Saturday, August 20, 2016

Counterjihad Panels at CPAC. March 3 2016 Admiral (Ret) Ace Lyons

"Why would an American President embrace the Muslim Brotherhood?” 20 minutes of easy listening from a wise and knowledgeable man


Why would conservatives oppose Trump, when this guy talks more like Trump than they do?

Why wasn't this information used during the 2012 campaign?  It seems like it could have made a difference.

Could it be corruption in BOTH parties?

Pat Condell goes after the Euro madness

Globalism gone mad.  Pat Condell spells it out.

Donald Trump’s Lincolnesque Moment

Donald Trump’s Lincolnesque Moment: A landmark in the emergence of a new Republican Party.


It is what I thought he could do.  Cruz wouldn't do this, nor would anyone else who was in this race this time.

Changing times

It was not my intention here to write too much personal stuff, but nothing else comes to mind right now.

I may have mentioned a doctor's visit.  Good news, bad news scenario.  Good news is that I am probably not dying, the bad news is that I probably cannot work anymore.  This has not been confirmed, as the doctor thinks another opinion may be necessary.

I am thinking the latter is definitely necessary.  The former part:  the doctor thinks the 'dying' part requrires another visit to a specialist.  Not going into details here, but I am referring to two separate problems.  One involves work, the other is more serious.  The more serious part is not as serious as it may seem from what I wrote.

While I wait on that, I have been scouting around for other living arrangements.  Staying here was pretty iffy after January, but now that the timetable has been bumped up, staying here is definitely not in the cards for much longer.

I have been considering an RV arrangement for the longest time.  Some interesting possibilities exist out there.  All of them relate to costs, of course.  Cheaper ones require more refurbing, more expensive ones will yield a fast solution, but hardly solve the financial problems.

I found something that is interesting, but will require a lot of work.  You may wonder about the work part.  That is tricky, as I will need help to do it.  A lot of help.

This may be obtainable.  As always, you have to ask.


Regulars may recall that I have a trailer.  It is small, only five feet by eight feet.  I was thinking of using that as a bathroom trailer.  But there are trailers that are bigger, on which a tiny house can be constructed.  That is generally the idea here.  Get a larger trailer and put a tiny house on it.

I may be able to get a suitable trailer.

Among other options is one that includes a refurbed RV that is claimed to be as good as new.  It is much cheaper than new, however.  Even so, it still costs a bit more than I would like to spend.


One more thing, and I will move on.  It may be possible to get another lot of land.  I do not know if this would be approved, but perhaps a swap could be done, in which I could get closer to the main road.  It also has electricity.  More than likely, it also has cell phone service.  Water?  Probably not.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tough? I don't think so.

They probably thought they were already "tough" on Hillary's emails.  She walked away without a scratch.

How do you figure that you are tough when you undermine the one way that could hold her accountable?  That way is Trump, not some third party doofus who won't even get double digits in votes, but will drain precious votes.

They are anything but tough.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dick Morris: Why Florida Terrorist’s Dad Endorses Hillary

You gotta see this video.

Like I was saying before about this Khan character:  they desperately need Trump to shut up about it.  If he ties Hillary to the Muslim Brotherhood, she is in trouble.

How to Videos

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Another water subseries post in the main series of off-grid posts.

Not really about water, but got the ball rolling:  Keeping a van cool

Water distillation

Easy DIY Pressure Cooker Water Distiller

Another atmospheric water generator, but more affordable  video here ( says he can get discounts )


This one is a bit more complete.  I may even try to build one myself.

May want to study this term paper carefully.  Video below:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Darn Right That Obama & Hillary Founded ISIS – Lunch Alert!

Darn Right That Obama & Hillary Founded ISIS – Lunch Alert!


Yes, I think it is true, too.  Obama wanted to overthrow Assad.  He didn't have the nerve and/or political support to go in with troops.  So, he relied on the rebels, who turned out to be these guys.

Remember the "red line" that got crossed, and Obama didn't follow up on his threat? 

Morris didn't mention this, but he did mention the history that led up to it.

In any case, this administration has been an abject failure.  On multiple levels.

Trump's going to be Trump

So says this article.

Hard to say what this means in terms of the election, but since he stops being what he isn't, I say it is a good thing.  If the public doesn't want that, so be it.

Globalist Empire of the Phony and Fake

The old guard of the ruling class, made up of Democrats AND many Republicans, favor the economic, social, and military doctrines of Globalism.  These doctrines are failing systemically, as noted in the 9-11 Report following the Islamic terror attacks on that date in 2001.  However, it was only noted in that report that it was a systemic failure of 'imagination'.  It is more likely far worse than that. Indeed, the imaginative ways that the globalists are defending their failing doctrine puts that dubious theory to rest.  Their imaginations have concocted some rather elaborate falsehoods that will eventually collapse under their own weight.

It has been said that figures don't lie, but liars figure.  Also, that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.  The rosy economic scenario lauded at the Democrat National Convention is supported by a raft of phonied up statistics, mountains of debt, and extraordinary monetary expansion.  After seven years of what they are pleased to call a recovery, they point to low unemployment and a rising stock market as proof of their success.  But the numbers are misleading.  This economic recovery is the weakest post World War II recovery on record.  Job growth is overstated.  Even if it were to be accurate, it is still weak by historical standards.   Inflation is said to be low, but that is disputed as well.  One number that is hard to hide is the number of people on government assistance.  If the economy was so strong, then why do so many people need help?  If the job market is so strong, then why can't interest rates normalize?  The Democrats may sing Happy Days Are Here Again, but nearly two thirds of Americans consistently say that the country is on the wrong track.  The debt, phony statistics, and monetary expansion has not been convincing.

The social policies of the Globalists are failing as badly as the economic ones.  Crime was on the way down, now it is going back up.  The Globalists are a destabilizing force behind this as well as our international relations.  Low birth rates require new people to replace those who failed to reproduce.  Why do people fail to reproduce?  Could it be the encouragement to adopt homosexuality as an acceptable alternative to traditional marriage between men and women?  If homosexuality is encouraged by social policies, then you certainly get more of it.  The politically correct will say that they are born that way, but homosexuality can be encouraged and it can lead to more of it being practiced than before.  It was in fact discouraged throughout history due to the fact that it will lead to disastrous failure to have enough children.  Combine this dubious policy with abortion on demand, and it is little wonder that birth rates have crashed, and immigration has soared.  Moreover, single parent families often result in absent fathers, which has an concomitant ill effect on male behavior.   Millions of these new immigrant replacement citizens, who do not understand our culture, become a destabilizing force as well.  Inviting people of all nations to come here will only lead to more violence and terror going forward.  Indiscriminate immigration from areas of the world which sponsor terror almost guarantee future wars.  It seems that everything that the Globalists do points to the destabilization of society.  Do they want our society to fail for some reason known only to themselves?

Globalists are picking a fight with Russia over Ukraine.  Why pick a fight with Russia?  Even during the height of the Cold War, the West would never have dreamed to interfere in Ukraine.  Such would have led directly to World War III.  Some may argue that the Globalists are not picking a fight with Russia, and that it is all Russia's fault.  But Ukraine has been in the Russian sphere of interest for centuries.  An attempt to separate them from the Russian sphere can only lead to suspicion in Moscow.  Ukraine opens the high road of conquest to Moscow, and possible end of Russia as they have known it.  Although the Globalists may hail this a positive achievement, it is not likely to happen without a ferocious fight.  Hence, the Globalists are picking this fight.  Do we need this?

Indeed, the Globalists have staggered into and out of more wars than can be counted.  There may come a day when the Globalists have us fighting a World War all over the globe.  Supposedly, Globalism seeks peace and prosperity.  It is failing on both counts.  Time to make a change and send them home before it is too late.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The effort to split the GOP continues

You cannot blame them for trying.  It may even succeed.  Something like this happened to Goldwater in 1964.

This article here almost reads like a GOP'er NeverTrumper article.

At this stage, the only thing that such efforts can do is to get Trump to modify his rhetoric, or get him to step down.  It will be unlikely that they could get him off the ballot completely.

However, I think Trump is getting to them.  His immigration remarks were dead on.  The litany of complaints are the usual bravo sierra that has been following Trump since the primaries.  It is getting amplified big time in the media, with the concomitant blitz of ads from the Clinton camp.

Evidently, they hope to keep Trump's negatives up.  If they come down, Hillary is in big trouble.

There are some who say Trump is trying to lose.  That rings hollow coming from these people.  They don't want him to win, especially the old guard in the GOP and Democrat parties.  There's not that much difference between them.  If a GOP office holder can actually vote for Clinton, their principles are practically nonexistent.

Hillary campaign

Like lemmings.  If one goes over the cliff, they all do.

God is transsexual, who'd a thunk it.

Extreme vetting

This tidbit was on the television news as well.  You have read through a lot of other junk first, but it is there.

Now, wouldn't it be useful to discuss this, as opposed to all the other junk?  It is a substantive proposal.  Instead of talking about this significant proposal, the media wants to talk about everything else but that.

The Truth v. truth

Perhaps it may be useful to posit that there is an overarching Truth, and then there are truths that support it.

The Truth may be said to relate to existence itself; particularly human existence.

The truths that support it are said to be truths.  Each supporting truth is not THE TRUTH, but only a supporting part of it.

Truth may be slippery, but The Truth need not be.  The Truth is beyond us, and requires faith.  You cannot prove The Truth, it is too big for that.

Does that make any sense?  I swear I haven't been smoking anything, or doing anything, nor taking any substance that can influence me.  It is merely a thought.

For instance: there is a God, or there isn't.  That answer is The Truth.  But how to know this?  You cannot prove it by mathematical theorems.  Nor scientific inquiry.  It is what it is whether or not you choose to believe what is what is the thing that is your choice.

What supports The Truth according to each side of the argument are the truths, which can be slippery things.

Monday, August 15, 2016

JFK assassination theories

This is a fascinating subject, but somewhat off topic with the posts of late.  Why mention it?

Some people make their living off keeping these theories alive.   I just watched a video in which a guy kept going on and on how there was a second shooter, and the best he could do is to create some aura of plausibility.

But facts are stronger than plausible theories.  The facts are those that show witnesses who saw a man fitting Oswald's description in the six floor window, physical evidence, such as empty cartridges and the rifle, and Oswald's own behavior since he was the only employee missing at the School Book Depository.  All physical evidence and eyewitness accounts point to Oswald.

In other words facts are stronger than theories.  Yet, why do people persist in pushing the conspiracy theories?  Here's a shocker:  MONEY.   Lots of money has been made off pushing these theories.  Lots of money has been made in debunking these theories.  The conspiracy theories have become an industry of sorts.

Back to why I bring it up.  Well, there must be some need being filled by this, or people could not make a business out of it.  Evidently, people need to believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, or otherwise no one could cater to it with these outlandish theories.

By the way, I have my own theories.  I suppose everybody has their own theories on this subject, as well as many others.  It is an exercise of sorts to go through these theories and try to determine what to believe about it.  To think objectively and rationally, would it not best to stick with the theories that best fit the facts?

To do otherwise goes into the realm of the irrational.  When that happens, some unhealthy things can accompany it.

PJ Media and Clint Eastwood v. PC

I say once again:  Fine and dandy!  But how does this defeat Hillary ( PC ) when you call Trump dumb?  It doesn't help.

Trump had a legitimate complaint about the judge.  Because the judge is Latino, he has become untouchable.  You can't say a word.  Just like that Khan dude.  That's shut uppery.  That's PC.

Unite against PC.  Or be conquered by it.

Klavan on the Culture: The politics of Shut Up

Too bad that Klavan didn't repeat this video when the Democrats started using the Sultan of Khan to impose silence on unlimited Muslim immigration.

The original post follows:

When it comes to Duck Dynasty, the Liberal's ( leftist's)  argument is shut up!  Klavan was so, so right.

Andrew Klavan:Lying Black Folks to Death


Klavan makes some good arguments.  However, how does helping Hillary win improve on these problems that he likes to talk about?

Klavan may be a libertarian.  He tends to be critical of Trump, who is not.  If Trump loses big, libertarians may believe that their time may come.  The libertarians seem to share the same opinion that the so-called conservatives seem to have.  Just make Trump history, and they'll be there to pick up the pieces later.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when there won't be any pieces left to be picked up.

The title says the left is lying black people to death.  I say that they are all lying us all to death.  How can you seriously believe that you can win this election on this cycle when you failed to even come close to winning the nomination?  They have to know this.  They'd rather cause the election of Hillary than to actually do anything constructive in order to stop her from being elected.  I consider this to be a form of dishonesty, which may not be as virulent as it is on the left, but is far more destructive.

I don't mind constructive criticism of Trump.  But I don't consider dishonesty to be constructive.  One of the things that really turned me off about the so-called right was their dishonest criticism of Trump.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting the bum's rush

Since all their efforts to get him off the ticket have failed, the old guard is now trying to rumor him into dropping out.

Perhaps the rumors are true.  To be honest, I don't know who to believe anymore.  Certainly not the New York Times.  Increasing not formerly trusted sources.

Hopefully, he will stay on.  But it may be a lonely battle.  The worst part is when those whose support is needed decide to turn negative.  From the reports, he is alone.   But how reliable are the reports?  We may not know until election day.