Monday, March 7, 2016

Socialism is not moral, it exists due to a lack of it

Just signed a new lease.  I will be here for another ten months.  Anybody who comes here should know how much I hated this.

Frankly, the thing I hate most is all the forms they have you sign.  You sign them so that they will have an excuse for charging you out the wazzoo as soon as you move out.

I was just thinking of how things like this hurt the cause of capitalism, and helps the cause of socialism.  Capitalism will not work in the absence of morality.  It eventually breaks down because in such a society where there is a lack of it, people do not treat each other with respect.  If morality is anything, it is how you treat your fellow man.  If an entire society becomes one in which everything has to end up in a court, then that society is not long for this world.  In short, a civilized society requires people to be civilized with each other.   The signed documents are not necessary for that, and in an uncivil society, the documents will not mean anything anyway.

I would say that it is a new development, but perhaps that would not be so.  All I know is that these documents get more and more plentiful each year.  Something tells me that this is not a good sign.

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