Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No late start today

That's because of the weather.  Booming thunderstorms are making it hard to sleep.  So sleepy head stays up and makes a post or two before going off to work.

The map makes it look like it ain't too bad.  Not right now.  It has actually calmed down a little.  Looking off to the Southwest towards Victoria, there's some really bad stuff.  I think we may have had that kind of thing going on here while I was trying to sleep.  Now that I'm up, it's gone.  If you can't take a joke...

This got me thinking about the man made global warming bravo sierra.  You see, one of the so-called right wing sites is now using that language.  When you use their language they win, so they on the left like to say.  Sadly, they are winning all too much these days.

Note that I use "man made" prefix to global warming, which today is called "climate change".  Of course climate changes, but humans may not have anything to do with it.  That's why we add "man made" prefix to it.  You don't let them get away with plugging in something plausible to try to convince of something that isn't plausible.  Lazy people won't look beyond the obvious.  You have to spoon feed them.  The bad guys know that and will take advantage of your laziness.

Isn't sloth one of the seven deadly sins?  Oops!  An alarm just went off.  Looks like the weather may turn for the worse again.  But I digress.

Incidentally, I've been hard on Rush Limbaugh these days.  Thanks to Rush, I doubt man made global warming.  Also, thanks to Rush, I try harder to think for myself.  But thinking for yourself requires work, and lazy people don't want to think because that is hard work.  But I don't want to tear Rush down.  Rush isn't the big problem.  He needs to sharpen up and he admitted it recently.

So, I think of original thoughts to support my skepticism.  Original thinking is harder than just repeating what you hear.  That's what lazy people do.  By all means, repeat a good argument, but try to expand upon it as well.  It takes a bit of work, but it is good for you.

The original thought that I've been exploring lately is this connection between pressure and temperatures.

By the way, that sorry alarm keeps going off.  This time is may be a flood warning.  Wonderful way to start the day, huh?  Bad weather is a constant opportunity for the global warming crowd to blame it on man made climate change, except they really don't want to put it that way because they know it's bravo sierra.

Anyway, people may not get my point.  So, perhaps I should press on a little further.

Well, from the tops of mountains to sea level, there's a change in temperature.  This is true over large changes in altitude.  It must also be true on small changes in altitude, right?  So, the top of your head is about 2 meters from your feet.  Is there a measurable temperature difference between your feet to your head?  I say there probably is one, but it requires an ultra sensitive device which can measure differences that you aren't likely to even notice because they are so small.

I'm getting dimming lights, so my power may give out.  I'll stop here for now.

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