Saturday, December 9, 2017

AGW theory? No. AGW is absurd.

Just another reason to doubt man made global warming ( AGW), here.

The idea for this post came from experiments with the off-grid project.  It seems that hot gases cannot heat up water very well.  Here is how I found this out:  I got the idea to put my water bottles next to the stove.  The stove gets hot, but for some reason, the bottles do not get very warm.  This is true even though the bottles are close to the flame.  Not in the flame, but close to the flame.

This got me to thinking about how inefficient hot gasses are in transmitting heat from itself to something else.  You can mentally confirm this from your own experiences.  Recall how long it takes to heat up some water for your coffee, or perhaps some hot cereal for breakfast.  The heat from that fire sure takes a long time to cause that water to boil.  This is true even though the flame is very hot indeed, and boiling water is only 212 degrees farenheit.  If gasses weren't so inefficient at heating things up, it would take a lot less propane to boil that water, don't you think?  It would save a lot of money on heating bills.

But these people want you to believe that increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will cause the climate to get hotter.  If a flame cannot do it very well, with a flame in the thousands of degrees, then how will a few parts per million in the atmosphere do it?

This is like a feather that breaks the camel's back.  They want you to think the feather weighs more than the camel can take.  Maybe the feather is really an elephant.  What nonsense.

Obligatory, 12.9.17

Very lite blogging.  Not much reason for it, really.  However, I am getting low on data again.  I notice more and more how much the web is putting in videos that use a lot of data.  It is hard to do much web surfing any more without these contrivances limiting it through the imposition of so much useless data in the form of advertisements.

Not to mention that the news these days is nuts.  The things people focus on is not particularly interesting to me.

Really, you people.  Is all this reporting on sexual harassment all that interesting?  Not to me.

Judge Moore must really be important for these people when they devote so much to trying to defeat him.  Are they really trying to bring down the temple just to stop this guy?  It almost seems so.  But the way they do it is a farce.  It reminds me of some literature that was taught in one of my classes in college--- The Rape of the Lock.

Well, there was something pretty interesting elsewhere that I was reading, but was interrupted by an ad.

The thing is that the media and the Democrat party may be getting, shall we say, exposed.  Not that the truth actually matters.  However, if the truth does matter, it won't help that the Democrats are getting exposed for being even bigger sleaze bags than what I thought.

If people would stop taking the media so seriously, maybe that would force them to shape up.  But I wouldn't bet the ranch on it.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sexual harrassment stuff is nuts

There should be a problem with the very idea of forcing somebody from office, or winning an election based upon nothing but an accusation.

If it is a country of laws, and if a law was violated, put that accused person on trial.  If the person is acquitted, then "where's the beef"?  No harm, no foul.

The sexual harassment brouhaha is a left wing distraction.  The so-called conservatives do no service to themselves, nor credit to themselves when they succumb to it.

Frankly, when Franken resigns, I could care less.  It has no bearing on anything except himself and those who treat what he does as important.  It really isn't important, for if it were, and if he is guilty, then why was he ever elected?


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Road rage incident

In the news.  The reason this caught my attention is that it is on a stretch of road that I have driven before.  A lot of it between Marble Falls and Cedar Park is prime road rage territory.  The story is that somebody was driving real slow through there.  The problem with that is that it is very hard to pass a car in that area sometimes.  So, if somebody is driving real slow, it will tend to frustrate people behind them, and that can lead to road rage.

It is a long drive that way, so I don't use it anyway.  Just another reason not to use it.

Neither the rain, snow, or sleet will stop...

my off-grid experiments.  Indeed, the bad weather we are having here is giving me the opportunity to check out some techniques for living off-grid.

For example, I have noted in the past that the dehumidifier heats up the place.  Now, it is a useful thing to know if you want water and some heat.  The temp is below 40 degrees farenheit, so that is cool enough to want to warm it up a bit.  The humidity is rather high, so I can open up a door a little, and let that humidity and fresh air in the room, while the dehumidifier warms up the place and makes a little water.

It uses a bit more electricity than what I would like, but I am compensated with warmth and water.   Is it worth it?  Well, the warmth makes it more comfortable, but do I need water when it is raining?  Not really, but if the rain stops, it will still be cool and humid.  Besides, you can always use water.

All of this may seem crazy, since I don't really need to do this for heat or water, but the idea is to train myself to do this kind of thing, for it may come in handy some day.

On the down side, you cannot make passive solar heat, nor more photovoltaic electricity.  What do you want---everything????

If it were windy, I could still make electricity that way.  But I don't have that here, and it wouldn't make sense here anyway.  That will have to wait until I get out there, if that ever happens.

What is stopping me?  Well, I may be getting a bit of a McClellan attitude here.  Too much perfectionism perhaps.

The move out there is a big step.  No rush just yet.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

People are now calling for Mueller to be fired

It has taken more than six months, but these people are now echoing what I said the minute Mueller was hired.  Fire his ass!

But this Mueller business is getting more serious now.  It seems that they want to keep this up even if there is no Russian collusion.  Well, there wasn't any collusion in the first place and they knew it.  Obama had his nose up Trump's ass even before the election.  If they couldn't find anything then, then there wasn't anything to find.

Mueller will keep looking and looking.  But the problem here is that his hiring was illegal in the first place.  Any delay only prolongs the inertia of having to stop something that has gotten a lot of momentum going.

Once again, if they can't find something, they will make it up.  Or it will become a process crime.

At the very least, to fire Mueller now gives them an issue in the campaign.  Well, I toldja!

Trump isn't destroying the GOP

In my opinion, they are doing that to themselves.

It is rather obvious that they don't like the man, but they cannot relegate their opposition to honest discussion.  If they simply disliked the man and said so, I could respect them.  Instead, they make up stuff, and this is what discredits them.

If the opponents to Trump in the GOP succeed in removing him from office, it should by rights be the end of the GOP.  That is because there is a faction that cannot accept that they have lost control of the party to a man they disapprove of.  Instead of learning why they lost control, and fixing the problem that caused such a result, they do something even worse in doing something monstrously dishonest, and I daresay dishonorable.

This has been a real eye opener for me.  So many people who were supposed to be on the right side of issues have really dropped the ball here.  It should then not be any mystery why the country is drifting so far in the wrong direction.  If this is what we can expect from the "stalwarts" in the party, then the party has no "stalwarts".  Nobody that the country can depend upon.  America can only depend on Democrats to destroy what she has always been.  Where is the opposition to this? Not from this debauched and discredited party that has preceded the arrival of Trump.

Better find some people that can be trusted and respected.  The old guard has dishonored themselves and should just go away.

If Trump is so bad, it should be easy to find someone better.  Instead, they act worse than Trump ever thought about acting.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Scooter Libbey Redux

Ever since Rosenstein appointed Mueller, it should be obvious what their intentions are.  If they cannot get Trump on anything, then it will be a process crime--- just like Scooter Libbey.

Therefore, what Rush says is what I was saying the minute Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

If they cannot get Trump on obstruction of justice either, then they will do all the damage that they can in order to discredit Trump.  It is history repeating itself.  Just like Scooter Libbey.

What to do about it?  Since many in the GOP are nothing but Dems in disguise anyway, they may actually try to remove Trump.

If that happens, then what?

Well, speaking only for myself, it will be the last time I vote Republican.  Either the so-called conservatives leave the party and start a new one, or I stay home for now on.  It is pointless to vote if the vote is going to be ignored.

Obligatory, 12.4.17

There may be a need to upgrade my info sources.  So, I am looking around for new sources.  The old ones seem to let me down.

This impeachment idea based upon a tweet has caused me to reconsider linking to Denninger's site anymore.

It is not that I find Trump infallible.  Nope.  It is that I notice that there are too many out there that only want the sensationalism.  Denninger's site may be interested only in hyping the news so as to get pageviews.  Not interested in that stuff.  I don't do it, and neither should any source that I link to.

In short, anybody who acts like the media acts is going to find a way to get on my fecal roster sooner or later.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The latest frenzy of the Trump Tweet

This one is so convoluted that it is actually hard for me to follow.  Anyway, for an "investigation" that has a fraud at the heart of it, people are sure getting into a huff on something Trump tweeted.  It was about the firing of Flynn.

Supposedly, the tweet "admits" something that wasn't even illegal, if Dershowitz is correct.  Not only that, the entire investigation is a ( pardon the phrase ) a trumped-up affair.

So fanatical are they that they have lost all proportion.  Wasn't this supposed to be about Russian collusion in the election?  But the conversation that Flynn was said to be lying about was after the election.  So, whatever the case may be on the prevarication, it was about an immaterial point of fact, and now there is the possibility that what he "lied" about wasn't even illegal to begin with.

It would really be bizarre in the extreme for this one to go the impeachment route over a tweet over a crime that didn't happen over a lie that wasn't even material to the crime that didn't happen.  But Trump admits knowing about it before hand.  Obstruction of Justice!!!