Monday, November 28, 2016

Obligatory, 11.28.16

Today was like most days.  It does not seem very productive.  Yet, I had several discussions today about what I am dealing with.  If you are not familiar with this blog, I have had a preliminary diagnosis of cancer.   I am doing what I can to cope with that reality.

I suppose in comparison with the larger scene, this is rather boring stuff to read.  I will try to relate a few things so that you may gain something from it, provided that you are interested.

For example, I like to watch this video about the Gospel of John.  However, it may require a deeper understanding, and in that spirit, I have come across something that discusses it line-by-line.  It is an interesting education.  Question: One may wonder why I bother with this if my life is hanging in the balance?  The answer:  Death is inevitable for us all.  Let's not kid ourselves into thinking that we will always be around.  Since we are mortal, the question arises about what happens after this brief time on earth is over.  It is the essence of religion, would you not say?

I'm not trying to preach.  I am just relating what I am doing.  You can think of it what you will.

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