Thursday, October 13, 2016

On War and Peace

The media, in its insanity, is quoting Zhironovsky of Russia, and making comparisons between him and Trump.

Zhironovsky is a lunatic.  He is insane.  From what I heard of him, that is.  He once threatened to take back Alaska.  Yep, the guy is crazier than a bucket full of bedbugs.

So, Zhironovsky is saying "elect Trump, or it is nuclear war".  Well, it sounds like a threat, now doesn't it?  But the fact is that our so called leadership class wants war.  I've written about this before with respect to Syria a few years ago. 

This globalist clique is either blundering into a war, or they want to start one. 

What's Trump saying?  He's saying let's negotiate something with Russia and head off a possible war.  Does this sound like Zhironovsky to you?

No, Zhironovsky doesn't help by claiming to be like Trump.  The media seizes upon that, and wants to scare the public into voting for Hillary because Trump is like Zhironovsky, or so they say.

What a bunch of douche bags.

No matter who gets elected, we have a serious problem with the Russians.  I have no confidence in the globalist clique running this country.   Time for a change.

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