Saturday, December 3, 2016

A few ideas being tried out

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

Made a trip to the hardware store and got two things.  Thing #1 was a zero water filter.  It comes with a water tester that will tell you how much stuff is in your tap water.  I was surprised by how much.

The filter does get it down to zero, according to the tester.

I don't think I want to use this on real dirty water.  The instructions say that even tap water with a lot of stuff in it will clog the filter.  These filters ain't cheap, I suspect.

Thing #2 was the equipment needed to set up a distiller apparatus that will go on the stove top.  Now this one has been written up a couple times already.  The thing that makes this different is that I actually decided to do something about it.  I am attempting to run that experiment and get some distilled water out of this thing.  It will need some work in order to set it up.

Another thing I am doing is collecting rainwater.  It is a rainy day out here, and I have actually collected plenty of water.  Funny how that is.  All these years, one gets water from someone else.  Now here I am getting it for myself.  What a concept!

I may be slow, but eventually, I will get there

There have been many times when I figured out something that really puzzled me.  But my pattern is that it takes me a long time, and it is too late by the time I do figure it out.  This may have led me to write that "truth is a slippery thing".  You see, truth is what I seek.  It is just that I am not so good at finding it.  If I had a high quality brain, maybe I could have done something in the world.  If not the world, then my own life.

I look around and I don't feel encouraged.  Maybe it is just me not having things figured out, or maybe I am on the right track and it hasn't been confirmed yet.


In the larger scene, there was a writeup about the "free market system".  Hate to break it to you people, but that is going away.  We have the corporations to thank for that.  As long as the corporations have control over everything, the push will be against them.  This will lead to more government control as a counter to corporate power.

It would not be a bad idea to regulate the corporations, but we are already doing that.

Regulations will fail because the corporations control the government.  Once they lose control, then the socialists will control it.  Then the "free market" will be dead.   It may well be most of the way there already.

Trump's victory won't last.  Am I right?  We'll see.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Jill Stein says her bid for recounts is not targeted at Hillary or Trump.  Then why stop at three states?  If all three flipped, Hillary could win.

Bullshit alert, bullshit alert.

Of course it is directed at Trump.  She has no chance of winning, and if she was telling the truth, she would want recounts in all the states.

Obligatory, 12.2.16

Emotionally speaking, this may on the verge of becoming a roller coater ride.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday.  Then something happens that made me feel better, but now I am feeling down again.

The thing that is getting me down is hard to describe.  It would be easy to say exactly what comes to mind, but that may not be correct.  I could be Sgt. Friday, and give you only the facts, but that could be a mistake, too.

I heard something a couple days ago that might be applicable here.  Things are not necessarily what they appear to be.

Here's a thought that may not be too risky in terms of making a mistake:  Jesus spoke in parables because he knew that those people would not understand.  It is in the Gospels, check it out, if you are interested.  Anyway, what Jesus was saying was the same thing:  things are not necessarily what they appear to be.  Or what you think they are.  The truth of a thing could be staring you in the face, and you would never see it.  It could be speaking loud enough to equal a loudspeaker, and you still would not hear it.  The truth of a thing cannot reach you unless you are prepared to receive it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

obligatory, 12.1.16

I don't want to seem morbid here, so here goes nothing.  It is going to be necessary to get my affairs in order.  Just spent time checking through some stuff and it is time consuming.  Here it is, late in the morning, and I cannot say that I have accomplished a damned thing.  That even though I have been busy.

A thought here:  if you are poor, don't get sick.  You can't afford it.

On the wider scene, just want to mention that Trump's pick for Treasury is not what I would have liked to have seen.  This society is in the grip of the corporations, and his choice looks like the grip is going to get tighter.  Trump ran as a populist, but if this is any indication, he will govern like a plutocrat.  Disappointing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get rid of the Electoral College?

The more that this goes on, the more I am convinced that they are crazy as bedbugs.

By the way, the Electoral College was not this:

The electors spearheading the effort, like Colorado’s Polly Baca and Washington state’s Bret Chiafalo, say they aren’t explicitly attempting to unravel the Electoral College. They argue that they’re merely returning it to its historic function as a safety valve in the event voters choose an unfit president[ emphasis added]

Voters don't choose a president.  It has been the custom of the states, whose job is to select the electors.  In other words, the legislatures of the states choose the electors who then choose the president.

These electors either don't know the law, or they do know the law.  If they do know the law, then the above statement is a LIE.

The courts have no say in how the state legislatures choose the electors.  It would be interesting to see how this gets decided in the courts, and who is doing the deciding.

In order to get rid of the Electoral College, YOU MUST GET A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.   Only a leftist nincompoop would ever think that a mere lawsuit is going to change this, unless he figures that the courts are already corrupted by a bunch of leftists who would disregard what the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND has already said on the matter.  Courts may not change the legal charter of the nation at their whim.


Being an old guy, I have to get up in the middle of the night and pee.  It's the prostate, you see.  One of the problems with being a guy is that this is likely to happen to you when you get to be an old fart.  But, like a lot of things, you can learn to live with it.

So, I get on the internet and sometimes look around and post something.  Fer instance, I checked into the Chordoma Foundation in order to get some info on this disease, and maybe see if I can get some help, cuz I am really gonna need it. 

So what happens?  My computer connection is too slow or not working at this hour.  Funny thing, the people said that the data limit is down at this hour, but what they don't tell you is that you cannot access it anyway.  In other words, it is BS.

I am noticing that a lot these days.  So many things are false.  Then when you need something that you thought would be there for you, it isn't.  It can be frustrating.

Yeah, I know.  Bitch, bitch, bitch...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It's a type of cancer that I may have.  It is not confirmed yet, that is what the biopsy will be about.

Why mention it now, since I don't know for sure?  I dunno.  Maybe to have something to yak about.

Chordomas are rare.  It may be a one in a million thing.  Talking about bad luck, huh?

Chordomas affect the spinal column, from the skull to the tailbone.  Mine is in the southern region.

But let's not get too premature with this yet.  It is preliminary.

I'm doing some stuff to prepare.  One thing that I need to do is to get some help.  I am going to check out the Chordoma Foundation.   You can ask to join through email, and that is what I did.  There are akso facebook pages, twitter and so forth.  I had to dig around to find my information on those pages that I have visited for awhile.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Obligatory, 11.28.16

Today was like most days.  It does not seem very productive.  Yet, I had several discussions today about what I am dealing with.  If you are not familiar with this blog, I have had a preliminary diagnosis of cancer.   I am doing what I can to cope with that reality.

I suppose in comparison with the larger scene, this is rather boring stuff to read.  I will try to relate a few things so that you may gain something from it, provided that you are interested.

For example, I like to watch this video about the Gospel of John.  However, it may require a deeper understanding, and in that spirit, I have come across something that discusses it line-by-line.  It is an interesting education.  Question: One may wonder why I bother with this if my life is hanging in the balance?  The answer:  Death is inevitable for us all.  Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that we will always be around.  Since we are mortal, the question arises about what happens after this brief time on earth is over.  It is the essence of religion, would you not say?

I'm not trying to preach.  I am just relating what I am doing.  You can think of it what you will.

Shipping Up To Boston---- Dropkick Murphys

Ever watch the movie called Departed?  They ought to call that movie "Rats".  Seems like all the characters in that movie are "rats".   Actually, all the major characters in that movie get whacked, so Departed is a good name too.

Why mention this?  I was going through my videos and I saw this movie and remembered this song.  But I also posted about it at about the time I went in for a colonoscopy in 2012.  I researched my blog and found it there close to the others written at that time.

I was taking things seriously then, but let myself believe that nothing seriously was wrong because the results came out negative.  And there you are.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Obligatory, 11.27.16

Long night last night as my brain wouldn't shut down and I kept on thinking.  Or is it worrying?

Woke up this morning in something of a bad mood.  It has passed a bit.  The thing that is bugging me is that I seemed to be stymied.  I can't do things until I know something, but then I have to wait until I know something.

But when I get there, they are all going to expect me to do things already and I am not prepared to do anything at all.

For example, I'm still getting moved in out here, but now I may have to turn around and go back. It hasn't been easy do this much, so now I am expected to go back and repeat all this????

Well, I may have some help available.  But there's limits to that.  Do I really want to put everything in others' hands, after that limit is reached?  These are people I don't know.  After all the things they have told me that were wrong?  Trust is questionable.

This isn't looking good.

I am told that when confronted with situations like this, one response is suicide.  I am not of that mind, but I also not in the mind of turning over everything to people I don't know nor trust.

There was a mention of the Kevorkian route.  I am not of that mind.

Those are some examples of what's on my mind about now.