Saturday, May 21, 2016


In the jury deliberation room, somebody mentioned crawfish, which gave me an idea.  Grow crawfish at the ranch.  Will that work?  Won't hurt to look into it.

More info:


The downside to this idea is that I will need a lot  of water where water is scarce.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jury service

This was originally scheduled for March, but I had it rescheduled for today.  My luck that they ran out of jurors today.  Not only did I get picked for voir dire, I also got selected for an actual jury to hear the case.

Consequently, I will not be doing much blogging for the next week.  Yay, for jury service.  Somebody's gotta do it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hiatus over, for now

No posts for going on two days.  Very unusual for yours truly.

I'm very busy.  I have to work hard, very hard, in order to keep going. 

For the near future, I may switch to video blogging, as I did when I was at my property.  It takes less time, and time is short.


Spending time at the airport.  Actually, this is just a pic derived from a video.  The video is rough, so I won't put it up.  Exciting pic, huh?  /sarc

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Never Trumpers still at it

Of course, they will never solve a problem, because solving problems is not what they are about.  They are about talking about solving problems, not actual problem solving.  See, if they actually do anything at all, they will raise and spend a lot of money to stop Trump, but they won't actually accomplish anything at all ( except making themselves and their supporters look ridiculous).  They are especially good at that.

Trump is a "problem" because he actually proposes doing things that will solve problems.

See the difference?  It isn't hard, even for a never Trumper.

The idea of recycling wastewater isn't new

The Israelis are doing it at a rate of 80%, according to this comment upon a Next Big Future reverse osmosis story.

I'd like to remember this story when I contact those people in West Texas about their land use regulations.

On the Prufrokian Disease

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This was an idea for a post that may span several posts.  As with all the series of posts on this blog, I include a link to the previous post, and the next post, as indicated above.

By the way, this topic may not be as long as I thought.  It may be short.  Anyway, I keep seeing evidence of a pattern, and I saw something again this morning.

What I saw was a video that briefly discusses the late sixties self help book, I'm Ok, You're Ok.  It so happens that I read that book way back then, and I think the narrator oversimplified it a bit.  In discussing it here, I think I am likely to do a bit of oversimplification myself.  My take on the book is that it a popularized version of Freud.  This allows me to swerve back into the Prufrokian discussion that I began.  To recap, Prufrock was a fictional guy in the poem by T.S. Eliot.  Prufrock always fails because he is afraid.  He is afraid because his Superego ( Freud) overwhelms his Id.  In short, I identify with Prufrock.  I don't seem to get anywhere in life because of my fears- same as Prufrock.

As a result of that insight, I look for it elsewhere.  It seems to be all around us.  The so-called conservatives don't like Trump because he is so uncivilized.  But maybe, like Prufrock, we are already too civilized, and we need to channel our inner Id.

You can cite another movie, The Fight Club, in which the main character overcomes his Superego, but it darn near kills him.  When the main character meets his "dark side", he is encouraged to hit him as hard as he can.  The dark side lures him into battle, in which he finds his true self.  He becomes his dark side alter ego in the process, while retaining his own prior self.

These are dangerous ideas, of course.  One might want to suppress such notions, but then you are back to the Superego.  Do you really want to be in that place?  You may think that you are safe there, but Prufrock drowned.

I think Western Civilization may be a lot like Prufrock and is drowning too.