Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hillary --- "I am not a crook."

Somebody made Hillary look like Tricky Dick.   Look at this pic

Look at those jowls
As for Nixon:

Interesting Times

Interesting Times: A world absent faith is a world without hope and charity besides.


It is difficult for yours truly to accept all of this as the Gospel Truth.  I go by the Gospel of John.  If that isn't sufficient, I may be in trouble.

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Tracking Polling 10/28; USC/LATimes Trump Highest ...

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD'S "A POINT OF VIEW": Tracking Polling 10/28; USC/LATimes Trump Highest ...: In a striking move upwards for Donald Trump in the latest USC/LATimes tracking Poll Trump leads Clinton 46.2% to 43.8%. This is a rise of ...


If poll watching is your thing, here is an alternative breakdown of the polls.  Personally, the polls aren't that useful this time because this election is different.   The polls depend upon models based upon past voting tendencies.  If these hold up, then the polls are correct.  If they do not, then the polls are going to be wrong.  That's why I do not follow polls, especially this time.  I suspect the polls are being used in various ways to manipulate people.

Friday, October 28, 2016

FBI reopens case?

Ask the question:  Why?  If they got anything, why didn't have it before?

It still smells like something's rotten in Denmark.  It make take bullets to clean this up.

Obligatory, 10.28.16; Living in interesting times

It is certainly true in my case.

Disclosure alert:  I am revealing info that I usually don't because it is a bit personal.

I cancelled out of ObamaCare because the website said that there may be a possibility of having to pay back your subsidies if your income is too low.  That's right.  If you fail to make enough money for the year, you could be on the hook for all those subsides.  In my case, that would be an absolute disaster.  If somebody was trying to kill me, they might think up something like this.

It may be a mistake for me to interpret it this way, so I could have made a mistake in cancelling it out.  Whatever the case, I now need it, and I don't have the policy anymore.

I need it because it was discovered recently ( just before the cancellation took effect ) what the thing was that was causing me to miss work and so forth ( which caused the drop in income ).

Just when I need it most, it ain't there.  Thanks a lot, ya'll.

Well, there are alternatives.   I think.  It is on my mind, so I don't have a lot else to say right now.

Imagine that.  Thousands spent on subsidies and these people couldn't find anything, but when they finally do, I don't have the government subsidized insurance anymore, because I didn't make enough money because I was in too much pain to work a regular schedule.  It almost sounds like a Woody Allen movie.

Living in interesting times indeed.  Be careful not to get sick. Even if you got ObamaCare, and even if it is costing the nation billions in subsidies. 

I never did like it anyway.  My own doctor who I paid myself could have done it this well or better.  This  may end up killing me or bankrupting me or both, all because the Democrats really care.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mutual assured destruction really is "mad"

Insanity was once defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.  We know from history that the Maginot Line did not stop Hitler from attacking it and defeating it.

The doctrine of MAD ( Mutually Assured Destruction ) is a modern day Maginot Line.  The public today has been led to believe that this doctrine assures us that no other country will attack us because when they do so, their own destruction will be guaranteed.  But is this folly?  Why do people put faith in an idea that is no different in concept than the Maginot Line, which did not work?  Hitler believed he could overcome the Maginot Line, and he did.  But even if he didn't, the Maginot Line failed to keep the peace.  All that was necessary was that Hitler could believe that he could attack it successfully.  Such did happen and the French quickly lost to Hitler's invading armies.

Could history repeat?  Of course it can.  Most likely it will, if people will not learn the proper lessons from history.  Maginot Lines cannot work.  You can build them, but there's no guarantee that it will stop an aggressor.

We have the modern day spectacle of the Russians continually threatening the United States with  a nuclear attack.  Do the Russians believe in MAD anymore?  Just asking the question, ya'll.

If the Russians believe that they can win a nuclear war, that may be all that it would take for them to start one.  This is happening while our "leadership" thinks pussy grabbing remarks are fit for the public square, and fit for discussion.  That's the very thing that could decide the Russians to attack.

Meanwhile, you believe in your Maginot Line to protect you.


If the above discussion is too theoretical for you, keep in mind that the Russians have installed nuclear tipped missiles within 2 minutes flying time to Warsaw.  All of this has happened while we argue about pussy grabbing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is ObamaCare any good?

Perhaps I am biased.  I never did support the program.  For nearly three years, I have been a participant in this program.  At this point in time, given my medical condition and needs, I say HELL NO.

I will research some alternatives.  It seems like what I had before ObamaCare may have served me better than this.  But I am not sure.

I think that the prices for medical care are very much inflated.  If I had stayed with my original plan, I could have gotten most everything that I have gotten with ObamaCare, but the taxpayers would have saved a bundle.

Why should I care about the taxpayers?  Because we are all in this together.  If you take the attitude of screwing your neighbor, it may come back and burn you in ways you may have not foreseen.

Our country needs new leadership.

This doesn't help the GOP, or the country

If you want the GOP to win, you don't complain about how bad Obama is.  Yeah, he's bad all right.  Remember how we got him in the Oval Office?  George W. Bush made Obama. 

The Democrats made an issue out of Iraq, and Obama exploited it for victory.  If you don't want an electoral disaster like this, then stop screwing up!

Now the GOP has Trump as nominee, but they won't support him.  This is just dumber than dumb.

The GOP is doing all they can to give away another election.  Complaining about Obama does not help the GOP.

No, the thing to do is to acknowledge the "sins" of Bush, and promise to look into any criminal liability of the Bushes and the rest of that administration.  I see that "Colon" Colonel Powell has endorsed Clinton.  Sure he did.  Why? To escape any possible criminal liability in the run up to Iraq.

Trump could promise to look into that and it could make a difference.  If the GOP really wants to gain the confidence of the public, it will stop denying that something is wrong, and stop helping the Democrats to hide it.  They both help each other cover up, as Obama did not prosecute Bush.  Clinton claims that this kind of accountability is like a "banana republic", but the banana republics don't hold their leaders accountable.  We have the banana republic already, but if we want something better, defeat the Clintons and Bushes and restore the rule of law.

Obligatory, 10.26.16

The light posting is because I was in Houston for business.  Now I am back home with a lot on my mind, but it is not the kind of stuff I am inclined to discuss on this blog.

The election is drawing near.

Wish I had more to say about it, but my plate seems full at the moment.

I did bring back some stuff from Houston.  Now I can set up my solar panel, if I can find the time.

Lots of stuff still in that storage space.  My stuff will be there for at least another month.

Stuff is going on, but not to be posted. Sorry.  Perhaps I can write some stuff later on.


I saw a doctor in Houston that reminded me of this:

Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance": Big eyes


I was thinking of the film Les Misérables lately.  Human beings are wretched creatures.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Right Direction Wrong Direction

If the discussion is going to be about polls, then what about this one?

It has been consistently negative for the longest time.  It is well beyond any bias and any margin for error.  Clearly, the majority of the country thinks something is wrong.

Could it be that the leadership is wrong, and is consistently wrong, which is consistent with this poll?

If the leadership is wrong, then only an outsider like Trump can change it.  Hillary is on the inside.  She is part of the clique that has been running the country for most of the last twenty four years.

This clique crosses party lines.  You have George Herbert Walker Bush, the former president, endorsing Clinton.  This same man claimed that "character matters", but did he change his mind so that he could endorse Clinton?  If he changed his mind, upon what basis was that made?  Or was this campaign rhetoric about character was about as meaningful as his "read my lips, no new taxes" rhetoric?  If his campaign rhetoric wasn't meaningful then, then why should it be meaningful now?

Character really does matter.  When someone says something like that, he should be sincere about it.  If he is not, then what does that mean about his own character?  But that is not so different from the Clintons, so it should no surprise that this clique cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Could it be that this dishonesty is part of the problem?

Are the polls phony?

AP story cites unidentified source in Trump campaign that suggests that he's lying.

My opinion is that the media is engaging in an all-out PR assault, which would be the same no matter who runs against the Democrats, or the Establishment as Trump is doing.

Nobody should allow the media reporting to influence them.  This would be true even if you don't support Trump.  The media has its own agenda.  This doesn't make it suitable for everybody else.  The media is owned by a very few, very rich people.  These are the same people that the Democrats claim to be running against.  Yet the Democrats take their money, meaning that their influence is going to be felt amongst those politicians that are in the hip pockets of these money men who control a large part of what the public sees and hears.

There are claims that trust amongst the general population is low.  It is entirely possible that the media is no longer trusted.  Therefore, whatever you hear from the media may not be reliable.  This includes the polls.

Polls are being used to drive public opinion, not report public opinion.  It is entirely plausible that the reporting is especially slanted to do what Trump says it is doing--- discourage Trump supporters so that they won't vote.

Moreover, there are attempts to punish people for having the "wrong" ( politically incorrect ) views.  For example: if you are a "climate skeptic" you may lose your job.  You may find your opportunities to be limited- unless you keep your skepticism quiet.  It is entirely plausible that in such an environment, people are not as open as they otherwise would be.    Other examples include name calling, such as calling Trump supporters "racist" and "deplorable".  In other words, the polls may not reflect what the public really thinks because of fear of punishment.

There is a lot of dishonesty out there, and to question it is not lying, nor crazy.  Yet that is how it is being portrayed.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The siphon

This is how and why a siphon works.

If you want to move water from one place to another, this can help.  Still need a pump to make it run continuously.


This gizmo might work.


Looking for some plumbing parts.  It looks like it needs an adapter or two in order to make the things fit together.  Once I locate these, which I think I have, I can order them.  I am trying to keep this experiment from costing me an arm and a leg.