Thursday, May 28, 2015

Man made global warming, continued, continued, and continued some more

You may be getting sick and tired of reading this about global warming.  Maybe it's like watching a fight in which a guy is getting his ass kicked so badly you begin to wonder if the other guy is trying to kill him.

That's the way it would be if justice and truth prevailed.  But what if there was no justice because truth did not prevail, and was not ever allowed to prevail?

Think of that when you hear somebody talking up global warming again.  The only reason we get this talk is because they can and they will continue until they ram it down our throats.  It doesn't have a damned thing to do with truth.

Anyway, I was thinking about it again, and I think it fits in with some other ideas.  Like space shielding against cosmic rays.  What????

Yeah.  Dense materials like lead are used to stop harmful radiation.  All heat is is infrared radiation.  We can sense this as heat.  But we can't sense X-rays or gamma rays.  This is perhaps the reason people fear them more than say heat rays.  Heat rays?  It's pretty much the same concept, so that is why I call them heat rays.  Electromagnetic radiation is propagated through waves, or rays.  Dense matter, such as lead, can stop powerful radiation.  If it can stop powerful radiation, it can also stop anything less powerful.  Get it?

Glass can't stop visible light which is more powerful radiation that infrared radiation, which reflects back off of the matter under the glass.  The glass traps the heat, then.  But a gas, which is much less dense, cannot stop neither the light, nor the heat.  That's why in the desert, even after a hot day, it will cool down faster than in a place like Houston, which has so much humidity.  That's because water is more dense than gas, and there's plenty of water in the atmosphere here because it is quite humid.

If this was a fight, they'd stop this.

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