Monday, May 25, 2015

An alternative

This blog has been about solutions to problems, or perhaps that's a bit of vanity I give to myself for thinking so.

Okay, that said, let's look at one of the minor blogs, Knowledge is Power, which had a post about dependency and so forth of the poor.  Good question, that.  The problem is that there are no alternatives.  What do you do with the poor, just tell 'em to starve?  That's how the big government leftists trap you.

The alternative is to teach the poor how to raise their own food, so that they won't be dependent upon the government.  The system has funneled us all into this requirement that we use money to buy things we need, like food.  So, what if we started growing our own food?  There's no law against that and that isn't taxable (yet).

The same could go for clothes.  No law against making your own clothes.  What if you did that, too?

Your own food and clothes will take care of most of the things you need.  Sure, it isn't as economically efficient.  Trading for these things is more efficient, but what if the system locks you out and you cannot get a job and support yourself?  You have to fall back on the dependency upon the government, which is where they want you.  You are trapped.

To escape the dependency trap, you have to teach people how to be independent.  It's not all about getting jobs that may no longer exist.

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