Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deliverance: "The machines will fail. The system is gonna fail."

Ideas from the book correlated with scenes from notable movies, such as Deliverance.

Jurassic Park: "control is the illusion"

That was one of the themes in the book. It fits in well with the book I'm reading. The current crop of leaders seem to think they have control over the economy. But their control is an illusion.

Sometimes "nothing" can be a real cool hand

From Cool Hand Luke.

Power Of Myth 1 Of 6 Joseph Campbell With Bill Moyers Hero's Adventure

This was a PBS series in the late eighties, if memory serves.  I was thinking about that just now and looked it up on YouTube.

If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.

By the way, I don't hate PBS.  I actually like it.

We are so screwed, according to the book

What book?  This book.

It reminds me of what I read about on the web four years ago.  "We are so screwed."  This book shows why we are so screwed.  Only thing is, fewer and fewer people actually believe we are still screwed and are believing the hype and bullshit that is going on.  They believe that the economy is getting better.  That's not possible since the reason we are screwed has not been addressed.

I'm continuing to read it, but my eyes get tired often.  Plus, the truth of the book is just a killer.  It's like getting kicked in the balls.  You have to stop and collect yourself quite often.

And I thought that I was the one who was the realist.


As I continue to read the book, I am reminded how politics is clearly interwoven with the existence of these problems.  The old politics are failing.  We need a new type of politics.

Solutions don't have to be expensive

Here's a story explaining the concept.  It gives some insight into the kind of thinking needed today, but sorely lacking.

State of the Blog

The President of the United States gives a State of the Union address.  Why not try that on this here blog---that is to say, how are things going with this blog?

Why not?  So, here goes:

Last month was the best month ever in terms of pageviews.  For the past several months, there has been a steady increase in pageviews.

Even so, the numbers are not all that good.  Lets look at a chart based upon Blogger's own statistics:

The last month was over 8000 pageviews for the first time ever.  Compared with where I started, that's pretty good.  Compared with what I need, not so good.  I should clarify what I mean by the use of the words "what I need".  If this blog is to stand on its own as a commercial entity, it needs a sufficient audience to advertise.  Although I haven't checked into it, I don't think these type of numbers would command much of a price in terms of advertising.  You have to deliver an audience in order to get that.

The upcoming Super Bowl is an example of what an audience can do for advertising.  But I'm not that ambitious, I just want an audience that will allow the blog to be viable as an enterprise.  It hasn't been reached.  As far as I can tell, it's not even that close.

You have to have reason for why people would want to come here.  I've tried to provide that as best I could.  I think I have found some reasons why things aren't getting better in our society, but are actually getting worse.  I think it is all because of the same reason---those in power don't want things to get better.

This may be too provocative a claim.  People just don't want to believe it.  It is better to be optimistic, but I think it is more important to be realistic.  There's no realism out there.  To the contrary, people are living in a fantasy world.  That fantasy world is being shaped by the powers that be.  Things are not the way they appear.  Things are being presented is such a way as to keep everything just exactly the way it is.

The powers that be are dedicated to preserving things as they are because they have what they need.  They have no real incentive to improve things.  They have no real incentive to do anything but to keep what they've got.  At the same time, there's no accountability for when they screw things up for everybody else.

It is becoming quite evident to me that this is a dysfunctional state of being that could lead to collapse.  There are problems that have a crying need of attention, but the attention isn't there, or is being diverted to things that don't matter towards solving problems.

Time after time, I see the same pattern.  A technology that could make a difference doesn't take hold.  Then you get the inevitable question of "if it is so good, why isn't anybody doing it?"  The asking of that question shows in a nutshell what is wrong.  People are assuming that building a better mousetrap will cause people to flock to your door.  People are assuming that those in charge will solve the problems.  The trouble is with people's assumptions.  What if those assumptions are dead wrong?

I think the rosy scenario assumptions are dangerously wrong.

Definitely wrong.  You need something more than just a superior mousetrap.  You need something that will cut through all the noise and all of the vested interests and all of the apathy.  This is a tall order.  There's a great big world out there with a huge potential market, but there's no way to reach that market if you are being drowned out by a cacophony of conflicting interests and disinformation.  The powers that be are making sure that that cacophony is as loud as possible.

Money would help as it could provide the power to cut through the noise.

Money makes the commercial world go round.  If you have the money, that's a start towards your goal.  But that's all it is---a start--- as money alone won't do anything useful towards solving a problem.  Throwing money at a problem won't solve the problem if the spending of that money is ineffective.  This government is spending money like nobody's business and what is it getting us?  Trillion dollar deficits and no prosperity, that's what.  If throwing money at a problem could bring prosperity, we should have the mother of all booms right now.

So, it looks a lot of a misallocation of the precious resource of money.  Money isn't being spent wisely.  Nor is it intended to be, in my opinion.

Time is also a precious resource.  Most people are busy with their lives.  I know I am.  You have to prioritize how you spend your time because there's a limited amount of that.

I have little money and because of that, I have limited time.  My time must go towards earning a living as this blog isn't doing anything to help that.

I guess this sounds like I'm pleading poverty.  Yes, I am.  But this blog isn't any different from anybody else who could do the same.

To get around that problem, I feel that I am offering value for your time here.  Maybe you didn't know about some of the things I've posted about here.  I know I didn't.  If I didn't know, maybe some folks out there didn't know.  If you read this blog, now both of us know.  That's the general idea.  To inform.  The media doesn't do that.

The media is in service to the powers that be.

Frankly, if your information source isn't providing ideas on how we can get out of our mess, it isn't worth spending your time there.  I don't care how popular it is.

Lady Gaga is popular.  But what good is she?  What good is she providing?  If the shit hits the fan, would anybody care about what she's doing anymore?

You need to know what to do to avoid to have the shit hitting the fan.  If that can't be avoided, you need to know what to do to keep that shit from getting all over you.

That's what this blog is about.  It is amazing to me that there's so little interest in it.  But that's the world we live in.

I hate pleading poverty.  I hate asking for handouts.  I won't do that.  I try to offer value and wish to receive value in return.

But there's little interest in that today.  It is damned hard to get through all that too.  But I'll keep trying.

There's nothing better for me to do.  Giving up would be like dying.

The state of this blog is that things are getting better, but does it matter if the pace is too slow?

That's the problem for me, as I am limited in my resources.  I'll continue for as long as I can.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Smartphone arrived

It's set up now and activated.

Don't know if I'll do a review of it here or anywhere else for that matter.  After all, it was a backup to the internet and that's about all I really wanted to do with it.  Anything else is a bonus.

I may have had low expectations for the phone, but it has managed to disappoint me just a little anyway.

All these new phone gizmos are too easy to push the wrong button or have it do something unexpected.

Thought I was being careful, but I guess you can't be careful enough.  Aside from the cost of the phone, it doesn't cost me that much more than what I had, so it isn't a great loss or anything.

It was purchased through my existing cell phone service provider and everything but the plan is the same.  The plan had to be changed a little for this phone.  The extra cost isn't that significant, but it is a bit more.

I'm not going to return it for a refund or anything like that.  It's going to stay even if I don't like it all that much.

Maybe a clue about the situation today

Number of pageviews for this video


this video.

Which one would I prefer to watch if I had the choice?  I watched the latter, but only some of the former.

The latter was better.  This may explain a few things.  The former has over a million views, the latter a little over a thousand.  The latter is inspiring.  The former is rationalizations for moral degeneracy.  There you have it in a nutshell.  Why this country is in so much trouble.  People prefer the sick and immoral vs the healthy and clean.

Impressions from Falling Apart book

Made it through the first section.  The book has five or six sections.  Still a long way to go.

The main impression is that this country simply isn't serious about solving its problems.  As long as the people aren't serious, the politicians won't be serious.  If the politicians aren't serious, nothing will be done.

But the politicians are serious about one thing, that is an impression I also get from this book.  They are serious about enriching themselves at the public's expense.

You can't change anything if you don't care.  If you don't care enough to do anything, then why bitch about it?


A couple of more thoughts just occurred to me.  One, is this:  The corruption is so deep that the powers-that-be could get violent if their position is threatened.  That's why they are so desperate to confiscate weapons.

Secondly, people may not care because they think bad things only happen to other people.  This is not the case in my case because I have lived long enough to know that bad things are inevitable.  Bad things are going to happen.  When they do, you have to be prepared for them in some way.  No, you can't foresee everything, but you can't just pretend that everything will be perfect forever.  I think young people may be the most vulnerable to this way of thinking.  They neglect their health, like I did, and pay the price later.  If we neglect our country, we will certainly pay the price at some point.  It's going to happen.

Today's potpourri of WTF, 2/1/13

Another thrilling episode of crazy and maddening things that are going on in the political scene today:

  • The Navy will scrap a minesweeper rather than repair it.  Why?  It will damage a reef too much.  This administration's priorities aren't to defend the country, but to defend areas that aren't even in US jurisdiction.  These areas aren't even populated with people.  Furthermore, the budget is already strained and the administration is throwing away a ship which is difficult and expensive to replace.
  • Looks like Obama is backing out of his goal for a million electric powered vehicles on the road by 2015.  Demand for hybrids are weaker than expected, Reuters says.  Could it be the lithion-ion battery has some safety issues?  There's a guy in Pompano Beach, Florida with a battery that is probably better than lithium-ion batteries, and he isn't a new kid on the block.  This company and this battery has been around for decades, yet this government isn't even interested in it.  The goal isn't important as Obama said, apparently.  If he were really serious about it, they'd be checking Apollo out.  But noooooo.
  • Yellow Journalism is alive and well.  I thought that was 19th century thing.  Oh, well.  MSNBC has been busted again--- doctoring videos to push an agenda.  MSNBC has a problem with the Second Amendment, it seems.  They can't let the matter speak for itself, so they have to doctor the videos to influence the public in the way they want.  Anything to get an audience or push an agenda.
  • "Sauce for the goose."  That's a quote of Spock from the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan.   What sauce for the goose?   It would appear that New York has defied a Supreme Court decision with its passage of the new draconian gun-control law.  Citizens should defy the law, which isn't even valid anyway.   That's the "sauce".
  • The government must believe that they can order what they want into existence at the stroke of a pen.  The EPA once again raises its biofuels standards — for biofuels that still do not exist.  Quote: "The EPA is out of control, and they don’t particularly care who knows it."  More sauce for the goose?  The courts have ruled against the EPA on this very issue once already.  By the way, the increased concentration of ethanol will ruin engines.
  • The long awaited "pivot to jobs" is stillborn, as Obama shuts down jobs council.  I guess it doesn't matter anymore since Obama has been re-elected and is now safely in office for another term.  No need to worry about unemployment anymore, you see.  Young people can still find jobs, just don't expect Obama to help you with that.  He has other priorities---like wasting money and acting like a king.
  • ObamaCare in trouble?  Unions Supported ObamaCare, Now Some Don't.  They don't support it anymore because it doesn't do what it has been billed that it would do.  What a surprise. /sarc

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Articles: Obama's 'Evil Empire' Speech

American Thinker

Arguably, the "Evil Empire" is our own country.  Obama's speech may be summarized by the Pogo comic strip quote:

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

Since Obama really isn't one of us, it figures.

Super Bowl report: Niners’ Culliver apologizes for anti-gay remarks

Rush Limbaugh thinks the Obamabots are going to destroy the NFL.  Maybe they already have.  Here's Culliver apologizing for telling it like it is.  Evidently, he did it under pressure from the league office.

“The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel,” he said in a statement released by the team. “It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience.”

That all the NFL needs is to become as politically correct as the rest of this increasingly dumbed down society.

Just saying that the NFL is a place for men and enjoyed by men.  The elite in this country want to make sissies out of all the men.

"They've come a long way, baby."  (  turn of phrase based upon an very old advert for women's rights )


I know.  Fans who don't approve of this should boycott the game.  If enough did, that may get their attention.  They love money and will do anything for money.  Including kissing "The One's" ass.

Why no jobs? Hint: You're looking at the wrong place.

The government is pouring money into higher education which does not guarantee a job when you get out.  There are lots of graduates who aren't getting jobs, I understand.

But there is a shortage of blue collar workers and the money is good.  A case of misplaced priorities.  Round up the usual suspects.  ( If only )

If only people would stop listening to Obama's excuses.

Potpourri of WTF, 1/31/13

Last day of January.  That went by fast.  Before I had my internet trouble, there was a new habit that I had begun called a potpourri of WTF.  It was basically a news dump of crappy news to start off your day.  Mostly, it was a way to get a good "mad-on" about the ridiculous state of affairs of this country right now.  I had forgotten about this.  Well, here we go with another installment.  Enjoy or get pissed--- whatever turns you on.

  • Democrats used to love the Constitution and guns!  Larry Elder shows how the rhetoric has shifted with administrations.  Quote from the Bush era:"an anti-gun columnist for a prominent New Jersey paper said: "(I got) a nasty note from one of my most progressive friends who says ... 'You're a fool because when the right wing takes over the government, we're gonna need guns. ... And then there won't be guns to fight them back.""  
  • Things are getting worse in Europe, not better.  Betcha that's a surprise.  Things were supposed to be getting better in Europe.  But there's a banking scandal rocking Italy at the same time Europe is trying to consolidate its banking system.  Quote: " “The eurozone is not out of the woods yet. People don’t seem to fully realise that the economy is in a much weaker state than a year ago and unemployment dynamics are getting worse. All it would take is an event that triggers uncertainty again and there could be a fresh crisis.”"
  • An admission that global warming ain't happening, but some people continue to believe in it anyway.  Quote: "“The numerous possible explanations do show just how imprecisely climate is understood.”" The effect of bad thinking leads to this gem of Quote:  "Also, not having a child is the most important thing I could do to reduce my carbon footprint, according to a 2009 study by Oregon State University statisticians." 
  • Wasn't Al-Qaeda supposed to have been defeated?  The President said so.  But the jihadists didn't seem to get the message.  Quote: "A jihadist website posted a new threat by al Qaeda this week that promises to conduct “shocking” attacks on the United States and the West."  Well, the good news for Obama is that an attack can be blamed on Bush.  After all, "Bush let it happen."  It will also be another opportunity to disarm the public and the military. /snark
  • Another excuse for the left to destroy the NFL.  The players are a bunch of homophobic bigots. /snark
  • Western Civilization is under attack by progressives.  Stand aside, Al-Qaeda, global warming is worse---we need fewer people ( see above) , fewer guns and more government, according to progressives.  Quote: "Still, our gravest threat stems from the state replacing the family as the centripetal force around which American culture revolves."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOP probably won't hold House in 2014

The book I'm reading tells why.  No, the book isn't specifically about politics.  But politics is implied in it in terms of its connection to why things are falling apart.

Democrats are corrupt and are proud of it.  Yeah, that's my opinion---it's not in the book.  They know their ideas don't work, but they don't care.

Republicans are also corrupt.  That's my point---also not in the book.  They just do lip service to the traditional virtues, but they don't really mean any of it.  If they really meant what they said, this book would be their Bible.  That's how I know that they are corrupt too.

The Republicans may not be as thoroughly corrupt as the Democrats, but what good is that?  A throughly corrupt government versus a somewhat less corrupt government?  What kind of choice is that?

I'm not through reading the book.  When I do, I'll strongly consider doing a review of it.  This post should not be construed as a review.

Shrinkage: US Economy Declined By -0.1% In Q4

Zero Hedge via Instapundit

A stunner out of the BEA which just reported a Q4 GDP of -0.1% that was leaps and bounds below the 1.1% estimate, and a plunge from Q3's 3.1%.

Now that Obama's safely inaugurated, these numbers won't matter so much anymore.  If anything, they'll be used by Obama in order to bash the GOP into submission yet again.  After all, everything is their fault, don't you know.

About compromise

Personally, I don't think the left wants compromises.  I think they want capitulation.

For example, the right has made it known that they will consider amnesty if the borders are closed first.  Obama says he opposes that.

Okay, where's the compromise on Obama's part?  He wants it all on his terms.  He wants a capitulation.   If the Republicans cave to that, they are the most disgraceful thing in this country right now.

No compromises!  The right is afraid of the media and of Obama.  That's why they won't fight.  They ought to look at it this way--- if they don't fight, they'll be wiped out anyway.  Oh, they may be allowed to exist, but they'll only be there for window dressing.  They won't be a real opposition party.

No more damned compromises!  Every damned one of them is a capitulation.  They think they get something, but all they get is an empty promise.  Screw that.  Things have to change, or the changes will come from another direction.

So much to do, so little time

When you are pressed for time, you have to set priorities.  Same for money too.  You can't do everything that you would like.  You can't have everything that you would like.

I noticed the dichotomy in my posts---on the one hand, it is optimistic, and the other pessimistic.

Should I follow the pessimistic side or the optimistic side?  The question seems to answer itself.   Nobody should want to wallow in pessimism.  Yet, there are problems --- BIG PROBLEMS --- that are screaming for attention.

What to do?


I could ask for help, but I have a history of not getting that.  Not to knock those who have helped me in the past, not trying to be ungrateful for that, just saying for those times like this when I could have really used it.  If it is important enough to you, you should help.  Otherwise, you're just jerking off.

A Time to Fight

National Review via Free Republic

Reading this reminds me of what is said about an attack that is taking place.  The bad guy wants you to be quiet and not make a fuss.  If you raise ungodly hell and make a lot of noise, the bad guy will be afraid of all of the attention and back off.

This is what we need to do---absolutely and unremittently raise ungodly hell.

Tesla Model S in Houston

 Tesla Model S riding along the West Loop near the Galleria area in Houston.  Pretty sharp looking car, eh?  

I had to hurry to get the pic taken, or the car would have gotten away.


Proof that the cars are out there and on the road.

Katie's Thorium Videos

Wow! What a kid!   She's only in the seventh grade, and she knows all of this stuff.

This makes me feel a lot better about the future.  Hopefully, there are a lot more kids like this out there.  

It's the people that matter the most.  If you've got good people, the future looks brighter.

The Thorium Alliance wants you to help send her to the next conference.  Click on the link above if you want to help.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Congress Is Dysfunctional

Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

The title should include "partisan" which is a term that he uses in the summary at the end of this video.  This is a partisan dysfunctional Congress.

I should add that the partisanship is deliberate--- it divides us all against each other so that no new solutions can be found and implemented.  The parties are in cahoots with each other, in my opinion.

An idea: convert a Tesla car into battery/fuel cell hybid

Take one of Tesla's older vehicles and re-work it with new battery packs and fuel cells.

After several years, the batteries must be replaced anyway, so why not do a rebuilding job in the same way that you can do with internal combustion engines?  This is a way to obtain an existing infrastructure to test an different electrical car concept.

Why hiring is dead in the water, part 2

I'm going to read his book.  It seems to correspond with my thinking, so I think I can correlate it with what I've written here.

That's my impression about the book before I start.  Let me add that I think our real problem is that we don't want to do real things anymore.  It is all about fantasy and virtual reality.  You need to do real things in order to get real results.  We are living in an increasingly unreal society.

Since I'm going to be reading this book, posting will be light.

Also, I may as well make the announcement that I have purchased a smartphone.  I should have it by the end of the week.  It may make a few changes in my routine.

CBS's Charles Osgood: 'Is Constitution Truly Worthy of Reverence in Which Most Americans Hold It?'


If you want to change the Constitution, there's a way to do it.  But to ignore it or disobey it is insurrectionary.  Coming from those who support the party in power, it is frightening.

By the way, when the Democrats are out of power, all you hear is how they love the Constitution.

The Cristero War (North American troops fire on their own citizens)

Free Republic

Mexico’s Cristero War (1926-29) was a grassroots rebellion against the administration of Plucarto Elias Calles, who provoked the Catholic community by arresting priests and forcing the closure of all churches with military force. He sought to restrict – if not eliminate – Catholicism from the country.


Yes, and Obama is promoting officers who will fire on US citizens.  For what purpose is this?  A Cristero War in the United States?

Saving lives with help from pigs and cells

Dr. Doris Taylor, Director of Regenerative Medicine Research at Texas Heart Institute, holds a heart scaffold which many believe is the first step toward being able to grow new replacement hearts -- and other organs -- for people, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013, in Houston. Dr. Taylor her team garnered international recognition for her work involving "whole organ decellularization," in which they showed they can remove the existing cells from hearts of laboratory animals and even humans to leave a framework for building new organs. By then repopulating the framework with another human adult stem cells and giving it a blood supply, the heart regenerates, taking on the characteristics and functions of a revitalized beating heart.

Taylor predicts that in the next two years, she and her team will approach the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and ask to do a first-in-human study with the bio-artificial hearts.


With all the bad news these days, this sounds pretty good.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Why hiring is dead in the water

Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog  ( posted on Zero Hedge, linked from Instapundit )

  • In sum: the population and GDP have both expanded smartly since 2000, but full-time employment has barely edged above levels reached 13 years ago. [emphasis added]
  • what the Fed's policies are boosting: financial sector profits [emphasis added]
  • The only way to understand why employment is dead in the water is to stand in the shoes of a potential employer or entrepreneur.
  • Those who have spent their careers in government or academia have little idea what it takes to hire more people. Number one is a business with strong demand for one's products or services. In a developed world with too much of everything except energy, that is no small challenge: the world is awash in over-capacity in every field except niche industries such as deepwater oil rigs.[emphasis added]
  • Cheap credit doesn't create surplus value, increase gross margins or get rid of over-capacity. It is a financial non-sequitur for all but a relative handful of enterprises. The only firms interested in borrowing money for expansion are those relative few in sectors that are not burdened with overcapacity. That might include oil services, network security and a handful of others.[ emphasis added]
  • There is no other way to stay solvent in a post-bubble, over-capacity, over-indebted consumerist economy awash in too much of everything but energy, common sense and fiscal prudence.[emphasis added,  comment Bravo!]

Note that the one thing that I've been pushing is energy, and it is the one of many things that the left is trying to kill ( and succeeding).


Bad link above (Hugh-Smith), fixed, sorry.

Closer To The Heart - Rush

This song may mean what you want it to mean.  So, I'll say that this song means don't let your ideology make you stupid.

Not much time, a last quickie post before I return to the salt mine

A few quick notes, mostly about electric cars:

A few conclusions that I've reached, and I hope I remember it, is that you can't put an ammonia cracker on an electric alkaline fuel-cell powered car.  It's going to have to have a hydrogen tank only.  It will need no more than 4 of the 5 kilowatt hour fuel cell units, because they look too big to put more on board.  As for weight, I'm guessing that this set up will weigh less than an all battery system.  It should have batteries, but only a few kilowatts worth.

All of this may be moot if Elon Musk gets a network of superchargers set up that will solve the range problem of his battery powered cars.

Forgot to mention that Aronsson is challenging Musk in a cross country race with his own electric cars.  Musk won't accept that challenge, because he's afraid he may lose.  He can't afford a blow like that to his image.  Aronsson says he has won these races before.

One last thing--- our system doesn't seem to be about getting solutions to problems.  It seems to be about not getting solutions to problems.  That's a terrifying thought, but I'm afraid it's true.  It may well be that the only reason the computer industry was allowed to succeed was because it diverted attention away from our real situation by immersing us in an artificial reality.

Obama's rank hypocrisy

It is rather typical of the left.  How?

  1. Obama wants gun-control for everyone else but himself.  Same for Feinstein.
  2. He preaches to the Republicans about compromise.  But remember what Harry Reid said about Romney if he had won the presidency.  Reid said that he wouldn't work with Romney.  Compromise for thee, but not for me.
  3. In the Contract with America in 1995, the new Republican majority required Congress to live under its own laws.  Prior to that, we had 40 years or so of liberals dominating Congress and exempting Congress from its own laws.
  4. It's okay for Michael Moore to be rich, but that's not good for you.  You shouldn't even bother, he says.
  5. They say they are for the middle-class, but the worst place in the nation for the middle-class is the uber blue state of California.
  6. They say they want economic growth, but they do everything they can to stop it.  If you have success, they want to make you feel guilty about it, and then try to take it away from you---unless you act properly liberal, of course.

I'm all for common ground.  But there can't be any compromise on principle.  Which is very hard for liberals because their only principle is the advancement of themselves at any cost.

Must be Bush's fault ( carbon trading scheme in trouble in Europe)

Carbon trading market in Europe is near collapse.  Everything that doesn't work is Bush's fault, so why not this too?  /snark

"I am getting regular phone calls from Chinese electricity companies watching the backloading crisis in Europe," Scott said. "This is not invisible. We are saying, 'have confidence in carbon markets,' but we aren't going to do anything about confidence in our own climate market. It's absurd.

In a nutshell, the problem seems to be that carbon has gotten too cheap.  The only way to fix the system is to increase the prices on carbon, but that threatens the already weak economy there.

Funny.  Here, on this blog, there have been two pretty good solutions to their so-called carbon problem, but where's the implementation of them?  (That would be molten salt nuclear reactors and electric cars.)  But this carbon trading mechanism was supposed to encourage adoption of carbon free energy technology, and it isn't working out that way.  Why not?

Is it about guilt and not about actual solutions?

Liberalism must be all about guilt

The left is trotting out Gabby Giffords in order to try to guilt trip the opposition to gun-control.

As I suggested before, ask them "what are your solutions?"  The solution isn't necessarily giving them what they want.  Just because the left wants something doesn't make it an effective solution to a problem.

Gun-control didn't stop the Sandy Hook massacre.  Connecticut already has a lot of gun-control.  Adding more makes no sense--- if a lot of control didn't stop it, more isn't going to be the answer either.

Now, if you were to take the situation as it happened, and ask what could have been done in that situation that may have made the difference, then you are on the right track.

The situation at Sandy Hook was that there was nobody enforcing the gun-free zone.  It is nuts to expect a criminal to obey the law.  Why would anybody expect a criminal to obey the law?  If all you had to do was pass a law, then there would be no crime.  Now think about that.  If there were no laws, there would be no crime.  If you pass a law, then there is crime.  What do you suppose the effect is then if you pass a law?  It makes no difference in terms of deterrence unless you enforce it.  Nothing is going to change just by passing a law.  The act is going to happen unless you have someone there to stop it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Next Big Future: Google plans on making 10% of the US unemployed

Next Big Future: Google plans on making 10% of the US unemployed: If Google and other companies are successful with robotic cars so that all cars, trucks and buses were converted to robotic vehicles there w...

According the American Trucking Association there are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, with total industry employment at over 8.7 million. That means that one out of every 15 people working in the United States is employed in the trucking industry.

That means yours truly, since I drive.  Frankly, I don't see this as possible real soon, so it may not apply to me in my later years.  Eventually however, there will be computers that are smart enough to do everything that people do, but that time is well off into the future.  Driving jobs are more complicated than just getting from point A to point B.  There's other stuff involved.

Ammonia cracker..if it don't fit, you must uh...quit.

Aronsson shows his ammonia cracker here.

I extracted some pics from the video:

Looks like the dimensions are approximately 1 cubic foot, this supplies presumably a 5 kilowatt hour fuel cell

The ammonia tank behind the cracker.

And a schematic of the insides of the black box.

There needs to be at least 4 of these crackers for 4 of the 5 kilowatt fuel cells that would be needed for highway driving.  That many fuel cells would be necessary because the electrical discharge on a battery at highway speed is about 20 kilowatts per hour.

Based upon this, I don't think all of this hardware will fit in a car.  The cracker will have to stay off the auto and the hydrogen will have to be compressed at the fueling station before being dispensed to the fuel tank in the car.

Liberals aren't satisfied with destroying most of the economy

They want it all.

The one area of the economy that has been improving like gangbusters is computers.  Looks like that's making some liberals unhappy.

Peter Lindert, an economist at the University of California, Davis, says the computer is more destructive than innovations in the Industrial Revolution because the pace at which it is upending industries makes it hard for people to adapt.

How do I know that Lindert is a liberal?  If he works at a University, he almost has to be, or they'll kick him out.  Not to mention that it is in California, for crying out loud.  You know, that state that is the bastion of the middle class that is being loved to death by their state government.

The post linked to is this post from AP, which is another hotbed of leftism.  It's all upside down.  The AP writers seem to think that progress is backward and backwardness is progress.

To their way of thinking, we need to smash everything, then let Keynesianism rebuild our economy with mountains of new debt which will never be repaid.  They will rebuild using energy sources that don't work, rules that prevent anything else that could work, and that part which does work even after all this, they will tax and regulate it into oblivion because of the unfairness of it all.

How best to exploit natural gas abundance

Gas-to-liquids ( GTL)?  Perhaps not, methinks.  There may be better options.

Let me segue into some of the thinking I've been doing on the subject of ammonia.  Firstly, let's observe that ammonia is already being made, but only for growing seasons.  Also, ammonia is made from fossil fuels, like natural gas.  Thus, the infrastructure and methodology already exists, but is underutilized, it appears.  That is an opportunity that can be exploited.

So, what's the hang-up?  The big problem to solve is the inherent dangerousness of ammonia.  If it leaks, it can kill you.  So that behooves you to be very, very careful with it.  Keep in mind that ammonia is already being transported and used extensively in agriculture.  Transporting the stuff in cars isn't that much different than what is already being done.   Nevertheless, ways to improve safety of the hazardous substance must be found in order to quell any fears about using it extensively in transportation.

One idea is to replace the tank completely at each fill up.  That's the way it is done on forklifts that use natural gas.  A refueled tank is swapped out with the empty one on the vehicle.  This method could be employed on cars as well as I don't think it would be wise to have self-service filling stations that dispense anhydrous ammonia.  The swap out could be easily and could be done as quickly as a fill up now.  It may add to the costs to do it this way, but it would increase safety.

What about wrecks and such that could puncture or damage a tank?  That may be a risk that will have to be accepted.  Keep in mind that gasoline and diesel can explode and catch fire.  Those risks are accepted, why not accept ammonia?  Another idea:  today's cars sport an airbag which deploys when a collision is sufficiently violent.  In a similar manner, a neutralizer could be injected into the tank if its integrity is compromised in an accident.  This could render the gas harmless.

The tanks could be made double-walled like tankers on the high seas.  If the outside wall is punctured, the inside part is neutralized in a split second before much, if any could leak out.

Finally, cars can be made safer and fewer accidents means fewer potential ammonia spills.  One possibility is to make cars smarter by having them talk to each other.  For example, a collision warning system could be installed on new vehicles.

These precautions add to costs which kind of defeats the whole purpose.  But the spread in prices for natural gas and gasoline is so high that a lot of margin for safety is possible.  For example, the price of natural gas is close to half the price of gasoline.  If the ammonia was to be used in a fuel cell, fuel efficiency doubles again.  A lot of margin for safety.

Once the safety issue is adequately addressed, the logic of using ammonia as fuel becomes compelling.

Critical Benghazi Question: ‘What Caliber Ammo?’

conservativereport via Barnhardt

Quote: note ( ARSO means Assistant Regional Safety Officers which I take to also mean the casualties)
The single question that needs to be asked is: “Were the rounds taken out of the wounded ARSO’s 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm?” And when the answer comes back “5.56 mm”, it opens the door to the proof that the cover up was meant to hide the fact that the Obama administration had been caught once again arming offshore groups that did not have the interests of our country at heart. It would open the door to proof that Benghazi was “Fast and Furious on Steroids.”

Some say it is all about the manpads ( missing anti-aircraft missiles ).  At the very least, this could ultimately prove to be very embarrassing for the administration if planes start to be targeted with these things.  If that happens, their fingerprints are all over it.

A thought occurred to me:  maybe the manpads are more useful not being used than being used.   How so?  To extract policy changes via blackmail.  Now the administration can't afford the truth to come out about these manpads and those who have them know it.  That's the whole point of blackmail--- to keep a secret a secret, but for a price.