Sunday, May 24, 2015

There... Are... Four... Lights! ( reposted a second time )


The postmodernist left isn't about truth.  Just like the inquisitor here with the Picard character.  They want to break your will to resist.

original post directly follows:

We have a metaphor here.  The tormentor of Picard was trying to get him to say something false in order to demonstrate his power, control, and victory over Picard's spirit.  It is a perfect metaphor for liberalism's way of tormenting the people the with their lies in order to get the people to accept as truth the utter falsity of their ideas.

No matter what the lying liberal media says, or what the lying liberal politicians say, or what they lying mindless sycophants say, just remember this video as inspiration.

There are four lights!

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