at it, I cleaned up the joint, and used some Pinesol for the floor.  Now the place smells fresh and clean.

And the water is flushed down into the tanks.  I haven't emptied the tanks yet, but I'll give that a little more time.  It is still muddy outside.  I sure hate to mess up the pretty floor again.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

No double standards could exist without GOP approval

You hear about this lament that the GOP and the Democrats are judged by different standards.

It is only true because the GOP allows it.  It is a perfect excuse for failure.  It allows the blame to be shifted upon that over which there is no control.

However, there is some control over how you are treated.  If you allow this kind of treatment, it is only because you tolerate it.  Nobody has to tolerate being treated second class.

The left wont tolerate even the slightest things.  They even invent reasons to be offended.  But let the GOP be accused of anything, it is taken as given that they have to prove that it isn't so.

This doesn't have to be the case.  But evidently, the GOP seems to want it that way.

The GOP needs to fight in order to maintain morale.  When they don't fight, it depresses enthusiasm.  Perhaps that won't happen in this cycle, but it could.  If enthusiasm falls off, then turnout will fall off.

The Dems invented this Russian conspiracy in order to stir up their people.  Chances are, a lot of them will go to the polls because of the manufactured rage.

The GOP cannot afford to fall asleep this time.

Up on Cripple Creek --- The Band

A drunkard's dream if you ever did see one...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Why Judge Roy Moore lost the race for Senator in Alabama



How short are the memories.  Evidently, they have forgotten all about Roy Moore.  Moore was running for the seat vacated by former Alabama Sen and now AG Sessions.  Alabama now has a democrat senator.

Moore was accused of sexual improprieties.  Okay, but where's the proof?  Proof!  What proof?  You only need to make the accusation, and the limp wrist GOP types collapse in a heap.

Kavanaugh is getting that treatment now.  What did you expect?  If you don't burn this, they will keep doing it.  They do it because it works.

the original post follows:

1.9.18 @ 10:51 am:

As a wrote at the time:  what do you have against the Ten Commandments and traditional marriage?

It seems that contempt for the Bible may be the reason.

In my opinion, the Judge's alleged mistreatment of women some forty years ago was a complete sham.  They absolutely could not have this man in the Senate.  That includes so-called conservatives.  There you have it in a nutshell.

At least they could be honest about it, instead of inventing this phony excuse.  If they were honest, they would be different people.  And there is where the problem is.

Texas Senatorial Race



3:00 pm:

You can talk all you want about the endless investigations.  Every last bit of that is meant to distract from the issue at hand.

The issue is do you want Trump to be POTUS or not?  Because if you do, you'd better make sure that the Democrats do not win in November 2018.  They must be stopped, because if they are not, they will be emboldened.  So will the never Trumper faction of the GOP, which is probably a significant portion of elected officials.  The never Trumpers cannot do what they want because they cannot justify it to the voters.  They are biding their time.

If the GOP retains the House, impeachment goes away.  That is the only way to be sure.  In order to accomplish that, everybody who voted for Trump in 2016 must go back and do it again.  If not, the GOTV of the Democrats may force a change in control of Congress, and all bets are off.

The investigations are the distraction that makes you overlook this fact.

2:30 pm:

The last midterm was in 2014.  A Texas Senate seat was in play in that election as well.  How many votes cast?  About 4.6 million.  That is only half as many as was cast in 2016, just two years later.

Clearly, an opportunity exists for the Democrats, provided that the GOP loses interest, and does not vote. However, if the GOP does its job, they will win this state easily.  If not, look out!


It is interesting to look back at the 2012 election, in which Cruz won.  He won by
1.3 million votes.  Again, if the GOP voters show up here in Tx, they will win quite
easily.  If they don't show up, they can lose.

You can pay attention to all the noise, or you can set your priorities on what you
want from the government.

There is really no excuse for the party of limited government to be staying home.

Trump has governed the way that these people should be supporting.  Everything else
you're hearing is noise.

9.12.18 @ 8 am
the original post follows:

To make this short and sweet, it's Trump v. Obama, not Cruz v. O'Rourke.  Why?

It's all about turnout.  If the 2016 race were to be hyped up, which is what
this has become, then the Dem great hope is that they can turn out the vote.  If
that happens, they figure they can win.

Looking at the primary vote, it was just a fraction of the vote in the general.  In
2016, nearly 10 million Texans voted.  In the primaries?  Just a million and a
half voted for the GOP Senate candidates.  If the Dems got out as many votes as
the GOP, which they didn't, it would have only had been 30% of the turnout for
the general.

In other words, the primary vote numbers don't mean squat.  It is the general
election that matters now.  In the general election, the idea is to remove Trump
and to put "hope and change" back on the ballot.

Will it work?  Only if the GOP falls asleep.  That can happen, you know.  That
is why Cruz invited Trump to come to Texas, and help him out.

You could generalize that to the national scene as well.  If the Trump voters
stay home, and if the rest of the GOP stays home, then they could lose the
Congress and the Presidency.

Victory is all about turnout.

Conspiracy theories v. collusion

If you are going to win this election, you not only have to keep your base, but you also have to gain voters who do not necessarily agree with you.

For if you allow your opponents to grab those votes and their own base, then you are destined to lose.

I believe to support Trump is the correct choice.   So, I am not going to stand by idly on this blog, and let the Democrats get way with defrauding the country with the "collusion" narrative.

Isn't that what the Democrats are really selling in this campaign?   Nancy Pelosi says she wants to talk economics.  But do they really want to do this?

Trump's policies are working very well.  You can see that in the numbers before he was elected and after.  You can see this clearly in the Fed Funds rate.  If Obama's economy was so good, then why was the Fed Funds rate near zero for his entire tenure as POTUS?  No sooner than Trump was elected the rates started going up.  Higher rates are definite signs of a strengthening economy.  Lower rates is an "accommodative" policy meant to support a weak economy.  The economy was weak during Obama's entire presidency---the weakest recovery on record since WWII.  Why would Pelosi want to talk about that?  Therefore, she is just winking at the collusion narrative.  They have nothing to sell but the collusion talk.

What about this word "collusion"?  It is a political word, not a legal word.  The legal word would be "conspiracy".  Since no conspiracy has been found, this just a "conspiracy theory".  The use of this word "collusion" is meant to obfuscate the fact that it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy theory is being woven out of cloth of falsehoods  exaggerations, and guilt by association.  Scalps have been collected in order to make it appear that there is guilt to be found here, but the guilt that has been found so far has been coerced out of hapless associates of Trump, who are being targeted as a way to get to Trump.

When all this fails, they will ultimately resort to process crimes: ie, perjury, obstruction of justice.  It is the Scooter Libby model.

Phony and fake scandals is all they have.  Pelosi doesn't really want to talk about those things because those things don't favor her prospects to be Speaker.   She may say it to muddy the issue, but it has no credibility, unless she comes out forcefully against the Mueller "investigation" of what amounts to a conspiracy theory.  Weak statements, such as the ones she makes, are not convincing.  You cannot straddle the fence on this one.  Either support impeachment, or end this phony impeachment scandal mongering so-called investigation.

Don't trust Nancy Pelosi

With respect to the "wait for the midterms" message that the Obamabots are selling to their comrades overseas, you should not trust the words of Pelosi.  Pelosi is saying those words in order to fool somebody, and that somebody may be those who support Trump.

Don't be fooled.  If the Democrats really wanted to drop the impeachment drumbeat, then they would tell Mueller to wrap it up before the election.  Since they are not going to do that, then their words are meaningless.  Especially since officials from the previous Democrat administration are out there telling the Iranians, Chinese, Canadians, and others to wait on the midterms.  For if the Democrats win the midterms, Trump could be greatly weakened or removed from office.

Here is something else to consider.  Pelosi is on the record supporting investigations that could lead to impeachment of the POTUS.

“That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment.”

How can you not be running on impeachment and support Mueller's effort to find something, anything to impeach the president?  It is double talk.  Such as this quote:

"I have said over and over again that I don't think we should be talking about impeachment," Pelosi said during her weekly press briefing on Thursday. "I've been very clear right from the start."

Talk about it and don't talk about it?  Which is it?

Don't trust the Democrats.  Don't trust Pelosi.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Last Refuge: "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry's Intervention in Iran"

"literally unprecedented"....  via @thelastrefuge2  [ tweet ]


It's all a part of a pattern, the article explains.  "Wait out the mid-terms."  That's what Kerry said to the Iranians, but others have been reported to have said the same thing to other countries.

The Democrats are putting all their eggs in that midterms basket.  They are counting on the Russian conspiracy to take them to victory.  But no such conspiracy existed on the Trump side, and may well have happened on the Democrat side.

Come to think of it, the Trumpists  are counting on logic, reason and evidence to prevail.  They believe that they can prove what they say is true.  Yes, they can, but....if you cannot convince enough of the voters....

What if you lose????  Somebody's gonna lose.  Hard to win when your own party won't support you even though you are delivering on what they always claimed to believe in.

If the Trumpists lose, what will they do???  Civil war???  I am thinking such talk is foolish, but it continues.  Nobody should be talking civil war unless they are prepared for one.  Nobody is preparing for one.  It is all talk.

I am hoping that there isn't enough turncoats on the GOP side to turn this election the wrong way.

I am also hoping that enough Democrats "see the light" , and stop voting for what's killing them and the rest of us.  There's some evidence that this is possible...

Ixnay on the otten-ray, but it is really rotten anyway!

Thoughts on the road, 9.14.18

Been awhile since I done that.  I guess I like to drive, and to think while I
drive.  Probably not a good habit.

Anyway, one thing I was thinking about was how satisfying it is sometimes when
I think I did something pretty good, and that feeling that goes with it.  Only
thing is, that feeling doesn't last.

Sure enough, I got to thinking again.  Derned if I didn't start thinking about
the subject of Hobbesian choices.

( Note:  After looking up the term, I realize that what I write below is incorrect. )

Hey, Vern!  What's that choice thing again?

You probably know what that is.  Some kid may have asked you that when you were
a kid yourself.  Would you rather be boiled in oil, or ride on a mile long razor
blade?  You have to make a choice! 

Like hell I do.  I refused to answer such questions.

Eventually you have to, though.  A Hobbesian choice could be one in which you have
to choose the manner of your death, and it's not optional.  Consider those people
trapped in the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001.  Their choice was jump to their
death, or be burned to death.  There was no escape, and no other options.

I haven't had to make such a choice, obviously.  For if I had, I wouldn't be
writing this little ditty.

But I may have gotten closer to it than I would have liked.  I have a notion now
of what that may be like.

I could have had to choose between dying from cancer later, or dying on the operating
table now.  My cancer would have required a very lengthy and difficult surgery
that few surgeons want to attempt.  Even if I had lived through it, the rehab
would have been long and difficult.  Not to mention that I would never have been
the same again.

I have heard that people when faced with this type of news commit suicide.

When I think back over all this that has happened in the last couple years, I am
amazed at how lucky I was.

I had proton therapy to treat that cancer.  It didn't cause pain at all until the
end of the treatment, and that was no worse than a sunburn.

It bought me a quality of life far superior than what I might have had to accept
if this therapy wasn't available to me.  That is why I was so very lucky.

Eventually, the luck runs out.  It does for us all.

Not trying to be morbid here.  No sir.  But it is sobering to think of it.

The moral here?  Maybe none.  Or, perhaps don't tempt fate.  It will come soon

After including the note above, maybe there is no moral.  Just stop wasting your time
thinking about dumb stuff!

Something familiar about all this...

It's like deja vu all over again.

Dianne Feinstein Sends Letter To FBI Accusing Brett Kavanaugh Of Nothing [VIDEO]

It's just like what they have been doing to Trump.  After two years of this Russian collusion business, they have no crime.

Manafort doesn't count because that was BEFORE Trump was even a candidate.

Pappa-dopp may have been set up over "stolen" emails that weren't even stolen.  The Crowdstrike finding was hearsay, but the FBI treated it as evidence.

Flynn didn't lie.  A confession was coerced.

Are we awake yet??

Humor: Ixnay on the otten-ray

Young Frankenstein is a great movie.  Lots of good stuff, like the one in which they are arguing about the monster's brain.  Frederick von Fronkensteen says that it's a rotten brain, and the monster roars.  Eye Gore says "ixnay on the otten-ray" as a warning not to use the word "rotten" in reference to the monster's rotten brain.  That's because that makes the monster even more fierce than usual.  Eye Gore is using Pig Latin to fool the monster.

I'd like to use that phrase in relation to our political class, which is rotten.  However, if you use the word "rotten" too much with these people, they might come after you.

I think that it has happened before.

Ixnay on the otten-ray.  But I am going to use it anyway.  They are otten-ray, I tell you.  Otten-ray!

Al Fin blog: Shocking Rules for Preventing Personal Poverty

Shocking Rules for Preventing Personal Poverty  via @wordpressdotcom

Good advice, generally speaking.  However, there are no guarantees in life.  Furthermore, don't get sick, and don't get old--- like me.

Don't want to knock this piece, but the excessive focus on money may be a problem.  I should know.  I kinda learned a lesson on that.  Or, I'd like to think I have.

Trump can't use the phrase, but Gov. Moonbeam can

California Governor: President Trump is the "Enemy of the People" Because Climate Change via @WattsUpWithThat


Do you recall when President Trump call the media the enemy?  The media is largely foreign controlled, and at best, it is not our friend.

Did Moonbeam actually use that phrase, and did Trump actually use that phrase???  The reason I ask that question is that it is an old phrase from the Cold War years.  The Soviet Union used that phrase in reference to anybody who questioned their regime.  Remember that the left is actually accusing Trump of a conspiracy with the Russians in order to rig the 2016 election in his favor.

So, I am asking that question to ferret out the truth.  Who actually used that phrase?  From the link, Brown actually used that phrase.  But did Trump?  Not exactly.  He singled out a few media outlets and specified "fake news", according to the Hill website.

Not exactly the same thing, wouldn't you say?

So why did the GOP controlled Congress pass a resolution that seemed to contradict Trump???

Are they actually trying to win this election, or lose it???

Do you really believe that Trump is a communist?????


You may notice that I have made a few changes on the left sidebar.

One of those changes is to add "Whatfinger" to the preferred blog list.  Whatfinger is a news-aggregation site, not unlike Drudge.

Drudge has become unreliable.  Maybe he always was.  Won't go any further than that.  Read up on the speculations to understand why.

There are a number of interesting links there.  Stuff you may not see elsewhere.  In fact, if I can remember it, I am planning to visit that site for news on a daily basis.

Real Clear Investigations: How Anti-Trump Leakers Moved From Offense to Defense

More discussion on The Last Refuge.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Grumpy old fart time

Yes, it must seem that way to young eyes.  I could tell that when I went out to
work last Saturday.  These young people are like babies.  It is almost like you
have to change their diapers for them.  All of that last comment was metaphorical,
of course.  Yes, you have to do everything for them.  Might as well put a bib on
'em and spoon feed them as well.

Young people may think they know everything.  It seemed that way when I was young.
I knew everything and I was going to live forever.  But youth lasts but for
a short time.  Before you know it, you are an old fart like me.  Now the young
people see me as a grumpy old fart.  I can see it out there when I work.

The politicians fool the public all the time.  They are deceitful as the day is
long.  So, who do they like to deceive the most?  Why, the youngsters, of course.

As old as I am, they fool me too.  But hopefully not as much as they used to.

You might hear the phrase "rule of law".  Nothing changed since I was a youngster.

There's plenty use for that phrase---then and now.  Only thing is that the rule of
law has been subverted then as now.  All in the name of preserving it.  Just another
one of the lies from our good friends, the politicians.

The US Constitution provided the blueprint for a country to be governed by the
rule of law.  Of course, the politicians are all for the rule of law except when
they are not, which is most of the time.  Consequently, the Constitution is quickly
becoming nothing more than a relic from a bygone era.  It is has been referred to
as such, because it is a "living document".  Only old farts like me seem to care
about it anymore.

The living document is an argument for subverting the Constitution, and replacing
it with the whims of men.  These men are not elected, but they are responsible for
most of what is called "progress" these days.  You know, like redefining marriage,
even though there is nothing in the Constitution that gave these judges that power.

Culture was supposed to be a local affair.  It is not supposed to be a concern
of the nation's highest court.  But politicians have a better idea.

Why, in the good old days, homosexuals were considered abnormal.  These days, we
are much more enlightened.  Thanks to our leadership, what was once considered
abnormal and repugnant has now become mainstream.  In the old days, there was
this song that referred to "father-rapers".  It seemed hilarious back then.  But
today?  It might get banned for being "anti-gay".  Of course, gay used to mean
something else entirely when I was a kid.  It had nothing to do with homosexuality.

All this progress happened right under the noses of my generation.  So now I am
very sorry that I didn't do more to stop it.  It was no big deal then.  Even now,
when the politicians preach to us about rule of law and democracy, they practice
neither.  As a result of all this democracy and rule of law, the California
initiative to ban same-sex marriage was ruled "unconstitutional" by what has been
miscalled a "conservative" court.

So these conservatives really love the rule of law, don't they?  Nobody keeps
standards anymore, not even conservatives.  Conservatives?  What conservatives?

The pedophilia in the Catholic church is in the news these days.  The very idea
of priests doing this to youngsters would have been considered so shocking that
it would have shook the world, is now slowing changed into something considered
to be normal.  What's the big deal?-- in today's world.  Nothing like this would
have been taken so lightly in my youth.  No siree.

They used to burn heretics at the stake.  How uncivilized.

In my youth, even criminals had been morals than the priests these days.  If a
convict was found to be a pedophile, the prisoners would beat that guy to death.
We put up with things today that even the lowest dregs of society of an earlier
day would not have tolerated.

But the politicians say we have made progress.  The younger people, not having
seen with their own eyes how our society has degraded, will accept that as
gospel truth.  But kids are easy to fool.

It might be a bit harder with an old fart like me.  But who listens to old white
guys?  Remember George Will?  He won't vote for the GOP anymore, even though
the guys he wants to vote for now are disregarding the dead white guys of days
gone by.  I heard the term "dead white guys" from Will himself.

Will isn't young anymore.  How did they fool him?  Maybe there is no fool like
an old fool.

I just as soon be a grumpy old fart.  I refuse to be a fool for these "father

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Are eyes opening yet?

There is so much talk of a "war" going on, that I am almost beside myself with astonishment.

What war?  The traditional culture of our country, and that of the west, is being continually MUGGED.  Yet, they call this a "war".

We have a COUP going on, in case you didn't notice it.  The POTUS has done NOTHING, but we are supposed to sit here an listen to this insane accusations of the Democrats of Russian "collusion".

Why is it insane?  Because if anything illegal, immoral, or fattening ever came out of the Trump campaign, the left would have been all over it.  If they couldn't find anything during the election of 2016, then it didn't exist.  If it did exist, like a PRIVATE recording in which Trump used the "pussy", then we would have heard about it endlessly.

But if it didn't exist, why are we hearing so much about it almost two years later?  Because they MADE IT UP.  If they cannot find anything, then they will make it up.  It is a principle.  Call it the Democrat principle.  The principle states that they will do ANYTHING TO WIN.  Nothing is forbidden to them.  Everything is possible.  I would say even MURDER, like Seth Rich.

Now let me segue into something I just read on Limbaugh's site.  Evidently, officials in Puerto Rico HID bottled water in order to make Trump look bad.  You know what this reminded me of?  A scene in Black Hawk Down, where food supplies were denied to hungry people.  It makes you wonder if those same hungry people, if given a chance, would vote for the people who denied them food? Probably not if they are dead.  If you cannot convince them, KILL THEM.

You might expect that from uncivilized people.  Aren't we supposed to be civilized?  Maybe not anymore.

Isn't that about what Democrats are continuing to do---destroy this culture?  They punish everybody, but then, for some strange reason, people keep coming back to them for more punishment.  We have a great economy, but for some strange reason, people want to go back to 1.5 % growth rates.  Evidently, they cannot handle prosperity.

Maybe people will wake the hell up in time, but I don't know.

From a soft coup to a hard one

The soft coup needs the cover of the legal process in order for it to succeed.  But what if this fails?

If Trump declassifies all documents pertaining to the fraudulent FISA warrants, and the subsequent fraudulent Mueller "investigation", then all bets could be off.  The reason for this is that all of the coup plotters will be exposed, and liable to criminal prosecution.  Not to mention, just about all of the Establishment will be at risk for criminal liability for their complicity in the same.

In my opinion, President Donald J. Trump is in danger.  These people may be plotting an assassination attempt if their attempts at this fraudulent impeachment probe fail.

As I have been saying all along.  There will be no civil war.  But there will be a coup.  It is no longer much in doubt.

Mueller is trying to isolate the President from his legal staff.  Everyone is being forced to recuse.  This is in an attempt to make the President look guilty of obstruction, or abuse of power.  They are attempting to tie his hands while they attempt to force him out.  All of it appears legal and ethical, but it is based upon a fraud.

There will be no war because the president will be forced out, and there will be nobody to lead the government except the coup plotters.  If there is any popular resistance to this, then they will be out of the loop of government power, and at a great disadvantage.  If there is any organized resistance, then the same dynamic applies.  These people are desperate.

There really is a deadly threat to the POTUS.  Let's hope he can do the right thing and avoid being assassinated.  DECLASSIFY.  The FISA app has already been leaked to the press.  There is no secrecy being affected here.  The coup plotters have no respect for that, it is only an excuse.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why you won't make progress sometimes

This is with respect to the endless investigations that are going on.

The fact is, these perps can deny, deny, deny.  Then they can counter accuse you, and this makes things seem to even out.

Somebody's lying, though.  You cannot both be telling the truth.

Now, the main thing is that the average person isn't likely to spend much time trying to figure these things out.  As a consequence, the thing that happens is that people may "split the difference".  Anybody who appears "extreme" will be avoided.

Yet the truth is an extreme as compared to a lie.  You cannot split the difference with the truth.  Something is true or it isn't.  It may take a lot of effort to find out, but I think most people will not take the effort.

It may take more effort to find the truth than to spin a lie.

Hurricane Florence

Having lived in Houston almost all of my life, I can tell you a bit about hurricanes.

If I had lived in Galveston, I could tell you even more.  The main thing to remember about hurricanes is their storm surge.  If you can manage it, get to high ground.

As for water and electricity, be aware, as this post points out, that you may be out of electricity for awhile.  But it is good practice to be prepared for an electrical outage in any case.  Also water shortages could occur. 

People will raid the shelves at the supermarket.  Actually food is the least important survival tactic.

You should know the rule of three

  • Three minutes without air, you could be dead.  Don't drown.
  • Three hours without shelter, you could be dead.  Don't be exposed to wind hazards.
  • Three days without water, you could be dead.  Keep clean water close by.
  • Three weeks without food, you could be dead.  Maybe have some MRE's if you can get them.

Set your priorities accordingly.

Obligatory, 9.11.18

Running low on data.  I can post sparingly through the rest of the period, which
is about eight or nine days.

Doing mostly housekeeping stuff around here.  Also, maybe some navel gazing.

Putting it another way, I am taking stock of my situation, and thinking forward
a bit.

As for the navel gazing, I recall a self-improvement technique of writing down
some "virtues" that were meant to correct some faults.  Each day you were
supposed to write down what you did wrong, and think about ways to correct this.

As a matter of fact, I do this anyway.  However, it isn't directed at myself
personally.  When it does get to that, I call it "navel gazing".

So, as an example, I have a fault of being disorganized.  This actually fits into
a category of the seven deadly sins.  Of which "sloth" is one of them. Sloth or
something like it.  In my case, I am a sloppy, disorganized, and careless person.

After 2 years in this trailer, I still don't know where I put everything.  Things
get lost or misplaced on a frequent basis.

Legendary coach Bear Bryant was said to have taught that you should work on your
weaknesses until they become strengths.

Am I still disorganized, relatively speaking?  Probably.

Also been looking at budget situation.  Also 911 anniversary.  Now I am getting
pissed again.  If I didn't spend so much time getting pissed about this stupid-
ass, chicken-poop politicians, maybe something might get done around here.

Don Surber: Blue collar comeback is why DC hates Trump

Don Surber: Blue collar comeback is why DC hates Trump: This next paragraph is why the Washington Establishment is stark raving mad at President Trump and wants him destroyed. "While everyo...


All you hear is about a "blue wave".  How can there be a blue wave when Trump has delivered on his promises?  The same people who voted for him should be back in force to fight the efforts to impeach and remove him from office.

He hasn't done a thing to warrant impeachment.  Just the reverse.

So, why would there be a blue wave?  It doesn't make sense.

Monday, September 10, 2018

From Heroes to Villains

One step at a time.  Before you know it, the Alamo will be torn down because it's a "monument to the racists who conquered a Mexican province".

Santa Anna will be a hero, and Sam Houston a villain.

These people need to be rooted out and dismissed.  Even that would be too good for them.

Do you realize what you are messing with?  They made a commercial about picante sauce being made in New York City

New York City!!!  Get a rope.

Powerline: "Return of the Hypocrite"

The last paragraph was worth the click.

Benghazi was a crime.  Trump should be all over this.