Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Man made global warming continued

If I haven't convinced those of you that still believe in this, let me try again.  I'm sure there's nothing I can say that can convince you.  With some people, yes, it is true.  But there may be somebody who has an open mind and will consider.

So, carbon dioxide has all this power to hang on to heat, does it?

Let's consider the following experiment.  Let's consider a greenhouse.  It is sealed off from the outside air, but not insulated or anything.  Basically, this is to keep the components of the atmosphere inside at the same level and measure what capacity the system has in holding on to its heat.

Measure the temperatures through the day.

Let's say you have this greenhouse and several others just like it.  Identical in every way except one: the constituent gases.  There will be a different gas in each greenhouse.  One will have the ordinary air.  Another will have carbon dioxide.  Still another will have methane.

If there's a real difference in the effect of the gases, there should be a difference in the temperatures.

My hunch is that they will have pretty much the same temperature.  There may be slight differences, but it won't amount to much.  That's because it doesn't matter as to the make up of the gases, but how much pressure is there.

To test that assertion, you can try different pressures of the gases and repeat the experiment.

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