Friday, October 28, 2016

Obligatory, 10.28.16; Living in interesting times

It is certainly true in my case.

Disclosure alert:  I am revealing info that I usually don't because it is a bit personal.

I cancelled out of ObamaCare because the website said that there may be a possibility of having to pay back your subsidies if your income is too low.  That's right.  If you fail to make enough money for the year, you could be on the hook for all those subsides.  In my case, that would be an absolute disaster.  If somebody was trying to kill me, they might think up something like this.

It may be a mistake for me to interpret it this way, so I could have made a mistake in cancelling it out.  Whatever the case, I now need it, and I don't have the policy anymore.

I need it because it was discovered recently ( just before the cancellation took effect ) what the thing was that was causing me to miss work and so forth ( which caused the drop in income ).

Just when I need it most, it ain't there.  Thanks a lot, ya'll.

Well, there are alternatives.   I think.  It is on my mind, so I don't have a lot else to say right now.

Imagine that.  Thousands spent on subsidies and these people couldn't find anything, but when they finally do, I don't have the government subsidized insurance anymore, because I didn't make enough money because I was in too much pain to work a regular schedule.  It almost sounds like a Woody Allen movie.

Living in interesting times indeed.  Be careful not to get sick. Even if you got ObamaCare, and even if it is costing the nation billions in subsidies. 

I never did like it anyway.  My own doctor who I paid myself could have done it this well or better.  This  may end up killing me or bankrupting me or both, all because the Democrats really care.

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