Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hitler comparisons

Those who are inclined to smear Trump as another Hitler ought to read William Shirer's book about the real thing.  Here's a quote from the book of one of Hitler's deeds as he rose in the ranks of German politics prior to becoming Chancellor and starting World War II.

from page 70


These uniformed rowdies, not content with keeping order at their own Nazi meetings, soon took up to breaking up those of the other parties.  Once in 1921 Hitler personally led his stormtroopers in an attack on a meeting which was to be addressed by a Bavarian federalist by the name of Ballerstedt, who received a beating.  For this, Hitler was sentenced to three months in jail, one of which he served.  This was his first experience in jail and he emerged from it somewhat of a martyr and more popular than ever.  "It's all right", Hitler boasted to the police.  "We got what we wanted.  Ballerstedt did not speak".

Compare this to those who boasted about shutting down Trump's rally in Chicago, and then ask yourself who is the more apt to be compared to the Nazis.

Now if some hotheads got their way, they would retaliate against these, but to do so would confirm them as no better than Nazis themselves.  If Trump was foolish enough to let himself get mixed up with that, then he deserves to lose.  If he was smart, he would call for restraint, and let this sink in with the public who it was that broke up the rally, and should we applaud it or condemn those responsible.  As for now, Trump is not the responsible party.

Violence at Trump rallies

Another disappointing thing to me is how the so called conservatives are criticizing Trump for the violence at his rallies.

Sorry, but everybody has the right to self defense.  The people going to those rallies in order to cause trouble are the ones who are fascists.  If they go there to stop the rally from taking place, then they are interfering with everyone's rights at that rally to express their own political views in a free society.

Calling Trump a fascist for defending his own rallies is about as wrong headed as you can get.

It was the Nazis who broke up opposition party rallies in the run up to their totalitarian Hitlerite grip on Germany.  Those who try that stunt in America should get their asses kicked.  And the GOP should be applauding it instead of criticizing it.

But that's what's wrong with the GOP.  Not the "Grand Old Party", but the Godawful outlandish pussy party.

Maybe they ought to go away after all.  Wouldn't bother me.


Ted Cruz is starting to bug me.  My vote for him is not guaranteed if he gets the nomination.

Friday, March 11, 2016

You can't change a made up mind

Or to put it another way:  A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

Why bring this up?  Well, I was reading an Ace of Spades post that was anti Trump, and I was thinking about responding to that.  But as I said lately, I haven't been responding to these kind of things lately, because it gets a bit tiresome.

It is like that because I think I would be going up against a made up mind.  There are people in this world who can make up their minds about something, and that's that.  There's anti Trump people out there who are going to be anti Trump regardless of anything he says or does.  There's no way of convincing them otherwise.  So why respond?

Still, there are those who will say that I have a made up mind about Trump.  Or that I was for him at the beginning.  There are a lot of things that get said that aren't necessarily so.  There are things about Trump that have bothered me a bit.  I worry somewhat that it could be a mistake to elect him.

The thing is that my mind isn't that made up.  I can be convinced.  Only their arguments do not convince me.

Besides, it is too late for Texas anyway.  I already voted for Trump, and I do not regret it.

I wonder if guys like Ace are really open minded about Trump.  Or if their reaction to him is more visceral than factual.

Ace says Trump doesn't know what he is talking about.  But as I read his piece, I get the sense that he doesn't like Trump because he thinks Trump is dumb.  Yeah, the impression I got may be something akin to what you would hear from a snob.  Trump just isn't one of our kind of people type argument.

You cannot change that no matter how hard you try.  Even if you had somebody explain in a way that Ace couldn't fault for its eloquence, I would say Ace would still not be convinced.  This isn't based upon reason.  It is a visceral reaction.

It is not visceral with me.  I watch somebody and I have my reasons for not liking them.  Like Rubio.  Show me where I am wrong about Rubio, and I may well change my mind.  I will change my opinions when the facts warrant.

I don't get that with Ace.  I'm sure that there's nothing I can say that wouldn't make the slightest difference.  It is disappointing.

A thought about judicial appointments

The argument goes like this:  Since Trump isn't a real conservative, his judicial appointments will disappoint you if you are a conservative and vote for him.

To answer that one, look at Reagan's appointments.  He had three, I believe, and only one of them was a staunch conservative.  Sure, he got forced into Anthony Kennedy, but he also selected Sandra Day O'Connor.  Not exactly a staunch conservative.  He had no excuses with that one, either.  The GOP controlled the Senate then, so nothing was in the way, unless he let it be.

Supposedly, Cruz will do better than Trump.  But if he doesn't get a friendly Senate, he will get his candidates Borked, too.

A republic if you can keep it

When the Constitutional convention (that gave the USA its present constitution) ended, Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government did they create, and that was his answer.

After over 200 years, have we managed to keep it, or did we lose it?

There are those who believe that we lost it.  I wasn't among those.  I figured we still had our Republic.  But I had a conversation with someone who said something that gives pause that notion.

He was suggesting what I could write on this here blog, and I invited him to write something himself, and I would post it.  He sort of refused while bringing up the possibility of repercussions.  That didn't sink in immediately, but now it has.  In other words, he was afraid to exercise his First Amendment rights of free speech.  That's the kind of thing that is not supposed to happen in the USA.  But here it is.  Somebody fears the government, so he keeps his mouth shut.

Did we lose our Republic?  Could be.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A preliminary review of this new computer

It's low rent as I said before- a Lenovo Miix 300 tablet.

The reason I am doing this "review" is to bitch a little.  It would seem that after all these years, these people could make a machine that does the basic things without fail.  This thing is a bit squirrelly.  Sometimes the mousepad is sensitive, and just brush it, and it does something.  Other times, you almost have to take hammer and tongs to it in order to get it to respond.

Also want to bitch about Microsoft and its operating system.  It would also seem that after all these years, these guys could get the way to keep the system updated that didn't interfere with your using the machine.  This thing takes way too much processor power and the machine becomes almost unusable.  I'm hoping that's all there is to this problem.  If it isn't, then I have already got some malware on it.

That's another thing.  The malware shouldn't even be there.  If the Microsoft people did their jobs, they'd make these guys give up out of frustration because the OS was bullet proof.  Obviously this new OS is definitely not bullet proof.

So much for the brief bitch session.  Supposedly, we are "progressing", but if this is progress, then I'm an astronaut.


There appears to be one compensating feature of this machine.  It has a touch screen.  That helps.  Don't want to be too negative.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A reason for the lite posting

There's more than one, and the computer was just one of those.  Now that the computer has been upgraded, I'm still not very productive.

Okay, what's the deal?

Part of it is that I am not up to par physically.  It doesn't take much to post, but at the moment, I am just not up to it.  Spent a night last night not feeling well, didn't get that much sleep, and slept during the day today.  Obviously, sleeping doesn't go with posting on a blog.

But, there's is even more than that.

I'm getting pretty disgusted with what I see out there.  Most of the time, in the recent past, when I didn't like what I saw, I would respond to it.  Not anymore.  Not interested in responding to everything out there.  This undoubtedly takes some material off the blog.

An example is just a few minutes ago, I scanned the news, and saw several anti Trump articles.  I am tempted to respond, but decided to not respond.  Screw it.  These people are the same people who influenced people to make the choices they made in the past.  If they succeed in getting Trump beaten at the polls, they just win again.  To me, if you don't like the way things are going, stop listening to these people, because they are part of the problem.

Trump ain't Hitler.  Trump ain't Caesar.  Trump isn't going to end America as we have known it.  If America is being destroyed, those doing the destruction don't need Trump's help.  They are dong fine on their own.

If there's a real concern about abuse of power, there's the ability to oppose Trump.  If that's not good enough, there's an Article V convention.  Evidently those who shout the loudest about Trump don't think an Article V is in order.  That should tell you something.

Well, I'll try to keep posting stuff.  But it does get tedious at times.  And at other times, I am not up to it anymore.

Sorry, but that's the way it is

Why Rubio won't win

Not evil enough.  He's the diet coke of evil.  He is quasi evil.  He needs to be more like mini-me.

Trump's mini me

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Trying out the new computer

One thing to keep in mind:  this computer is like me, it lives in the low rent district.  It is pretty basic stuff here in this neck of the woods.

I note that Windows 10 is a bit different.  Can't say that I like or dislike it yet.  One thing I just noticed is that the touch pad is a bit sensitive.  Touch it inadvertently, and it will do something unexpected.  Reminds me of many devices these days.  Too doggone sensitive to everything.   Why do you suppose that is?  Maybe people like that, but I don't.

Don't have my bookmarks.  That could be a problem.  How to import these?  Will it import these?  Got to find an answer to that.

Okay, down to business of a check out/shakedown cruise.  At least it is a bit easier to use than the android.  That's not saying much, though.


It isn't too bad.  I give it a passing grade so far.


As for the bookmarks, I will do them manually.  Let's say that it can be organized better that way.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Socialism is not moral, it exists due to a lack of it

Just signed a new lease.  I will be here for another ten months.  Anybody who comes here should know how much I hated this.

Frankly, the thing I hate most is all the forms they have you sign.  You sign them so that they will have an excuse for charging you out the wazzoo as soon as you move out.

I was just thinking of how things like this hurt the cause of capitalism, and helps the cause of socialism.  Capitalism will not work in the absence of morality.  It eventually breaks down because in such a society where there is a lack of it, people do not treat each other with respect.  If morality is anything, it is how you treat your fellow man.  If an entire society becomes one in which everything has to end up in a court, then that society is not long for this world.  In short, a civilized society requires people to be civilized with each other.   The signed documents are not necessary for that, and in an uncivil society, the documents will not mean anything anyway.

I would say that it is a new development, but perhaps that would not be so.  All I know is that these documents get more and more plentiful each year.  Something tells me that this is not a good sign.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why Trump will win

Not so sure that he will at this point, because they are all lining up against him

This dude here says why he think Trump will win.

Foul language alert.  If bad language bothers you, then do not click on the link.

Obligatory, 3.6.16

These are not productive days, neither in terms of blogging, nor in terms of getting much done at all.

I need to get it in gear, and quick.

At least a new computer will be available soon.  I have a desktop that works, but I do not like to sit in hard seat for long.  My posterior will complain most loudly.

The new computer will be a windows 10 machine, a tablet with a keyboard.  It will be a little like this android, but presumably not as hard to use.  Hopefully, I can do more posting.

I need to get back to work, aching back or not.  The Uber thing will have to be the means of support for now.  That does not cheer me much.

The move out west has definitely got to wait.  Maybe for another year and a half.

I could move out to ELP after I get my checks.

All of that type of thinking depends on me staying healthy, which seems to be a problem lately.  Long term planning is a bit tentative.

One could feel a bit discouraged.  Like Eyegor said in the movie "Young Frankenstein"--- "it could be worse, it could be raining."  Then it starts raining real hard.  Lol.  Or, as one world leader once said:  it gets darkest just before it goes pitch black.