Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Are the polls phony?

AP story cites unidentified source in Trump campaign that suggests that he's lying.

My opinion is that the media is engaging in an all-out PR assault, which would be the same no matter who runs against the Democrats, or the Establishment as Trump is doing.

Nobody should allow the media reporting to influence them.  This would be true even if you don't support Trump.  The media has its own agenda.  This doesn't make it suitable for everybody else.  The media is owned by a very few, very rich people.  These are the same people that the Democrats claim to be running against.  Yet the Democrats take their money, meaning that their influence is going to be felt amongst those politicians that are in the hip pockets of these money men who control a large part of what the public sees and hears.

There are claims that trust amongst the general population is low.  It is entirely possible that the media is no longer trusted.  Therefore, whatever you hear from the media may not be reliable.  This includes the polls.

Polls are being used to drive public opinion, not report public opinion.  It is entirely plausible that the reporting is especially slanted to do what Trump says it is doing--- discourage Trump supporters so that they won't vote.

Moreover, there are attempts to punish people for having the "wrong" ( politically incorrect ) views.  For example: if you are a "climate skeptic" you may lose your job.  You may find your opportunities to be limited- unless you keep your skepticism quiet.  It is entirely plausible that in such an environment, people are not as open as they otherwise would be.    Other examples include name calling, such as calling Trump supporters "racist" and "deplorable".  In other words, the polls may not reflect what the public really thinks because of fear of punishment.

There is a lot of dishonesty out there, and to question it is not lying, nor crazy.  Yet that is how it is being portrayed.

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