Saturday, December 3, 2016

I may be slow, but eventually, I will get there

There have been many times when I figured out something that really puzzled me.  But my pattern is that it takes me a long time, and it is too late by the time I do figure it out.  This may have led me to write that "truth is a slippery thing".  You see, truth is what I seek.  It is just that I am not so good at finding it.  If I had a high quality brain, maybe I could have done something in the world.  If not the world, then my own life.

I look around and I don't feel encouraged.  Maybe it is just me not having things figured out, or maybe I am on the right track and it hasn't been confirmed yet.


In the larger scene, there was a writeup about the "free market system".  Hate to break it to you people, but that is going away.  We have the corporations to thank for that.  As long as the corporations have control over everything, the push will be against them.  This will lead to more government control as a counter to corporate power.

It would not be a bad idea to regulate the corporations, but we are already doing that.

Regulations will fail because the corporations control the government.  Once they lose control, then the socialists will control it.  Then the "free market" will be dead.   It may well be most of the way there already.

Trump's victory won't last.  Am I right?  We'll see.

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