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Why Is Russia So Homophobic?---leftist propaganda

The Atlantic


This is written by somebody who has been throughly brainwashed into accepting liberal views.

Some of what is written is worthy of thought, but most of it is garbage.

For instance, one might question the average Russian's piety.  One might also question the harshness of the punishment of homosexuals.   Russians need not be this harsh.  They could go to church more often.

Nevertheless, I support their move.  Russia is faced with a demographic collapse.  No society that is fertile accepts homosexuality like the West does.  I believe that the West is committing ethnic suicide by the combination of abortion and homosexuality.  The consequence is that fewer people are born who will replace the older generation as it dies off.  Perhaps the white people believe that they are going to live forever.  Perhaps they have so much money that they believe they are invincible.  But that flies into the face of reality.

A rational response is to ban the behavior that is contributing to their population decline, which is why I think Russia is doing the right thing.

The propaganda of the left is that people are born homosexuals.  That is most likely a big lie.  People are taught to be that way.  The can be taught to be otherwise.  Although it may well be true that people may be born with unnatural urges like same sex attraction, every unnatural urge can be socialized out and/or minimized.  The left has no problem with socializing out the tendency of groups to want to perpetuate themselves.  They call it being racist.  But they don't have a problem with those attitudes when expressed by non-white peoples.  They certainly have succeeded in making white people in this country want to commit ethnic suicide.  That is definitely happening in this country.

The US and Russia have one thing in common.  Their dominant race is declining.  But in the US, the decline is likely to continue as long as the people in it continue to listen to the left and advocate a genocidal practice like abortion and homosexuality.

I applaud Russia.  Too bad we don't do this ourselves.  The last thing we need to do is to continue listening to the Death Cult.

Rough sketch of Total Recall remake

As I wrote earlier, a Total Recall remake could be a good project.  It wouldn't take much to improve on the recent remake.  But, it may be a tough job to make something better than the original.  My idea is to make the remake as a rough equivalent of the original film, but with major differences.

If you are familiar with the original movie, the action starts on Earth, then proceeds to Mars.

This could be the same as in the movie.  The difference is that an inventor couldn't get his invention accepted on Earth and decides that his invention has a better chance on Mars.  There's a small colony on Mars.  He figures the leaders there would be not as unfriendly to his new device and there wouldn't be the kind of vested interests that proved to be so imposing an obstacle on Earth.  Mars society was a lot smaller and hopefully a more friendly and nicer place.

Another similarity is that the setting is in the future and the action begins on Earth.  Also, his wife doesn't want to go to Mars, but he wants to go very badly.   As in the film, he wants to "be somebody", and is dissatisfied with his lowly status on Earth.  There wouldn't be any nightmare though.  That could come later on Mars.  He does have a dream about a brunette on Mars and his wife is jealous of the dream.  She hears him talking in his sleep and it isn't about her.  She can tell that he has sexual feelings toward his "dream girl", but he has to try very hard to convince her that he doesn't.   His wife is adamant about Mars and her suspicions about infidelity are too much, so they separate and Quaid decides to move to Mars.

Another similarity is that there is indeed a brunette on Mars.  He meets her when he gets there.  Before he gets there, though, and on the way to Mars, news arrives that indicates that there has been a major disaster on Earth.  It is not clear what the nature of the disaster was, as communication is lost.  There is talk about explosions and being struck by something when the radio went dead.  People on the spacecraft with new settlers for Mars opine that it is an asteroid strike.  Others say it was a nuclear war.

As the settlers arrive on Mars, they find out nothing new about Earth.   The colony is as much in the dark as they are.  The colony itself is self-supporting, but the loss of Earth as a supply source for advanced goods and new settlers has everybody worried about the future.   Meanwhile, Quaid is feeling good about his new invention, which should improve the lot of the Martian settlers immensely.  His dream about "being somebody" is taking shape.

However, the leader of the colony, Cohagen, is a power mad dictator.  He uses a mind-control device that affects the memories of people he wants to control.  He becomes interested in Quaid, but Quaid is wary.  All Quaid wants to do is to market his new device on the colony, but he needs to get established first.  He meets the brunette, Melina, and quickly falls in love with her.  This is a problem because Richter also is in love with her.  Richter now wants to kill Quaid out of jealousy.

But Richter is restrained by Cohagen.  Cohagen wants to use Quaid, not kill him.  Being on the inside, Melina knows what Cohagen is like, and she knows Richter too.  She starts to feel something for Quaid and decides to help him.  This enrages Richter all the more.  The colonists are not too happy either, and Melina has close contacts with many in the resistance to Cohagen's tyranny.  Many of them are having nightmares, as Cohagen had tricked them into thinking that his memory device was a form of entertainment.  The entertainment was a form of mind-control instead.

Richter and Cohagen decide to kidnap Quaid and steal his secret.  But Melina helps Quaid defeat their plans.  Not before there is a mass revolt and Richter is killed.  Cohagen has to give in and let Quaid go.  Quaid decides to leave and take Melina with him back to Earth, where they face an uncertain future.

The Mars colonists elect a new leader.  Quaid shows them how to use the new device and it works.  They begin to prosper, but Quaid is still unsatisfied.  Mars is so small, and there are so few people.

He takes a few Mars colonists and Melina with him back to Earth.

Pro Football Weekly says goodbye

Pro Football Weekly, Hub Arkush


Back in the late eighties, I was attempting to come up with a system to predict the outcome of NFL games versus the spread.  I used this magazine as a source of information.  I considered placing an ad in the magazine to promote my product.  It could have happened, but I decided against it.  My system wasn't good enough, I felt.

Sorry to see it go.  It has become an all familiar story, it seems.  It is really hard to make a buck on the internet.  As far as I can tell, the internet killed this publication.  I like the internet, but it is a harsh master.  Very, very, very hard to make on buck on this medium.

total recall 2012 trailer

From what I've read, this remake is definitely inferior to the original 1990 version.

The original was quite a movie.

Some of that movie seems pretty realistic for what a colony on Mars might be like. It would have to be set inside of a mountain, or in a cave. Air would have to be regenerated so that people could breathe. The possibility of people being mutated by radiation could be a real possibility. There would have to be machines that do all this, like the excavator machines in the original movie.

The movie is based upon the short story by Phillip K. Dick, which is called We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.

I've read the plot of the remake.  Frankly, I can think of a better idea for a remake myself.

All you need is someone like Cohagen in the original.  Someone who wants to control everything, so he won't allow the secret to producing more air to become known.  That's easy.  Our entire society today is revolving around that very concept.  Radical abundance is possible to us, but is being denied to us so as to remain in control of us.  If the secret became known, their power will be diminished.  So, they, ( the powers-that-be) suppress the secret.  You can do the remake based upon our current situation.

Republicans' Orwellian doublespeak on immigration

The Daily Caller
I have recommended an article to you.
The Republican Establishment has joined the Obama regime. For all intents and purposes, they are the same.

Republicans’ Orwellian doublespeak on immigration

By Ira Mehlman   4:33 PM 06/13/2013
It's starting to feel a lot like 1984. Not the year, but the novel. Big Brother is watching just about everyone and everything, and the language of politics is being twisted and distorted beyond anything even Orwell could have imagined.

Orwell's glimpse of the dystopian future, in which the leaders of society engage in doublespeak, turning truth on its head every time they open their mouths, is upon us. In fact, at this very moment it is on the floor of the United States Senate, where a bill to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is being sold as the antidote to amnesty for illegal aliens.
Read the Story
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Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, calls out Paul Ryan for his position on immigration

Mark Levin has had it with Republicans and this push for amnesty. He blasted Paul Ryan in the opening of his show tonight for his comments on immigration on CNBC earlier today where he said they would push for a path to citizenship despite flak from the right.


So, this kind of view is extreme?   No, it is common sense.  Unfortunately, there's no more common sense in this country.

Learning to hate America?

Peggy Noonan via The Virginian and Instapundit


I feel that almost everyone who talks about America for a living—politicians and journalists and even historians—is missing a huge and essential story: that too many things are happening that are making a lot of Americans feel a new distance from, a frayed affiliation with, the country they have loved for half a century and more, the country they loved without every having to think about it, so natural was it.


Yes.  That's similar to what I wrote this past week.

It may have alienated a few people who visit this blog.  But this blog is about truth, not about fairy tales.

Too many people in this country are believing in fairy tales.

I recall yesterday that Limbaugh had a little to say on the subject.  I couldn't catch it all on radio, so the transcript is here.  Looks like the Establishment Republicans have joined the regime.

LFTRs to make hydrogen directly

Of all the schemes to move hydrogen around, another possibility exists.  If you can't bring the hydrogen to the customer without an infrastructure to do so, bring the cheap electricity to make the hydrogen at the point of sale.

At 4 cents per kwh, it would cost about 2 dollars per kg. to make the hydrogen on the spot.  But you would have to have a LFTR nearby.

Or, the LFTR could plug into the grid and the grid could sell it back at a small premium.  More efficient to have it nearby, though.

In any case, if the LFTR were to be used to make electricity that is dedicated to the production of hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cells, it could make a big difference.

Nicaragua Canal

This does not look like a pipe dream, but it could be quite a challenge.  There's a river that drains Lake Nicaragua into the Caribbean.  Thus, the waterway for most of the route already exists.  It is a matter of deepening it and widening it.

The hardest part may be the Pacific Ocean to the lake, which would require a ship to be lifted up to the level of the lake, which is nearly 100 feet above sea level.  It would have to traverse a narrow isthmus that is higher than this.  The lowest point of the isthmus is 184 feet.

Bottom line:

It would require a massive excavation of the isthmus at Rivas, in my estimation.  The rest would also be a massive dredging out of the San Juan River which flows to the Caribbean.

Funding of the project may not be quite so far-fetched.  There's a lot of money that could be made with such a project.  The company is said to not have any connection to the Chinese government.  It would appear to be a private venture.

Friday, June 14, 2013

When Greens Endorse Nuclear Power.

Glenn Reynolds

quote from Popular Mechanics
Nuclear power, the energy source many people fear most, is the best and currently only way to satisfy the world's voracious demand for electricity without producing carbon dioxide and other emissions

This is almost unbelievable.  If this is for real, it is very good news.


Can The World Afford Higher Interest Rates

By James Gruber at Asia Confidential, Kitco Commentary

"In many respects, Japan is the template for what's to come in other developed markets. After an enormous credit bubble which burst in 1990, Japan has refused to restructure its economy in order for it to grow in a sustainable manner. Instead, it's chosen the less painful route of printing money to try to revive the economy and reduce debts in yen terms...

... The trouble with this is that there comes a point where bond investors lose confidence in the ability of the government to repay the money. These investors then refuse to rollover government debt at low rates. When bond markets dry up, they normally do so quickly. The current wobbles in the Japanese bond market can be seen as a prelude to this endgame.

What about the US?  The causes may be a bit different here, but the effects will be the same.  What I mean by this is that there is this delusion that the government can restore prosperity.  That thought reminded me of this book, which pretty much sums up the case.

Phony baloney gop

LA Times - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer pushes through Obama's Medicaid expansion

Might as well be donks.

What's driving this same sex marriage movement?

Pope Wades Diplomatically Into Gay Marriage Debate - ABC News
Russia outlawed it.  Good for them.
No sane country should ever do it.


We are being scammed , the great partisan divide is a scam. Way I figure if the gop really cared about the scandals, they would be fighting it a lot harder than they are.

Ortega's hail mary

Nicaragua Approves Building Its Own Canal -

Project costs 40 billion dollars which is 5 times its GDP, 20 times its reserves.

If US did something comparable, it would cost 75 trillion dollars.

Even Paul Krugman would be aghast.

Roubini is a very confused man

Guest Post: Roubini Attacks The Gold Bugs

Roger Ailes wows conservatives in accepting Bradley prize

Washington Post

Ailes delighted the full house by slamming President Obama, and liberals in general, in his acceptance speech.


I'm not impressed.  There's nothing here but talk.  Conservatives are happy to talk, but that's all they'll do.  It won't accomplish a thing.

Sick at heart

It is hard to post this morning.  Nothing comes to mind, except for one thing.  A feeling of despair is creeping in.  It is as if there's is simply no point in fighting this anymore.  It is a lost cause.

The GOP is going to pass an immigration bill.

Nobody is going to do a doggone thing about the scandals.  Nothing.

The government is already out of control.  It is going to get a lot worse.

The Nobel Peace Prize president is going to get the US involved in a war over Syria.

People have a deluded sense that things are improving.  No freaking way.

Those who want sound policies are going to be blamed when things start going downhill.  Those who don't believe are going to be castigated for their lack of faith.  But faith in what?  In this government?

There's nothing that can be done.  It is going to fall apart.  When and how is hard to say, but it is no longer a matter of if, but when.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is one of three of his songs that I was listening to on Youtube. Good stuff.

Caterpillar cuts off Boy Scouts

I always thought that the Boy Scouts taught good character.  Evidently, today's idea of good character means giving in to bullies.  Those who are trying to change the character of the Boy Scouts are bullies.  The Scouts already gave in once, but that's not enough.  When does it stop?

Terminator goes after climate change

Julia Gillard and Arnold Schwarzenegger join forces on climate change - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Or is he coming after us?

Hasta la vista, baby.

Methanol to plastics

Methanol Applications - Methanol Institute

Methanol can be easily synthesized on Mars.  From there to plastic.  Plastic can be made into whatever you need, including shelter.

Japan watch: Energy

Goldman Sachs Eyes Japan Offshore Wind in Clean Energy Expansion - Bloomberg

Wind is a boondoggle.  Correct answer is nuclear.

Japan watch : strong yen

Yen lifted to 10-week peak versus dollar as equities slide

Japan watch


Japanese stocks down 6%.  Worries about US monetary policy.

Next Big Future: If Planetary Resources Kickstarter Reaches $2 mill...

Next Big Future: If Planetary Resources Kickstarter Reaches $2 mill...: Planetary Resources recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for the ARKYD – the world’s first crowdfunded space telescope accessible to...


I backed this project.

Next Big Future: John Slough preparing first nuclear fusion tests f...

Next Big Future: John Slough preparing first nuclear fusion tests f...: Last month at a NASA symposium, John Slough and his team from MSNW, presented their mission analysis for a trip to Mars, along with detailed...


A fusion rocket promises an ISP of a million or so.  To get an idea of the power of such a device, just 60 kg of propellant would be needed to accelerate a 50k kg mass to earth's escape velocity.  A 50k kg mass is about the size of the command module and lunar module system that landed on the moon and brought the crew back to earth.

Just 60 kgs is about 130 pounds.

Pardon me while I rant for a while...with a purpose.

  Government education has worked its intended magic. We are, for the most part, a nation of dumbed-down and disinterested zombies going through our daily routines while believing that our personal economic salvation will be a lottery ticket rather than hard work and good decision making. 

Looks like Boortz is getting a little pessimistic.  There's little doubt that something is broken.  He still believes it can be fixed.  I thought so, too.  Now, I'm not so sure that it can.

The future of this country looks like Argentina to me.

When it gives way, things will happen fast

Guest Post: This Is What Crisis Feels Like

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make your own bioplastic

This may work on Mars. You can make a lot of stuff with plastic.




Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

The Obama Surveillance Revelations Are Pushing Liberals Over the Edge

Assuming this is all for real, how about rolling back the FISA authority to what it was before they expanded it?  What Obama did was legal according to the law, although it shouldn't have been constitutional.

At any rate, if all their anger is sincere, they should be all for this.

Well, at least he is consistent.

Ron Paul Warns Of Electronic Surveillance Back In... 1984 | Zero Hedge

Ron Paul has some kooky ideas sometimes, but this was not one if them.

Sounds plausible when you read it, but...

More Americans quit jobs, a sign of confidence - Businessweek

Quitting a job is not prima facie evidence of confidence.  How many of these quits led to better paying jobs?  The article does not say.

My Country My Ass ( reposted )

Karl Denninger,


  • the fact that despite every news anchor and many of the people in Boston pumping their fists and screaming "USA!" along with lauding law enforcement, the fact is that law enforcement could not find its ass with both hands.
  • Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.  
  • Instead, within a half-hour of the "can't find our ass with both hands" cops giving up on locking down the town an ordinary citizen finds the bad guy in his boat.
  • Massive, outrageous, millions of dollars in overtime and worthless hardware FAIL, to go along with a citizenry that cowered in abject fear of a couple of jackasses. 
  • finally we learned that The Constitution is used toilet paper and a fetid relic of our former (and now-shelved in favor of American Idol) imagination, and that the founders who fought just miles from where this took place are looking down on us in shame from heaven -- we no longer merit the nation they left us.

The NSA Has at Least 1 Liberal Friend Left: Sen. Al Franken

National Journal

Franken would also eventually vote against a 2012 reauthorization of the FISA amendments that give the government wide surveillance authority.[ emphasis added]


This explains how Hoyer can say that the FISA court approved the wide sweeps that include millions.

Franken is now supporting something he voted against.  Fanboy is now supporting the administration.  GOP is being a bit hypocritical to complain now.

How did such a law get passed in a GOP led House?  These people have their heads up their butts, or they are just as corrupt as Obama?

They are all rotten.


Yes, all of them.  Even those who voted against wider surveillance, as Franken did.  As we can see, he now supports what he voted against.  The vote against it was window dressing to fool the public into thinking they gave a damn about civil liberties.

It was the same as it was during the Bush administration.  They were opposed to the alleged violation of terrorist's civil liberties.  But that was a ruse.

The ruse was to convince the public that Bush was a threat to civil liberties.  Yet, look what Franken supports now.

Their defense was to say that the GOP supported what Bush did.  All I can say to that is that I never supported what they say I supported.  If Bush did then what is being done now, I would have been opposed as I am now.  This is not partisan, not for me it isn't.

This government is no damned good.

Hoyer: No comparison between Obama, Bush on secret NSA surveillance


the Obama administration received the authority to conduct its surveillance from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, according to reports....In another distinction, the NSA under Bush was said to monitor the content of the communications it was intercepting — a level of detail the Obama administration has reportedly not sought in its blanket sweeps.


There should be no blanket sweeps.  What Bush did was okay in the sense of "hot pursuit".  You don't need a warrant to arrest somebody if you have sufficient cause.  Why don't these people make that distinction?

They make it all appear reasonable.  Bullshit.


In my opinion, our government has deserted us.

If I was younger, young enough to serve in the military, I wouldn't do it.  This country, as it is now, isn't worthy of defense.

I never did go into the military when I was younger, but I did consider it.  I would not dream of it today.

If I had a son or daughter of this age, I would advise them not to serve.

Any relative or friend too.  This country, as it stands now, deserves no support.

If the immigration bill passes, I won't even vote anymore.  There's nothing to vote for.

Poll as propaganda

This poll is hogwash.  If the media would just report the damned situation as it is, not as political spin, this poll would be much different.  How do you know?  It's what happened during the Bush administration.  Democrats lectured us about their high mindedness and the Bush Administration's disregard of civil liberties.

They are not making a distinction here between tracking suspected terrorists and tracking millions of people.

The Democrats made a huge issue out of not obtaining warrants for suspected terrorists.  But they aren't making a huge issue out of making millions of people subject to government surveillance.  So, millions of people are potential terrorists?

Our government is getting really scary.

McConnell to Vote for Cloture, Despite Reservations About Immigration Bill



Madness.  It should be filibustered to death.

US Navy did research into nuclear jet fuel

The price was higher than what I figured, unfortunately.

However, it should be pointed out that they were probably using electricity, not thermal.  That would make some difference, but probably not enough.

It seems that I've made a mistake.

The problem is the necessity to make hydrogen.  It is very energy intensive.  You could use a high temperature electrolysis, but it still takes electricity.  Heat alone would require 2500 degrees Centigrade in order to break the chemical bonds.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May need to revisit nuclear methane

After reading Zubrin's book, I ran the numbers on the 100 kw nuclear reactor that he proposes to land on Mars to make methane and lox for the return to Earth.  The numbers look like an order of magnitude on the high side, so that puts me in a bit of a pickle.  I hoped to use this information to calibrate my own, but there's so much of a discrepancy, this goes by the wayside.

A quick, but perhaps delusional idea, is that it is an electrical kw rating and not a thermal one.  If so, and if that is how it operates, that could explain it.  If not, another explanation is needed, and that may not be good for the nuclear methane idea.

Losses can add up pretty quickly.  Even if you can produce dirt cheap process heat, all of it could be eaten up pretty fast by other inefficiencies.

Need more info.

Space vidcast

Is big government the best option for  space program?

Nuclear Process Heat


The economics of hydrogen production depend on the efficiency of the method used. The IS cycle coupled to a modular high temperature reactor is expected to produce hydrogen at $1.50 to $2.00 per kg. The oxygen by-product also has value.[ emphasis added]


Think of it.  A fuel cell can be twice as efficient as a gasoline engine.  At two bucks a kilogram, it would be like 1 buck a gallon gas.  (A gallon of gas and a kg of hydrogen are equivalent in terms of energy.)

Imagine a scenario that produces no greenhouse gas and is cheaper than gasoline by a factor of 3.

If Sorensen is right, waste is reduced by a magnitude of two, or more.  Now, if you were to use existing waste, that could be reduced as well, and the result would be less waste than you already have now.

What's not to like?

Document: Sen. Obama Opposed 'Government Fishing Expeditions' Under Patriot Act


Evidently Obama is only opposed to fishing expeditions that he cannot lead himself.

By the way, Bush didn't do what Obama accused him of doing.  But he is doing it himself.

Wow: IRS Claims Law Protecting the Privacy of Taxpayer Information Also Protects the Privacy of Those Who Violate Taxpayer Privacy


This is one of those situations where you cannot write a joke because the joke is actually the facts of the matter. 

And Elijah Cummings says it's all over.  Uh-huh.

What is holding back the commercialization of space?

Bureaucracy as much as gravity, it seems.

Read Zubrin's book

It is rather concise.  Basically, he outlines a plan that is affordable and doable with current technology.

He concludes his book with a philosophical argument.  It is somewhat reminiscent of President Kennedy's speech at Rice University in support of the Apollo project that sent men to the moon and back.


Part of the reason I got this book is to study Zubrin's ideas for generating methane.  There are two basic ideas, and one of them requires no methane to be generated at all.  It will be brought along.

The one idea for generating methane on Mars is to use a 100 kilowatt hour nuclear reactor.  That pretty much answered my question.  You need energy, but how much?  Apparently, a lot.

However, this is not a show stopper as the methane can be taken along and the lox generated on Mars will save plenty of mass.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Zubrin Mars Direct Mars Society UK

I'm going to read Zubrin's book.

More on reformers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Reformers – Fuel Cell Hydrogen Car Reformers

If you can get methane cheap enough, who cares?  Nuclear methane is cheaper.

Here's one

Fuel Reformer for Fuel Processor and Fuel Cell systems: ATR, CPOX and Steam Reformer

Must have had a brain fault.  I would write something else starting with an f and ending with a t, but this app censors it.

Ever heard of terra preta soils?

Fires have burned 3 percent of Amazon rainforest in 12 years, NASA says -

This article is retarded.

Would not surprise me

GOP IRS worker explains scrutiny of tea party | The Columbus Dispatch

If you are going to compare the NSA thing with Bush, then this is not far fetched.  But check it out.  This could be disinformation.

Smart feller

I double checked Hargraves' book, and the prices I calculated for break even for a solar dish match his price which is pretty close to 24 cents per kilowatt hour. Dang I'm good!

Is the problem that people are not too bright?

It's was an understanding of mine that the ability to make fine distinctions was a sign of intelligence.  Perhaps I give too much credit for people for being smart.

Really.  You ought to know the difference between things.  But maybe there are too many who do not.


There was a scene in the movie Dirty Harry, when the mayor asked Harry how he established that rape was intended.  The reply was if a naked guy with a knife and a hard-on is chasing a woman, he's not collecting for the Red Cross.

Now it seems that people want to ask really stupid questions like what that guy with that knife and a hard on is gonna do to that lady he's chasing?  I tend to lose patience with that kind of industrial strength stupidity.

When you can't recognize Moose Head Truth, well it may be time to pack it in.  The country is finished.  The MHT here is like that Naked Guy with A Hard On.  Do I have to draw a freakin' picture?

Confusion about NSA

Look, Bush was accused of doing what Obama is doing now.  The comparisons being made are not apt.

Bush said something to the effect that if you are talking to Al Qaeda, we want to know about it.  But that is a lot different from monitoring every damned body.

I think there's a lot of confusion about what they did back then and what they are doing now.

The GOP and the so-called right have to start making some distinctions.  As for myself, I see now contradiction.  I never supported monitoring every damned body.  Therefore, I defended Bush back then and now.  This is not the same thing.

Confusion of nuclear energy with nuclear bombs?

This guy must be paying attention to the Thorium Alliance.  Or someone else.

Kyle Smith: Liberal environmentalists switch sides, sing praises of nuclear energy. -

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summing up the green trucker ideas

The main idea is to improve upon the costs of operating a truck in a delivery business by switching to another source of fuel.

I started with a methane generating system.  The conclusion there was that it would be better to just buying the methane and making the hydrogen yourself, but that requires a fuel cell system and an electric conversion.  The methane could be cracked using a reformer.

I ended up the research with a the sawdust idea just described.  It would run on biocrude and batteries.  I didn't finish up that system though.  So, let's do so here.  Thus, we need to recharge the batteries at night.  You'd do that with the syngas.  The biochar could be sold off as a soil conditioner, or it could also be burned for energy, perhaps for the household.  For $45 a ton for sawdust, it would seem to meet the requirements.

Both systems would require an electric conversion.  Let's look at that for a moment.  Perhaps it would be better to use the Stirling engine to provide energy directly, as opposed to running it to produce electricity.  The wheels could be used to recapture energy from braking and also to recharge the batteries while cruising.  That is, while cruising, the wheels could be constantly supplying energy in the form of electricity to the batteries and keeping them fully charged.  Hence, the Stirling engine would be producing electricity after all.  Just not primarily for charging the battery or running an electric motor.

What about the electric motor?  Most likely it would need to be made of one of those pesky rare earth elements--- neodymium.  The same with the wheels.  By the way, the wheels will charge not only batteries, but also ultracapacitors.  The reason for using a rare earth is to cut down on weight.  By doing this, an impressive amount of power could be packed in a small electric motor ( and generator ).  The ultracapacitors could be used for heavy acceleration, as in a passing maneuver.

So, you'd need an electric motor to replace the gasoline engine.  You'd need a Stirling engine too, but it would be a smaller engine than the gasoline engine because it is only used for cruising.  The electric motor is used for acceleration.  You'd need a battery pack too, but not too big of one.  Most of your driving is going to be in cruising.  So you'd have to have a sophisticated control system that can route power from one motor to another depending upon driving conditions.  Finally, you'd need a fuel tank for the biocrude that runs the Stirling engine.

Quite a project to do such a conversion.  Also, you'd have to procure a sawdust source that is reliable.

Is it worth fooling with?  I'd have to do another economic analysis for that.  Perhaps some other time.  It's getting late.  I've got to work tomorrow and so I'll need to buy more of that expensive gas, darn it.

How much is sawdust worth?

There are those who would say "nothing".   However, this source says $45 dry ton ( in 2010 ).  The same article said that the electricity produced from such as source ranged in price from 6 cents to 11 cents per kwh.

Now, if you were to pyrolyze it into biochar, syngas, and biocrude, the value of these resulting products could be worth more than the cost of $45 a dry ton.

For $45, I can run my truck all day on gasoline.  Now, how much sawdust would it take to run a Stirling electric conversion van to run on biocrude and syngas?  Not a ton, I can pretty much bet on.

How much biocrude would you need to travel 200 miles?  By comparison, gasoline has 46.6 MJ/kg, whereas biocrude has a heating value is 15-22 MJ/kg.  Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 depending on its quality.

Therefore, you would need as much as 3 times as much.

Does Biochar Deliver Carbon-Negative Energy?

Making terra preta soils with biochar.

Smart Microfarms - Algae Growing Systems for Home & Backyard

Question: Would this be worth it for a system to grow biomass for fuel?

Algae can produce 3,000 gallons of liquid fuel per acre in a year

So says this Q&A at San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology.

Now, what if you just produced the algae for pyrolysis and then run the products on a Stirling Engine that produced engine to recharge onboard batteries in a vehicle?  ( that's a mouthful )

During the Energy Crisis in the seventies, Ford experimented with Stirling engines.  If memory serves, they are 30% more efficient than gasoline powered cars.  The downside was that they took too long to power up.

Now, if you were to put the Stirling engine in a hybrid, you no longer have to worry about power up times.  Run on the battery until it needs recharging.  Turn on the Stirling Engine to recharge and to run the vehicle.  When the battery is recharged, power down.

Stirling engines need only a heat source.  You can burn something, like biofuels, or multiple biofuels, that can create the heat.  Pyrolysis can produce the biofuels from algae.  Those would be syngas and biocrude.  Biocrude equals number 2 fuel oil and syngas can be burned directly.  Either or both of these can serve as fuel for the engine.

If the 30% figure Ford got holds up, then a 25 mpg car can get 33 mpg equivalent.  At 3,000 gallons per year, that would mean upwards of 100k miles worth of fuel per year per acre.

Iron oxide cycle for hydrogen production, part 2

part 1 was here

A little more googling has turned up some recent work on this subject.  I did a couple screenshots of the pdf file obtained.  Site says no proprietary information in the file.

Rather optimistic goals for this program.  900k kg hydrogen per yr. from 2.2 GWyr plant. $3.00 kg hydrogen by 2020

don't get this chart.  How many moles per year using how much energy?

Their idea is not to do this in somebody's back yard. But it would be interesting if you could.

What's Holding Obama Up?


Why does Obama boast an average approval rating of 48 percent when he scores terribly on each issue he is now handling?...The answer is, of course, demographics. African-Americans, Latinos, gays, students, and single white women are so frightened of a world without Obama and so alienated from Republicans that they dare not give the president overall negative ratings.[ emphasis added]

Actually, it is worse than demographics.  That's because the alienation is being taught to these groups.  The alienation is a product of projection.  These people are being taught that their problems are outside of them, but their real problem is what's inside of them.  Blaming everyone but themselves, they exacerbate their own problems.

Obama always blames others.  That's typical of a leftist.  No matter how badly their policies go, it's always someone else's fault.  These benighted people will always gravitate towards the left because they have been indoctrinated to do so.  They will never get out of it.

The cure is to marry off the women and increase our overall standard of living.  There's no need for dependency when most people have a good paying job.  The Obama regime is increasing dependency, while the failure to produce good paying jobs is a feature, not a bug.

The GOP kids itself by trying to get the favor of these groups by adopting the leftist line.  It didn't work for Reagan when he granted amnesty.  It won't work now.

Economic analysis of aluminum electrolysis, part 2

Part 1 was here.

This idea is what Aronsson proposes as a solution for bringing hydrogen to his fuel cells.  I studied that idea back in January and found that it probably isn't very economical.  It so happens that this discussion from the US Energy Dept. is actually quite definitive that it won't work.  That's because you'd have to increase the amount of aluminum produced in this country by a factor of 25.  Plus, it just takes too much electricity to regenerate the aluminum( 140 kwh per kg).  Even at 4 cents per kwh from a molten-salt reactor, that $5.60 per kg for the hydrogen.  That's not including other costs.

Another idea bites the dust.