Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: The echo across the pond

It's the echo from the Trump candidacy here in the US.  Not only that, the response is similar.  No doubt that it is similar since the reaction comes from globalists.  The globalists are saying it is the end of the world.  Only the end of their dreams of one world government.  That is to say, if we are lucky we might get such an outcome.

The reaction consists of disbelief.  They cannot accept their defeat, nor what it means.  What it really means is that globalism is a failure, and the failure will only deepen.  But now these one worlders will blame the failures to come as being caused by the Brexit and Trump.  They will try to punish us all for voting the wrong way.  There is even talk of holding another referendum over there.

George Will leaves the GOP because of Trump.  But he isn't really leaving.  I say kick his butt out.  If he won't support the nominee, he should be kicked out for good, and barred from coming back.  He thinks that by inflicting a defeat upon Trump, the old guard will return.  That might happen, but if it does, things won't be the same.  This Trumpster will not accept defeat from them any more than they will accept defeat at the hands of the Trumpsters.  They lost it fair and square.  But the never Trumpers don't play a square game since they are only allowed to win.  Why should any self respecting Trumpster play with their stacked deck?

It looks like the same thing is happening over there.  Why play this rigged game of democracy if the losers won't accept any adverse outcome?

Dancing gopher

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit vote

It came and went  while I had no comment about until now.

So, what is the comment?  Only that the people want to take back their countries from the globalists.  The globalists are destroying national identities in the US, and most likely the rest of the world as well.

If you think about it long enough, the reason we have terrorism as an issue, is because of the effects that globalism have on traditional cultures in the Middle East.  These cultures are against modern societies in the developed world, and seek to impose their views as opposed to having modern cultural norms imposed upon them instead.  In other words, terrorism and globalism are linked.

The response of the globalists was to blame opponents of this Islamification, and call them bigots or insane ( Islamophobics).  I consider this to be a rebuke of such thinking and a reassertion of the people in the UK of their traditional identities before the globalists sweep it away.  I heartily approve.

I'm not concerned about stock markets.  There more important things than money.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

If it wears out, you can get a new one

It looks like there is at least some progress to report these days.  Lab scientists can now grow bone in a lab.  A successful implantation was achieved using pigs.  Human trials are at least three years away.

Faster, please.  I may need a new hip.

This is what opposition looks like

You see it when Democrats are in a minority, but you don't see anything like this with the GOP.  Where is the opposition to Obama from the House and Senate GOP?  Nothing like this, and they will never do it.  But give them a Donald Trump to protest against, and they go never-Trumping nuts.

Too bad that the GOP only knows how to shoot themselves in the foot.  No pun intended.

So much to do, so little time

In my own situation, that may seem like an excuse.  Come to think of it, it is an excuse.  But what to say when you think you've said enough?  It gets hard to come up with new ways of saying the same thing.  It is easy to just give up and say "I have done all I can".

We are in an election season.  It tends to focus most of the people's minds upon that decision which is to be made.  It has to be made and it will be made.  There will be an outcome.  Almost half of the people participating will not like that outcome.  It is the same thing every four years.

There are already millions who didn't like the outcome of the primaries.  The numbers just get bigger and bigger, do they not?  So, what happens if you are one of the unhappy ones?  Seems like more and more people do not want to accept the outcome of an election.  Same with me.  It has been nearly eight years, and I still haven't gotten over the election of Barak Hussein Obama.

Yet, I accepted the outcome even though I didn't like it.  It is not as if I were trying to overthrow the outcome of the previous two elections.  I didn't like the GOP nominees either, but I voted for them in the general.  In other words, I didn't act like these anti-Trumpers are acting.  They oppose Trump more than they opposed Obama or Hillary.  They do more to stop Trump than they ever did to stop Obama.  So, the question I have is this: what is the point of these elections if a sizable minority refuses to accept the outcome, when such an outcome is adverse to their preferences?

The anti-Trumpers can be claim to be many things, but they cannot claim with a straight face that they honor the democratic process.  For if they did, they would have to accept Trump even though he is not their preferred candidate.  If they cannot support Trump, then don't support him.  But to overthrow his nomination is not honoring the process that produced his victory.  He did win, you know.

Trump cannot unite them if they are in a "never" mode.  They cannot blame others for dissension if they take an uncompromising attitude.  It seems to me that Trump is being reasonable, but not these people.

If they are taking a negotiating stance, then there has to be a deal that can be made with them.  If no deal can be made, it could only be because they refuse to make one.

If they were as principled as they claim, the only principle that I can observe is "rule or ruin".  They can bring down the house, and will bring down the house if they don't get their way.

It would be interesting to see if Trump can make a deal with these people.  But I have to wonder if they should be the ones who should get dumped.  If they bring down the house, then they are going down too.  Perhaps that doesn't matter to them.  Maybe it should.  There will be an aftermath, and a reckoning if such were to happen.  If they think that forcing Trump to lose big, and afterwards they can reclaim their former positions within the party, they may want to reconsider.  Just speaking for myself, I would never forgive them for it if they do what they are threatening to do.  My hunch is that millions would feel the same way.  If they bring down the house, they will perish as well.  One has to question such a mindset that would pursue such a Quixotic strategy.

Or perhaps it is a bluff?  Maybe they would like a VP spot?  Dick Morris suggests Condoleeza Rice. That might satisfy them, but it may have a downside to it.  A VP has to be selected though.  The party has to be united, somehow.  But at what price?

I am thinking these things while I have other things going on.  But I have time this morning, so there it is. 

It would be a unifying gesture.  If they didn't shut up after something like this, then it should be all out war on these jerks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seat cushions

It looks like my backside problem is subsiding just a little.  A little analysis of the problem suggests that an appropriate cushion may help.  The trouble is, I have already tried that.  I think the problem is that the cushions I have tried are inadequate.  As a consequence, I put in an order for yet another seat cushion.  I am hoping that this could help.

I have also had problems with my feet.  The right kind of cushioning helped with my feet.  It so happens that this same kind of padding as for my feet is present in this new cushion that I ordered.  This gives me some hope that it will be helpful for my backside problem.

In an unrelated matter, I checked out some water testing equipment.  If I am going to recycle my water, I will need to know how well it is being filtered.  It looks like I can get a reasonably priced system that can test for many different kinds of impurities.  But that is for later.

Right now, it is important to solve this backside issue.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How the so-called right wing commentariat is starting to suck

Incidentally, It wasn't what Trump said that got me to support him.  It is what the opponents in the primaries said about Trump that opened my eyes to what they are.

Trump won the most votes and secured the victory, but the never Trumpers won't give up, even now. 

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds keeps saying that there's something wrong with Trump.  Like what, for example?  His latest shot just assumes that there's something wrong with Trump.  He doesn't specify what his opposition is to Trump.  Something tells me that Insty is just another propaganda mill for the globalist neo-cons.  Not only that, doesn't it seem that Insty has gotten awful commercial lately?  I can't link to the post, because of all of the ads, but I can link to what he linked to.  It looks like Reynolds accepts all their premises while pretending to be opposed to them.  Army of Davids?  Yeah, coming from a Goliath of sorts, he has a lot of credibility./snark

In disgust, I close that window, and move on to Rush.  At least Rush can be dependable, right?  Wrong!  Rush is dividing us between liberals and so-called conservatives.  But the main problem is these so-called conservatives who won't support the friggin' choice of the people.  They like to talk about principles until it is time to actually live by them.  The principle is the rule of law and democracy.  Trump won it fair and square.  How about living up to the rule of law and accepting
 the verdict of the people, even if you disagree with it.  At least Rush is supporting Trump, or so it seems.  Clean up the conservative, and then you can talk about the liberals.  But that would offend the listeners, and that would hurt ratings.  All about principles?  Nope, it's about money.  Might as well be a globalist with that attitude.

It's part of the pattern.  Trump suggests looking at trade and building a wall, and these people go nuts.  It isn't Democrat v Conservative.  It is nationalism v globalism.  Which one wins? 

It all depends upon the public and their not being a bunch of trained seals.  Think for yourself, people.  Don't let the globalists do your thinking for you.  Don't  be fooled.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Still in the game

Still planning for my move out west.  Sometimes I forget about some of my own ideas, like the name for my little garden in the greenhouse that I am planning.  Something reminded me of that, and I noticed that the post's link was broken, so I fixed it. 

That's a problem with these YouTube videos, if they violated a copyright, they will take it down.  To fix that problem in the future, I may have to relying upon some other way to convey a message.

One of the other problems I need to fix is my problem with sitting down.  When I sit, it is painful.  I am experimenting with cushions, but standard cushions won't do.  They have to be modified so that the sensitive spot gets little if any pressure on it.  That is the key to solving this problem.  I learned on my recent trip that if I keep the pressure off that spot, I can drive with this.  If I can't drive, I can't work and I can't go out west.

Another thing I did for my move was to test water flow from the tub, and then compare it to a battery operated shower head I bought last year.  The result is that the water flow is about the same.  Now I need to test a procedure that will allow me to take a shower while using the least amount of water.  I hope to get that down to three gallons or less.  I think it is feasible.

As far as recycling all my water, I am thinking of using distilled water for drinking water.  Plus, an approved system for purifying water.  Before running it through that purifier, I plan on a multi-step process of cleaning up the grey water.  I covered that tentatively designed system in a previous post.  The goal is to get a septic system that recycles water and can be approved by regulators.

As for the garden, I hope to use recycled water for my spirulina farm.  I was thinking of using the spirulina to feed the earthworms.  Earthworms will feed the chickens.  The chickens will lay eggs so that I can have eggs for breakfast.  I can also feed the chickens oats and maybe, if there's enough mesquite bushes out there, some mesquite beans.  The chickens can also have insects that are out there, plus some crickets, if I can raise them.

But the garden is long term.   I should say my Octupus's Garden is long term.  Still have a ways to go to get there.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The trained seals may steal the show

If these trained seals could talk, they would sound a lot like the "political discussions" going on today.

Everybody seems to be trained to respond exactly the way in which they are responding.  There is no critical thinking faculty being displayed anywhere in the political commentariat that I am able to detect.  It is almost as if they are trying to blow it all up.

Do you people really expect me to believe that this will lead to a constructive outcome?

Beam me up, Scotty!  No intelligent life here.