Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Globalist Empire of the Phony and Fake

The old guard of the ruling class, made up of Democrats AND many Republicans, favor the economic, social, and military doctrines of Globalism.  These doctrines are failing systemically, as noted in the 9-11 Report following the Islamic terror attacks on that date in 2001.  However, it was only noted in that report that it was a systemic failure of 'imagination'.  It is more likely far worse than that. Indeed, the imaginative ways that the globalists are defending their failing doctrine puts that dubious theory to rest.  Their imaginations have concocted some rather elaborate falsehoods that will eventually collapse under their own weight.

It has been said that figures don't lie, but liars figure.  Also, that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.  The rosy economic scenario lauded at the Democrat National Convention is supported by a raft of phonied up statistics, mountains of debt, and extraordinary monetary expansion.  After seven years of what they are pleased to call a recovery, they point to low unemployment and a rising stock market as proof of their success.  But the numbers are misleading.  This economic recovery is the weakest post World War II recovery on record.  Job growth is overstated.  Even if it were to be accurate, it is still weak by historical standards.   Inflation is said to be low, but that is disputed as well.  One number that is hard to hide is the number of people on government assistance.  If the economy was so strong, then why do so many people need help?  If the job market is so strong, then why can't interest rates normalize?  The Democrats may sing Happy Days Are Here Again, but nearly two thirds of Americans consistently say that the country is on the wrong track.  The debt, phony statistics, and monetary expansion has not been convincing.

The social policies of the Globalists are failing as badly as the economic ones.  Crime was on the way down, now it is going back up.  The Globalists are a destabilizing force behind this as well as our international relations.  Low birth rates require new people to replace those who failed to reproduce.  Why do people fail to reproduce?  Could it be the encouragement to adopt homosexuality as an acceptable alternative to traditional marriage between men and women?  If homosexuality is encouraged by social policies, then you certainly get more of it.  The politically correct will say that they are born that way, but homosexuality can be encouraged and it can lead to more of it being practiced than before.  It was in fact discouraged throughout history due to the fact that it will lead to disastrous failure to have enough children.  Combine this dubious policy with abortion on demand, and it is little wonder that birth rates have crashed, and immigration has soared.  Moreover, single parent families often result in absent fathers, which has an concomitant ill effect on male behavior.   Millions of these new immigrant replacement citizens, who do not understand our culture, become a destabilizing force as well.  Inviting people of all nations to come here will only lead to more violence and terror going forward.  Indiscriminate immigration from areas of the world which sponsor terror almost guarantee future wars.  It seems that everything that the Globalists do points to the destabilization of society.  Do they want our society to fail for some reason known only to themselves?

Globalists are picking a fight with Russia over Ukraine.  Why pick a fight with Russia?  Even during the height of the Cold War, the West would never have dreamed to interfere in Ukraine.  Such would have led directly to World War III.  Some may argue that the Globalists are not picking a fight with Russia, and that it is all Russia's fault.  But Ukraine has been in the Russian sphere of interest for centuries.  An attempt to separate them from the Russian sphere can only lead to suspicion in Moscow.  Ukraine opens the high road of conquest to Moscow, and possible end of Russia as they have known it.  Although the Globalists may hail this a positive achievement, it is not likely to happen without a ferocious fight.  Hence, the Globalists are picking this fight.  Do we need this?

Indeed, the Globalists have staggered into and out of more wars than can be counted.  There may come a day when the Globalists have us fighting a World War all over the globe.  Supposedly, Globalism seeks peace and prosperity.  It is failing on both counts.  Time to make a change and send them home before it is too late.

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