Friday, July 20, 2018

Trump: Say No To Putin’s Desperate Corrupt Request – Lunch Alert!

Trump: Say No To Putin’s Desperate Corrupt Request – Lunch Alert!,


From the way Morris puts it, this would give the left a lot of ammunition to go after Trump.

There may be another side to this story.

After studying this for a bit, I am not so impressed with Browder's background.  From a legal standpoint, could the USA even turn over Browder?  He is not a US citizen, having giving up his citizenship years ago.

It isn't anything but a bunch of baloney.  It is a lot of posturing as usual.

No troops for Poland

Here is somebody who is worried about Trump's critics.  Frankly, Trump should NOT bow in the slightest towards his critics, and do something unwise as this sounds.

The author suggests putting US troops in Poland in order to end the Russian criticisms.  But why should Trump do something like this to please his critics?  Why should Trump make a "deal" like this?

Trump won in order to make the establishment "neo cons" change their ways.  Not to become their pawns in another one of their foolish conflicts.

To build up NATO's military readiness is the best means by which to meet any possible threat which may be posed by a Russian aggression, should there be one.  All of the "allies" should step up to the plate and fund their own defense, just as Trump has advocated.  If they don't do this, then why defend those who will not do the job for themselves?  It's their own countries.

Wait a minute...


Seems like I heard that the Russians that were indicted based upon questionable evidence.  In other words, the 12 Russians were indicted upon something which hasn't been proven, nor is ever likely to be.

If the Russians interfered, where's the proof?  Why are these people afraid of the truth being put on public display?  If they are so sure of this charge, why not put it into open court?

Again, this is not to "defend" the Russians.  It is more important to defend the truth.

Julian Assange, of Wikeleaks, offered to testify that his source was not Russia.  Comey refused to grant immunity so that Assange could testify.  Why?

Could it be that this didn't happen the way that the Democrats are claiming? 

the original post of July last year:

Why is Insty posting that it is "widely known" that the Russians interfered in our elections??????

This hasn't been established as fact.  What the hell are these people doing???????

All we have is the claim from the Dems that their emails were hacked.  But there hasn't been an independent verification that this even occurred.  Or did I miss something?  Don't think so.  I don't think it is I who is missing something.

Fusion GPS and the other one--- Crowdstrike or something like that, are the entities who are supposedly "investigating" the hack.  The FBI (FIB) has put their seal of approval on it, but the FBI is compromised as far as I am concerned.  Not only them, but the entire government structure is compromised.    Until that is cleared up, whatever is claimed has not been established as fact, and SHOULD NOT BE WRITTEN UP AS SUCH.

More fake news, but this time, it is coming from those who should know better.

The rot is getting deeper...

Apples and oranges type arguments

Just read Congressman Will Hurd's (R) op-ed in the New York Times.  The initial reaction to Hurd from a Trump supporter might well be negative.  But "upon further review", it is an apple and oranges type argument, which sheds no real light on the problem.

There is a lot of partisan politics these days, and not all of it is in one party against the other.  There is a significant faction of "never-Trumpers" in the GOP.  These individuals do not support the President and they tend to do so in the a most noisy way possible.

Hurd's voting record seems solid.  But he is against the wall.  The wall is Trump's biggest initiative, indeed his most important initiative.  But Hurd represents a predominantly Latino district, which is along the US Mexican border.  His electoral majorities have been razor thin.  He could be vulnerable to a Democrat challenge.

So, it is unfortunate, but a reality, that Hurd is probably playing up to the never Trumpers.  His opposition is political, but not in practice, it is not much of a difference.

What are we arguing about here but a difference of opinion?  Hurd doesn't oppose enforcing the border and the immigration laws ( he says ), but doing it a different way.  It is not a substantive difference unless the results are not pretty much the same as what has always been.

If you oppose a wall, then why?  A wall will work.  Physical barriers work.  His position is in favor of non physical barriers.  These type of "barriers" are proposed because their proponents do not wish real enforcement of immigration law.  However, non physical barriers might work, provided that they are enforced.  These non physical barriers have existed all along, and are not being enforced.  Why should any new ones be enforced?  What we are really talking about is enforcement, not the wall.

Consequently, it is an apples or oranges argument.  Maybe your preference is apples, and mine is oranges.  The principle at stake is the same.  Will immigration law be enforced or not?  Do never Trumpers want immigration law to be enforced, or not?

Now for his criticisms of Trump in the New York Times.  It is likewise an apples and oranges argument.  Hurd argues that Russia is an adversary, not an ally.  But who argues with him on that?  Russia may well be an adversary, but we are at peace with them at present.  Would it be better to go to war with them?  Is it better to talk with them, or start lobbing missiles at them?

The argument then is not whether Russia is an adversary, but what is the best way to advance American interests if these interests conflict with Russia's.

Certainly American interests lie in better cyber security.  Who would argue with that?

He accuses Trump of letting himself be manipulated by Putin.  Let's get real here.  Does Trump really owe Putin anything?  The 2016 election was not decided by Russia, for heaven's sake.  The Democrat's claims of Russia hacking are unproven.  Even if they did, it didn't make any material difference in the outcome.  Hillary lost because of Hillary, not Russia.

But this doesn't mean the hacking didn't happen, nor does it mean that Russia is innocent.  The problem here is that the Democrats have politicized a national security issue, and wish to use it in order to remove Trump from office.  Hurd is allowing the Democrats to further their objectives.

Hurd should look in the mirror and ask if he is allowing himself to manipulated by the Democrats.  His comments play right into their hands.

Does he really believe that this helps him win reelection?  Would it not be better to talk on what is known to be true, as opposed to what someone else claims to be true ( which may not be )?

The apples here is national security.  Everyone should be on the same page with that one.  The oranges are the politics.  Hurd is helping the Democrats make political points, but is he really helping American national security with such op-eds?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Young Frankenstein

A short clip from the movie.  But I was looking for something else in the movie.  Now, I have forgotten it.

What hump?

Current events reporting emphasizing confusion over clarity


4:45 pm:

Surber has a Gallup poll that says less than 1% of Americans think that Russia is a problem.

You have to wonder sometimes about these polls...

the original post:

The news seems to be hyper emotional and conflicted.

For instance, how can the generic congressional polling be up for Dems, when Trump's numbers are also up?  For the Democrat's main line of campaigning and agitation seems toward removing this president from office.  How can these poll numbers be reconciled?  It doesn't make sense.  If people wanted Trump out, his numbers would be down, wouldn't you think?  But that is not the case.

Some polls say that the public would like better relations with Russia, but Trump's so-called ties with Russia is near the top in voter's concerns.  The number that I saw in that poll was not that high, though.  Perhaps more clarity would be the case if we knew if more or less people wanted better relations with Russia than are concerned about Trump's alleged ties with Russia.  That question doesn't get asked.

So, I am thinking that the reporting is hyping too many things, and is muddying the waters.

Generally speaking, the public may well be happy with the job Trump is doing, but not with the GOP.  Perhaps that makes more sense.

There is a significant never Trump faction the GOP, but Trump's support in the GOP is very good.  Evidently, the problem is with a noisy few, who also happen to be influential.  If these people are removed from their position of influence within the party, the party might be more united.

The media centers are driving the anti Trump messaging, but how effective will that be in motivating enough voters in order to make a difference in the fall?

The GOP needs to get its act together.  It seems like the messaging should be "morning in America", but instead, the messaging is hyper emotional and hysterical.  This is true even in the conservative blogosphere.  Why should conservatives be worried?  They ought to be confident because it appears that they are winning.  Or should be...

Morning in America 1984 campaign ad

There was plenty of good news then, and good news now.  Why all the despair and unhappiness?

Things are going well with the economy.  Peace is threatening to break out.  The GOP should take a page from the Gipper's playbook, and use this ad as a guide on how to keep Congress.

Instead we get the daily drumbeat of bad news Democrats.  Yes, and there are some GOP'ers who would rather lose.  Would they prefer war and a bad economy?

Hey, GOP:  wanna win?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Patton "insults" the Russians

The media back then twists Patton's words by claiming that he said something which he did not.

Actually, Patton didn't like the Russians, but would have been more direct if that was his intention.

Doesn't it seem like the more things change, the more they stay the same?  The media made stuff up then, and makes stuff up now.

Ahem. Tennessee Democrat Congressional Representative calls for military coup against Trump

But that might cause a Civil War.  Boo hoo.

If there is going to be a civil war, there has to be generals, political leadership, and above all organization.

All of that appears to be on the Democrat side.

They want a coup.  It is now openly stated.  What else do you people need?  Get organized.  Pretty please.

BTW, Cohen is walking back the comments.  It is clear from his tweet that he wanted the military to intervene.  He is a liar.

Some might argue that I seek a civil war.  Actually, no.  Guys like Cohen face no accountability for their acts and may well cause a coup to happen.  If a civil war developed from this kind of thing, it is only because nobody responds to it appropriately.  Cohen should be forced to resign as well as Maxine Watters and that new "star" should not be allowed to sit in Congress.  Either you abide by the law or you don't.  Those who would organize would be in defense of the law.    That by definition would be legal, what the coup plotters do is illegal by definition.

Cohen is getting all hot and bothered by "collusion" which isn't even illegal.  It is being done all the time, and Hillary colluded with the Russians and the Brits.  Those two we know of.  Of course, nothing is to be done about that.

These people may instigate a coup attempt, and if the patriots were prepared and ready, it would fail.  Those held responsible would be punished.  Coup attempts are in fact illegal.  That's what makes them a "coup".  Duh!

Pinko candidate wants to occupy airports

Fine with me.  While they are at it, they can shut down all the roads going into and out of their pinko cities.

When that happens, they will no longer get stuff from the outside world, and won't be able to eat and so forth.

If they all died off, that would be an improvement.  Go for it, I say.


They probably want to circumvent the immigration laws.  This is actually a serious threat, and should be stopped, but who knows?

Are Democrats hoping to sweep DOJ misconduct under the rug?

How dare you!  The FBI means "Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity".  They would never do that!  /sarc

Nobody, repeat NOBODY should be surprised that they would indeed do this.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The media is a disgrace

... but I have felt that for a long time.

Just wanted to mention it, though.

There really isn't any point in discussing why.  If you need an explanation, you won't get it here.  I'm pretty tired of explaining what should be obvious.  People who need an explanation should be a bit more diligent in seeking out the truth, instead relying upon unreliable sources of "information".

Hurry up and wait

Or is it, wait, then hurry up?

Seems like I spend a lot of time doing not very much, then all of a sudden, I need to hurry up.

This morning, I have spent a bit of time thinking about myself.  This is what I have come to refer to as "nazel gazing".  A huge waste of time.  Or is it?  It seems to me that a person is what he is, and there is not that much that can be done about it.  But that could be wrong.  When is this a rationalization for failure?

As I have written in previous posts, when discussing myself, I have consulted a good many self-improvement books.  What I have also noted, is that these self-improvement books have not had much of an impact.  Seems to me that I am not that much different than what I have always been.

One thing I remember about these books, is seeing how to put oneself on a program to better oneself.

While I was sitting on my butt navel gazing about all this, I suddenly realized something.  I may lack much insight into myself.  This is why I cannot discover my faults and work on them and make some real progress.  So, instead of improving myself, I give up.

Ever hit a wall, and it seems like it is impossible to get over it?  It is impossible because you think it is impossible.  But sometimes a thing really is impossible.  How to know the difference?  How do you know when to quit?

Some people will say to never quit.  Well, I don't have a problem with quitting.  Quitting comes easy for me.  Maybe a bit too easy.  I do think also that you never say never.  Quitting on something may be the best way to respond to a situation.  Perhaps the key is to know when to quit.

There is room enough for improvement, but nobody is perfect.  Seems to me that this can be an excuse or a reasonable explanation.  But to discover which could be the challenge.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Where's Batman when you need him?

With all this "Trump is a traitor" in the air, I am wondering where the caped crusader is?  We sure need him now!!!

Ah, how the country has fallen.  This music was really cool.

Yankee go home?

It was the kind of phrase that you would see during the cold war.  The communists wanted the US out of Europe, so that their communism could spread there.

Supposedly, the USA won the Cold War.  But you wouldn't know it from our popular culture.

And now we have a summit between the Russians and the Americans.   America at this point does not seem victorious.

What should we expect to come of this meeting?

Perhaps very little will change.  However, if Trump is anything, he is an agent of change.  Many people do not like that, and wish to keep things as they are.  However, Trump was elected because there are many here in the United States that do not like the way things are right now.

I voted for Trump.  I always thought that there was definitely a problem here at home.  Our problems are here, but our troops are all over the world.  We defend others who do not honor that, but go behind our backs and undermine us.  Is this really the best way to fight for our country?

Something has to change.  What form that change may take, I have no idea.  I am not so sure that we have to leave our former commitments behind, but we do need to reexamine what it is that we are doing with our people and our resources.

If we cannot come to an agreement with our "allies", then maybe we should recognize that they are no longer reliable partners.

Perhaps our agreements should be bilateral only.  Things are too complex.  Simplicity may work better.

You should know what you are fighting for.  Too many people don't seem to know that.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Climate control experiment

This post won't go into the off-grid series.  Aw, shucks.

10 am:

This is to test the interaction of the dehumidifier and the evaporative cooler.  Now, one may be a bit puzzled by this, since they contradict each other.  A dehumidifier will add heat and take away humidity, whereas the evaporative cooler will do the opposite.

The trick is to get the heat to go where you want, and the water to go where you want it.

This experiment will be during the early morning hours, which is the most humid part of the day, if it's not a rainy day.  Running the evaporative cooler at that time of the day will conflict with the humidity of the outside air.  So, I moved the cooler to the center of the trailer, and turned on the dehumidifier.  Where does the hot air from the dehumidifier go?  It is pushed outside by the air flow of the box fan, which pushes air out the screen door.

So far, at about 10 am, it is about 80 degrees inside the trailer, with humidity at varying levels, depending on location in the trailer.  At the north end, it is 75 percent or more, and at the south end of the living area, it is around 40 percent.  Outside temperature is about 84 at this time.  It will rise to 90 degrees by noon.  Inside, I'd like to keep it as close to 80 as possible for as long as possible.

I've been running this configuration all morning.  I want the dehumiifier to supply the evaporative cooler with nearly as much water as it needs, without resorting to using any other water.  In order to do this, I keep the cooler on low power, and off about half the time.  This will mean about a quart of water every hour.   The dehumidier will not produce that much water, but it will be close.


Temperature outside 88, inside 82.  Stopped using dehumidifier.  Too energy intense, and results are inadequate in order to keep cooler supplied with water.  Been using half hour intervals for using evaporative cooler's water and shutting it off for fan only mode.  This keeps water consumption down, but cooling effect is less.

The dehumidifier might have produced close to a gallon of water.  The cooler has used all of it.  Energy use?  Might be close to 4 kwh.  That's a bit high.  Water use?  Zero from the faucet.  Rainwater and the dehumidifier may have supplied about a gallon or two.

How much longer to run this?  The hot part of the day is just beginning.  To run the cooler would require a buttload of water.

Maybe for another hour and a half.  That would take it until 1:30 pm.

Will check in later.

2 pm:

Inside temperature at end of experiment was 85 degrees.  Outside temperature may be close to 94.  Not much else to report since the dehumidifier was kept off.


It is too energy intensive to use the dehumidifier for so long, but I already knew that.  Perhaps what I didn't know, and still don't know until later today, is if this will keep the high temperature in the trailer down.  We'll see.

I'll check in with some final words at that time.

8:45 pm:

Temperature looks the same as yesterday, even though I didn't do this yesterday.   In other words, what I did today had no effect on the temperature at 8 pm.

That sucks.

So, the thing I got out of this was that the dehumidifier can keep up for a little while, but only at low power setting, while being off 50% of the time.  Or,

I could run the cooler all day in low power setting, and use less than a kwh of power, plus 3 gallons or so of water.

Well, that tells me something.

Peter Strzok as Dr. Strangelove

People keep saying that Strzok was pretty strange.  Strange enough to be Dr. Strangelove?


An amusing thought, though.

At least I know how to pronounce his name--- Struck, like suck.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Once again, "collusion" is not a crime

People out there need to get a grip.  This big theater of legendary bullshit has got to stop.

So, Mueller "indicts" foreign nationals that he knows he cannot try.  There is a word for this, it is called "fraud".

Then this article goes on to explain what Mueller is up to.  He wants to link this phony indictment to Trump and call it collusion.  But wait...  Where's the crime?   If, after all this time, this is all they have, then shut this damned thing down.

It's crazy.  There is no other word for it.  Pure insanity.


I looked for something that would be a precedent for this indictment that could never be tried in a court.

I found Osama bin Laden.  You know that Osama bin Laden could never be tried in court, don't you?  Anybody with an ounce of sense would know that you cannot do that.  So, why indict him?

Evidently, there is precedent for fraudulent indictments.  It has happened before.  Undoubtedly, it has happened a lot.

People, we have a problem if the criminal justice system can be abused like this.

Let there be no mistake nor misunderstanding.  I'm not saying Osama bin Laden was innocent.  I am saying that they knew that he could not be tried in a US Court of Law.  Indicting him was not an honest use of government authority.  When the government can do such things, you should be concerned about it.

Why did this happen?  Because few people would have any sympathy with bin Laden.  Likewise, why indict these Russians?

They don't want a trial, you see.  Their biggest slip up could be if Putin turned them over.  Rosenstein, Mueller and company would probably crawl back into their hole, and claim that they could not try them for reasons of national security.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Imagine liberals liking this song

You'd never guess that by listening to Strzok.

You can't not have a country and have a country at the same time, but maybe I don't really know liberals after all.   For a liberal, "anything" is possible.  Not always what you think, ya know?

Maybe people will "get it".  But who knows?

Smirking Strzok peddles the status quo deep state derp

Some folks thought it was a big show.  Kabuki theater once again.  Failure theater from the GOP.


The whole IG report was quite brilliant, if your covert goal was to maintain the status quo.  We saw that at work during Thursday's hearings.

A smirk is a bit of well disguised scornIs that what this is all about?  Making a mockery of the law?

The Dems are dedicated to their own falsity, and proud to wear it like a brand new suit.  Just saying.

Will Ultracapacitors Overtake Batteries in the Energy-Storage Race?

Will Ultracapacitors Overtake Batteries in the Energy-Storage Race?: The short answer to the headline’s question is probably not. Perhaps this isn’t the answer you were expecting from the CEO of an ultracapacitor manufacturer. However, ultracapacitors and batteries are different technologies with different benefits for different applications. The idea a battle exists between the two is perhaps a bit of an energy-storage myth.


An intriguing possibility is the use of ultracapacitors with fuel cells and batteries.

I have seen on the web, fuel cell cars with ultracapacitors, but not with batteries.  Why suggest this combination?

If batteries are used without fuel cells, then it doesn't allow you to downsize the battery very much.   Likewise, if you don't use batteries, but just fuel cells, then you need more powerful fuel cells.

Battery size and fuel cell size can be optimized, I would think.  With optimization, costs would also be optimized.  A bigger battery is a more expensive proposition.  With a small fuel cell, costs could also be optimized.  The final costs could be competitive with ICE powered cars.

As for the fuel, you can make nuclear ammonia as the hydrogen carrier.  An ammonia infrastructure already exists.  Ammonia could be taken to the point of sale, and hydrogen could be obtained from the ammonia.  This may be accomplished with little need for additional infrastructure, and costs would be competitive with fossil fuels.

For those who follow the IG reports very closely...

The majority feel that...

    it's very likely that senior investigators broke the law to stop Trump.  ( source Rasmussen poll)

A close look at this Rasmussen poll shows that whatever indecisiveness there is in the electorate, is largely a function of getting the message out.   In other words, the more that is widely known, the more likely that voters are going to come down on the side of Trump.

But it may not work to elect GOP candidates because of their own divisions, in my opinion.  There still exists a lot of anti Trump sentiment amongst the GOP itself.

Hatch Act of 1939, "who needs it"?

Someone on Free Republic mentioned this in connection with the Strzok hearings.  So, what is the Hatch Act?

Here are its provisions:

  • restricts political campaign activities by federal employees
  • It provides that persons below the policy-making level in the executive branch of the federal government must not only refrain from political practices that would be illegal for any citizen, but must abstain from "any active part" in political campaigns

Now, how does Strzok justify saying that "we will stop him", meaning Trump?  Who is "we"?  Democrats?  This is engaging in political activity, is it not?  Justifying the statement in front of Congress, regardless of context, does not change that fact, and therefore does not excuse it.  Indeed, labeling Trump's behavior in a pejorative way not only in text messages during an investigation, but in front of Congress itself, is an example of what the law is attempting to control.  Federal employees must not behave this way.  Besides, they KNOW this.  That is why the behavior was being covered up for so long.

 This is why Washington DC is out of control.  You have almost 90 percent of the population of that city acting as if this is reasonable and justifiable behavior.  This behavior will not fly in most of the rest of the country.

Strzok is attempting to brazen his way through the testimony.  Washington DC and the Democrat party are also trying to brazen their way out of this.  If they aren't brazenly justifying illegal behavior, then they are lying about it outright.

They are acting like a lynch mob that has taken the law in their own hands.  They are out of control.

...  A further thought...

Didn't Strzok admit political bias when he said this?  How can he deny political bias after saying what he said?  It doesn't matter that Trump's behavior was, if Trump's behavior was NOT illegal.  If Trump's behavior was political, then what the hell is the FBI doing investigating him?

Furthermore, what was illegal about anything that Trump has done?  Even if there was "collusion"?  What law was there to control "collusion" even if it did occur?

Strzok has all but admitted his guilt, yet the Democrats applaud.  It is like they think they have the right to break the law at will, and there isn't a thing that you can do about it.  Yes, and that would be true in Washington DC, where 90 percent of these people vote for Democrats.  It is like the Democrats want to criminalize an opposition party.

You are guilty, therefore, if you are behaving horribly, even if there is no law against it.  Whatever our overlords, the Democrats, do against you to punish you for your "bad behavior", is certainly justifiable, and cannot be questioned.  So, they seem to believe.


The Democrats like to talk about "rule of law".  How do they square Strzok's behavior with the rule of law?

Strzok called himself a patriot.  Who does Strzok serve?  If he doesn't serve the law as written in the Constitution, and the laws derived therefrom, then how is he a patriot?  How do you square his claim of patriotism with his political loyalties, if these are not in accordance with the law?

How can those who applauded his words be on the side of the law?  If Strzok is innocent of bias or anything else, then why did he fail a polygraph?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ann Coulter on...

Kavanaugh nomination


That's exactly why the left is so hysterical about the Supreme Court. They run to the courts to win their most unpopular policy ideas, gift-wrapped and handed to them as "constitutional rights."

It's not about democracy, as Coulter rightly points out.  It is about left wing tyranny through the unelected courts.   Now they'll complain about unelected courts when the elections don't go their way, and an unfriendly court faces them.  But this is okay as long as the results are what they want.

Indeed, Kavanaugh will be a hero to them if he turns into a Souter.  An unfriendly court has faced conservatives for the longest time.  Now that it may be turning friendly to conservatives, the liberals are up in arms.

No truth in these people.  It's all about them and what they want.  Never about the principles of a matter.  Certainly not about the Constitution.

"No respect"

At least the monkey didn't throw poo at her.  After all, it is an old movie.  We have had a lot of progress since that time, I tell ya.

Mountain lions

These type of attacks are on the rise, but governments don't seem to care.

It's good that this guy stopped the attack on his wife, but maybe it shouldn't have happened anyway.

There's mountain lions out west near my land, so this catches my attention.  How to live through an attack?  It would seem that you need someone watching your back, as an attack is likely to be an ambush from behind.

Failing that, perhaps some protective equipment could be in order?  These lions can bite through your skull.  It would take some strong material to resist such bite pressure.

Not a battery fan

Somebody's worried about BMW moving to China.

Part of the deal is to make electric cars.  That might be a good move, but if it involves primarily batteries, then I'm not so worried about it.

Batteries are unlikely to be the answer, in my opinion.  They will always be too heavy, and they won't last long enough to get your money back.

A solution to the problem has been studied on this blog.

Should the USA be worried?  Maybe, but if it is because of batteries, I think not.

Not to mention that Germany and the West seem hellbent on self-destruction.  Any deal with China benefits China mainly.  The only thing Trump brings to the table is the idea that we should be taking care of ourselves better.  But that is not what is happening in the West.  If there is anything to worry about it's the tendency to make deals with those who do not have our best interests at heart.

You cannot do much about people who want to destroy themselves.  Trump pushes Germany and they don't get better, they get worse.  Maybe it is time to cut the cord forever with these people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rainwater catchment

Originally posted on 7.5.18:


Used the first gallon of rainwater in the swamp cooler.  It smells like a hospital in here now, lol.  Remember that I treated it with chlorox?

Anyway, it cooled it down 10 degrees in here really fast.  One hour, to be exact.  A gallon of water for a cooler trailer isn't a bad trade.

It made me think of how to use recycled water that I want to start collecting.  Maybe use it in the solar distiller, and collect that water, and use it in the swamp cooler. 

The idea is to run it through the distiller twice.  Once, to recycle water from everyday use, then the second time though a type of cooling process for the roof.  A distiller would be on the roof, and it would be doing double duty, cleaning up the water and cooling down the place.

A new project in the works.  So much for this post.


More rain yesterday.  I collected 4.5 gallons today, plus that much before.  I now have 9 gallons of clean water stashed away for my swamp cooler.

I have been using the freezer lately, too.  It is a bit of a problem to try to time it so that the ice is not wasted.  Rainy days are not good days for this.  But that is a different discussion.

The original post follows:

It rained here yesterday, so that provided an opportunity to grab some rainwater for the swamp cooler.

Now, the problem with the swamp cooler is that it uses more water than the budget for water will allow.  Therefore, a source for water has to be obtained.  Ta Da!  Rain.

The problem with rainwater is that it doesn't stay clean when it arrives at the bucket that is being used to collect it.  It needs some cleaning up.

That's what I've been doing today.  You would not think that five gallons of water would be so much work.  Much of my afternoon has been spent cleaning up this water and chlorinating it.  Now that five gallons has been obtained, further may be anticipated as more rain is in the forecast.

Such fun.

Life may be easier in the corrupt cities.

But to be beautiful takes some work.  lol.

Defining deviancy down

Wasn't that something that the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan (Democrat, New York!) used to say?  I did a search on it, and lo, and behold, it's true.

Think about this, and then think about the inclusion of homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, and maybe the scales will finally fall from some people's eyes.

There is no other reason for this here than to promote deviant behavior ( or what used to be called deviant behavior).

"LGBT" used to be frowned upon in this society.  Pedophilia still is, but if these guys get their way, it won't be for long.

Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh, They Fear The Constitution

Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh, They Fear The Constitution: The Supreme Court is one of the only institutions preserving constitutional order. And that's why Brett Kavanaugh is a big problem for progressives.


It is better this way than the way it would have been under a Hillary presidency.  People who favor the "rule of law" should never forget that.  The left loves to use such phrases as "rule of law", when they really mean rule of liberals.

Conservatives should be very, very happy right now.  But, how long will this lapse into sanity last?

Kavanaugh Nomination is Political Jiu-Jitsu – Lunch Alert!

Kavanaugh Nomination is Political Jiu-Jitsu – Lunch Alert!

take this donks,

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Were you born on the sun?

It hot! Damn hot!

Monster Mash

A graveyard smash...

Gonna buy me a Mercury....

Cruise upon and down this road...

Supreme Court pick

Originally posted 7.5.18,



Not Thapar, it is Kavanaugh.   So, Trump went straight down the line on what he said he would do.

You may hate him, but he does what he says.  Some are saying "Gorsuch 2.0".  Shall we have two more of the same?  Might happen.

The original post follows:

The main thing is to avoid a Souter type pick.

I would think Trump could follow a safe approach and take somebody who has an extensive record.

Also, Trump has said that favors an Ivy Leaguer.

After surveying the top contenders, according to the Heritage Foundation, there is one that seems to stand out, plus another that may be a surprise pick.

Those two are Kavanaugh and Thapar, respectively.

Kavanaugh is the only Ivy Leaguer in that list.  But Thapar went to Boston College, so that may be seen as close enough.  ( some may laugh at that one )

Kavanaugh has a lot of experience.  This makes him predictable.  So does Thapar.  An interesting situation may arise in confirmation that may make it difficult to block Thapar.  He is South Asian.  Yes, that is racial politics, but that is the way things are today.

Ann Coulter is pulling for Kavanaugh.  Not everybody likes Coulter or Kavanaugh.

Maybe we should look for the surprise pick, then.  It could be Thapar.

Monday, July 9, 2018

How will the "Culture War" end?

With a bang or a whimper?

Remember when the term "culture war" was popularized?  It was Pat Buchanan's speech at the Republican National Convention in 1992 that brought the term to the forefront.  Conditions seem to have gotten much, much worse.

But it really isn't a war.  Words like "war" are continually being dropped into the national conversation.  The purpose of which seems to draw attention to the one using the word.  What if one of these days, somebody threw a war, and nobody came?  What a day that would be.

People like peace and quiet.  Real wars are a messy business.  It never became popular.  Even a "good war" like World War  II was said to be, was met with monster celebrations when it was finally over.  The people who clamor for war, a real war, are in the minority.  War is never going to be popular, and rightly so.

But you have to be prepared for trouble, because trouble has a way of finding you.  The ancient Romans had a saying: if you want peace, prepare for war.  Weakness invites attack.  It is a law of nature and of war itself.  No predator will attack the strong point, but rather the weak one.  The moral being, don't be weak.

It has been noted that highly aggressive people will ignore you if you are perceived as weak.  Standing up to the bully will make him friendly, the old saying goes.

Which way the "culture war" ends is anybody's guess.  But the most optimistic scenario is one in which people are inclined to talk rather than kill each other.  People will talk when killing is not an option.

Disarming the population seems a way towards that end.  But that only leaves the most aggressive people in control.  At that point, talking will no longer be allowed.

It is a knotty problem, hard to solve, make no mistake.  But give me my opportunity for self defense, and I will be happy to take the risks.  Better to live and die free than to ever be anybody's slave.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

A commonality said to be in that picture was found in totalitarian countries of the Eastern Block during the Cold War Era.

Here is what the Director of the film had to say:
"To me, [the story] was not just literature, but real life, the life I lived in Czechoslovakia from my birth in 1932 until 1968. The Communist Party was my Nurse Ratched, telling me what I could and could not do; what I was or was not allowed to say; where I was and was not allowed to go; even who I was and was not."

The quote is lifted from a New York Times article, in which Forman defends then President Barack Hussein Obama.

It seems that Director Forman fails to see a few things that he should have.  Obama's mentor was a communist, Frank Davis.

Besides Davis, another questionable character is associated with the ex-president.  One Bill Ayers, belonged to the radical group Weather Underground, which vowed to kill millions of Americans.

Now we have a phony investigation that amounts to a coup against a lawfully elected president.  One wonders how so many can be so blind.

The communist influence can be seen throughout the news today.  It is as if this country has become like that fictional insane asylum, in which Americans are treated the way the director of the film said he witnessed in the communist bloc.

Nobody, including this director, who should know better, seems willing to open their eyes and see what is plainly there.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fine tuning a system

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

With the BTU calculator, a fact popped out in clear sight.  Let's take a look see:

The fact is that to use the freezer would take only 134 watts per hour.  This translates into a little over 11 amps per hour at 12 volts.  This is important in determining battery capacity needed.  Let's say a 100 amp hour battery is being considered.  The 100 amp hours is computed on the 20 hour rate, which means you need to keep the amp draw down to about 5 amps per hour in order to get the rated power out of it.  Two of these batteries can handle the freezer for part of a day, it would seem.  That's all that would be needed for climate control purposes.

With the swamp cooler keeping the temps down to 85 to 90 for most of the day, the ice can keep a small room in the comfort zone for the night, or about six hours.  This has been demonstrated already.

A well shaded area could work even better.

A 100 watt solar panel will put out about 25 amps.  That means eight of these.  However, eight seems too many.  Perhaps a wind turbine could be more useful?

The advantage of a wind turbine is that it could produce more power over time.  With a 400 watt turbine, it may be possible to generate up to 9.6 kwh a day.  This is quite optimistic, so expectations need to be a bit lower.

Four solar panels and a wind turbine may produce all the electricity I would need.  Perhaps (3) 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries would suffice.

Perhaps it all could be done for 1500 bucks.

Homemade and designed solar water distiller

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Originally posted 10.06.17, updated on,


Lately, I am thinking of using a 4x8 foot piece of glass-like substance, plus a few 2x4's, a plywood base, and some flexiseal.  Total cost would be over a hundred bucks.

The water has to be shallow, or it won't evaporate as fast.  I calculate about a quart per sq ft.  At 32 square feet, conceivably, I could distill up to 8 gallons a day.  I think that is too optimistic.  My goal is 4 gallons per day.   Such a device that I am thinking of should be sufficient.


A few ideas have sprung up in my mind.  I want to do this as cheaply as possible, right?  Okay, then why use studs and plywood?  I could use fencing planks and cardboard.

However, it must be waterproofed.  For that, I could use something a bit more expensive.

So, two fence planks, with a third one used for the two sides.  The bottom will be cardboard.  The third one can also reinforce the cardboard so that it can hold the weight of the water.  The dimensions would be about five feet by one feet by about six inches deep.

On second thought, it could be shallower, so that means cutting the planks in half lengthwise.  It could still hold plenty of water.

The reason for shallow water is that the heat will evaporate it faster that way.

Not to mention that the wood will go further.  Three planks may make two of these.


I am considering adding some copper tubing as a condenser.  How much would be necessary, and how can I make this as simple as possible?

I hate complications.  Especially when I have to execute them.  Simplicity is tough enough.

It comes in coils, so if I leave it in a coil while gradually let it rise higher.  It would have to be supported somehow.  Also, any condensation must drain back where it is supposed to go, not back into the water that I want to clean up.

Can put a separator at the end, with gravity sending the condensate into a collection bottle.  It can be like a gutter that runs from the top part of the distiller, down to where I want to separate the dirty water from the area where the condensate drains into it.  About a foot long piece of metal bent in half will do the trick.


An idea sprang up in my mind.  Why use plywood?  I can use 2x4x8' studs.  Cut them down to the size needed, and enclose an area that will hold about nine gallons of water.

I think the idea could work, so now I can think of how to optimize it.  What I mean is to add a condensation chamber to it, like the linked youtube presentation below.

Would it be worth it to circulate cold water through a tube, and let the hot moist air condense around that tube, thus increasing the output?  No.  Actually, you don't need to circulate water at all.  Just the air.

You could have a Styrofoam cooler attached to the distiller.  Hot moist air will be conducted into the cooler, but enclosed, as the moist air would be inside a tube that connects the distiller and the cooler.  The tube would be submerged inside the cooler, and the air would be circulated through the tube and back into the distiller to be reheated by the sun.  As the hot moist air cools, it will condense inside the tube, and can be collected.

This setup would require but a small amount of electricity to run the fan that circulates the air.


11:30 am:

Here is a professional looking application of this idea.  This version is demonstrated in a four part series on youtube.   Frankly, I do not want the kinds of complications he has, but some of his ideas are worth a try on my own system.

For example, he has a condensation chamber.  It is made of metal and attaches to the back of the basin.  There is also a mirror that will concentrate solar energy into the water, thus heating it up.

9 am:

More thinking on this has produced an upgrade upon the design.  The amount of air inside of the distiller is too high, meaning the performance is likely to be disappointing.  Consequently the design now is for the triangle to be cut down to a few inches instead of a foot high.

If I keep this up, it might get built before Christmas.  Hmm.  That was joke, but Christmas is just a couple months away now.

the original post follows :

This idea has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now.  Time maybe to give it a shot?  Here is a preliminary design.  It is simple, but hopefully not too simple that it overlooks some important points.

I want to use the sun's energy and the earth's gravity in order to purify water, so it can be used over and over again.  Pardon the crudity of the drawing.  Perhaps there is a prettier way of doing it, but I don't care about such details.

I should add that the smaller enclosure should be tilted so that the condensed water will drain towards a small hole at one end.

This will require another inch piece be cut lengthwise so that it will fit inside the enclosure.  This will provide the tilt necessary so that the distilled water can drain out.

The enclosed area should hold 7 square feet  times 7/8 inch, which is about a 1/2 cubic foot, which in turn is about 7 and a half gallons divided by two.  Since the materials can make two of these, it can process up to 7.5 gallons of water at a time.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

An attempted, slow-motion coup d'etat

Originally posted on 3.7.11:  ( 7 years ago! )


The model for today's "resistance" is what happened in Wisconsin some 7 years ago.  An elected governor was attempting to lawfully execute the duties of his office, and some of these folks attempted to have him removed from said office  on the basis of political disagreement alone.  This was rightfully called a coup on this blog.

The business with Mueller and the so-called "resistance" is quite similar.  Trump was elected according to the laws set forth in the US Constitution.  The Constitution is the sovereign authority, to which all officers must swear an oath to defend.  To overthrow the legal authority by unlawful means is a coup attempt, and is ongoing.  At present, there is no civil war, nor likely to be one.

Mueller's "investigation" is unlawful.  This is a coup attempt.

Civil war?

Well, if there is one, you people will be on the outside, and will be depicted as insurrectionists.  Yes, and they will be correct, because YOU LET THAT HAPPEN.  You failed to defend to sovereign authority when you had the chance.

There is no will to defend the sovereign authority, then there can be no war on such grounds.  If there is to be a war at the time these people say, then it will be fought on unlawful grounds, which are going to be much harder to defend.

Dummies.  Let's see how many people will volunteer to fight your stupid war for you.

The original post follows:

Some have compared the Wisconsin situation to an insurrection.  Being something of an amateur semanticist, I am a bit dissatisfied with the term insurrection for this.  An insurrection by the foregoing linked definition, would not fit what's happening in Wisconsin.  But look at this definition of coup d'etat.
A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder", thus, armed force (either military or paramilitary) is not a defining feature of a coup d'├ętat.  (emphasis added)

The unions, backed by the Democrats who bolted the Senate in Wisconsin, plus National Democrats from outside the state, are attempting to thwart the duly elected government of that state.  By a successful means of thrwarting their intention in "the sudden, extrajudicial deposition of a government", they hope to regain control of that government.  Therefore, an attempted coup is the correct term for what's happening.

Appearances are everything.  Therefore, it is needful to have the appearance of legitimacy.  Thus, polls are being used to supercede the authority of the actual election returns held just a few months ago.  The use of polls and the Democrat walkout are extrajudicial means to depose the current, lawfully elected authority of that state.  Not to mention the lawful means of peaceful assembly under the first amendment of the constitution.  But to prevent the execution of their duties in any way could be considered unlawful interference in the performance of an official in his / her duties of that office.  This also has the appearance of legitimacy, but is not really, it is extrajudicial.  The only thing lacking here is violence, but that is being threatened, if reports are accurate.  Intimidation may not be illegal, but it starts to get close.

 If violence enters the picture, insurrection by this definition may be a little more apt.  But the Democrats need a fig leaf so as not to alarm the general public.  But it is a coup attempt, in my opinion.  What follows this is greatly important to the future of this country.  If the coup is successful, democracy and the rule of law would be made to appear ridiculous.  What's the point of having the elections if they are not honored?  What is the point of having rule of law, if it is not going to be respected?  There's a lot on the line here.  Do not be deceived by the Democrats and their propaganda machine in the media.


An urban definition for being "punked" is what is also apt here.  The Democrats are trying to punk the Republicans.  There is a much more loaded term, in case anyone's familiar with the concept.  It refers to what happens to certain men in prison.  So, far the outcome is far from certain.

FIB Agent Strzok failed polygraph

If it were a private company, he might well have been fired two years ago.

New York Times wants to "go to the mattresses over this"?????

Why would anybody find fault with this?

Perverts in high places

The usual mundane stuff is not the only thing being covered up, if this is any indication.

Remember Hillary's emails?  Those may be getting suppressed because they may contain some rather sickening revelations about the Clintons and their henchmen.

Even the debauched state of this culture may reel from this stuff, if it were honestly reported.

Friday, July 6, 2018


The latest "revolution".

It could mean something, besides hype.

There it is again

The same phenomenon with so-called conservatives.  They talk a good fight.

The idea that you are going to stop the radical left with words is almost masochistic.

The left is quite aggressive.  You don't stop aggression with words.  You stop it with force.  Force against force.

So, I'm reading the Limbaugh blog, and I see this passivity again.  That's how you got to this point, you guys.  If you think the left is going to "bowl you over", then what are you doing about it?

If there are those who are worried about getting into trouble, well, that is even worse.  It is your right to organize.  The left does it.  Why not conservatives?  I tell you that conservatives are mostly rugged individualists.  They'd rather be left alone.  But the liberals won't leave you alone, so you are going to have to get off your duff and stop them.

At the very least, G.E.T.  O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.D.

You won't get into trouble for that.  If you do, then it all the more reason to do it.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's alive

Wishbone called my climate control schemes a Frankenstein of sorts.

It works, or as Young "Fronkensteen" said, "It's alive".  Bwah, hah, hah!

The Democrats Are Going NUTS – Lunch Alert!

The Democrats Are Going NUTS – Lunch Alert!


Morris says that the left can't handle defeat.  Happens every time.  Certainly looks to be the case.


More along those same lines here...

The news is nuts

Best way to feel good is to ignore these wacko birds...

that is all...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Yankee Doodle Dandy

This appears to be a trailer.  All the better, because YouTube has a nasty tendency to delete videos.

Maybe this one will stick around.

Obligatory, 7.4.18

It has been somewhat busy around here lately.  The heat makes it necessary to work in the mornings, and so I have.  This morning, I made some room around this trailer.  It is rather crowded in here.

Lots of gadgets.  There's a dehumidifier, a washer, a freezer, two swamp coolers, a box fan, a big recliner, plus the usual stuff like a stove, fridge,  TeeVee.  Don't forget the desktop computer and the netbook computers.  Oh, and a kitchen sink.  That's the living room.  If I am lucky, I can walk sideways in order to get through all the gadgetry.

Got stuff piled on top of the freezer, so I haven't had access to it.  That's what I just did.  I moved some stuff around so that the freezer can be utilized again.  No big plans for it, just want to use it to make some ice.

The gizmo I made last year is not connected, so I won't be using that.  There is a big ice chest in the bedroom, with a bunch of hoses hooked up to a pump, which pushes ice water through a heater core.  That set up actually will work at night, but not in the daytime.  It is rather elaborate to set up and use, and I won't be using it that way.  Maybe to put some ice water in it and run it through the swamp cooler?  Maybe.

An idea to make another awning for the bedroom popped up in my head.  Yes, it is kind of lively around here.  My goal as always is to minimize the use of water and electricity.  Seems like I am making some progress, but not there yet.  Like Lone Watie, I will endeavor to persevere.

Monday, July 2, 2018

It's the leadership

If you want to blame someone for the downfall of Western Civilization, then it has to be the leadership.

It's up to the leaders to set direction.  If the leaders go bad, then so does the rest.

There's an opening on the Supreme Court.  Seems like no matter which way the so-called conservatives turn, they don't win.  At best, you end up with compromise.  But the left?  They never compromise.  This gives us justices like Roberts, who won't declare Obamacare unconstitutional.  Seems to happen a lot.  Or, a justice like Kennedy himself, who gives us same sex marriage.  These were 5-4 rulings.

The left is better organized and more determined.  They are winning the long game.  The culture keeps going downhill.

Shoot, I remember the Souter nomination.  They bitched and moaned about the guy, and he turned into a liberal vote.  How many times does that happen with their picks?  The last justice that was conservative and nominated by a Democrat was Byron White.  Kennedy nominated him.  You have to go back a long way to find a Democrat who would be capable of this kind of thing that the so-called conservatives do routinely.

Democrats can piss and moan all they want about this pick, but they'll probably get more than a conservative would feel comfortable about giving them.

People blame the voters, but the voters didn't outlaw prayer in schools.  They didn't establish abortion on demand, and they didn't demand same sex marriage.  All of this came from the top.  Liberals understand this better than so-called conservatives.  That's why they are going nuts right now.  It seems to work for them.

It's the leaders you should be blaming for this.  Don't blame the "sheep".

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Making a circle of bricks

Not sure of what he's attempting to accomplish other than a demonstration.

Even so, it is interesting.  Perhaps I can adapt it to my own purposes.

Are Democrats Rabbits and Republican Wolves?

I always understood it to be donkeys and elephants.  How did I go wrong?

Interesting read, all the same.  I think the liberals are wolves.  Not only that, they lie a lot.


I made light of this, but that may have been a mistake.  Actually, the use of the "wolf-rabbit" analogy is unfortunate.  Even though this article does not suggest that we become wolves, only that the wolves' mating practices and survival strategies are similar to how a conservative mates and raises a family.  Likewise, the Dems' practices produce a bunch of "rabbits", who mate indiscriminately, early, and often.

To me, a better analogy would be of competency v. incompetency.  It would be industry v. sloth.  Old fashioned work ethic v. welfare queens.

It says that liberals banned this study.  Maybe they don't want the rabbits to see what their leaders are doing to them. In my opinion, the leftist leaders take advantage of human weakness in order to further their own interests.  They are the real wolves.  Real wolves live off the flesh of their prey.  The Dem leader live off their own people.  They do not really help them at all.

A Fascist Right — or a Hysterical Left?

A Fascist Right — or a Hysterical Left?: By Patrick J. Buchanan

If Trump's supporters are truly "a basket of deplorables ... racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic" and "irredeemable," as Hillary Clinton described them to an LGBT crowd, is not shunning and shaming the proper way to deal with them?

So a growing slice of the American left has come to believe.

Friday, gay waiters at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, appalled that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was being served, had the chef call the owner. All decided to ask Sanders' party to leave.   Read more on Buchanan.Org...


I'd say hysterical left.



Originally posted 6.27.18


A couple hours this morning, and I plugged the gap.  Even at this hour, I broke out in a sweat.

A little more finishing touches, and it will be done for sure.  If there are any gaps, the sun will shine through.  There's a couple left, but it isn't much.

Now to kick back and relax.  It is Sunday.


Nope!  More than 2 ft penetration of the doorway with sunlight.  Although the north wall did cut it down a bit.  That means I have to add more planks.

I didn't buy more, I took some off the side I built last year.  It looked tacky anyway.

More work to do, but that has to wait.  Maybe manana.  Had to go to town, but not to work.  Need my van.  The car is in Austin and the van is now here.

So much for math, eh?  Or high school math,which is about all I can remember.


Done, I hope.  Some folks in the area think I need more planks, but we'll see.  Hopefully, this is enough.

I did a little sketch with Paint and did a little math.  Let's see if my math holds up.

If the sun transits 180 degrees each day, then for a 14 hour day, it would transit about 13 degrees per hour.  Going backward from about 8 pm for approx nightfall, then at 3 pm, it would be approx 65 degrees from horizon.  If that calculation is correct, it would take after 6 pm for the sun to be lower than 30 degrees in the sky.

We'll see.  If I am right, the north wall will block after six pm.  No sun.  Maybe.


Continuation of the work today.  Got an early start in order to beat the heat.  Most of the thing is in place now, but there's some work that needs done yet.  By tomorrow morning, I should be finished.

I'm pretty tired, but happy.

The original post follows below:

Time to get away from keyboard warrior mode, and to do something real for a change.

I began to make a cover for the door.  I call it that, but that just seems to confuse people.  Let's say that it is an awning of sorts.  A shade for the door, so that the sun doesn't shine into the place, making it even hotter than it already is.

I had to dial back the use of the swamp cooler, because it uses so much water.  This may help the cooler do more with less.

Cross my fingers and hope to ... nah, don't want to finish that sentence.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A real casus belli for a civil war

There are some on the left who want to pack the court once they get back into power.

Okay, you people.  This is the thing that brings out the warriors in you, that is, if you are out there.

For, if the leftists get their way, and pack the court with leftists, then the US Constitution is dead.  It may seem as if it is dead already, but once these guys finish with it, then it will really be dead.

By that time, you will have to ask yourself a question.  Do you want to accept this coup as the law of the land, or will you fight?

But by that time, it will be too late.  They will have the reigns of power.

Here is a suggestion ( amongst many ).  A constitutional convention.  Yes, if you limit what the courts may do, you may stop this event from happening.

Who knows?  The left might go for this if it means that they can keep their mickey mouse lefty fiefdoms intact.  ( like Wash. DC )

Friday, June 29, 2018

Rich Little impersonates Johnny Cash

He does it pretty good, too.

Bernard Goldberg: How the unhinged left helps Trump

Goldberg is no big fan of Trump, if memory serves.

In my opinion, the left knows that they are wrong.  If Trump was Hitler, they would be against gun control.  Trust me on that one.  No way they disarm if a Hitler was on the loose.

The so-called right has been guilty of moral cowardice for far too long.  The left thinks that another guilt trip will work.  Maybe not this time.  The guilt tripping has hit a dead end.  ( I hope. )

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Back to this dreary business...

A somewhat serious discussion about a potential Civil War.

One thing I always note is a lack of organization.  It's all individualistic.  I don't care how badass these characters are, they will be deterred by a serious organization that can and will act.

That is what I believe.  Therefore, they will be no war.  Nobody on the so-called right wants to organize.  They are letting themselves be set up for this, but what this is is not a civil war, but a coup.

If you think that is pedantic, then so be it.  A war needs two parties, and so far, I see only one.  A coup only needs to topple the existing order.  If you care about that, you'd better get busy.

Houston: Dean Martin

Did'ja know that this was a hit in the sixties?  It's a stroll down memory lane today.  Leave the politics behind for awhile.

Well it's lonesome in this old town
Everybody puts me down
I'm a face without a name
Just walking in the rain
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

I got holes in both of my shoes
Well I'm a walking case of the blues
Saw a dollar yesterday
But the wind blew it away
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

I haven't eaten in about a week
I'm so hungry when I walk I squeak
Nobody calls me friend
It's sad the shape I'm in
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston
I got a girl waiting there for me
Well at least she said she'd be
I got a home and a big warm bed
And a feather pillow for my head
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

Well it's lonesome in this old town
Everybody put me down
I'm a face without a name
Just walking in the rain
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston
Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

Sugar bear

"Can't get enough of that sugar crisp."

Who sang that tune?  Dean Martin?  Has kind of a Dino ring to it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why there won't be a civil war: Romney

Originally posted 6.25.18,
Updated 6.27.18:

7:00 am:

Here is the voice of the GOP speaking loud and clear.  It is a sign of weakness.   Instead of a "minister of death praying for war", we get the type that is being killed mercilessly in the street ( Theo van Gogh), and implores the aggressor "can we talk"?

The author of the piece on Weekly Standard compares conservatives to the Indians on the North American continent.  It may seem that way in truth.  But this is a country that is armed to the teeth.  Yet, it seems to offer no real deterrence to those who wish to take over without firing a shot.  Why?

We really are like the Indians.  The Indians had no organization.  They were defeated piecemeal.  The conservatives are just like that.  They will not band together and defeat this menace.  Instead, what you get is a pleading for restraint, for somebody might get killed--- just as the linked article suggests.  Well, despite all of the restraint, it is already happening anyway.  Restraint is not working.

If there is going to be a war, why not win it?

6:00 am:

Romney wins primary.  Presumably, he will win the general.  Now, the question for all these people predicting Civil War 2.0----   if you cannot organize to defeat the likes of Romney, how the hell can you expect to organize for a war?

This should be a wake up call.  But everything else should be a wake up call.  You war people have had enough wake up calls.

Maybe when they come knocking down your door, you will wake up.  By then, it will be too late.

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Romney is "making a pitch" for the votes of Utah, but he has a strange way of going about it.

What is strange here is that he is accepting all the negatives that Democrats like to use against conservatives and Republicans.  Basically, Romney is saying "we're the bad guys, vote for us!" Romney sounds like he is running for the Democrat nomination.

What kind of fool he must think we are that we would listen to this?

"I have and will continue to speak out when the president says or does something which is divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions," Romney wrote. 

 If Romney wants to be a Democrat, then fine.  Let him join them.  But if he is going to act like this, then why does he run for office as a Republican?

Which allows me to segue into why there won't be a civil war.  You have to have opposing sides to have a civil war.  Romney is like Benedict Arnold leading the Americans against the King of England.  Benedict Arnold would have surrendered if he had such authority.

There has to be a will to fight for there to be a war.  There is not a sufficient will to fight if you are going to be so agreeable to your adversary.


Romney is said to have a really big lead over his opponent in the Utah GOP primary.  What civil war?   With so many GOP'ers committed to surrender politics, how can there be a war?


Just judging by the response on other webpages, I still say that this is keyboard warrior stuff.


What I am getting at is that the people who write this stuff are doing for the page clicks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


John Hawkins says liberals have become insane and dangerous.  If he believe that, then what does he propose to do about it???

The question was not asked.  Why not?

No, the thing that will happen is that guys like Mitt Romney will win elections, and they will sit back and wonder when somebody will do something.

You can cast about these politicians all you want, but the final analysis may show that it may be up to you alone, because nobody will help you.

If that doesn't change, this will only get worse.

Talking about civil war is silly.  Until you have an organized resistance to aggression, this will happen more and more.

Coal and nuclear energy getting a boost?


It seems to be negative towards coal and nuclear.  Big mistake.  Trump has it right, but can he prevail?

Don Surber: Global warming lawsuit tossed

Don Surber: Global warming lawsuit tossed: A federal judge appointed by Clinton tossed the lawsuit filed by a bunch of California municipalities against oil companies. "Judge W...


Even though the suit was tossed, it wasn't a 100% slam against AGW.  The judge doesn't dispute the "science", for example.  Instead, it is a global matter, not local, says this judge.

It is more sane, but not good enough.  I suppose that is reason enough to be thankful, but also reason enough to be wary.

Mad Maxine: Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Maxine: Beyond Thunderdome: Democrat Maxine Waters, leader of the Congressional Brownshirt Caucus.


Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are distancing themselves from Mad Maxine.  Perhaps pressure should be applied to make Waters accountable for the incitement of mobs.  This not American, says Schumer.  He should back it up by passing a censure resolution.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Rat binging on cash, dies

It did a perfect bank job, but was ratted out.  Tough luck.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Colonel Sanders

Hard to believe that he was not well known at the time of this show.

Trump is Hitler? Liberals don't believe that.

It is something that they make up.  Why?  Probably because they think it gives them an edge.

If they really believed that Trump was Hitler, they wouldn't favor gun control.  Anybody would be a fool to disarm themselves in the face of a rising megalomaniac.  Even liberals are not that foolish.  Therefore, I don't believe that they believe that Trump is Hitler.  It is just a tactic.

Soft Civil War? No. Soft coup? Yes.

This has been ongoing for decades.  It has reached the point in which a successful coup may be within reach.

The difference between a coup and a civil war is the difference between battle and a massacre.  In order for there to be a war ( and a massacre ), there needs to be significant resistance.  That hasn't been happening.  Instead, this is a battle between factions for control of the government.

For there to be a war, there has to be a resistance.  For an example, look at the Texas Revolution.  Prior to the actual war, there were many protest conventions.  Therefore, you had significant resistance.  It meant that people were willing to organize in force to the threat posed by the government.  There is nothing comparable today.  Instead, people are organizing by faction for control over the government.  People believe that elections will solve this issue.  But one of these factions, the GOP, has no real interest in providing significant resistance over the slow creeping soft coup.  The Democrats, for their part, do not recognize the existing order, and wish to overthrow it.  Thus, the coup.

The Mueller "investigation" is part of the soft coup.  If these people can convince enough people to accept the overthrow of a legally elected president, then the coup will be successful.  Failing that, there will be an impeachment.  If that fails, then there will be massive civil disobedience.  You are already seeing that in California, which refuses to cooperate with the federal government.  The so called "resistance" is just the beginning of the massive civil disobedience in store for us if they don't get their way.  If the Democrats lose, this could turn into something pretty ugly.

Patriots should be preparing for war.  Instead, they will passively watch as the Democrats and their GOP enablers allow a soft coup to take place.  Without an organized resistance, these people will be emboldened to do whatever they want.  If they cannot get it the easy way, they may try the hard way.  Weakness only invites the attempt.  Until patriots get organized, there will be no war.

But there will be a coup.  It is already happening.


Just to be absolutely blazingly clear --- any talk of a war without the concomitant preparation for one is by definition nonserious.   The more you talk about it and the less you prepare, the less serious you appear to be.  Anyone who thinks he can "take you", will be emboldend by your weakness.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Odds and ends

It is now the end of the week.  Sunday begins the new week.  Or so it appears on the lists of posts on this here blog. 

This past week, I got a follow up MRI in Irving.  These things are a bit expensive, but I wanted the people who treated me to do them as opposed to doing it closer to home. 

I asked the doc how long will I have to follow this schedule.  He said for another two years.  Gulp.  That's eight more MRI's coming up.  They won't end after that.  It will only be two a year after that.

Yes, I will be doing MRI's for now on.  Not that these are a big deal, but it does cost me money to go up there and come back.

I've got that to think about.  At least things appear to be getting better.  So much for that topic...

Today, I did not work.  Normally I will work on a Saturday.  It seems my condition is aggravated if I travel a lot, so I decided to dial it down a bit.

Instead of working, I put this swamp cooler to work.  One thing that it isn't is an air conditioner.  It seems like I could use a bit more in terms of improvements in order to make this idea work as anticipated.

It uses a lot of water.  It uses less electricity than the a/c, but more than I would like, since I am using so many fans to help with ventilation.

One idea to help the swamp cooler is to scrounge some wood from last year's project, and use it to make an overhang for the west side.  The swamp cooler faces the sun, and no doubt that this makes its job a bit harder.  Still thinking it through...

It isn't all politics around here...  Trying to do some real stuff, but that take dough.  Since I spent so much and made nothing, that could be a problem...

That is all for now...  Onward through the fog or whatever...

Did George Will call President George Herbert Walker Bush "feckless"?

Anybody out there remember that far back?  I'm not sure myself, but I know somebody called Bush that, as I wasn't familiar with the word.  I looked up its meaning back then.

It seems to be word that isn't used much.  So a person might not know what it means.  Even somebody well educated.  Okay, maybe not everyone would think I am well educated, but I am not that dumb.  The word "feckless" just isn't used much, but seems to me it was used even less before it was brought into use about that time.

 If George Will really did call Papa Bush that, then what does that make him?  They seem to like Democrats so much, but they don't want to be called Democrats.  They want to be called "conservative".  But it might take a bit of effort to be a conservative.  It might take more than wearing bow ties.

He calls other GOP'ers who support Trump as his "poodles".  Well, what about George Will himself?  He seems to like to hang around liberals, so maybe he's a liberal's poodle.  They write his paycheck, do they not?

Guys like Will are a lot like McCain, who seems to be very interested in getting approval from the left.  They tend to forget who put them where they are.  It wasn't anybody on the left, that's for sure.

A good definition for feckless,by the way, is "weak".  I'd say George Will is a bit feckless at this point.  How about standing tall against liberalism, Georgie Boy?  Are they that big a threat to you?  He thinks being brave is fighting against your own.  How about protecting your own, if that is who you identify with?

But that might take some guts.