Saturday, October 15, 2016

Obligatory, 10.15.16

A few notes on the road...

  1. Running out of data.  Supposedly, I get 3 gig, but that doesn't go far.  I'm really limiting what I do with this, but I am still supposedly using a lot of data.  This partially explains the very light posting.
  2. Instead of scanning the web, I am watching some TeeVee news.  The election may be a lot closer than what is being reported.  It is hard to get honest reporting.  We won't know until we know.
  3. What I am trying to do is tough on me.  I don't know how long I can do it.  Which will bring up new issues if I can't.  But I'll keep trying.  Nothing to do but to try.
  4. With respect for TeeVee, the Public Broadcasting station has always seemed the best to me.  Isn't that ironic?  Commercial TeeVee really sucks.  So much for Capitalism.  But in defense of Capitalism, it really is Corporations, not private enterprise. 
  5. With all the extraneous garbage being reported, it is a shame that this topic isn't discussed--- corporations run this country.  Shall I say "ruin" this country.
  6. Interesting things happen out here, but I really don't feel free to discuss it.

That is all.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Obligatory, 10.14.16

info wars

Saw that on a bumper sticker at a car wash.  Let me make this perfectly clear ( Nixonesque )  I have nothing to do with info wars.  I came up with my thoughts largely on my own.  At least, I didn't get it from them.  ( This is before I checked them out )

pause button...

Looks like it might be interesting

No time to look deeper as I am in H town on business.


Here's a bit about the author, Alex Jones.  The article makes him out to be something of a nut, according to my impression of it.  Of course, I am suspicious of all media, and that would probably include Wikipedia now.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just for the record

Even though I defend Trump, I do not recommend that kind of behavior.  Nor do I practice it myself.

I defend Trump because the event is trivial, especially in light of the larger scene.  I defend Trump because the accusers are hypocrites.  They aren't just hypocrites, they are world class hypocrites.

Actually, I think all of this is beyond hypocrisy--- it is evil.  What I consider evil is not just error, but wrongful behavior that is decidedly wrongful.  It is wrongful in willful way.  This fits it to a tee.  Those who support Clinton are EVIL as far as I am concerned.  So much so that it troubles me.

Trump may be a jerk in some ways, but Hillary is just flat out EVIL.  I use that word sparingly here on this blog.  I know I have.  I think I am on the record in admonishing people from calling others evil.

But this is an exception.

God help us.

On War and Peace

The media, in its insanity, is quoting Zhironovsky of Russia, and making comparisons between him and Trump.

Zhironovsky is a lunatic.  He is insane.  From what I heard of him, that is.  He once threatened to take back Alaska.  Yep, the guy is crazier than a bucket full of bedbugs.

So, Zhironovsky is saying "elect Trump, or it is nuclear war".  Well, it sounds like a threat, now doesn't it?  But the fact is that our so called leadership class wants war.  I've written about this before with respect to Syria a few years ago. 

This globalist clique is either blundering into a war, or they want to start one. 

What's Trump saying?  He's saying let's negotiate something with Russia and head off a possible war.  Does this sound like Zhironovsky to you?

No, Zhironovsky doesn't help by claiming to be like Trump.  The media seizes upon that, and wants to scare the public into voting for Hillary because Trump is like Zhironovsky, or so they say.

What a bunch of douche bags.

No matter who gets elected, we have a serious problem with the Russians.  I have no confidence in the globalist clique running this country.   Time for a change.

The Children of the Devil

John 8:44

They are the so-called leadership class, and their sycophantic media.  They are the hired hands that care nothing for the sheep.  They will abandon you, leaving you in the lurch, in the crisis to come.

The Church is corrupt, you need only to follow the money to know how and why.

What to do?  Follow the Gospel, that's all I know.

You can observe the Eucharist in private.  What you do in private, the Lord says he will reward openly.  It's in the Gospel.

Why follow the Church??   It is corrupt.  All the sheep have been abandoned.  But the Good Shepherd is there in the Gospel.

Libertarianism not the answer

Maybe I'm wrong, but the Libertarians probably don't favor stricter regulations upon corporations.

If you check out the US Constitution, which the Libertarians claim to follow, you'll see that there was an initial prohibition upon taxing individuals.  There was no "capitation tax" or head tax, which meant that there had to be an amendment so that there could be an income tax.

However, a corporate tax would not be a capitation tax because it would be on corporations, which are not individuals.  To tax corporations and not individuals would be in the spirit of the original constitution. 

I'd be willing to bet that the Libertarians would be against raising taxes on corporations and regulating them more strictly.

The answer to our troubles is to return to original intent of the framers of the Constitution.  We are off in the weeds, folks. Note how the media is talking about irrelevant stuff, and not substantive stuff.  The media is controlled by corporations.  We are being propagandized by a group of people who do not have our best interests at heart.  They can be owned by foreign nationals, you know

Nobody will ever consider this, though.  It would be a triumph against us if we were to allow it.  Looks like it is succeeding.  If corporations were treated the way they should be, this would not be happening.

Libertarianism is a hoax.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yes, there will be a last day.

John 6.

Honestly, here folks.  I believe that religion is a higher form of consciousness.  To support my viewpoint, consider John 6, where Jesus discusses the Last Day.

With what the human race knew at that point in history, how would he be able to come up with if he were only human--- that is to say, not the Son of God?

The human race had no understanding of the stars and astrophysics.  There was little understanding of chemistry and physics.  Little understanding of genetics.  No understanding whatever of DNA.  How in the world did he understand that there will be a Last Day?

In case you didn't know, the Sun won't last forever.  Some day, it will become a red giant, which will engulf the Earth and vaporize it.  That will happen unless something else happens first.   One thing that might happen is that the Solar System could encounter a strong gravitational force that will fling Earth into deep space.  In that case, it turn into a frozen ice ball.  Those are just two possible fates of just the Earth, much less than what could happen to the human race.  The human race will die out a long time before that happens.  There will be a Last Day.  It is a mathematical certainty.

Science knows this now, but couldn't have known it then.  My point is how did Jesus come up this unless....????

Obligatory, 10.12.16

A few notes here. 

  • As you may notice, it is rather early for this post.  It may be easier to do what I want to do at this hour, so I may make a habit out of the early posts.
  • One thing that I may want to do is watch videos.  Especially Dick Morris' videos about the state of the presidential race.  Morris' thinks Trump is doing well right now.  Is he right?  I don't know.  Morris' was wrong in 2012, and may be wrong again.  There is a wide variance between what Morris is reporting and what the media is reporting.  Who do you believe?  Hard to say.  May have to wait until the election is over in order to get the truth.
  • With respect to the media, I simply do not trust what they say.  When it comes to what is really going on, I think it is a good bet that the media is wrong, at least to some extent.
  • This race may be something like the 1980 race, in which Reagan won in a landslide.  There are those who say that there were polls that reflected Reagan's dominance, but I didn't hear about them at all.  It was a big surprise to me that Reagan won so easily.  I wonder if the official propaganda coming from the media at that time was suppressing the truth and reporting falsely in the hopes of salvaging a Democrat victory.  If so, could it be repeated again?  Maybe.  We will know more on election night.

I may have more about my personal projects, but time management is an issue.  Haven't done a thing about my passive solar ideas.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good idea, but for wrong reason

It's really dumb to produce electrical power with sunlight, but makes a lot more sense to desalinate water and use that water to grow tomatoes ( or other crops ).

Only in the modern media can people take an idea and twist it into something stupid.

Using sunlight to desalinate water is not a good idea because it supposedly helps with climate change, but instead it is good to feed people and provide them with clean water.

Stupidly written article.

File the Trump tapes under "C.S."

What does that mean?

Gee, do I have to tell you people everything?

Miss the point, that's these people today

The shark ate Quint, they say.

No, the point is that Quint led them out there to take on the shark while the rest of the town was denying that there was a problem.  They are all focusing in on how the shark ate Quint, not that the whole town is denying that there's a problem.

Trump points out that we got a problem, and these people are focusing in on his language as if that were important.  That's Huckabee's point, and they missed it.  So what else is new these days?

Hillary really is the shark.  But they don't want to see it or they can't see it.  Trump is taking on the shark, but they think that he was dumb for taking on the shark because he is going to get eaten up.

Uh-huh.  If somebody doesn't do it, then who will?  Nobody, that yet another point.  They'll be day dreaming while we get nuked, most likely.

Obligatory, 10.11.16

Once again, it may be necessary to make another trip into Houston.  I got a message on my voice mail that beckoned me back.  Why this urgency, I do not know.  I plan to call and find out later today.


Now that that has been cleared off the decks, I'd like to comment upon a rather dismal political, cultural, and economic scene in front of us. 

What a dreary business.  Now it has been six years that I have been regularly writing on this blog, and sometimes I wonder why I bother.  Really, you people.  One thing that I have found during this election season is that people I trusted can not be trusted.  It has been one disheartening thing to witness.  Yet another person got added to the list--- Ann Barnhardt.  Yes, this person has jumped the shark with me.

How did she do it?  Well, believe it or not, and you wouldn't have to look all that hard, I have been critical of her in the past.  She does seem right a lot of the time, but she is wrong about this Trump business.  She is wrong about the "locker room" aspect to the tapes of Trump when he speaks unflatteringly and disrespectfully of certain women.

Men don't act that way, she claims.  How the hell would she know?  You see?  No?  Well, let me explain what shouldn't need to be explained, but in this culture today, it has to be explained---sadly.

Lots of people today won't understand the "locker room" explanation for the tapes.  The reason being that our culture has been feminized to the extent that men cannot be their natural selves anymore.  Women have invaded formerly male spaces and have attempted ( literally ) to become men themselves.  That is what is so screwed up.  People these days don't even understand who they are, and one's sex is absolutely fundamental to your identity.  Bruce Jenner, anyone?

The reason Ann Barnhardt cannot see this is that she grew up in the culture after it changed.  She is as mixed up as the rest of the population.

She is unqualified to say what men do when they are off by themselves by virtue of the fact that she is a woman.  It is like the Heisenberg Principle.  Once you inject yourself into the situation ( by observing it directly ) , you change it.  Women cannot directly observe men in locker rooms these days because by virtue of themselves being women, the men change their behavior.  What you saw of Trump is the way men are.  They've just had this feminized culture beat them out of it to the point that men these days might as well be castrated.  In case Ann Barnhardt didn't know, she is female.

I have been in locker rooms when things were different.  There was a time when a female in the locker room would be totally unheard of, and shocking.  Not anymore of course.  But what is shocking these days is that a MAN feels free enough to be a MAN, and still has the gonads to act like a MAN.  Of course, if Hillary wins, all that goes away.  America's testicles will be in Hillary's lockbox.

Like I said, it is really dreary out there.  I really shouldn't have to explain this to Ann Barnhardt types, but there it is.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Failure to Communicate ( repost )

NoteThis is going to be reposted because there comes a time when all you can do is shrug and say, "I tried".  It's like talking to a wall sometimes.  When you get to that point, you have to concede defeat.  Just like the Warden said in the movie, --- "Some people you just can't reach."

The original post follows:

This has been posted before on the blog, but what the heck?  Might as well do it again.  It has become something of an icon in the culture.

The Captain strikes down "Cool Hand Luke" because he said: "I wish you would stop being so good to me, Captain."  The Captain is enraged, and his blow sends Luke down the hill.  Thereupon, he delivers his short, but famous little speech.

It reminds me of certain elements in our leadership who do things "for our own good".  Like Luke, I wish they would stop being so good to us.

Home again, home again

Diddly squat!  Betcha you thought I was gonna say "jiggedy jig".  Well, I just threw a change up.  Sometimes it is good to change things up a bit.  Surprise, surprise.

The big news this am seems to be the debate.  The usual things are being said by the usual suspects.  Let you mind explore that one.  Whatever you hear, you have to let your own mind determine what's what.  These people want to tell you what to think.  Of course their side won.  That's what they must say.

Who won?  I have not the slightest idea.  I came home last night, so I missed it.  I was on the road, and it didn't interest me enough to scan the dial looking for a place that was broadcasting it.

Diddly squat is what I know about it.  All I know is what on the internet.  A turn of phrase, that.

So, I'm back home and feeling fine.  At least for now. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Obligatory, 10.9.16

A few thoughts:

Trump's troubles brings to mind this collectivist mentality v. the individualist mentality.  What does Trump's words have to do with women in general ( collectivist ) as opposed to the women involved?

That is to say, what business is it of theirs what Trump said about anybody else if it didn't involve them personally?  Note that Trump's opponents like to generalize it to the collective.  So anything he says or does with regards to one woman becomes something he says or does with all women.  I think that is a kind of lying.  If he didn't say it of all women, then it wasn't with regard to all women, and therefore is a misrepresentation of fact.

As for way the GOP is acting, well, they are screwing themselves when they try to screw Trump.  Why would Trump supporters vote for a GOP replacement?  The reason we are where we are with this country is just this kind of behavior, not with what Trump said or done.  After all, Trump has never been a public official like Hillary Clinton.  What he has said or done is miniscule in comparison with what she has done.  Trump may have affected a few women.  Hillary's acts affect the entire country.
There is no comparison.  It is being hyped and misrepresented, and the GOP won't support their own nominee.  This is why they lose.  Not because of what Trump said or did as a private citizen years ago.

Then you've got the phenomenon of people unable to make distinctions.  To make distinctions is to discriminate.  There's nothing wrong with making distinctions, unless the distinctions are in made in certain cases, such as discrimination upon the basis of race.  Instead of limiting the use of the word to only select cases, it is generalized to cover all cases, which reduces an act of intelligence down to an act of idiocy.  If you cannot discriminate in any case, then you are a moron.  You cannot tell the difference between Shiite and Shinola.

Finally, the kabuki thing.  If Trump drops out, it is suspicious.  If he really wants to be president, he can overcome this thing.  It really is rather stupid on its face.  An intelligent man can overcome this idiocy.  The real question is does he want to?

It is rather clear that his "colleagues" in his party do not want him to.