Saturday, May 30, 2015

Family values

Legal Insurrection
Jack looks like the family dog.

Pat Buchanan plays pattie cake

Isn't Buchanan supposed to be this fire breathing conservative guy?  Not really.  It's all a part of the propaganda war that the left is winning.  Actually, Buchanan is mostly brainwashed himself.  Get this quote:

...who among the tribes of the Middle East will fight and die for the secular American values of democracy, diversity, pluralism, sexual freedom and marriage equality?

Buchanan uses the left wing's words, which as was seen in an earlier post, the left considers as a significant victory when you do.

Re-word that and you will instantly understand why the Iraqis won't fight ISIS:

who among the tribes of the Middle East will fight and die for the communistic unAmerican disvalues of socialism, identity politics, Balkanization, fornication and homosexuality?

That's because each of the words replaced from the quote have been replaced by what they really mean as opposed to how they are sold to the average dumbed down brainwashed American.

 Can anybody actually tell it like it is?


Who's behind all this?

I began to suspect that the movement towards homosexual marriage is coming from the ultra rich types who want to buy respectability.

They may well be able to buy politicians because politicians are whores anyway.

But can they buy an entire country?  Can they buy a church or two?

It reminds me of a joke.  A man asked a woman if she would have sex for a million bucks. She said yes, and then he asked, how about 10 bucks?  She answered:  What do you think I am?  The man said, we've already established that, we are now haggling over the price.

Bwah hah hah.

Squeal Like a Pig - Deliverance (3/9) Movie CLIP (1972)

Homosexual rape scene.

In prisons, it is well known that things like this happen, but they like to call it "prison rape".  Not "prison rape", but it should be called "homosexual rape".

Homosexuality has been billed as harmless, but it doesn't look like it here.  It isn't in prison either.  Those in prison who do this aren't considered homosexuals, because they seek out women once they get out.

But why isn't it considered homosexuality when they commit that act?  Indeed, when they initiate it FORCEFULLY.  Yet, the ones doing it consider their victims as homosexuals and that is why they have permission to do it.  Watch closely and see how it works.  This movie is well researched and quite realistic, I believe.

Checking in, 5/30/15

Yep, another one of these.

I meant to write more yesterday, but once I got home from work, I fell asleep.

Not an excuse, just an explanation.

The thing I was going to write about was a little story about what happened during the day at work.  I stopped by, and got a snack and a coke.  The guy at the counter was trying to sell me a lotto ticket.  He said the jackpot is big, if you win, you can quit your job and enjoy life.  I just shook my head and left.

If there was anything that I did not want to do right now is to enjoy life.  What that mean anyway to "enjoy life"?  Enjoy life while my country is being raped?

The man was of foreign extraction, so he probably did not understand my manner at all.  I did not explain, because I couldn't at time he said it.  The words about rape came afterwards once I had time to think it over.  If I had the "gift of gab", maybe those words could come easier for me, but they never do.

Rape is a pretty strong word.  So, is it justified?  I believe so.  I remembered a poll in which 4 out of 5 people say this country is not being governed "by consent" of the governed.  It was a Rasmussen poll and it was fairly consistent over time.  I don't know if the poll has been discontinued, but that poll was last done over a year ago.

If the consent of the governed is not being granted and the government does what it does anyway, then that can be called "rape".

But the word is being abused these days, so it loses its meaning.  But it is still a strong word.  If the poll asked if they thought the country was being raped, what would the answer be?  Probably a denial.  That's because rape is severe enough that it requires action, and that's one thing that nobody wants to do.

If I did play the lotto, and won, I wouldn't use the money to "enjoy life".  I would use it to try to stop the moral rot that is occurring under our very eyes.  The moral rot is what enables the rape to occur.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Checking in, 5/29/15

Sorry about these late starts.  What do I do with this time?  Just thinking, that's all.  When does thinking becoming worrying?  When you go around and around in maddening circles.  Worrying is bad thinking, and it is not good.

Well, don't know if this is thinking or worrying, but here goes.  About Limbaugh:  he has been stalwart GOP since I started listening to him way back when.  I don't listen much to his show anymore.  But I check his website from time to time.  He may be talking more about this homosexual marriage thing these days, but what happens if the Court renders another Roe v. Wade?  Is that enough to end Limbaugh's support of the GOP?  Limbaugh once asked the question, what would it take?  He was asking those who support Democrats.  But what would it take for him to call it quits with the GOP?

Could the GOP go the way of the Whig party?  What killed off the Whigs?  Slavery.  What was slavery, but a moral issue.  Make too many compromises on the moral issues and you end all of your credibility.  There has to be very bright lines that must never be crossed.  If they are, then who are you then?  If you are going to be one of them, then be one of them.  Otherwise you must stand apart.

Another Roe v. Wade could kill off the GOP.

Was that thinking or worrying?  Don't know, but I cannot support the GOP if they are going to do things like this.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Credit given where due, but it may be too late

Limbaugh is weighing in on the homosexual marriage issue, but where has he been?  He may have been saying stuff from time to time, but this should have been front row and center for a long time.

The issue and the consequences are so huge with the upcoming Supreme Court decision that such a response was the only valid response.  Even if that response cost him a lot of his audience, he should have been on top of this all along.

He still uses the left's language, because he used "gay".  They are still winning.

Look, if the Vatican lost its moral authority in Ireland, it's because they must not have done anything to correct the situation.  If they have to defrock every priest in Ireland in order to find one that's any good, they should have done it.  If they have to get rid of almost every priest in the Church, they should do it.  Now, before there's nothing left to save.

I could quote the New Testament, but never mind.  Something about poking your own eye out lest your whole body be cast into hell.

Man made global warming, continued, continued, and continued some more

You may be getting sick and tired of reading this about global warming.  Maybe it's like watching a fight in which a guy is getting his ass kicked so badly you begin to wonder if the other guy is trying to kill him.

That's the way it would be if justice and truth prevailed.  But what if there was no justice because truth did not prevail, and was not ever allowed to prevail?

Think of that when you hear somebody talking up global warming again.  The only reason we get this talk is because they can and they will continue until they ram it down our throats.  It doesn't have a damned thing to do with truth.

Anyway, I was thinking about it again, and I think it fits in with some other ideas.  Like space shielding against cosmic rays.  What????

Yeah.  Dense materials like lead are used to stop harmful radiation.  All heat is is infrared radiation.  We can sense this as heat.  But we can't sense X-rays or gamma rays.  This is perhaps the reason people fear them more than say heat rays.  Heat rays?  It's pretty much the same concept, so that is why I call them heat rays.  Electromagnetic radiation is propagated through waves, or rays.  Dense matter, such as lead, can stop powerful radiation.  If it can stop powerful radiation, it can also stop anything less powerful.  Get it?

Glass can't stop visible light which is more powerful radiation that infrared radiation, which reflects back off of the matter under the glass.  The glass traps the heat, then.  But a gas, which is much less dense, cannot stop neither the light, nor the heat.  That's why in the desert, even after a hot day, it will cool down faster than in a place like Houston, which has so much humidity.  That's because water is more dense than gas, and there's plenty of water in the atmosphere here because it is quite humid.

If this was a fight, they'd stop this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Man made global warming continued

If I haven't convinced those of you that still believe in this, let me try again.  I'm sure there's nothing I can say that can convince you.  With some people, yes, it is true.  But there may be somebody who has an open mind and will consider.

So, carbon dioxide has all this power to hang on to heat, does it?

Let's consider the following experiment.  Let's consider a greenhouse.  It is sealed off from the outside air, but not insulated or anything.  Basically, this is to keep the components of the atmosphere inside at the same level and measure what capacity the system has in holding on to its heat.

Measure the temperatures through the day.

Let's say you have this greenhouse and several others just like it.  Identical in every way except one: the constituent gases.  There will be a different gas in each greenhouse.  One will have the ordinary air.  Another will have carbon dioxide.  Still another will have methane.

If there's a real difference in the effect of the gases, there should be a difference in the temperatures.

My hunch is that they will have pretty much the same temperature.  There may be slight differences, but it won't amount to much.  That's because it doesn't matter as to the make up of the gases, but how much pressure is there.

To test that assertion, you can try different pressures of the gases and repeat the experiment.

Wasn't George Will supposed to be a conservative?

He's not sounding like one these days.  This is two faults that I've found in the last week.  If I had paid more attention to him, I'm sure I would find more.

Lot's of evidence out there that liberals are winning.  Yet, the GOP controls Congress, and maybe they will control all three branches soon.  This isn't necessarily good news.

Density of glass

From this source, which I cannot vouch for, but presume that it is accurate.  Why wouldn't it be?

2400–2800 kg/m3

How to make this number meaningful?  Seems to be pretty heavy, huh?

There are 1000 liters in a cubic meter.

For comparison purposes, lets compare glass to a gas, like mmmm  carbon dioxide.  Any gas at standard temperature and pressure consists of its atomic weight within 22.4 liters.  I think this is called Boyle's Law.  Or the Gas Law, or what have you.  Look it up, if you want to know that badly.  Rest assured, this is correct.  In other words, the atomic weight of carbon dioxide is 44 g/ mole.  A mole is a set number of atoms or molecules, in case ya didn't know dat.  The number is not important, again look it up.

So, 1000/22.4 equals the number of molecular units of the atomic weight of 44.  So, dividing that number and multiplying by the atomic weight will give you the mass of one cubic meter of carbon dioxide.  It looks to be about 2 kilograms.  So, glass is about 2000 kg v. carbon dioxide at 2 kg.

If my previous discussion about pressure meaning more than what kind of gas there is turns out to be correct, which I think it is, then it can be seen clearly that glass works a whole lot better.  For no gas is going to be all that dense.  Makes no difference what gas it is, it cannot even begin to match glass for density.

Let's put it another way.  In terms of volume, you need 1000 times more gas to equal the greenhouse effect of glass.

No gas can even begin to match that.  Not methane, not carbon dioxide, not anything.

Why do people believe the man made global warming nonsense?  Because the leadership says so.  That's all there is to it.  There's this little proof I just did and that goes up against the authority.

Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home again, 5/26/15

Today's blogging started with the storm keeping me awake, so I blogged.  Turns out that we had a "100 year flood".  In this area, it is more like a "10 year flood".  Houston is in a subtropical region and it rains here --- a lot.

Don't want to downplay it all because some people undoubtedly suffered because of this.  It's just that these kinds of things get hyped.  The worst of this flooding was over by about 10 am.  Most roads were passable for nearly all the day.  It wasn't even all that abnormal as far as work is concerned, and I drive for a living.

This weather news reminds me that I've been writing about climate lately, and another idea just came to me about why the climate talk is just a lot of nonsense.

If you have followed the theory, it is called the Greenhouse Effect.  You should know what that is, especially this time of the year when you get into your car.  It is quite hot, isn't it?  The reason for that is that the glass blocks the heat from getting out.  But where does the heat come from?  It comes from the sunlight coming through the glass and hitting the interior of the car, which heats it up.  The heat is radiated into the air, and it gets hot inside.

The Greenhouse Effect from Global Warming Theory is quite similar, or if it is not, it is news to me.  What is being proposed as a theory, and now assumed to be proven fact, is that man made emissions of carbon dioxide are building up in the atmosphere and blocking the normal exit of heat from the planet's surface, thereby causing the climate to get warmer, which is said to be a big problem.

As I have been writing, I do not believe that this problem is any problem at all due to the most likely probability is that there is no such warming taking place.  It is entirely implausible and I've got more reasons to discuss why it isn't.

As I've written, it is the pressure that counts in terms of a greenhouse effect, not the makeup of the substances in the atmosphere.  For the discussion that leads to that assertion, please refer to these links from earlier today.

The culprit, according the Global Warming Theorists, is carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is a gas.  Contrast this with glass, which is a solid.

Now, back to the pressure discussion.  The reason that it is significant in this discussion is that the pressure simply measures the weight of gas.  Thus, the gas, pressed down, becomes more dense per unit of volume.

Per unit volume, glass is much, much, much more dense than any gas, including carbon dioxide.  Only when gas is of sufficient quantity, as on Venus, does it become a factor in the Greenhouse Effect.  It doesn't on Mars because there isn't enough of it.  It doesn't on Earth either, despite what we are told, for the same reason that it isn't on Mars.  There's a Greenhouse Effect on Earth, but it's not coming from the carbon dioxide, in my opinion.  It is coming from the water and the density of the atmosphere, of which carbon dioxide is but a small, insignificant part.  Thus, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide doesn't alter the atmosphere nearly enough to make any difference.

Quick post before I go, 5/26/15

Alas, time is running short again.

I brought up man made global warming for larger reasons.  The larger reason is how we are all being deceived by those at the top.  Perhaps there are those who truly mean well, and their mistake is an honest one.

I am convinced that there are those who DO know better and are actively trying to deceive others.  That's because it is their nature.

You can kid yourself and believe that people are inherently good, but even a cursory examination of history will show otherwise.  You don't have to even study history.  Just open your eyes and take a good hard look.

That would require an active effort, which most people aren't willing or even capable of doing.

That's is how we end up with homosexual marriage, too.  Yep, I had to work that one in.

Nuff said.

More on the original thought

The lightening and the thunder have quieted down a lot, but those alerts were indeed about flooding.  Just checked them out.  Yechh.

You can mentally confirm the elevation causes temperature changes from the weather.  Hot air rises, cools, condenses the water and then FREEZES it into hail.  The weather maps show what looks to be some areas with hail.

So, what's the difference in pressure between the head and toes?  It so happens that I looked up a site yesterday and got an answer of sorts that I will share here.  It may not be completely accurate, but it may still prove useful.  The pressure will change 1 mm of mercury for every 13 meters  ( approx. )  There are 760 mm mercury at sea level, if memory serves.  If I wasn't too lazy, I'd look it up again, but that only demonstrates my point, doesn't it?

I think it is accurate enough to make the point.  Almost all people are less than 2 meters tall.  If you extrapolate, ( which may not be accurate again, but it is lazy and fast ), then that is about 1/6 th of a mm of mercury in pressure difference.  Not enough to really notice, but a definite difference.  So, what is the difference in temperature?  That may be what they call a good question.

Extrapolation may not work here.  I may have to look up an answer to this.

There probably isn't one really, but I do note that the man made global warming crowd can muddy the waters with a lot of scientific jargon.  They do get paid to produce the results that are in line with what the politicians want.  ( So, I suspect )

I looked up "snow line" on Wikipedia.  This can give an alternate explanation for why glaciers retreat.  Moisture has to be present, so in arid regions, there are no snow lines because there is no snow, like in Chile's Atacama Desert.

I think extrapolation may be useful.  About 15 feet at the equator is where the snow line is.  This means at 15000 feet, the temperature is nearly freezing all the time, whereas on the ground at sea level, it could be anywhere from 80 to 100 degrees Farenheit.  Let's say an even number of 50 degrees Farenheit for every 15k feet.  This translates to about a degree every 100 meters.

Valid?  Maybe not in a purely scientific way, but certainly so with common sense, which is sneered at these days.

Come to think of it, maybe it doesn't work that way at all because my land is 4600 feet.  So, 4600/3.25 meters is 1415 meters divided by 100 equals 14 degrees Farenheit.  Wishbone likes to compare my land to Phoenix and says it will get to a 110 all the time out there.  It doesn't.  This little estimate may show why.  It is too elevated to get that hot.

Phoenix is at 340 meters, or a clear 1000 meters or more than my land.  More than 10 degrees Farenheit.  If it gets 115 in Phoenix, it may get to 105 in Sierra Blanca and that's probably close.  It doesn't get to 105 all the time in Sierra Blanca, but it can get that hot for short periods.

No late start today

That's because of the weather.  Booming thunderstorms are making it hard to sleep.  So sleepy head stays up and makes a post or two before going off to work.

The map makes it look like it ain't too bad.  Not right now.  It has actually calmed down a little.  Looking off to the Southwest towards Victoria, there's some really bad stuff.  I think we may have had that kind of thing going on here while I was trying to sleep.  Now that I'm up, it's gone.  If you can't take a joke...

This got me thinking about the man made global warming bravo sierra.  You see, one of the so-called right wing sites is now using that language.  When you use their language they win, so they on the left like to say.  Sadly, they are winning all too much these days.

Note that I use "man made" prefix to global warming, which today is called "climate change".  Of course climate changes, but humans may not have anything to do with it.  That's why we add "man made" prefix to it.  You don't let them get away with plugging in something plausible to try to convince of something that isn't plausible.  Lazy people won't look beyond the obvious.  You have to spoon feed them.  The bad guys know that and will take advantage of your laziness.

Isn't sloth one of the seven deadly sins?  Oops!  An alarm just went off.  Looks like the weather may turn for the worse again.  But I digress.

Incidentally, I've been hard on Rush Limbaugh these days.  Thanks to Rush, I doubt man made global warming.  Also, thanks to Rush, I try harder to think for myself.  But thinking for yourself requires work, and lazy people don't want to think because that is hard work.  But I don't want to tear Rush down.  Rush isn't the big problem.  He needs to sharpen up and he admitted it recently.

So, I think of original thoughts to support my skepticism.  Original thinking is harder than just repeating what you hear.  That's what lazy people do.  By all means, repeat a good argument, but try to expand upon it as well.  It takes a bit of work, but it is good for you.

The original thought that I've been exploring lately is this connection between pressure and temperatures.

By the way, that sorry alarm keeps going off.  This time is may be a flood warning.  Wonderful way to start the day, huh?  Bad weather is a constant opportunity for the global warming crowd to blame it on man made climate change, except they really don't want to put it that way because they know it's bravo sierra.

Anyway, people may not get my point.  So, perhaps I should press on a little further.

Well, from the tops of mountains to sea level, there's a change in temperature.  This is true over large changes in altitude.  It must also be true on small changes in altitude, right?  So, the top of your head is about 2 meters from your feet.  Is there a measurable temperature difference between your feet to your head?  I say there probably is one, but it requires an ultra sensitive device which can measure differences that you aren't likely to even notice because they are so small.

I'm getting dimming lights, so my power may give out.  I'll stop here for now.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Trouble with TPA

That's the so-called Fast Track Trade legislation going through Congress.

It should never be approved while Obama is in office.  Only fools ( or worse ) would trust this man.

Unfortunately for us, there are no shortage of these in Congress, nor in the GOP, who are supposed to be opposing him.

The Perfect Self Defense

I've touched most bases on this holiday.  Here's something I got from Al Fin's site.  No, it wasn't directly on it ( I think ), but what was there led me to this---- Johnny Bad Ass.

Al Fin thinks we should be Dangerous.  Yeah, that's probably right.  Especially when you get OLD, like me.  A predator might get the idea that an old guy can't hurt him real, real bad.  So, he'll attack.

Let's see what Johnny Bad Ass has to say about what to do in that kind of situation.

An alternative

This blog has been about solutions to problems, or perhaps that's a bit of vanity I give to myself for thinking so.

Okay, that said, let's look at one of the minor blogs, Knowledge is Power, which had a post about dependency and so forth of the poor.  Good question, that.  The problem is that there are no alternatives.  What do you do with the poor, just tell 'em to starve?  That's how the big government leftists trap you.

The alternative is to teach the poor how to raise their own food, so that they won't be dependent upon the government.  The system has funneled us all into this requirement that we use money to buy things we need, like food.  So, what if we started growing our own food?  There's no law against that and that isn't taxable (yet).

The same could go for clothes.  No law against making your own clothes.  What if you did that, too?

Your own food and clothes will take care of most of the things you need.  Sure, it isn't as economically efficient.  Trading for these things is more efficient, but what if the system locks you out and you cannot get a job and support yourself?  You have to fall back on the dependency upon the government, which is where they want you.  You are trapped.

To escape the dependency trap, you have to teach people how to be independent.  It's not all about getting jobs that may no longer exist.

Why we should love our enemies

Because we can learn from them.

Maha is showing what's wrong with Sam Brownback's administration in Kansas.

She gets to put it into terms of hard heartedness, but that is not it.

Nope.  It is the trust in MONEY.  They shouldn't be giving MONEY to the poor.  Assistance, yes.  MONEY NEVER.

You can troll around right wing sites all day and never find the opportunity to read something like this because our side won't ever print anything like this.

That's why I need to remember that they ain't MY guys anymore.  NONE of them are.  They are ALL rotten to the core.

Something I didn't know

It's pretty short and will be sweet.  I've heard it before, so I should have known, but at the time, though, I didn't.

It's the inflation stats.  They were changed in the mid nineties.  At the time, I didn't know that.  Shortly after that, I started trading in the markets.  Pretty important piece of info I was missing.

My point is that little pieces of info like this can be overlooked.  The inflation numbers weren't accurate starting in the nineties, and then we had the dot com bubble, which burst, then the financial crisis in 2008.  Bush gets blamed for it, but it was Clinton who changed the stats in order to make himself look better.

That's how we end up with Obama, who is doing a lot of these kind of things now on a much larger scale.

Just sayin'.

The GOP leadership really isn't with us

When those who write about the trade bill, they point out that the GOP leadership is with Obama on increasing his power saying that it will increase GOP presidential powers too.  Besides the fact that there is the real possibility that there won't be any more GOP presidents, the fact remains that for a limited government to continue being a limited government, Presidential powers must be reined in, not increased no matter which party is in control.

If the Tea Party doesn't get that, then what good are they?

Memorial Day Holiday

I'm not great about holidays.  To me is a day off which I use to work!  Those were one of many thoughts I had this morning that I can remember.  Most of what I think about gets lost cuz I forget.

I figure that I ought to start back to work on my off-the-grid project.  This sitting on my butt in front of a computer screen is just not good for me.  Yet, when I was working out there, I nearly worked myself to death.  Not kidding either.  I could barely get into an out of my van when I went into town.  I must have looked like a slow motion movie or something.  My very bones ached.

I guess I always figured if I worked hard enough, then I could relax.  But it never seems to happen.

No, I will always work, and since I will, at least I will try to remember when to stop.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Man is rotten and unworthy

And cannot earn Redemption, but can receive it anyway.

Man was so depraved that God had to save men apart from any merit (or work) that men could do. All that was required was trust in the work of Christ on the cross. Salvation had been dumbed down, as it were, because men were that dumb. Salvation was absolutely free, but only if one admitted he was incapable of doing perfect good. And that was the rub!

Official Christianity can teach this, but won't.  According to the author, home churches can.

Why do the mountains of Ecuador have snow on them?

Duh?  Because it is cold.  But haven't you wondered, just a little, why is it so cold up there on the mountain, when that mountain is on the Equator?  Ecuador is Spanish for Equator, for those of you who have graduated from our high priced educational system.

 The air is thin up there, no?  Rather thin.  When mountain climbers go up there, to the highest of the peaks, they have to take oxygen along, don't they?  Maybe not in Ecuador, but the principle still applies.  High altitudes means less pressure which means colder temperatures.

Novel concept, huh?  The idea that higher pressures retain heat better.  These man made global warming bullshitters will have you believe that the carbon dioxide emitted by the burning of fossil fuels will make the global temperatures rise.  However, the amount of atmopsheric pressure added by a couple hundred parts per million is hardly measurable.  There may be more difference in pressure from your head to your feet than what has been added in atmospheric pressure from carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Yet they want you to believe that.

They got the Pope to believe it.  But the Pope is a Dope is he believes such nonsense.  Call him the Dope Pope.

High Plains Drifter

The old Clint Eastwood movie I'm referring to supplies the model for the current state of Western Civilization.

Don't know the story?  Won't recap it here.  It is similar to other Eastwood movies, though.  A commentary, if you will, upon civic cowardice that has become the rule for this miserable state of affairs we are in now.

I wrote about the True Christians yesterday.  It is true that they weren't wiped out by the Romans, nor any totalitarian regime since, except for perhaps the Mohammedans.  Maybe that's why the left loves 'em so much.

If it gets so far that the Christians allow themselves to be thrown to the lions again, even Jesus Christ won't save 'em, cuz they ain't worthy.  Nope, he'll bring back more worthy people, not people like these today.

Note the difference in treatment

People who are troubled by homosexual marriage on the basis of religious belief are likely to be punished, but those who claim to be hurt by the cartoons of the so-called prophet get their feelings respected with anti-blasphemy laws.


The Charlie Hebdo protests were fake just like I thought.  These people don't give a rat's rear end about free speech nor do they give a rat's rear end about respecting religion.  It is all about tearing down Western Civilization.


Fake cacti

I got a good laugh out this over at Coyote Blog.  It was probably not meant to be a joke, but it struck me as funny and sad at the same time.

My little town that in the Phoenix area is apparently setting up surveillance cameras all over town, hidden in fake cacti. This never once was discussed in any public meeting, and residents only found out about it when the cameras starting going up.
Hidden in fake cacti.  What a hoot.

Maybe they can hide it fake places on the ground and get upskirt pics.

What a world we live in.

Uber Duber

Never heard of them, even though this is my friggin' business ya'll.

If you never heard of Uber, they look to be a taxi service that runs off an app.  How do they get away with this?

The world is changing and fast.  I could swear that the people in the grocery stores are sabotaging self checkouts.  Most likely, they see this as a threat to their jobs.  Everybody in the delivery business might just get Uber'ed out of their jobs with self driving cars that will take you places.

Oh, Brave new world that has such people in it.

There... Are... Four... Lights! ( reposted a second time )


The postmodernist left isn't about truth.  Just like the inquisitor here with the Picard character.  They want to break your will to resist.

original post directly follows:

We have a metaphor here.  The tormentor of Picard was trying to get him to say something false in order to demonstrate his power, control, and victory over Picard's spirit.  It is a perfect metaphor for liberalism's way of tormenting the people the with their lies in order to get the people to accept as truth the utter falsity of their ideas.

No matter what the lying liberal media says, or what the lying liberal politicians say, or what they lying mindless sycophants say, just remember this video as inspiration.

There are four lights!

Something that is beginning to be a pet peeve of mine

This notion that "progress" is always good, and that "progress" is always inevitable.  There's nothing about the passage of time that is guaranteed in terms of "progress" no matter how "progress" is defined.

The Roman Empire FELL.  The passage of time didn't help the Romans "progress" by any definition.  That would be the case unless destruction is deemed to be "progress".  Under post modernism, maybe it would be.  Post modernism isn't about truth, so the idea of "progress" is merely a word that is useful within a certain context within a certain time.

Put that in your crack pipes and smoke it.

Take it to the logical conclusion...

Hugh Hewitt says the homosexual marriage crowd doesn't want to just win, they want to destroy.

To take that to the logical conclusion, what does "destroy" usually mean?  It can mean only one thing---that eventually the other side will resort to violence if you refuse to cave in.

It's what I said before.  If you really believe that homosexual marriage is wrong, you have to stick to your guns and don't back down.  Ever.  Because when you do, the retreat will become a rout and the rout will become an annihilation.  I'm talking Auschwitz here, folks.