Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Truth v. truth

Perhaps it may be useful to posit that there is an overarching Truth, and then there are truths that support it.

The Truth may be said to relate to existence itself; particularly human existence.

The truths that support it are said to be truths.  Each supporting truth is not THE TRUTH, but only a supporting part of it.

Truth may be slippery, but The Truth need not be.  The Truth is beyond us, and requires faith.  You cannot prove The Truth, it is too big for that.

Does that make any sense?  I swear I haven't been smoking anything, or doing anything, nor taking any substance that can influence me.  It is merely a thought.

For instance: there is a God, or there isn't.  That answer is The Truth.  But how to know this?  You cannot prove it by mathematical theorems.  Nor scientific inquiry.  It is what it is whether or not you choose to believe what is what is the thing that is your choice.

What supports The Truth according to each side of the argument are the truths, which can be slippery things.

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