Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Miss the point, that's these people today

The shark ate Quint, they say.

No, the point is that Quint led them out there to take on the shark while the rest of the town was denying that there was a problem.  They are all focusing in on how the shark ate Quint, not that the whole town is denying that there's a problem.

Trump points out that we got a problem, and these people are focusing in on his language as if that were important.  That's Huckabee's point, and they missed it.  So what else is new these days?

Hillary really is the shark.  But they don't want to see it or they can't see it.  Trump is taking on the shark, but they think that he was dumb for taking on the shark because he is going to get eaten up.

Uh-huh.  If somebody doesn't do it, then who will?  Nobody, that yet another point.  They'll be day dreaming while we get nuked, most likely.

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