Sunday, March 6, 2016

Obligatory, 3.6.16

These are not productive days, neither in terms of blogging, nor in terms of getting much done at all.

I need to get it in gear, and quick.

At least a new computer will be available soon.  I have a desktop that works, but I do not like to sit in hard seat for long.  My posterior will complain most loudly.

The new computer will be a windows 10 machine, a tablet with a keyboard.  It will be a little like this android, but presumably not as hard to use.  Hopefully, I can do more posting.

I need to get back to work, aching back or not.  The Uber thing will have to be the means of support for now.  That does not cheer me much.

The move out west has definitely got to wait.  Maybe for another year and a half.

I could move out to ELP after I get my checks.

All of that type of thinking depends on me staying healthy, which seems to be a problem lately.  Long term planning is a bit tentative.

One could feel a bit discouraged.  Like Eyegor said in the movie "Young Frankenstein"--- "it could be worse, it could be raining."  Then it starts raining real hard.  Lol.  Or, as one world leader once said:  it gets darkest just before it goes pitch black.

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