Sunday, May 24, 2015

High Plains Drifter

The old Clint Eastwood movie I'm referring to supplies the model for the current state of Western Civilization.

Don't know the story?  Won't recap it here.  It is similar to other Eastwood movies, though.  A commentary, if you will, upon civic cowardice that has become the rule for this miserable state of affairs we are in now.

I wrote about the True Christians yesterday.  It is true that they weren't wiped out by the Romans, nor any totalitarian regime since, except for perhaps the Mohammedans.  Maybe that's why the left loves 'em so much.

If it gets so far that the Christians allow themselves to be thrown to the lions again, even Jesus Christ won't save 'em, cuz they ain't worthy.  Nope, he'll bring back more worthy people, not people like these today.

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