Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick post before I go, 5/26/15

Alas, time is running short again.

I brought up man made global warming for larger reasons.  The larger reason is how we are all being deceived by those at the top.  Perhaps there are those who truly mean well, and their mistake is an honest one.

I am convinced that there are those who DO know better and are actively trying to deceive others.  That's because it is their nature.

You can kid yourself and believe that people are inherently good, but even a cursory examination of history will show otherwise.  You don't have to even study history.  Just open your eyes and take a good hard look.

That would require an active effort, which most people aren't willing or even capable of doing.

That's is how we end up with homosexual marriage, too.  Yep, I had to work that one in.

Nuff said.

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