Monday, October 10, 2016

Home again, home again

Diddly squat!  Betcha you thought I was gonna say "jiggedy jig".  Well, I just threw a change up.  Sometimes it is good to change things up a bit.  Surprise, surprise.

The big news this am seems to be the debate.  The usual things are being said by the usual suspects.  Let you mind explore that one.  Whatever you hear, you have to let your own mind determine what's what.  These people want to tell you what to think.  Of course their side won.  That's what they must say.

Who won?  I have not the slightest idea.  I came home last night, so I missed it.  I was on the road, and it didn't interest me enough to scan the dial looking for a place that was broadcasting it.

Diddly squat is what I know about it.  All I know is what on the internet.  A turn of phrase, that.

So, I'm back home and feeling fine.  At least for now. 

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