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Vicky Leandros - Love Is Blue

The instrumental version of this song was number one on the charts in 1968.  I found this singer on the YouTube, but I never heard of her.  She is incredible.  Of 3 versions of this song by various artists, ( Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, and Leandros) I like hers the best.

She does a version of this in French that is much prettier ( I am guessing that since I don't know French ).  The lyrics in English are a bit strained, but she makes it sound beautiful.  I have to learn all about her.

In French.  You can see that the words are different.  The translation isn't exact, but that is unavoidable.

Space Center Houston | The Big Move

Space Center Houston | The Big Move

I remember seeing this thing in the parking lot there awhile back.  I knew it couldn't be the real ones that flew.  Turns out that this is only a replica.

There's plans to move a 747 and sit it on top like they did when the Shuttle was moved.  That's what this news item is all about.

This all reminds me of the time that the Challenger came to Houston after it was to go on its maiden voyage in 1983.  I went there.

The loss of the Challenger in 1986 was keenly felt by yours truly.  It was like a death in the family.

Nun Faces Backlash for Criticizing Homosexuality to Catholic School Students

via Free Republic

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel talked about the causes of homosexuality, saying it was not inborn but likely the cause of psychological factors. They also say she presented data showing that children raised in same-sex parent households are more likely to end up as same-sex-attracted than children raised in more traditional households.  Big Government
Woof!  Here's a nun just talking about an official church position and these people who are supposedly Catholic are having a cow.

Have people gotten so brainwashed that they just can't think for themselves at all?  What the hell is so controversial about the above quote?  Is it because they don't want people to know the truth about homosexuality?  It isn't inborn.  It is a moral problem.  Like any moral problem, it can be addressed and turned around.  Not easy, but not impossible either.

Look, if it were truly inborn, what are these people afraid of?

Nobody has commented upon my post about rising male-on-male sexual assault in the military. I found an article in the New Times that barely mentions it, but I'll be really surprised if the numbers aren't much higher than what is being reported.  Men are definitely not going to want to talk about this.

There's this myth out there that homosexual men are passive and really aren't capable of rape.  I think the myth is sustained by the notion that some have that any man in the "female" position isn't really a man.  People actually do think that way.  They do in prisons.  It is a psychological defense mechanism.  Any man that rapes another man is probably even more "gay" than the guy being raped, but that's not the way the guy thinks and not the way everybody else seems to think.


Just to back up that last paragraph, I'll cite a passage in the book by William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

...the brown-shirted S.A. never became more than a motley mob of brawlers.  Many of its top leaders, beginning with its chief, Roehm, were notorious homosexual perverts. Lieutenant Edmund Heines, who lead the Munich S.A., was not only a homosexual, but a convicted murderer.  These two and dozens of others quarreled and feuded as men of unnatural sexual inclinations, with their peculiar jealousies, can.---Shirer  p.172

The S.A. was the forerunner of the dreaded S.S.  It was the right arm of the Nazi terror machine that brought Adolf Hitler to power.  Without these unnatural men, their may not have been a Nazi Germany, nor a World War II and all the horrors that it spawned.

Next Big Future: Terrestrial Energy successfully closed its final s...

Next Big Future: Terrestrial Energy successfully closed its final s...: Terrestrial Energy (TIEs) has the objective of commercializing its proprietary Molten Salt Reactor technology in Canada by 2021. Molten Sal...

Looks like a good deal.  Good luck to them.  Looks to me like one of the few bright spots out there in a bleak landscape.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Skydiver almost struck by meteorite

What are the odds of being struck by a meteorite like that?  Incredible.

Someone in the comments section doubts that this was a meteorite.  What else could it have been?  I'd say it probably was and that it is probably the correct answer because it is the simplest explanation.  ( Occam's Razor).  Another could be that it is a hoax.  But that would require some planning and careful execution.  The obvious thing would be that you'd better be accurate in flinging an object like that around, because you may get the skydiver killed.

Next Big Future: 400 tons of mini carbon nanotube solar sails can b...

Next Big Future: 400 tons of mini carbon nanotube solar sails can b...: Adam Crowl and Crowlspace details “Sail-Beam” or “Macron Beam” propulsion of humans in spaceships to about 4.5% of lightspeed. Quarter-wav...

Solar sails are intriguing.  I've written about them.  If you want to finance a big project like this, then use the same technology to mine asteroids.  But that would make too much sense.

Sharyl Attkisson-Articles

Sharyl Attkisson-Articles

The one on Benghazi courtesy link from Instapundit, didn't seem to have anything as damning as what Dick Morris reported on awhile back.  The GOP had a golden opportunity here, but they flubbed it as usual.


More on Morell.  That's what Attkisson was reporting in the above link.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

If this story is correct, a con-con must be called soon

Martin Armstrong Warns Of 2016 Constitutional Convention

Charles Koch: I'm Fighting to Restore a Free Society

excerpt from WSJ at Free Republic

Koch is the left wing's latest boogie man.  One of the commenters mentioned that Koch favors same sex marriage, abortion, and legalizing drugs.  I don't know that much about the Koch brothers, but if that's true...

Not exactly standing tall in the saddle for conservatism, but according to liberals, that's what he is.


A possible reason for increased suicides in the military

This is but speculation. I have no evidence to support it.  It is also quite damning if true.

I read not too long ago ( sorry I forgot where I saw it ) that male-on-male sexual assault in the military is on the increase.  The rise in suicides may not be a mere coincidence.

This reminded me of the research that I did on prison rape some 10 years ago.  President Bush wanted to do something about prison rape.  It may well be that he failed on that and on something even more important, which is this trend in the military. The victims of prison rape sometimes will commit suicide ( well it was 10 years ago, so my memory may not be correct, but I suspect that some men cannot accept their bad experiences and take it out on themselves.)

Now, my speculation is this:  what does it do to a young man who idealistically joins the military in order to defend his country only to have that country allow something like this to be done to him?  The young man can turn his rage outward or inward and commit suicide.  That's my speculation.

We now have "gay pride" marches in the military.  If what I speculate about the suicides is true, then this is a very dark time in our history.  It must be reversed or we are finished.  Our society cannot tolerate this.

Marked Increase in US Military Suicides

Marked Increase in US Military Suicides


The high suicide rates now erupting are a direct result of the neo-colonial wars being waged by US imperialism. The Center for a New American Security has reported that the “very experience of being in the military and the violence and aggression that go along with it reduces the fear of death inherent in human beings.”

The leftist slant is evident in that paragraph, which is near the end of the piece.  I would suggest that this conclusion is not only incorrect, but it is nothing but a damned lie.

What is the truth behind the increase in suicides?  You'll probably never know if you count on sources like this.

How the left is trashing America

This Ace post helps illustrate my point that the leadership is at fault for America's decline.  Not that this was the thrust of his argument.  I've seen it written on that blog the same thing that I've heard on the Limbaugh show. It's the "low information" voters that are to blame.

No, it is not the people.  It is not the grassroots that's causing this.  Nope.  Here's how they do it.  The leftists go after the people at the top.  If they can capture the high ground of the culture, then they win the culture war.  It is a pure Gramscian strategy.  Ace's story shows how it is done.

One of the most widely-shared and lauded of the countless statements issued in response to the appointment was written by Owen Thomas, managing editor of Valleywag, a self-described “tech gossip rag.” This is such a remarkable document that I can’t help quoting from it extensively---Ace

Okay, the story is about the guy who was pro-family and he became CEO of Mozilla.  The left is in a frenzy over this and will not accept the man at the top having such views.  You see.  That is how it is done.

If you recall the flap over Chick-fil-A, the same method was employed.  It isn't always successful, but it probably does knock down somebody from time to time who would otherwise be a leader who would uphold traditional virtues.

That Chick-fil-A business really shocked me.  But since I was just a mere sheep, I had no idea that such a movement was underway and in high gear.

Make no mistake about it.  It is a coup de etat.  Hard to believe that leaders like Ace and Rush just don't seem to get it.  Even Ann Barnhardt seems to be blaming the sheep for what's going on here.

Same sex marriage is not coming from the grassroots.  It is coming from the elites.  They are forcing it upon us.  If you don't know your enemy, you are doomed to failure.  Sun-Tsu said it, and he wrote the seminal manual on warfare.

Rush knows about Gramsci.  I read it in one of his books.  Shame on him.  Shame on everybody in prominent positions who are blaming the little people.  If you can't bring this to their attention and instead blame them, you are a failure for a leader.


Another notch in the left's barrel.  The CEO resigned.  Somehow this has to stop.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ryan's bill a non starter

Does anyone in the GOP know how to play this game?

What Gingrich might have said to Romney

That statement by Romney in the GOP debates leading up to the 2012 election really got me pissed.

Romney claimed that a moonbase would cost a trillion bucks, but that was wrong.  It was costed out by Marshall for about 1/10th that amount, and could have fit into the existing budget.  Gingrich could have said that and more.

People have got the idea that NASA is wasting money, or that NASA spends a lot more more than it actually does.  In this respect, we are being penny wise and pound foolish.  The pound that is being saved is the muscle, and the gain in thrift is penny wise.  How?  State of the art science and technology will add heft and muscle to the US economy whereas cutting it only cuts muscle and sinew.  The cuts themselves don't add up to much because in terms of the percentage of the NASA budget, NASA just doesn't get that much money.  We "save" a little, but lose a lot.

Thanks to this, instead of having Mars colonies by now, we can't put a man into orbit.

Double NASA's budget, and Gingrich might have won Florida if he had promised that.

Gingrich could have said that we could double NASA's budget and only then spend a trillion over 30 years.  Let the budget be doubled, and then we will see what NASA can do.  If it takes 30 years to put a colony on Mars, count me one surprised dude.

Can Niceness and Firmness Coexist? -

Can Niceness and Firmness Coexist? -

A pretty strong argument for being "nice".  But you can take this argument just so far.

For example, who would you like to be at your side in a fight---  Leo Durocher or Hugh Downs?  Durocher is someone Ringer doesn't like nor respect, apparently.  In contrast, Downs seems to be his ideal.  Durocher may not be my favorite beer buddy, but I'd prefer him with me if there was a fight that could not be avoided.

Sometimes you are forced to fight.  You cannot always talk your way out of a fight.

Work Week Shortens: No New Net Jobs Since September Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

Work Week Shortens: No New Net Jobs Since September Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

No net increase in pay to employees ( not workers, worker is a left wing term ).  A shorter work week means less take home pay.  Increasing the number of employees with part time jobs doesn't really help much.

Chris Christie and the eternal bridge investigation | Human Events

Chris Christie and the eternal bridge investigation | Human Events

The so-called "Bridgegate scandal" has always seemed ree-goddamned-diculous to me.  Instead of mirroring Obama's behavior and throwing it back at the left, Christie pretty much accepted all their premises and played their game.

Playing their game only makes their game legit.  Stop playing their game.

Sometimes I feel like Ian Malcom character in Jurassic Park

He said that sometimes he hated being right all the time.  I write this in response to the Instapundit link which asserts the brilliant liberal opinion that:

 Being a white person is “like being an alcoholic.”

 If being white is like being an alcoholic, then being a liberal is like being a crack addict.  At least when sober, the alcoholic is in his right mind.  Also, the "alcoholic" when sober may actually be an intelligent and sentient human being, which is more than can be said for liberals.

Dirty Harry tortures suspect ( 1971 film )

These scenes could be used to advocate for the use of torture in order to obtain vital information from a terrorist suspect.  It is not entirely clear in this commentary that the argument is made in its behalf.  I would say that there is a duty in such a situation to do whatever it takes to find out what is needed in order to preserve the lives of the innocent.  If the guilty must be sacrificed, then so be it.


Part of the reason for putting up this post was reports like this.  Unfortunately, the government is in charge of the information dissemination, so whatever you get from them, no matter where the source, can be taken with a grain of salt.

Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton, 2016? God help us all. » Spectator Blogs

Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton, 2016? God help us all. » Spectator Blogs


Connoisseurs of hinge-moments – those instants at which a country’s future changes – have long-appreciated the 1994 Florida gubernatorial election. Jeb Bush lost. Meanwhile, across the country, his elder brother George was elected governor of Texas.---Alex Massie

It's kinda hard to decide what to do sometimes.  Jeb Bush may seem to have all the right kind of qualities for some folks out there.  The only problem is that he LOST in 1994, when Dubya won.

The right kind of qualities seem to be this soft mushy kind of conservatism that really isn't conservative at all.  Even Dubya fell short on this with his "compassionate conservatism".

They want Jeb because they are in a panic about Christie.  Therein lies the problem.  If Christie is a problem then why is he a problem?  He's a problem because these same people who want Jeb won't step up to the plate and defend Christie.  So, the Democrats can take him out.  They will take out Jeb too.  Just like they took out Palin, McCain, and Romney.

You have to stand up to the left if you want to defeat them.  But here they are surrendering to them.  Again.

Some people never learn.

On the manly virtues

Ann Barnhardt is indeed on my radar screen as I mentioned in an earlier post.  The reason for this is that she may well be on to what ails Western Civilization at this hour of its crisis.

Is there really a crisis?  Yes, I think so.

I've compared the state of Western Civilization to what happened to the Romans, but that may not go deep enough.  I don't know if it happened that way in the late Empire days, but I think I am seeing something now in our own times.  Ann Barnhardt may be the reason for this.  She has put her finger on the problem.

But I've always known that because of the way I was raised.  I mean it was taught to almost all young men in the old days prior to 1968.  The seventies is when we all started getting in touch with our feminine side.  Yep, it's a seventies thing.  Now all too many guys are acting like the line the movie Blazing Saddles, which went something to the effect that the men were all acting like of "bunch of Kansas City faggots".  Note that that word is banned in our speech today, but it wasn't back then.  Something had to happen to cause us to treat that type of behavior with respect, and to treat traditional male behavior with disrespect and disrepute.  That something is called liberalism.

I'm not saying everything about the seventies was bad, but it is getting way out of hand.  In the old days, in the old school, it was something shameful for a man to admit to any weakness.  I know because I was that way myself.  The behavior was pointed out to me by a girl I was crazy about. ( in the early seventies!)  Men did not cry.  Men were not to be afraid.  Men were to be brave and strong at all times.  Of course that is totally impossible.  It is impossible to be a manly man all the time.  Humans break under that strain.  It is not so bad to admit being human and having fears and having weaknesses.  But it is a bit too much to let it get out of hand as we are doing today.

Liberals are a bunch of damned liars.  That's what I think.  Take that and put it in your crack pipe and smoke it liberals.  If we've got a crisis, and I think we do, it's because there aren't enough men willing to call out the liberals and their wanton destruction of our civilization.  It takes Ann Barnhardt to point it all out, but that wouldn't have been necessary 40 years ago.  Just saying.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here I am thinking I was picky about word usage

Ann Barnhardt is on my radar screen these days.  I've seen her criticize being "nice" before, and she does it again in a recent video.

She points out the etymology of the word does not correlate "nicely" with the usual usage of the word today.  Originally, the word meant "stupid" or "ignorant".  Now, it is generally means to be pleasant and agreeable, or so I thought.

So, it is not always nice to be nice.  One can even be "too nice".  I've heard someone use that criticism before, but I am not naming names.

Being "nice" may be the ruin of us all, she claims.  So, is she right?  Is it really stupid to be "nice"?

One of the success principles from the classic self-help book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude is the quality of a pleasing personality.  In other words, being "nice" in that sense of the word.  It seems that you can catch more flies with a drop of honey than with a gallon of gall.  At least Abe Lincoln thought so.  Maybe it is better to be a little more agreeable than not, but I don't know what use I'd have for a bunch of flies.

It is a good idea to be assertive, which is another word that may be helpful in this context.  "Nice and assertive" don't go together.  That's in contrast to "nice and easy".  Even today, a "nice" person can be easily taken advantage of.  But an assertive person not so much.

Word usage is a tricky thing.  It can be a blunt instrument or a tool with delicate and fine precision.  My fondest goal on this blog is to be a word surgeon, but I may be a little too sloppy and lazy for that.  Not exactly a nice way of putting it.

David Brock

As the main example of why you should never, ever, ever trust homosexuals.  They are unreliable to the extreme.

The so-called right got burned by Brock.  Of course they did.  If you are foolish enough to depend upon one of these unfortunate human beings, you are asking for it.

Recap of the last week's posts 3/23 to 3/31

I wanted to establish this habit, but I forgot to do this over the weekend.  So, that's why the post covers a bit longer than a week.

A short perusal of the posts from last week is a continuation of the news about Russia's intervention in Ukraine.  Several posts were about societal decay, and a comparison with the late Roman Empire in the West.

There seems to be a larger than average Russian audience for this type of posting.  I suppose it is a bit of schadenfreude.

If Russians get off to American misfortune, what does it say about them?

America can turn things around, but it will require a National Epiphany.

If its any good, destroy it

That's what happened in the late Roman Empire in the West.  That's what's happening to this country today.

Note that the video "no longer exists."  Funny how that happened.  Almost like somebody didn't want anyone to see it.

Monday, March 31, 2014


The tooth extraction scene may be a bit rough for the squeamish.

You might want to watch the movie in case you were wondering what life may be like after the SHTF.  The terminally stupid wouldn't want to watch such an unpleasant movie.  It just isn't fun.  It's mean, but it's real.

Alas, Babylon revisited

The first post was here.  It does appear to be too pessimistic, as nothing happened.  But that doesn't mean that something could happen.  The thing that is indeed happening is a boil-a-frog scenario.

I don't think people can get their minds around the fact that we are in a vulnerable position.  It was brought home to me literally when Hurricane Rita threatened to come into town in 2005.  The city's freeways were backed up so badly, I think it made the news across the nation.  Store shelves were bare.  Yet the storm was days away.  People went nuts.  Just think what would happen in a real emergency.  Houston would be a death trap.  As any large city.

People in this country have no clue.

Reluctant Preppers interview of Ann Barnhardt

The second one seemed more interesting than the first.  That is to say, I'm commenting on part 2.

Truth be told, I'm not so sure what to think just now.  Interesting points were being made in the interview.  Stuff that I hadn't heard, for example: price of farm land has tripled since Obama took office.  I've heard the one about no real growth in the economy---heck, I've written about it here.

Trouble is, I've read about this stuff years ago from Chris Laird.  I got prepared for the SHTF, but obviously, it hasn't happened yet.  Not that it won't happen eventually, because we are on the wrong track and evidently not getting anywhere towards getting back on track.  I've lapsed back into somewhat normal mode.

One thing to keep in mind if the SHTF for real--- if you've got food, and everything, it won't be enough.  You will need security.  Armed bandits will invade your domicile and take whatever you've got, especially food.

Fact of the matter, few people will do well if the SHTF for real.  Nobody seems to be thinking about this, nor wants to think about it.  But even if you did, it still won't be good enough.

If we had real leadership, they'd be prepping us instead of forcing us to prep on our own.  Prepping on your own won't really work unless you are quite savvy and quite rich.  Then you can hire your own army.  You'll survive longer than the average poor bastard, but that's about it.

Internet takeover

The lightworker does it again.


Now that I'm home, just want to comment that the stuff coming from this administration gets more implausible by the day.  At some point, the bullshit meter ought to get tripped even for the most terminally stupid.

Concentration of methane in atmosphere

Can be obtained here.

What it shows you is that the threat of methane is hyped.  It is measured in parts per billion, which is 1/1000th of a part per million.  The concentration of methane cannot be changed that easily, as with carbon dioxide.  That's because it will last only 12 years in the atmosphere, according the source.  It cannot accumulate over time like carbon dioxide can.

The attempt to regulate methane isn't going to make any difference.

NATO No More: One for all and all for naught

Free Republic

Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizaion, but it did have an agreement with us, which has proven to be all but meaningless.----Daniel Clark

This all needs to be crystallized into a short blurb or two in order to grasp the significance of that quote.

I assert that we can't keep the agreement with Ukraine because Russia can nuke us.  Now, recall your history a bit here if you dare.  Back in the days of the Bush Presidency, Russia imploded.  Why did Russia implode?  I assert that they did because they realized that their power over affairs was just about kaput.  The USA just annihilated Saddam Hussein which showed military superiority in conventional weaponry.  In nuclear weaponry, Bush was continuing the Reagan SDI program, which was delivering fruits.  That fruit was a workable and economical system that could have been deployed for about 25 billion bucks.  The Russians had to know this, and therefore they knew they were beaten.  Not only the Russians, but their own people probably realized that they were beaten and so they gave in.,  At least for the moment.

Now, we get Bush breaking his no new taxes pledge, which divided the GOP and opened the way for Clinton.  We've been on the downslope ever since.

When Rush Limbaugh said that it wouldn't be known as Reagan-Bush, but Bush-Clinton, boy did he get it right.  For Bush broke the unity of the GOP which Reagan had forged.  Clinton began the process that ended the nuclear military superiority which was well within reach.  Now we've got Obama and he's out there negotiating with the Russians just like Neville Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler.  From a position of weakness.

History has shown what happens when you do that.

Now the GOP fatcats are going to try to put another Bush in the White House.  We've had two Bushes, and they both managed to fracture the party and lead to big Democrat successes.

If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Love Surrounds Me . Dennis Wilson / The Beach Boys from LA (The Light Album )

The LA Light Album was used in a display at a Radio Shack store that I worked in back in the seventies.  The album grew on me.

The critics hated this album.  Guess I found a pattern.  I like what the critics hate.  Grand Funk was like that too.

Can Elon Musk save America?

After reading portions of the fool dot com article, I note this:

Over the next 15 years, the Pentagon plans to spend $70 billion on space launches. If SpaceX could actually cut that cost by 74%, as argued, taxpayers could save more than $50 billion.--- Rich Smith

Fifty billion bucks would be more than what is needed to install an effective missile defense against a Russian attack.  Go for it.

Richard Viguerie: ‘Our true opponents are Mitch McConnell, John Boehner’

Free Republic


The political activist calls for the creation of “third force” groups that would dedicate themselves to niche issues and broaden the range of views within the conservative movement and new leaders to take charge of the GOP.---Scott Grier of Daily Caller

Viguerie sounds like he could be my kind of guy.  Heck, I've been writing that kind of stuff since I started this blog.   But does Viguerie want to solve problems, or just gain power?  For there's a big difference.

White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agenda

daily caller

Article suggests that this is a way to attack fracking.

The insanity out there is staggering.

Haven't these type of emissions been around since time immemorial?  Methane doesn't last in the atmosphere, anyway.  Ultraviolet radiation breaks it down.

Is Putin mad?

His advisor says he wants to regain Finland.

"Putin said several times that the Bolsheviks and Communists made big mistakes. He could well say that the Bolsheviks in 1917 committed treason against Russian national interests by providing Finland's independence," Illiaronov told a Swedish news website.---ibtimes uk


So, does he want Alaska back, too?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bailing Out Russian Banks in Ukraine

Ukraine’s government in Kiev finally signed on to an $18 billion package from the IMF yesterday. An important milestone? Perhaps. But the real beneficiaries of all this money won’t be regular Ukrainians. Rather, it’s Western hedge funds and Russian banks that stand to profit most.---The American Interest
I didn't know this.  If I had known, I'd have been bitching about it.  What the hell are we doing this for?

Next Big Future: Scientists have synthesized first artificial yeast...

Next Big Future: Scientists have synthesized first artificial yeast...: Technology Review reports that scientists have synthesized an entire yeast chromosome, the first artificial chromosome for the kingdom of li...


What could go wrong?  Maybe they may create a monster that will get out and destroy the world as we know it.

Surrendering in Space

Spudis Lunar Resources

money quote:

Taken individually, the four segments of Surrendering America are disturbing. Taken together, the totality is frightening. By choosing this path, we are willingly giving away our security and in doing so, denying our children their national birthright of freedom and liberty.--- Paul Spudis
I get the feeling from the article that most of the problem is ignorance and motivation.  Nobody seems really interested enough to educate themselves fully on the issues.  We count on these people to inform us, but they are failing.

The fish rots from the head down.

How Many Days Does Bill Murray Spend Stuck In Groundhog Day

Enough days to seduce Rita.  Someone might say "how awful".  Well, consider how the movie ends and what it took to get to that ending.  What may seem to be so romantic is just a plain and simple seduction.

This Is How You'll Feel When the GOP Wins the Senate | Blog, Perspectives |

This Is How You'll Feel When the GOP Wins the Senate | Blog, Perspectives |

How a batshit crazy lib will feel.

As for me, I don't know if I would be terribly glad.  Even if all the Democrats lost, the GOP may not have enough seats to kick Obama out of the White House.  But one can hope.  Come to think of it, even if it were possible to do this, they may not do it, you know.

Funny Moments TV's Funniest Moments Taxi's Christopher Lloyd Hilarious

Brazilians say women in revealing clothes deserve rape

afp via Drudge


What's really going on here?  For a woman who displays herself that way- and not know the effect it has on men- strikes me as absolutely implausible.  A woman who does this is provoking a man.  So, is she really raped if he takes her?  She knows what she's doing.  A woman or a group of politically connected women who want to do this and not be "raped" are trying to exercise some type of power games with men.

Nobody deserves rape.  Believe it or not, some men are raped.  I checked this out before on the web.  It is really screwy, no pun intended.  But to declare innocence is implausible unless actual force is being used on the victim, and is being resisted with as much force as the victim can bring to bear.  In the case of male-female rape, I'd say that the woman can lessen the probabilities of a rape by dressing modestly.  In fact, it is absolutely necessary.  The element of force must also be present in order to quell the impulse.

By the way, the male v. male rape is a prison rape phenomenon.  The "male" is the stronger party and the "female" is the weaker party.  The male doing the raping actually thinks he is having sex with a female.  His ability to overwhelm the victim is what makes him the "man".  What makes the victim a "woman" is his weaker status vis-a-vis the aggressor.  If he was a "real" man, he could stop it.  This is what I termed "screwy" above.

Sexual tensions will find an outlet of some type.  Don't tell me that it isn't being provoked here.  What's really happening with these displays of mostly naked women who claim innocence is a power game with men.  In my opinion, they are not innocent and have no grievance.